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Seikh Saddam killed and burned Hindu mother & daughter to end a parallel relation in Love Jihad.

Even then non Muslim girls believe them!

2 charred bodies of Hindu female were found at Haldia, police ultimately arrested Seikh Saddam who wanted to end a two-in-one love jihad case with mother and daughter with a plan of rape and burn!!!

Dolon Hazra | HENB | Haldia | February 24, 2020:: Tension was cropped up at Jhikurkhali area  close to Haldia in East Midnapore on Monday last (February 18), after few locals, when in their morning walk, saw two bodies were burning on the bank of river Hooghly & Rupnarayan.

According to locals, early in the morning walkers were passing by from the area and noticed that something was burning and a foul smell was coming from there. When they went close to see what was burning, they saw two dead bodies. Durgachak police station was informed immediately.

Meanwhile, locals doused the fire. Later police recovered the bodies and sent them for autopsy. Sources informed that one of the bodies was suspected to be of a woman. The other was burnt so badly that there is no chance to identify if it is of a man or woman. Ultimately police cracked their identities as Rama Dey (Mother) and Riya Dey (daughter) of New Barrackpore, North 24 Parganas.

After being informed, the local Councillor went to the spot. During preliminary probe, police found traces of digging close to the spot where the bodies were burnt. It was primarily suspected that the deceased persons were murdered somewhere else and their bodies were brought in by car to burry on the lonely Jhikurkhali bank of Hooghly. But apprehending some locals nearby and for approaching dawn, the accused might have poured petrol on them and ignited them to hide the deceased persons’ identities.

Haldia Police initiated a case on charges of murder and causing disappearance of evidence against unknown persons and formed a Special Investigating Team comprising 13 experienced cops.

On Saturday (February 22), Police arrested one Seikh Saddam, a known face of Haldia locality and a labour contractor who had affairs with Riya Dey (29) for a long time.  Riya and Saddam went in a live together in a rented house in Haldia for last one year.

As per available report, Saddam developed a tussle with Riya for a reason as he was keeping a relation with Riya’s mother Rama Dey (40) at New Barrackpore. When Riya reveled this parallel relationship of Saddam with mother and daughter both, Riya wanted to end the intimacy of her living in partner with her mother. Then Riya proposed a settlement by calling her mother Rama at Haldia.

Taking this opportunity, Saddam planned to kill daughter and mother both at a time and to burn them afterwards to vanish all clues. For this Saddam took help of four of his friends, one of them Manjur Alam was also arrested by police.

Reports say, Saddam and Manjur burnt Rama and Riya alive pouring petrol with the help of others but could not be able to hide the burnt bodies in dig as per plan. Police is not sure whether the culprits raped Rama and Riya before burning.

WB has its highest record of burning the Hindu girls to death after sexual assault and rape by Muslim culprits with the help of others.

The story of Minati Mondal to Pramila Barman from Malda Mango orchard to barren field of South Dinajpur, or the story of Rama or Riya in the Hoogly creek bed at Haldia have the same story of Love Jihad, sexual assault, killing and burning by Muslim culprits like, Mahabubur Mia, Saddam Seikh, Manjur Alam and their associates. The culprits are arrested by police, but the justice is not served yet to the victims’ families.

Even then, suicidal Hindu female folk loves that un-trusted clan to be killed Islamically and to be burnt in the fire of Allah’s hell in the very soil of earth.

A Cruelest Tragedy for the Non-Muslim women folk for the ages!


Read this news in Bengali: হুগলি নদীর তীরে হিন্দু  মা-মেয়েকে  জ্যান্ত পুড়িয়ে মারা হয়েছিল, পাকড়াও শেখ সাদ্দাম ও মঞ্জুর আলম মল্লিক

__Inputs from Bartaman and Jugasankha.



6 comments on “Seikh Saddam killed and burned Hindu mother & daughter to end a parallel relation in Love Jihad.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    February 24, 2020

    If this can happen even today, what was the Governments doing? If
    Hindus can’t be safe is their own country, why do they need a
    Government? The answer must be; Allah killers can’t be citizens of
    India. Hindus, change the Government and create Ram Rajya with
    no Allah-Hindu killers. This is a message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


  2. Vijay sharma
    February 24, 2020

    Well done saddam. These character less women rather raped by 200 mullas day night. This is not the fault of riya but the fault of her mother too. As her mother is unaware of sanatan dharam how she could teach her daughter good values like one should do his /her karma for aatma and not for body. The sex lust is lust for body and not for aatma. Well done sadaam. Do with other whores too


  3. Abdurrahman
    February 26, 2020

    How can you say that while they are brutally killed,you monster asshole. You are no diffirent from Islamists. You are all misogynist morons. Stop attacking people with pain like a rabid dog.


  4. Varsha Roy
    February 27, 2020

    A woman cannot give birth at the age of 11. Rama’s age has been cited as 40 & Riya’s 29. What’s the authenticity of this news?


    • aishwarypandey
      March 6, 2020

      i think its a typo,in the pic it says 19.


  5. Sunny12
    February 27, 2020

    How to be sure that this new is authentic rather a fake one to instigate other Hindu brothers to create a war zone too, like whatever happened in Delhi recently.


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