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PETA activist, police seriously assaulted by Jihadi Muslims in Badlapur.

Injured ‘Gorakshak’ Shri. Chetan Sharma, being treated in a hospital. Pic: HJS Source.

Here a Hindu rescued from Mob-lynching by peaceful Muslims….

PETA activist, police attacked and severely injured in Badlapur by illegal cow slaughter-house owners and Muslim butchers.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Thane | June 26, 2019:: When the secular media and liberal intellectuals are always vocal about the painted lynching etc by the cow vigilantes in India; People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) activist Chetan Sharma sustained severe injuries after he was allegedly assaulted in Badlapur in Maharashtra on Monday night last. The reporting about the incident even not reported in the main media streams.

Mr. Sharma a known PETA activist and controvertial ‘Gorakshak’ was investigating a lead about an illegal slaughterhouse in the area of Badalpur when he and a police team accompanying him were attacked.

According to Mr. Sharma, he has been following up on the information about illegal slaughterhouses operating in the area for around six months. After several attempts, the Badlapur police finally heeded his words and sent a team with him to look into the matter, he said.

The issue of cow-slaughtering in unauthorized slaughter-house at Badlapur has been in news since many months. More than 350 fanatics brutally attacked ‘Gorakshak’ Shri. Chetan Sharma who was trying, with the help of police, to stop slaughtering of cows carried out in illegal manner. He has been seriously injured and under treatment in ICU at a private hospital in Dombivali. Police have registered case under Sect. 147, 143, 149 and 353 of IPC against unknown assailants who even beat up police at Badlapur. Search for assailants is going on.

Different stands were taken against unauthorized slaughter-houses in Badlapur by various animal-friendly organizations, ‘Gou-sevaks’ and organizations; but no concrete action has been taken so far.

Finally at midnight of 24th June, Shri. Chetan Sharma went along with 35-45 policemen to take action against unauthorized slaughter-houses; but more than 350 fanatics and butchers gathered on getting information about Shri. Chetan Sharma and police going towards slaughter-house. They attacked Shri. Sharma and people accompanying him while raising slogans of ‘Allah-ho-Akbar’, ‘Beef is our Food Right’, ‘We follow sharia- we will slaughter as we like’, ‘Kill all cows and cow -worshipers’ etc.

Few butchers started hitting Shri. Sharma with iron rods, in which he sustained serious head injuries. Shri. Sharma fired in air with his gun for self-protection when butchers retreated a little. On realizing it, police took Shri. Sharma to their vehicle and as they took the vehicle further, butchers once again came forward to attack.

Fanatics removed key from police vehicle and started attacking again. Police still somehow managed to move forward but butchers chased them for 25-30 kms distance. In fanatics’ attack, glasses of police vehicle have been damaged and policemen have sustained minor injuries while saving Shri. Sharma, informed an onlooker.

Outnumbered by peaceful Muslim mob supporting slaughter Jihad…

“When we got to the spot, a mob of 200 to 250 men was waiting for us. We were only 25 to 30 and found ourselves outnumbered,” Mr. Sharma said.

Nirali Koradia, an animal welfare officer who rushed to Mr. Sharma’s aid, said that the accused seemed to be familiar with the police’s methods and had moved the cattle from the slaughterhouse.

“The mob attacked Mr. Sharma and the police with bricks and stones. He was also assaulted with iron rods and became unconscious. The police managed to get him out, but the mob followed them for quite some distance and kept pelting stones and bricks at their vehicles,” she said.

The PETA activist sustained severe injuries to the head in the incident and has been moved to a hospital, the name of which has been withheld for safety reasons.

Deputy Commissioner of Police (Zone IV) P.P. Shewale (Ph: 0251-2709000, email: who was at Badlapur station when the police team and Mr. Sharma were brought there, said, “This is a serious issue and we have filed an FIR in the matter. We are also finding ways to deal with the issue of illegal slaughterhouses.”

Shri. Sharma was taken to police station of Badlapur (East) but on observing mob of 40-50 fanatics there too, he was taken to Ambernath police station and then to hospital for keeping situation under control.

On 25th June, organizations including ‘People for Animals’ met Assistant Police Commissioner of Thane, who promised to take action against butchers.

A source in the area gave some inputs that Badlapur areas under Thane Police District has become an epicenter of Jihadi activities and a hub of illegal Rohingya infiltrators.

__with inputs from The Hindu and HJS Web Portal.

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