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Hindu Bride commits Suicide being Blackmailed by her Ex Muslim friend in a Love Jihad trap.

Muslim boy takes Hindu name, makes relation with Hindu girl and keeps obscene photographs to blackmail…..

Under the pressure of Ex Love Jihadi friend, Hindu bride commits suicide at Diamond Harbour (WB).

Biswajit Mondal | HENB | Kolkata | April 21, 2019:: In another case of fatal Love Jihad, A Hindu girl of 18 years commits suicide by hanging with her scarfs under the severe pressure of blackmail made by her ex-Muslim friend at Diamond Harbour, a sub-divisional town in the South 24 Parganas district of West Bengal.

Priyanka Chatui, a student of senior secondary level and an inhabitant of West Chatuipara in Kultali block,  met one Raju Das two years ago, whe she went to  Raidighi in a tour. They fell into a love out of their new friendship. But, Priyanka made a distant with Raju when she came to know that Raju was not a Hindu. One Faizullah Molla, a young Muslim guy of 18 yrs made a ‘love Jihad’ trap to seduce and grab Priyanka by taking a fake Hindu name as Raju Das alias Raj.

When Priyanka expressed her annoyance to the affair with Faizullah, the Muslim guy started various harassment towards the Hindu girl with the menace of blackmailing. Priyanka told her embarrassments to her parents and all of them requested Faizullah to stop the odd and unreal relationship between Priyanka and Faizullah.

In the meanwhile grown up Priyanka appeared in the Higher Secondary examination and her parents settled her marriage with one Somenath Pramanik of Ramchandrapur village of Dakshin Barasat in the same district of South 24 Pgs in WB.

In the very late hours of wedding night (Wednesday, April 17)  of Priyanka and Somenath, the jilted Love Jihadi Faizullah reached by a motorbike in the wedding house at Ramchandrapur with one of his associates and started threatening to bride-grooms and their to kill them all with his revolver, if the solemn marriage was not nulled.  Faizullha showed some intimate pictures with Priyanka to all the present family members of Somenath and Priyanka with an ulterior blackmail motive to disturb the solemn marriage by hook or crook. New bride Priyanka earnestly requested Faizullha to leave the place for a peace, but jilted Faizullah did not hear any request from anybody.

At one point of time Faizullah set his revolver in the forehead of the groom Somenath and ordered to return the bride Priyanka in his hand by 7.00 am in the next morning and started rounding with his  motorbike welding the revolver publicly. All these were happening not in Pakistan or any Muslim country, but in the State of Mamata Banerjee who has got infamous for her Muslim appeasement and sympathy for the Muslim radicals and where she is Chief Minister for last eight years.

Seeing this dangerous situation, the family members of Somenath and Priyanka telephoned the local Police station but nobody from the Police station reached the spot and the newly married couple took the decision to leave the place secretly out of unbound fear.

In the next morning Somenath and Priyanka reached Diamond Harbour anyway to take a refuge in a relatives house but Faizullah started threatening with dire consequences over the mobile phones of Priyanka, Somenath and their family members repeatedly.

Keeping Priyanka in her relatives house, her husband Somenath, by profession an employee of Army, went to Dakshin Barasat to cope up with the unrevealing situations.

With the bad patch of the situation and repeated threats from Faizullah and without getting help from the police, Priyanka committed suicide (by hanging with her scarf) on Friday morning finding a chance of solitary in her room out of utter distress and frustration.

Threatening to murder in point blank at the wedding ceremony by ex-lover of other religion, bride commits suicide next (বিয়ের আসরে কপালে বন্দুক ঠেকিয়ে খুনের হুমকি ভিন্নধর্মী প্রেমিকের, আত্মঘাতী কনে) – Breaking Bengal.

Seeing Priyanka in hanging her family members took her in nearby Diamond Harbour Super Specialty Hospital immediately, but doctors declared her brought dead.

West Bengal, some parts of which are compared with Mini Pakistan, has records many of such victims of Love Jihad mostly unreported. But, the pathetic victimization of Priyanka Pramanik nee Chatui is revealed through a Bengali News Paper Ananda Bazar Patrika+.

faizullah molla culpritAs per report of ABP, police has registered only a case of unnatural death. But, the culprit Faizullah and his associates are roaming free with their Jihadi eminence so far empowered by the political patronage of ruling Trinmool Congress and its god mother Mamata Banerjee. Even the Police did not take any action against Faizullah when his culpable criminality in the instant case prima facie surfaced.

The parents of Priyanka and her husband Somenath lodged complaint against the culprits in Diamond Harbour Police Station and urged immediate arrest of Faizullah. They also demanded proper probe in the conspiracy and capital punishment to the criminals connected with suicide of Priyanka.

News Courtesy: ABP. Video Courtesy: Breaking Bengal.



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  1. Proud_hindu
    April 28, 2019

    dont worry we will do same with their women….


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