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Muslim Labourer stabs Hindu factory co-workers over wages dispute.

avoid further attack

Why a Hindu/Christian/Jew employer should not choose any Muslim staff anyway…..

Muslim Labourer violently stabs Hindu factory Manager and Driver over the issue of increasing daily wages during pandemic. 

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Kolkata | June 26, 2021:: Two Hindu persons were seriously injured when a 50-year old worker at a cloth-making factory in Kasba attacked them with a sharp weapon on Saturday evening  over the wage he received after working in the Covid period. Kahar Molla, a resident of Picnic Garden, has been arrested and a case of attempt to murder has been registered.

Both victims are residents of Barisha and work in the same factory. While Tuhin Kumar Dey (53) is the manager, Saswata Chakrabory (29) is a driver. They have been admitted to a private hospital near Ruby crossing.  Dey had received injuries on his shoulder and left hand, and Chakraborty had severe injuries on his neck and was stated to be critical initially, but both were restored in stability, as the reports came in latest.

Police said the case was registered on the basis of Dey’s statement. He said Molla got into an argument with them around 6.30 pm and the attack took place 10 minutes later, after Kahar completed his Namaz inside the factory room.

Incidentally, the Muslim labourer who attacked his Hindu manager and his Hindu Driver could not be repentant anyway, rather he was furious enough against the non Muslim victims, even after arrest.

“The accused repeatedly hit the victims with a round, sharp blade-like object, used for cutting cloth. He had fixed the blade with an iron rod,” said an officer.

“Dey claimed Molla was unhappy with his wage and was demanding more wages during the pandemic.  But Molla, during interrogation, said he was denied the right pay after putting in hours of work in the Covid times. He claimed he lost his cool after being denied multiple times. We will speak to other employees in this regard,” said the officer. DC (SSD) Rashid Munir Khan said, “The accused had a grudge against the victims as he was reportedly deprived of the right wage.”

Fact is that, the issues of wages/salaries between employer and the staff or laborers are not new. But, it is dangerous that Muslim employees, staff or laborers always find the scope to make harm to their non-Muslim (Hindu-Christian-Jew whoever may be) employers or to attack them out of any point of dispute.

Muslim employees/staff/laborers never find any good for their non Muslim employers or business owners or company/factory managers. Quran teaches Muslims for the enmity with kaffirs/infidels/non-Muslims. Hence, a Hindu/Christian/Jew employer should not deploy any Muslim staff anyway.

Otherwise, it may be a catastrophe.


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