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Hindu schoolgirl kidnapped, murdered in Bangladesh; Muslim murderer posts her death news on Facebook.

The Jihadi peril in Islamic Bangladesh….

Hindu Schoolgirl Kidnapped And Murdered In Islamic Bangladesh; The Muslim Murderer Posted Her Photo On Facebook With Death Announcement.

Atul Das | HENB | Dhaka | July 31, 2022:: A horrifying incident involved the kidnapping and murder of a  girl student from Bangladesh by a suspected jilted Muslim stalker who afterward posted her picture on Facebook, announcing that she had been killed. Anuradha (alias Sima) Sen, a member of a minority Hindu group living in the Bangladeshi district of Sherpur’s Nalitabari Upazila, has been identified as the victim.

As per reports, the kidnapped girl was murdered by the accused, who later shared her picture on her Facebook account with the caption, “there is no need to look for her, She is dead.” Bari Mehdi, the suspected Muslim stalker, who had previously threatened Anuradha’s brother, is thought to be the accused.

The victim who attended Bankura High School had just finished her 10th board examination this year. The criminal who claimed to be calling from her school to provide government funding for her future education abducted her.

On Sunday, July 25, the alleged event took place when the accused allegedly called Anuradha’s mother and requested that she send her to the school to collect the money. Anuradha was one of few unique students who were receiving funding from the government, according to the person who answered the phone.

Radharamn Das of International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) tweeted the matter on July 29, 2022 accordingly. Das raised the question about the World’s silence on Hindu Genocide.

Anuradha Sen

Before murdering Anuradha (Sima), the murderer perhaps took the control of the facebook account of the victim.

Later, the victim girl’s family learned that someone had lured her to the school under false pretenses in order to trap her and kidnap her. The victim girl’s father went to the school and made an attempt to find her. At the Nalitabari police station, he subsequently made a police report.

The girl’s brother then stated that he had recently got a similar call from a man by the name of Bari Mehdi. Anuradha came up in the conversation on the other end. He said that he had fallen in love with the girl after meeting her on Facebook.

Bari Mehdi said to Anuradha’s brother on phone, “Your sister and I connected on Facebook. Afterward, we got close. My mum, your sister and I spoke a lot. I’ve since learned that your sister is involved with someone else. This is unacceptable.”

The victim’s brother told the police that the call he had received that day and the one his mother had received from the same number. According to the sources, it is believed that the accused killed the girl because he thought she would have a relationship with someone else. The investigation is underway into the murder case.

This is another end of the life of a Hindu girl in Islamic Bangladesh by a heinous conspiracy of murdering her under the grip of a Muslim beast so jilted not to get her marry after conversion. If the non-Muslim girl is not availed at ease, the murder is the only way of Jihadi peace lovers.

The situation of the minorities in Bangladesh is inexplicable under the rule of Jamati people there.

__Inputs from Agencies.

4 comments on “Hindu schoolgirl kidnapped, murdered in Bangladesh; Muslim murderer posts her death news on Facebook.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    July 31, 2022

    Government of India, what are you doing? Enough is enough.
    Bharat Vasi are tired of killings of innocent Hindus by Allah-killers.
    The answer must be WAR against the Allah-killers, no matter where they
    are. A Government that can not protect innocent persons, what use do such
    a Government have? Hindus, war is needed to put an end to this Allah-
    barbarism. This is a message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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  3. Malati
    August 4, 2022

    What is BJP and Modiji doing. If they cannot protect Hindus It is a shame on them. Muslims in india are chopping Hindus heads and center is sleeping and unable to to control them. It is disgusting and shameless govt we have in india.


    • Susmita Bhattacharia
      August 5, 2022

      We know there are so many constraints to protect Hindus in India and subcontinent, when Hindu mass is still unconscious about their position under the clutches of Jihadi and Evangelist radicals. But it is most unfortunate that PM Modi and his foreign ministers are not raising their voice to protect Bangladeshi and Pakistani Hindu minorities. GOI must take strong steps accordingly.


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