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K. N. Govindacharya: A man with endless journey.

K.N. Govindacharya in Kolkata on Oct 3, 2020. Pic. Vishal Ghosh.

The once Kautilya in Indian Politics may rethink his come back in politics, but the same Chankya is endlessly engaged for a reformation towards a prosperous India. 

K. N. Govindacharya’s Adhyayan Pravas  completed at Ganga Sagar.

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | Kolkata | Oct 3, 2020:: Former RSS ideologue and eminent Hindutva think tank KN Govindacharya concluded  his Adhyayan Pravas (Study dialogue & journey) at Gangasagar (West Bengal)  on 02 Oct 2020. He started his Adhyayan Pravas Yatra on Sept, 1 at Ram Tapasthali (Uttrakhand), instead of Devaprayag as scheduled earlier.

On Oct 2, Govindacharya offered holy water of Sri Ram Tapasthali to the confluence of Ganag at Sagar, performed rituals on the seashore and paid a visit to Sri Kapil Muni temple with his followers.

Govindacharya left his direct politics in BJP just 20 years back to enter into a study pause (Adhyayan Antaral) to reveal the reality of India in the context of globalization, corruption, environmental & employment crisis, changing scenario of rural India and foreign threat to Indian culture and tradition.

On his return to Kolkata, the ‘Eternal Hindu’ and ‘Rashtiya Swabhiman Parishad’ jointly arranged and meeting and an interactive session with Govindacharya at Satsang Bhawan, Kolkata.

After starting the programme with Mahishasurmardini-Stotram dance,  Govindacharya paid tribute to Tapan Ghosh, the Founder of Hindu Samhati, who recently passed away with an attack of Covid 19.

Govindacharya recalled Tapan Da saying that he had the courage to express disagreements within him and described Tapan Da’s contribution to the Hindu society and politics as unprecedented in Bengal.

In his speech, Govindacharya pointed out the right order of religion, social empowerment, state and economic power as necessary narrating religion as  paramount in this. Govindacharya described religion as the virtues and principle of humanity, not a set of rituals.

“After 2010, the current trend of Hindutva in the country is influencing the people, but not in real direction. People are now turning towards their religion and culture. Now, there is a need to make people in India feel a sense of religion and valor”, Govindacharya told.

Speaking on social media platforms like Google, WhatsApp, facebook etc., he also warned about the upcoming dangers of information technology and science.

Explaining the technical intricacies of Google & WhatsApp in easy language to the people, he told how social media is affecting the politics and public life of India through WhatsApp and Facebook today.

“Technology, Internet etc. should be made accountable. A system like  Lokpal is needed,” he emphasized. He also criticized the the present system as Indigenous development was denied and rejected the concept of  development under foreign management and control.

While highlighting the importance of the cow and its attributes as described in Vedas, Govindacharya demanded a Cow Preservation Ministry at the Center to save Cows from its ruthless slaughter. He described Cow as very important component for indigenous development. He also described the Ganges as the soul of India.

Sri. K.N. Govindacharya traveled for a month from Devprayag to Ganga Sagar, staying to various places with common people along with the path of Ganges. Although his study tour was to begin from Devprayag, but due to landslides, this journey started from Shri Ram Tapasthali in Uttarakhand. Beginning from September 1, the study migration journey was completed through 5 states and ended in the Ganga Sagar on October 2.

Actually, Govindacharya took a study leave from BJP in the year 2000 to break away from the active politics of BJP and to make an intensive study for analyzing the effects of globalization in the context of Indian society. It was completed 20 years on 9 September 2020.

20 years before, Govindacharya reached to the conclusions for an intensive  study to explore the recurring changes in Indian politics, society and rural destinations over the years.

After that Govindacharya migrated to the banks of the Ganges to meet and interact with people in villages, towns and cities. In this sequence, he also visited many temples, shrines, religious & cultural institutions and interacted with the people there. Apart from this, he  researched the people’s   initiatives in creative works in different fields of agriculture, indigenous technologies, traditional medicines, rural entrepreneurship and so on in rural and urban India.

Govindacharya tried to know he aspirations and problems from the farmers and youths in the villages and also asked them to find out the  solutions. Also, he made people aware of the new global and local choices coming in the future.

The once Kautilya in Indian Politics may rethink his come back in politics, but the same Chankya is endlessly engaged for a reformation towards a prosperous India.

The program was also addressed by Pawan Srivastava, the convener of the Rashtriya Swabhiman Andolan. Sanjay Sharma of Eternal Hindu Foundation, Advocate Jayant Lahiri, Sunil Munshi and Vishal Ghosh and other dignitaries were also present in the program.

One comment on “K. N. Govindacharya: A man with endless journey.

  1. vijayaa108
    October 4, 2020

    What a great and committed patriotic person श्री गोविंदाचार्य जी is!
    May he live long and inspire our people to walk on the Path of Truth & धर्म!


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