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Two Rape Jihadis raped and murdered a Hindu Teacher in Islamic Bangladesh.

The allegations of Priya Saha comes to reality again.

Throat-slit body of female teacher found in Chandpur….

After the multiple rape, teacher Jayanti Chakrabarty was killed by Two Rape Jihadis.

Mostafa Kamal Babul, headmaster of the school, said Jayanti was teaching there since 2014. Students, local people and family members of Jayanti demanded capital punishment for the Muslim culprits in connected rape and murder case. Source: BD Social Media.

Sumita Rodriguez Paul | HENB | Chandpur | July 18, 2019:: When Police had recovered the throat-slit body of a female teacher from Chandpur’s Water Development Board staff quarter area, on Sunday evening, they were even clueless.

The victim, Jayanti Chakrabarty, 45, was a teacher of Shologhar Government Primary School.

Mostafa Kamal Babul, headmaster of the school, said Jayanti was teaching there since 2014. She had taken a day off on Sunday, he added.

“Students who went to her house for home tuition that day (on July 21, 2019) found her lying in a heap of blood on the floor inside,” Babul said.

Later, Additional Superintendent of Chandpur Police Mizanur Rahman, and Officer-in charge of Chandpur model police station Nasim Uddin rushed to the spot. They started investigation.

By then, Jayanti’s husband Alak Chakrabarty lodged an complaint in Chandpur Model Police Station against some unknown persons for the gory murder of his wife. Afterwards, Police arrested Jamal Hossain and Anishur Rahman on suspicion as some neighbors told the police that they saw the suspects coming out from the house of Chakrbarty.

Police arrested Jamal and Anishur from their workplace and residence near Al Rashida areas and Shologhar Pucca Masjid (Mosque) areas, on July 24.

As, there was slow developments to solve the case, some senior personnel of PBI (Police Bureau of Investigation) started their action by taking the suspects in their custody on 4th August and finally recovered some scene from nearby CCTV footage and circumstantial evidences that two Muslim men named Jamal Hossain and Anishur Rahman entered the house of Jayanti Chakrabarty, raped her like beasts and finally slit her throat with a sharp knife. Police recovered the knife on Aug 5. At last Jamal Hossain and Anisur Rahman confessed their crime of rape and murder during the rigorous interrogation.

On this Sunday, Police briefed in a press conference held at Chandpur PBI Dist HQ that Jayanti was on Sunday day off on July 21 and spending her leisure by watching TV. Facing some problem to view the TV programmes, Jayanti called the local Dish TV operator for checking the disorder to solve it.

The local Dish TV  line business owner Jamal Hossain and his line man Anisur Rahman reached to the house of Chakrabarty where Jayanti was alone at around 12 noon. Jayanti threw the door keys to allow them to enter her house.

Jamal Hossain and Anisur Rahman kill Jayanti Chakraborty after the rape. The Rape Jihadis took Yaba Tablets to enhance their sexual bestiality. Photo: BD Social Media.

Entering into room, all on a sudden Jamal and Anisur jointly attacked Jayanti and tied her with ropes and shut her mouth with some cloths. Immediately the two Rape Jihadis stripped off Jayanti and started raping repeatedly on almost senseless Jayanti. Assuming the report next by the victim to the police, the rapists murdered Jayanti slitting her throat with a sharp knife before fleeing from the scene.

A source confirmed that the Muslim Dish and Cable TV provider Jamal and his associate Anisur used to target Kaffir girls and women (specially, teenager, college girls, separated, lone, house wives, working women) through providing discreet pornographic channels via secret code in remote. The Kaffir female users of such pornographic channel usually came under the sexual/pornographic grab/racket of Jamal and his associates through blackmailing and Yaba drugging. The rape and murder victim Jayanti has been refusing them for these nasty proposal from Jamal and his associates for months.

Police (PBI) sources confirmed that the two rapists took Chinese Yaba Tablets (crazy drugs) to enhance their sexual bestiality and tried to wash the vagina of the murdered victim with water to remove their seminal traces.

See, how Haram Pornography & Chinese Yaba Drugging Make Advancement of Islamic Rape of Kaffir Girls and Women in Halal Way in Dhimmi situation of Islamic Bangladesh.

The planned rape and murder of Jayanti by two Muslim rapists proved the pathetic Dhimmi situation of minority Hindus in Islamic Bangladesh.

Priya Saha, a prominent Hindu Human Rights Activist+ in Bangladesh was trolled enough some weeks before+ by the Islamic fundamentals in Bangladesh as she narrated the unbearable situation of Bangladeshi Hindu and other minorities in a meeting with US President Donald Trump in Washington (see 11.24 sec to 12,05 sec)+.

The local Hindu minority people, students and the family members of the victim demanded  ‘hang till death’ order for the two rape jihadis Jamal Hossain and Anisur Rahman by a designated fast track court.

__With inputs from Agency. Courtesy: The links and pic sources used above.

2 comments on “Two Rape Jihadis raped and murdered a Hindu Teacher in Islamic Bangladesh.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    August 20, 2019

    Government of India, make it clear to the Allah countries of
    stop killing Hindus in their countries. Enough must be enough.
    Refuse to accept the killing of Hindu ladies. If no end is brought
    to this massacre India must destroy those countries. This is a
    message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


  2. Sudipto
    August 20, 2019

    Subcontinental Muslims are zombies. Their soul is dead long ago. Their mothers sisters raped by Arabs, their fathers killed or converted, they have not a single iota of humanity left. They are virtual nobody with zero understanding of humanity.
    Add the Friday sermons by goats and donkeys, these vacant minds have only filth inside.
    It should have become clear long ago, that it is Hindus who need Jihad.
    I hope Bangladeshi Hindus are creating enough sleeper cells for preparing their own Direct Action Day.


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