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Gharwapsi News: Homecoming to Hindu Dharma from intolerant Islam in UP and Gujarat.

Returning all embracing Hinduism from intolerant Islam!

‘We corrected the mistake’ Rashid returns to Hinduism after 12 years with wife and children.

dfoi_610b73504c139Upendra Bharti | HENB | New Delhi | July 6. 2021:: It’s a return to the root. A Muslim couple and their 4 children have returned home and re-converted to Hinduism in the Shamli district of Uttar Pradesh. The couple reached The Badaya Shamli Collectorate and submitted an affidavit to the authorities stating that they have now returned to Hinduism from Rashid by changing his name to Vikas and Manju Bano as Sanju. The couple says that their parents converted to Islam 12 years ago, but they no longer want to live in the ‘intolerant’ Muslim religion, so they are coming back to Hinduism.

According to reports, Rashid’s son Samar and wife Manju Bano, residents of Rajyadgan locality of Kandhla town of Shamli district, reached Shamli tehsil on Wednesday (August 4, 2021). Both of them submitted an affidavit to one of the officials stating themselves as husband and wife. Rashid told that 12 years ago his parents had converted to Islam, but they did not want to remain Muslim, so they changed their names. Rashid alias Vikas told that his wife Manju Devi and their four children have returned home to Hinduism to get relief from the earlier mistakes done by their parents.

From a reliable source, it is derived that the aspirant family wanted to know the root of every human being and influenced by the all embracing capacity of Sanatan Hindu Dharma and felt in a bondage with it for a homecoming.

More Gharwapsi (Return to home) in Gujarat and Uttar Pradesh.

Earlier last month  with the help of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, 21 families from Gujarat reverted to Hinduism. As per a report of  Desh Gujarat, these families were lured to accept Christianity but once again accepted Sanatan Hindu Dharma in the program led by Bapa Sitaram Ashram in Salvav, Vapi, when they understood their mistake.

27_07_2021-26mzn_34_26072021_292-c-2_21868170_02526In another instance from Uttar Pradesh, the Hindu Jagran Manch had organized a gharwapsi program for three youth after they were tricked into conversion. The Vishwa Hindu Parishad has been working actively to get the forcefully converted families and individuals back to their original faith. The detailed report was published in Jagran Patrika on July 27th. In their ordeal, the victims narrated  how they were lured into the greed of huge money and marriage with multiple beautiful ladies. The victims also confessed how they were brainwashed, trapped in pompous business, stealthy intoxicated and even threatened to dire consequences.

Upa Tweet

While the process of proselytizing by the Muslim clerics and Christian pastors is growing fast in India, the Hindu organisations like Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Hindu Jagran Manch, Arya Samaj, Agniveer and Bharat Sevashram Sangha are rendering  the yeoman service to protect Sanatan Hindu Dharma by a great means of Reconversion-Paravartan-Shuddhi-Gharwapsi-Home coming as far as possible in this critical situation.  “To keep the Hindu majority demography in India, the process of Reconversion-Paravartan-Shuddhi-Gharwapsi-Home coming is an essential tool to protect Sanatan Hindu Dharma,” tweeted eminent Hindu interlocutor, Hindutva preacher and Cheif Editor of in recent.

Courtesy: News Track | Desh Gujarat | Jagran | VTV.

One comment on “Gharwapsi News: Homecoming to Hindu Dharma from intolerant Islam in UP and Gujarat.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    August 6, 2021

    The Islam and Vatican religion aren’t religions. They are killers, destroyers
    and uncivilized organizations. They must be banned from Indian soil.
    This is a message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena. They don’t have the
    knowledge equal to the Vedas.


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