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Islamic Bangladesh becomes a living hell for Hindu minorities.

Press Conference of Jatiya Hindu Mahajot

Hindu persecution calendar of Islamic Bangladesh in first six months of 2022.

Condition of Hindus in Bangladesh getting harder: Bangladesh Jatiyo Hindu Mohajote.

According to the report of Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Mohajote, in the first six months of this year, 79 minority Hindus killed, 468 Hindu houses were vandalised and looted, 343 were set on fire, 93 Hindu businesses were attacked, 2159.36 acres of Hindu land were seized, and 419.63 acres are on the process of seizing.

dhaka press meetAtun Das | HENB | Dhaka | July 5, 2022:: The Bangladesh National Hindu Grand Alliance (Bangladesh Jatiyo Hindu Mohajote) on Saturday alleged that the Hindu community in Islamic Bangladesh was being tortured everyday  and the living condition of Hindus in this country were getting harder and harder.

Addressing a press conference at the Dhaka Reporters’ Unity in the capital here on last Saturday, Secretary General of the alliance Govinda Chandra Pramanik said that in the presence of police administration, the dignity of Hindu teachers was being tarnished in various ways, including harassment, humiliation and torture by religious fundamentalists.

He cited the torture committed in the last six months on Hindus, including on the college principal in Narail, murder of college teacher in Savar, lawsuits against Hindus under false security law, assault and land grabbing, besides vandalism of temples and idols.

As many as 79 Hindus have been killed in Bangladesh in the last six months. The atrocities against the minority Hindus are at the top in the neighbouring country. From January 1 2022, to June 30, a total of 79 Hindus were brutally killed by radical Islamiat in the country. Besides that, 26 women were raped by radicals in the last six months.

Moreover, From January 1 to June 30, 26 crores 2 lakh 30 thousand rupees were extorted, and 157 Hindu families and temples were looted by radical Islamists in Bangladesh. Hindu Mohajote General Secretary Govinda Pramanik disclosed the information. In the same period, 620 people were threatened with death, 145 murder attempts, 183 people were injured, and 32 people were reportedly missing in the country.

According to the report of Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Mohajot, in the first six months of this year, 468 Hindu houses were vandalised and looted, 343 were set on fire, 93 Hindu businesses were attacked, 2159.36 acres of Hindu land were seized, and 419.63 acres are on the process of seizing. 17 Hindu houses have been occupied, 29 Hindu businesses have been occupied, 29 temple lands have been occupied and 132 houses have been evicted. Besides, attempts have been made to evict 717 Hindu families, threaten to evict 8,943 Hindu families, force 154 Hindu families to flee the country, risk to flee 3,897 families and leave 1,15,429 families without security.

In the last six months alone, there have been 501 organised attacks on Hindus, 56 temples were attacked and vandalised, radicals kidnaped 219 idol vandalism, 50 idol thefts, and 77 Hindus. In addition, 13 Hindu community members were raped, 10 were gang-raped, three were killed after the rape, 19 rape attempts, 95 were converted, 21 were tried for conversion and 63 incidents of hurting religious sentiments happened in the country.

In addition, 802 Hindu families have been socially blocked, 57 religious institutions have been trashed, 60 religious ceremonies have been obstructed, and 100 people have been forcefully fed religiously forbidden beef. A total of 638 separate incidents have caused a loss of 152 crores 35 lakh 55 thousand takas. Govinda Chandra Pramanik said, “The continuity of these incidents proves that the living conditions of Hindus in this country are becoming more difficult day by day.”

Govinda Chandra Pramanik had further said in the press conference that the persecuted Hindus are in a miserable condition. In the presence of the police and the administration and with active cooperation, Hindu teachers are being beaten and harassed with shoe garlands around their necks. In Dhaka, Narayanganj, Gopalganj, Narail, Savar and other places, one incident after another is happening non-stop. The Bangladesh Jatiya Hindu Mahajote demanded 60 reserved seats for the minority Hindu community in the Jatiya Sangsad (National Assembly) and the “re-establishment” of a separate electoral system to prevent violence and torture, ensuring their representation to make democracy meaningful. The organisation also demanded the establishment of a separate ministry for minority affairs.

Hindu Mahajote Executive President Deenbandhu Roy, Senior Vice President Pradeep Kumar Pal, Chief Coordinator Vijay Krishna Bhattacharya, Presidium Member Abhay Kumar Roy, Joint Secretary General Nakul Kumar Mandal, Paltan Das, Organizing Secretary Sushant Chakraborty, Women Cell Secretary Pratibha Bagchi, Youth Cell Secretary and Kishore Editor Kalyan Mandal and others were present at the publication of the report on Hindu persecution.

Read this news in Bengali: বাংলাদেশে ভয়াবহ হিন্দু নির্যাতন, ২০২২ সালে ৭৯ জন হিন্দুকে হত্যা করা হয়েছে

Read this news in Hindi: बांग्लादेश में हिंदुओं का नरसंहार, छह माह में 79 हत्या, 26 का रेप, 56 मंदिरों में तोड़फोड़, हैरान कर देगी यह रिपोर्ट

__Inputs from UNI & BNHGA.

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