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Shame PM Imran Khan! This Holi in Pakistan was marred with abduction of Hindu girls, murder, attack and forced conversion!!

#JusticeForReenaAndRaveena #JusticeForGhanshamBheel  #JusticeForPakistaniHindus

Pakistan PM Imran Khan wishes Holi greetings in a casual formality. The Minorities in Sindh are in difficult danger. Two Hindu girls abducted on Holi eve in Pakistan’s Sindh. No trace of another two girls. Hindu woman brutally attacked, Hindu man killed, but no one arrested as police had connection with Islamist criminals.

Jheelam Kumari Meghwar | HENB | Karachi | March 22, 2019:: In this Holi, Pak PM Imran Khan was busy to tweet his Holi greetings in a manner that Pakistani Hindu minorities were facilitated with their religious rights to observe Holi in a grand manner+. Many other Muslim political leaders also conveyed their Holi greetings to Pak Hindus, but all the jubilation of Hindus was marred in this Holi with the series of abduction of Hindu girls, forceful conversion of them, murder of Hindu man, ghastly attack on Hindu women and all other perils as faced by the Pakistani Hindus for years.

On Wednesday two teenage Hindu sisters were abducted by unknown men as the local Hindu community celebrated the festival of Holi.

14 year old Reena Kumari & 16 year old Raveena Kumari were abducted from the town of Daharki in Pakistan’s southern province of Sindh. Daherki Distt. The local Hindu population of the district took to the streets and blocked the local highway for hours protesting the abduction. The girls family claimed that the that sisters had been abducted by people from the Kohbar and Malik tribes (both from Islamic Clan) on the eve of Holi.

Hindu leaders protesting the abduction said the Police had refused to help, he said:

“We approached the police to lodge a first information report (FIR) but all in vain,”

The incident took a strange turn after a video uploaded on social media appeared to show the girls converting to Islam. The sisters appear to be visibly distressed in the video and rights activists have claimed that this is another case of forced conversion and abduction, which are becoming increasingly common in the southern region of Sindh.

The Pakistan Hindu Seva Welfare Trust and Hindu community leader Mukhi Shiv Menghwar said that “it was not free will and the girls were in fact kidnapped and forcibly converted”.

Pakistan Hindu Seva Welfare Trust tweeted+ in its handle that “Injustice to Pak Hindus. Girls are no more safe. U can see how father of abducted  & forcefully converted girls Raveena & Reena  screaming and appealing in front of Ghotki Police Station Sindh.

Free Reena and Raveena. Their Father screaming in Ghotki Police Station in Sindh (Extreme Viewing).

Two more teen aged Hindu girls viz. Sonia from Karachi and Komal from Tandoalyar Sindh were abducted in the month of February by the Muslim Feudal lords  as reported in various social media platforms.

On 20 March, one Hindu Meghwar family was attacked brutally at Mirpur Khas Sindh.  Police inaction allowed the Muslim perpetrators roaming free+. Injustice with minority deprived communities of Sindhi Hindus are all time high.

On 19 March, another brutality was perpetrated with minority Hindu lady on the eve of Holi festival in Sukkur District in Sindh.

A woman namely Taran Bai of very poor and distressed Baghri community was kidnapped from her home and Muslim culprits tortured her with knife+. She was rushed to hospital but Doctor denied to treat her because of feudal pressure. Yet No FIR was lodged against the culprits connected with Islamic brutality gangs.

on March 14, a Hindu person named Ghansham Dass from deprived Bheel community at Kunari city Sindh was ghastly murder by unknown person presumably liked with Islamic ransom groups. His dead body was kept laying on the street by his family and Hindu community of Sindh for three consecutive days asking Justice from Pakistan PM Imran Khan and Chief Justice of Pakistan and even from some Hindu Members in member of the National Assembly of Pakistan and Provincial Assembly of Sindh. But that did not reached to any end of justice as nobody could be arrested by the Pakistan Police authority anyway.

The unbearable picture of  Ghansham Bheel’s old and feeble mother touched the hearts of anyone as she was crying and asking for justice and wanting to register FIR of her son, but that had no effect on the Islamic system of Pakistan now being controlled by none other than sporting Imran Khan, who was once captain of Pak Cricket Team.

Human Rights Activist Neelam Kumari appealing Justice for Ghanshyam (See video)

The Sindh and Pakistan Govt was failed to see the pain and anguish a mother who was fighting for an FIR for three days keeping the dead body of her son on her side. The nonagenarian mother of Ghansham was as if giving the last messages for the dying minorities there being a living fossil of Pakistani Minority Hindus!

The unbelievable injustice, human rights violation and torture on Minority Hindus in Pakistan have eliminated the numbers of Hindus drastically putting them into a mere 2% of total Pakistani population, whereas the Hindu population in Pakistan was around 14% at the time of partition of India-Pakistan in the year 1947.

Unfortunate enough, the double standard Pakistani Media keeps them engaged with the ‘fake’ human rights violation for Indian minorities, specially for Kashmiri Muslims. But, they have no time to address the gross injustice and human Rights violation for the Pakistani Hindus, Christians and other minorities in distress.

Many  Hindu organizations in Pakistan including Minority Watch and  Human Rights Forums have called a Protest Rally and Human Chain against ‘Recurring Human Rights Violation and Violation of Minority Rights’ in Pakistan on Sunday (24 March, 2019) at Karachi Press Club at 4:00 pm+.

__Inputs from Pakistan Hindu Seva Welfare Trust.

3 comments on “Shame PM Imran Khan! This Holi in Pakistan was marred with abduction of Hindu girls, murder, attack and forced conversion!!

  1. Ashwani
    March 24, 2019

    Very saddened that hindus are i endangered religion in Terroristaan so called Pakistan..
    Why our Indian government not doing welfare of Hindus trapped in Pakistan.


  2. Atif Khan
    March 26, 2019

    I am a Muslim Pakistani and I am on your side. Hindu or Muslim doesn’t matter what matters is we are all human. Justice and peace for all.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. madeira121
    March 26, 2019

    Atif, I wonder how did you come to know about this web-site.


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