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Another Hindu Temple destroyed by fanatic Muslim people in Pakistan.

Islamist radicals in Pakistan destroy a Hinglaj Mata Temple in Sindh province.

Suneeta Kohli | HENB | New Delhi | January 26, 2022:: Pakistani Islamist radicals on Sunday (Jan 16) demolished a Hinglaj Mata Mandir located in Khatri Mohalla, Teh Mithi, Tharparker district of Sindh province. It’s a local temple was being renovated by the Hindu residents of the area. The News is highlighted by the news-agency ANI+, a bit later.

This is the 11th attack on Hindu shrines in the past 22 months in Pakistan.

The charges are serious enough as Lal Malhi, a  Member National Assembly of Pakistan and a parliamentary secretary for Human rights (as claimed in his Twitter handle) alleged that a “under construction Hinglaj Mata temple in Hindu community neighbourhood (Khatri Mohalla) Mithi- Tharparkar rzaed to ground by administration . The so called champion of minority rights, PPP,  is ruling Sindh whilst minorities suffering.” This tweet+ proves that there are so many Islamists inside the Pak adminstration to destroy the interests of the minority people in the country.

Lal Malhi

Krishen Sharma, President, Pakistan Hindu Mandir Management reached the spot and in interaction with media told them that Islamist radicals are not even afraid of Pakistan Supreme Court and the Pakistani Government.

Meanwhile, the local Hindu leaders took out a protest rally on the issue.

As per report, Pakistan set up a first-ever body of Hindu leaders to take care of minority community’s temples at the end of last year. Sharma was declared as the head of that committee.

Pakistan has been repeatedly slammed by the international community for not taking stringent measures to protect its minority communities, despite the country’s Prime Minister Imran Khan vowing to protect them on numerous occasions.

In 2020 December, a mob of over a hundred people led by local Muslim clerics had destroyed and set on fire the temple in the Karak district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. A video clip that went viral on social media showed a violent mob destroying the walls and roof of the temple.

Pakistan is a well-known perpetrator of human rights violations of minorities in the country. On several occasions, it has promised to safeguard the interest of minority communities in the nation. However, continuing attacks on minorities narrate a different story.

As a matter of fact, Islamabad has been discriminating against its religious minorities. But, sometimes they pretend as saviour of minorities through their deceptive statements.

This is manifested in various forms of targeted violence, mass murders, extrajudicial killings, abduction, rapes, forced conversion to Islam, etc., making Pakistani Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, Ahmadiyyas, and Shias the most persecuted minorities in the region.

A recent report by a minorities’ rights commission in Pakistan has revealed a “dismal” picture of the most revered Hindu sites in the country and slammed the statutory board responsible to maintain the ancient sites of the minority community.

The report submitted to the country’s Supreme Court last month presents a “general picture of decay and obliteration” of two of the four most revered evacuee sites in Pakistan, Dawn reported.

The report states that the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB), a statutory board of the Pakistan government, has failed to maintain ancient and holy sites of the minority community.

Out of 365 temples, only 13 were being managed by them, leaving 65 with the Hindu community, and “abandoning the rest of temples,” Dawn reported, citing the statutory board ETPB.

The Islamists in Pakistan are gradually destroying Hindu minorities and any sign of them with the help of  like-minded rackets in Pak administration and police.

__Inputs from ANI and The Hindu.

One comment on “Another Hindu Temple destroyed by fanatic Muslim people in Pakistan.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    January 28, 2022

    Oh no, the destroyers are active again. They called their religion peaceful.
    Congress this is the result of your decision of dividing the country
    and giving war-losers a piece of land to live. It is only strange no
    action is taken to unite the country. Why? Because the Allah-kafirs are now the slaves of the Godless communist Chinese regime. Unification is urgent
    needed. This is the voice of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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