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Hindu villages rampaged, temples destroyed and randomly looted by radical Muslims in Khulna of Islamic Bangladesh.

Radical Muslim Miscreants attack Khulna villages, vandalize 4 big temples and 6 other temples and 56 Hindu houses ruined; many shops and cattle looted.

KhulnaManikchandra Das | HENB | Dhaka | Aug 7, 2021:: In Islamic Bangladesh, the miscreants vandalized four temples and several shops and several houses of the Hindu community in Shiali village of Rupsha upazila in Khulna on August 7th  afternoon in broad daylight.

Hundreds of Muslim miscreants attacked the village with local weapons between 3 pm to 6 pm on Saturday. Four big temples and six other small temples, dozens of shops and  fifty six Hindu houses were vandalized and looted. The jihadi mob also looted the milching cows and other cattle.  Upon receiving the news, senior police officers including the Khulna Superintendent of Police visited the spot. As the whole village is in a state of turmoil, a heavy Police contingent has been deployed in the area, as the reports last came in.

Local villagers and Puja Parishad leaders said some female devotees were going to Shiyali Mahasmashan (Hindu cremation ground) from Purbapara temple to perform kirtan around 9pm on Friday. There was a mosque in the middle of the road. The Imam (Muslim cleric) of the mosque forbade the women to chant Hare Krishna Kirtan. As there was some argument, a meeting was fixed to be held at the police station on Saturday.

Witnesses said that more than 100 youths attacked Shiali village with Ramda (Cleaver) , Chapatti (hatchet) and ax at between  3 pm to 6 pm pm on Saturday. They vandalized Ganesh Mallick’s drug store, Srivastava Mallick’s grocery store, Sourav Mallick’s tea and grocery store, Anirban Hira’s tea shop and his father Majumdar’s shop in the market with other shops. At that time Shivpada’s house was attacked and looted including 56 other houses. Most of the idols of Govinda Mandir, Shiyali Purbapara Hari Mandir, Shiyali Purbpara Durga Mandir, Shiyali Mahasmashan Mandir  were vandalized. At that time many Hindu villagers were beaten and injured when they tried to stop theMuslim miscreants. The Jihadi  youths fled before the locals formed a resistance and intimated the situation to the local police station.

Khulna another

Shaktipada Basu, president of the Rupsha Thana Puja Celebration Parishad said, “Police of the Shiali camp resisted the Hindu villagers when they wanted to chase the attackers during the attack”.

Sadhan Adhikari, chairman of Ghatbhog Union rushed to the spot after the attack. He said that such vandalism on temples and houses had never happened before in the area. The Jihadi youths of nearby Chandpur village took part in the vandalism. He condemned such attacks upon the Hindu minorities in Bangladesh through  total lawlessness.

Khulna Superintendent of Police Mahbub Hasan said that additional police were deployed in the area and everything was under control. “We are working with local people,” Hasan briefed the press.

Advocate Gobinda Chandra Pramanik  of Bangladesh Jatiyo Hindu Mahajot (Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance) told HENB that the entire village of Mallikpara in Shiali village of Rupsha upazila of Khulna district was attacked by jihadists on August 7, 2021 between 3 pm to 5 pm. Ten  temples including four big temples and all idols there including 56 houses were vandalized. Miscreants looted extensively including cows of the  Hindu villagers.

The attack on Hindu minorities has been made as a routine programme of the Jihadi mob under the indulgence of the both ruling and opposition parties in a gross radical atmosphere in Islamic Bangladesh.


__Inputs from Samokal and Pratham Alo.

(Important inputs will be included further as update) 

2 comments on “Hindu villages rampaged, temples destroyed and randomly looted by radical Muslims in Khulna of Islamic Bangladesh.

  1. Arindam
    August 11, 2021

    If this is happening while Sheikh Hasina is in power, you can easily imagine what happens after she’s gone.

    Like the Hindus, Sikhs and other non-Muslims of Afghanistan and Pakistan, the minorities in Bangladesh should move to India before it is too late.


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