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CAA gathered global support from the expatriated Hindus & other religious minorities of Bangladesh.

‘We Firmly Support CAA’: Globally expatriated Hindus and other religious and ethnic minorities of Bangladesh.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | Dec 26, 2019:: When the Congress affiliated ‘Secular Gangs’ and Communist affiliated ‘Tukde Tukde (Break-Split-Destroy) Gang’ are fuming against Citizen (Amendment) Act, 2019+, recently passed in India, expatriated Hindus and other religious and ethnic minorities of Bangladesh staying all over the glob expressed their unequivocal support to CAA.

India has experienced a havoc retaliation against CAA from the Jihadi people in many states in India viz. West Bengal, Uttar Pradesh, Kerala, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Delhi etc. as incited by the Congress, Communist and fanatic Islamic leaders. The global media like Washington Post, New York Times, BBC and others highlighted those fiery agitations with loss of govt and non-govt properties, but they could not take care to publish the news that the majority people of India organized huge rallies peacefully all over India to show their solidarity with  CAA.

Now the open statement in favour of CAA given by over 40 eminent personalities from more than 25 Human Rights Organizations and Social Forums from a dozen of countries including Canada, UK, Sweden, Switzerland, Ireland, Russia, Malaysia, India, France, EU, USA etc. divulged the correctness of the Citizen (Amendment) Act, 2019, passed in India  in a positive light.

The Statement follows as below:

“We, the expatriate Hindus and other religious and ethnic minorities of Bangladesh, living around the globe fully support the Citizenship Amendment Act (2019) passed by the Parliament of India. This is a humanitarian act towards humanity.

“The horror of partition, that was forced on the innocent Hindus and other non-Muslim populations who lived in the east and west of the Indian subcontinent in 1947, continues to haunt them through various forms of discrimination in Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan. The Liaquat-Nehru Pact of 1950 – through which refugees were to be allowed to return to dispose of their property, rescue abducted women and children, recover looted property, un-recognize forced religious conversions, and confirm minority rights – was never realized.

“Not only that, in India, Hindu refugees from East Pakistan and later from Bangladesh had to hide and forge documents to become citizens of India. Through this Act, India has partially fulfilled its duty to the millions of non-Muslims from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan who had to flee to India in recent years, but could not claim their rights in India. CAA has given them the right.

“We also want to remind that close to 20 million Hindus, Buddhists and Christians still live in Bangladesh. These populations want to remain in their motherland Bangladesh with security and dignity. Their presence there creates a potential that Bangladesh could become a more tolerant nation where militant Islam would not find a stronghold. We hope the Indian Government will continue to work for the well being of the beleaguered non-Muslim population of Bangladesh as they work with others to provide a bulwark against Islamic extremism in the Indian subcontinent”.

Thank you.



Arun Datta, Bangladesh Minority Rights Alliance, Toronto (BMRA), Canada

Arun Barua, Bangladesh Minority Council, Geneva

Arun Debnath, Harrow, London, UK

Asha Devi, Ayurved läkare, Göteborg, Sweden

Ajit Saha. Utsav, London.UK

Bishnu Gopal Chatterjee, Vancouver, Canada

Bimal Pramanik, Centre for Research in Indo-Bangladesh Relations (CRIBR), Kolkata.

Bimal Kumar Chakraborty, Manosri Tarun Bani Mandir, Howrah, WB.

Dr Bishwajit Roy, President SBLA, UK

Chitra Paul, Hindu Forum, Sweden

Dileep Karmaker, Bangladesh Minority Coalition (BMC), Montreal, Canada.

Dipan Mitra,  World Hindu Federation, Bangladesh

Dinesh Mujumder, Bangladesh Hindu Coalition, USA

Dabasish Roy, Secretary, United Hindu Cultural  Association London (UHCAL)

Ira Datta, Durga Mandir, Toronto

Joy Das, Canada

Kaberi Das,Gopal Das, Sanatan Accocian.UK

Dr. Mohit Ray, Campaign Against Atrocities on Minorities in Bangladesh, (CAAMB), Kolkata

Dr Niranjan Ray, Ph.D., Los Angeles, USA

Margareta Andersson, Spc,medicine ang health care company, Sweden

Marie Mandakini Spannare, Hindu Forum EU

Noni Gopal Paul, President, United Hindu Cultural  Association London (UHCAL)

Premananda Deb Nath, Moscow, Russia

Pardip Kumar Kukreja, Global Hindu Federation, Malaysia

Prokash Gupta, Hindu Coalition, New York.

Pranab Chowdhury, Bangladesh

Ramendra Nandi, Indian Intellectual Forum, NJ

Rosaline Costa, Hotline Bangladesh.

Rumki Das, Canada

Rabikar Chowdhury, Bangladesh

Rina Das, London, UK

Samir Kumar Dhar, Unity Council, Ireland

Saptarshi Mukherjee,  New York.

Sitangshu Guha, Bangladesh Minority Coalition, USA

Sushanta Lal Sen, London, UK

Swadesh Barua, Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council (BHBCUC), France

Swami Shuvananda Puri Maharaj, Los Angeles, BMC, California

Suparna Chowdhury, Bangladesh

Sutapa Paul, UK

Tarun Kanti Chowdhury, BHBCUC, Europe

Udayan Barua, BHBCUC, Europe



(Names are alphabetically. Signed persons agreed to put their names via email)

Expatriated Hindus and other religious minorities from Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Parsees and Christians from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Afghanistan may contact Sitangshu guha at Mob- +1-646-696-5569 to sign  the above statement.

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