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Madhya Pradesh: Hindus in Ratlam put up ‘on sale’ signs outside their houses under persecution from Communal Muslims.


Hindu families in MP village Surana in Ratlam District threaten to migrate due to alleged harassment by Communal Muslims.

Hindus Put Up Houses ‘On Sale’ in MP’s Ratlam Village After Communal Tension; Govt Takes Cognizance.


Hindus gave notice to sell houses. (Pic News 18).

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Bhopal | January 22, 2022:: As per 2011 Census, Hinduism constitutes 90.89% of Madhya Pradesh population. In all Hindu form majority religion in 50 out of 50 districts of Madhya Pradesh state. The data for 2021 & 2022 is under process and will be updated soon. According to available data, Muslim Population in Madhya Pradesh is 47.75 Lakhs (6.57 percent) of total 7.26 Crore. But, in many pockets Muslim population got local majority that caused Islamic bullying over the non-Muslim people in those areas as reported in such a Hindu majority state even ruled by BJP Govt there at present.

It is unbelievable that More than 25 Hindu families of Surana village of Ratlam district in such a Hindu majority state of Madhya Pradesh were threatened to migrate from the village as they allegedly harassed by members of Muslim community for the past two-and-a-half years, as alleged.

Biplank police registered cross FIRs against two villagers Mukesh Jat, who is also claimed to be a coordinator of a Hindu outfit, and Mayur Khan for abusing and beating each other on January 16.

Upset with cross FIRs, the families who belong to Jat community wrote on the walls of their houses that these houses are on sale as they are posing a security threat and want to migrate from the village, locals said.

“They played objectionable music and took out rallies. Women didn’t feel safe due to them. They are harassing us mentally and when we go to the police station, police officers don’t take any action. On January 16, Mayur Khan with more than 100 people came to my house and abused me. He threatened me and asked me to leave the village,” said Mukesh Jat.

“When I filed FIR, the police registered a case against me too. We don’t feel safe here in the village,” he added.

Another villager, Omprakash Patel said, “A few members of Muslim community are harassing us. They mock us and scare us and shout abusive words to us. They throw garbage near our houses and spit in front of houses. They are terrorising our children.”

A group of representatives met district collector Kumar Purshottam and asked for allocating a piece of land in some other village because they feel unsafe in the village and can’t live here.

However, the Muslim community members said a group of people especially Mukesh Jat is trying to communalise every trivial issue. “For the past two years, Mukesh Jat with a few others is trying to create communal tension in the village. He filed at least half a dozen complaints against Muslim community members. On January 16 too, he fought with me and later filed a fake complaint against me,” said Mayur Khan. Consequently, tension prevailed in the area.

Hindus alleged that Muslims outnumber Hindus in the region so they are trying to gain dominance in the area and after disputes, the police harass their communities on the pretext of action.

The tension has gripped the area so much so that several Hindu families have put up ‘on sale’ boards on their houses. Locals speaking to the media alleged that they have no option left but to migrate from the area.

After the matter came to light, home minister Dr Narottam Mishra took cognizance and said, “It is our duty to maintain peace and harmony in our state. The issue of Surana village is serious and nobody needs to feel scared. The administration will resolve this matter.” Misthra tweeted+ his concern in Hindi as below with a video message+:

N Mishra Tweet

After the home minister’s order, Ratlam district collector Kumar Purshottam and superintendent of police Gaurav Tiwari held a meeting with villagers.

District collector Purshottam said, “Distrust has been increased among villagers towards each other due to some small issues. We are trying to resolve it.”

“The villagers said they feel unsafe due to regular fight and harassment so we have decided to form a committee of six members that include Sub-divisional magistrate and sub-divisional officer of police with two members of each community. They also said that people are encroaching upon their land so the encroachment will be cleared within a month,” said the collector.

SP Gaurav Tiwari said, “A police outpost will be set up in the village where 10 police personnel will be present always to maintain law and order.”

“The village doesn’t have any history of communal tension but for the past few months some anti-social elements are creating trouble so we are also taking action under National Security Act (NSA) against criminals,” he added.

According to reports, the population of village Surana is around 2,200 which is distributed in a 60:40 ratio among the Hindus and Muslims. It shows that Hindus have still there majority in numbers, but victimized by an influential Muslim community under the grab of Jehadi mentality. The locals who had reached the office of SDM Abhishek Gehlot on Tuesday had told the media that the village lived in social harmony for years but of late, tension has gripped following excesses from the other community.

The above situation in Surana village in Ratlam District of Madhya Pradhesh hints that Islamic concentration (in population and hold) is always detrimental to the existence and free living for the Hindu people in that area and even BJP Govt can’t be able to protect the Hindus if they are not organized well against Islamic fundamentalism.

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Agency Inputs/ Pic. courtesy: News 18/ Sangbad Pratidin.

One comment on “Madhya Pradesh: Hindus in Ratlam put up ‘on sale’ signs outside their houses under persecution from Communal Muslims.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    January 22, 2022

    Bring the Army in and disperse them. Take their equal rights away.
    They are the remnants of war-losers and can not be given the
    same right. It is better they move out to the Arab desert. That is
    their place not India. This is the voice of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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