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Armed Muslim man forcefully tries to enter Gorakhnath Temple by shouting “Allah hu Akbar”.

Ahmad Murtaza Abbasi

Muslim IIT Graduate Attacks Cops Outside UP’s Gorakhnath Mandir, Police Say Terror Not Ruled Out.

Upendra Bharti | HENB | Lucknow | April 4, 2022:: A fanatic Muslim man on 3rd of April forcefully tried to enter into the premises of Gorakhnath Mandir by shouting ‘Allah hu Akbar’. The person was identified as Ahmad Murtaza Abbasi. The muslim man was equipped with a sharp edged weapon. In an attempt to enter the premises of Gorakhnath Mandir, Two jawans deployed in the security of the temple were attacked by this muslim youth with his sharp weapon while raising Islamist slogan “Allah hu akbar”, after which both were injured. After the attack, the temple staff and other people and other policemen deployed in security ran to the accused and caught him. Both the injured jawans have been admitted to Gorakhnath Hospital. At the same time, the police are interrogating the arrested accused.

From sources it is known, Abbasi graduated from the prestigious IIT (Indian Institute of Technology)-Bombay in 2015. He is a resident of Gorakhpur. His father told to the media, “Abbasi has suffered from depression for years and is suicidal. The family shifted from Mumbai to Gorakhpur two years ago”.

It must be noted that Gorakhnath Mandir is located in Gorakhpur which is the constituency of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and Yogi Adityanath is the head priest (Mahant) of Gorakhnath Temple and has his personal accommodation on the temple premises. At the time of the attack, CM Yogi was not at the temple.

During checking, Govind Gaur and Anil Paswan, PAC jawans of 20 battalion posted in security at the gate, stopped him in the name of checking. After this, while raising slogans, the youth took out a sharp weapon from his possession and attacked the soldiers with his sharp weapon. After attacking the accused started running, but other policemen caught him.

“ltems recovered from the person makes it seems a big conspiracy was in play and we cannot deny that this could have been a terror attack,” said Prashant Kumar, Additional Director General, Law and Order.

“Our recoveries are quite sensational and we will share these with you at a later stage. Currently our investigation is at a preliminary stage. “Two cases have been registered and the local police are investigating right now but other directions will be passed soon,” Mr Kumar said.

“If this person had gained entry, normal pilgrims could have been harmed. Those posted at the temple have shown tremendous restraint and arrested this person,” the police officer said.

Murtaza and the injured security personnel he attacked are all in hospital.

Police are investigating the matter with utmost importance.

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2 comments on “Armed Muslim man forcefully tries to enter Gorakhnath Temple by shouting “Allah hu Akbar”.

  1. DR T . Naidoo
    April 4, 2022

    Government of India must convene a national inter-faith conference where some of us can speak the truth about other religions.

    This is a matter of national and international importance.

    Struggle for Hindu existence will perform a very valuable service to Mother Bharat if it succeeds in arranging such a conference.

    It must be a national conference that must represent all the major religions of India.

    Please take this suggestion very seriously. Otherwise we are just playing the fool.

    Dr. T.Naidoo


  2. Kumar
    April 4, 2022

    India is Muslim. Pakistan and Bangladesh do not exist.


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