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Why is there opposition for passing a law against ‘Love Jihad’ if it does not exist? – Adv Virendra Ichalkaranjikar.

‘Deadly repercussions of Love Jihad.’

Why is there opposition for passing a law against ‘Love Jihad’ if ‘Love Jihad’ didn’t exist? – Advocate Virendra Ichalkaranjikar, National President, Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad*.

unnamed (1)Love jihad is a kind of war waged by ‘jihadi’ terrorists along with other types of jihad. Many young Hindu girls and women from various fields like sports, films etc have been victims of ‘Love Jihad’ and have been cheated. It has been observed through many incidents that they are being severely exploited. Besides Hindu women, even Sikh women from India and abroad have been converted on a large scale due to ‘Love Jihad’ and it is seriously affecting the whole family system of Hindus. Presently, the State Governments of Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have passed laws against ‘Love Jihad’ and even the Gujarat State Government is on the verge of passing such law. Why those people, who claim there is no Love Jihad, are then against passing of law against Love Jihad, asked advocate Virendra Ichalkaranjikar, the national President of ‘Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad’ while demanding that the Union Government should pass a law against Love Jihad and strictly implement it. He was speaking on the topic of ‘Deadly repercussions of Love Jihad’ in a  special interview. This interview was taken by a senior journalist Meena Das Narayan, based outside India, on her ‘You tube’- channel called ‘Candid Meena’ on the topic of deadly repercussions of Love Jihad. Advocate Virendra Ichalkaranjikar answered many questions asked by Meena Das Narayan during the interview which was watched by more than 1100 people. Many participants expressed their opinion that such interviews should be conducted and  shown often.

Many doubts asked by viewers on conversion of Hindu young girls and women through Love Jihad, responsibility of parents to see that young women didn’t fall prey to Love Jihad and need for ‘Dharmashikshan’, encouragement given to Love Jihad through films and need for passing law against conversion of religion etc were also clarified by advocate Ichalkaranjikar on the occasion.

Few enlightening points presented by advocate Virendra Ichalkaranjikar

Need to understand the double-standard adopted by fanatics and communists !

Advocate Ichalkaranjikar said further that when Hindus talk about the dangers of Love Jihad, Muslims and secularists argue that it is the right of a Hindu girl and a Muslim youth to decide whom they want to marry under India’s Constitution; however, the same people talk differently when issues like passing of Common Civil Code or banning cow-slaughter come up and insist that Hindus should think of sentiments of minority population; so, Hindus’ sentiments are never considered anywhere and such topic is always conveniently changed.

Hindus need to understand the double standard adopted by these fanatics and communists because fanatics and communists talk of the Constitution when Hindus say anything about their religious sentiments and the same people talk about their religious and individual freedom when Hindus talk about Common Civil Code.

Hindu woman, who marries into a Muslim family on conversion, doesn’t get any right including right to property under Sharia (Islamic) laws; but Hindu women get various rights under Hindu Law after marriage. Hindu young women need to keep in mind all these things and dangers and abide by their own Dharma by getting ‘Dharmashikshan’, stated advocate Ichalkaranjikar while concluding.

Teachings under Islam about Love jihad

Teachings of Islam encourage jihad. It is taught that there should be Islamic Rule everywhere. Everyone knows about the definitions of ‘Dar-ul-harb’ and ‘Dar-ul-Islam’.  Love jihad is the outcome of such teachings. Women involved in ISIS activities were victims of Love Jihad. There have been instances of even fanatic women drawing Hindu men in their false love- dragnet and then converting them.

Ploys used by fanatics to draw Hindu girls

Hindu girls are trapped using 3 different methods in Love Jihad cases. Fanatics take advantage of their feelings; draw them in their false love-dragnet and convert them. Film industry is also encouraging Love Jihad, misleading Hindu girls. Sometimes, fanatics obtain Hindu girl’s contact no. through her friends, send messages to them and then try to talk to them and cheat them by showing false love.

Few medicines are used to hypnotise Hindu girls. Such incidents have occurred. The solution to this problem is imparting ‘Dharmashikshan’ to Hindu girls so that they wouldn’t become victims of such false love.

Important role of women in issues related to Love Jihad !

Not only ordinary Hindu young women but Hindu actresses, artists have also fallen prey to Love Jihad. If a woman comes forward in Love Jihad cases and talks about her persecution or her forceful conversion, the fanatic husband in such cases has to prove that there was no Love Jihad.

Will Islamic organizations and Islamic spokespersons take responsibility?

Islamic Organizations and their spokespersons should take responsibility to see that a Hindu girl,  on marrying a Muslim man, would not be oppressed or forced to do anything against her wish; but why does it not happen? Why only Hindus have to prove their secularism? There should be one law for everyone.

Implement Special Marriage Act properly throughout the country !

Under ‘Special Marriage Act’, first of all, news (notice) about inter-religion marriage has to be published and then marriage can take place. Many petitions have been filed against this provision of the Act. Hence, such petitions should be opposed so that no marriage under under ‘Special Marriage Act’ can be happened secretly. Many laws have been passed in Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh to do justice to Hindus and Hindus are benefited due to those laws. Those laws should be implemented all over the nation.

Fight against Love Jihad at different levels !

Cases of Love Jihad should be exposed. There is no need to protect one’s image or to feel awkward in these things. In fact, more Hindus would be protected as such cases are brought to light. Hindus can certainly fight against Love Jihad through different means such as writing letters, raising voice against such incidents with the help of local MLA-MP, filing individual cases in Love Jihad cases individually and they can win legal battles.

Courtesy: HJS/ *Hindu Vidhidnya Parishad is an organization of legal practitioners fighting for legal rights of Hindus.

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