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The Hindu Persecution in Islamic Bangladesh raised high in first six months of 2020, even during Corona pandemic.

The Hindu Persecution in Islamic Bangladesh during Corona pandemic hit the headlines in Bengali newspapers. Pic Courtesy: Dainik Jugosankha dt 03.07.2020.

Murder to Rape, Land grabbing to Abduction, Temple destruction to Forced conversion: Bangladesh Grand Hindu Alliance presents the  persecution of Hindus in last six months, even during lockdown.

In Islamic Bangladesh, Hindu girls and women are being used as sex toys of Quran followers.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | July 12, 2020:: The  Bangladesh National Grand Hindu Alliance (Bangladesh Jatiyo Hindu Mahajot), has alleged that the outrageous persecution on Hindus in Islamic Bangladesh has highly been increased during the nationwode COVID-19 lockdown.

Giving an account of alleged atrocities, the Alliance said there had been a series of incidents in last six month like Hindu shops being looted, minority Hindu people and Hindu businessmen being killed, lands of marginal Hindus  being forcefully grabbed, temples being demolished and idols vandalized, Hindu person forcefully converted,  families being forced to leave the country and Hindu girls and women being abducted and raped in almost regular basis.

“In the first six months (i.e. January to June) of 2020, 592 cases of attacks and atrocities held in separate places and 2333 acres of valuable land of minority Hindus grabbed by Muslim land mafias, when the marginal people in Bangladesh are facing a dangerous hardship in a pandemic situation, ” the Alliance’s General Secretary, Advocate Godinda Chandra Pramanik  said in a press meet held on Thursday (July 12, 2020) in Dhaka.

It also said that during these months, many Hindu girls were abducted, other Hindu girls and women were raped, ten were attempted to being raped and three Hindu girls were forced to convert to Islam. In other words, Hindu girls and women in Bangladesh are being used as sex toys for Quran followers there.

“The human rights situation is worsening day by day in Bangladesh but unfortunately no one has been arrested yet,” the Alliance lamented.

The organisation linked with World Hindu Federation demanded exemplary punishment to the criminals for the atrocities unleashed on the minorities in the country.

The Bangladesh National Grand Hindu Alliance also raised the alarming situation of teen aged Hindu boys and girls being trafficked in Arab Countries without any hazards, so far.

The Alliance listed a series of incidents of Jihadi atrocities on the minority Hindus of Islamic Bangladesh in the first six months of 2020 as follows:

  1. Murder of Hindus: 72 people
  2.  Attempt to Murder: 87 people
  3. Murder Threat: 61 people
  4. Persons injured: 512
  5. Missing: 25
  6. Ransom: 200 lakh Taka
  7. Hindu Family Houses Looted: 40
  8. Houses destroyed: 155
  9. Attack on Hindu activists and leaders: 46
  10. Attack on Hindu Business Organizations: 35
  11. Total land grabbing from: 2333 acres
  12. Hindu Houses Evicted: 26
  13. Hindu Business institutions grabbed: 15
  14. Possession of the land of temple: 10 temples
  15. Hindu Families evicted from their houses: 489 families
  16. Trying to  torch: 1460 family
  17. Threat of dire consequences given: 1801 families
  18. Forced to leave the country: 454 families
  19. Attack on the temple: 164
  20. Temple Looted in full: 28
  21. Idol (Deity) Vandalism: 249
  22. House attacked, vandalized, set on fire: 437
  23. Families left houses temporarily for insecurity: 3806
  24. Hindu boys and girls trafficked to Arab: 235
  25. Kidnapping: 48 people
  26. Attempt to kidnapping: 1 people
  27. Rape: 15
  28. Gang Rape: 2
  29. Attempt to rape: 11
  30. Converted to Islam:  2486 people
  31. Attempt to evacuate: 293 people
  32. Hurting religious feelings: 25
  33. False Cases charged against Hindus: 69
  34. Arrested in false cases: 33 people
  35. Hindu Family Blocked/Boycotted: 343
  36. Religious institutions profaned: 5
  37. Obstacles to perform Hindu religious events: 15
  38. Feeding beef to Hindus: 50 people
  39. Made false case of blasphemy against: 3 people.
  40. Hindu students injured in Saraswati Puja: 7000

(Particulars are taken from Bangladesh National Grand Hindu Alliance Sources)

The Political equation in Bangladesh does not favour the minority Hindus in crisis, in fact. The Ruling party, (Awami League) and the Opposition party, Bangladesh Nationalist Party both exploit the minority Hindu votes for their political mileage, not for the safety and security of minority Hindu people or the marginal indigenous people struggling there for their existence in a danger of Jihadi upsurge.

Bangladesh Prime Minister, Sheikh Hasina Wazed keeps a good relation with Hindu majority India and its Hindutvawadi PM Narendra Modi. But, side by side, the covert Islamist and Bangladesh PM Hasina has given a free hand to her communal Jihadi political allies to extremely harm to the minority Hindus of Bangladesh, so that Islamic Bangladesh can be made as Hinduless (Kaffir Free) Bangladesh within 2045 or much early.

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Hinduless Bangladesh for a complete Sharia regimen in Islamic Bangladesh, very soon (Hindu Existence)


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One comment on “The Hindu Persecution in Islamic Bangladesh raised high in first six months of 2020, even during Corona pandemic.

  1. Swastik Suvesh
    July 13, 2020

    Hindus of Bangladesh should appeal to the Indian Government for their safety and to safely return back to India.


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