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Hindu like Civilization and 8,000-Year-Old Temple Discovered at a Port Town in Saudi Arabia.

ancient saudi 1

Saudi Arabia before Islamization: Neolithic age civilization discovered!  8,000-Year-Old  Temple Discovered at Saudi Port Town.

Upendra Bharti | HENB  | New Delhi | Aug 3, 2022:: Different types of architecture are spread in every corner of the world. Recently, such an empire has been found in Saudi Arabia. 8000 years old civilization has been found there. According to various media reports, some Neolithic age temple ruins have been discovered by the Saudi Heritage Commission. The rock-cut temple found on the side of Mount Tuwaiq, also known as Al-Faw which have the similarities with Hindu and pre-Islamic temples clearly points out its rich heritage before the reign of Islam in the regions.  Many insignia and inscriptions have also been found around the temple.

2,807 graves of different times found
Surveyors of the Saudi Heritage Commission have found many remains of an 8,000-old Neolithic human settlements. Along with this, 2,807 graves of different times have been found at many different places, which are divided into 6 groups. Apart from this, a ruling deity of Al-Faw has been mentioned through an inscription as available at the excavation site.

Complex irrigation system exposed
The surveyors have found four towers in the four corners with many cultural properties here, confirming the existence of a city there. In addition, archaeological studies have found a complex irrigation system with canals, water bodies and hundreds of pits in the desert environment.

The pictures of the excavated site went viral in social media

The pictures of the 8000 year old temple went viral on social media.  The most important of these are the stone shrines and parts of the altars. It is known that the people of Al-Faw used to perform various rituals there. The rock temple found east of Al-Fa is located on one side of Tuwa Ik mountain. Also known as Khashem Kariyah. The Netizens are abuzz with pictures of old temples in Saudi Arabia. Many inscriptions and picture-images found in the sites resemble its ancient Hindu counterparts. It has many similarities with the ancient Hindu-Indic civilization also.

ancient saudi 3

It is also known that the temple and altar were found during the survey in a desert in Saudi Arabia. At the same time, different types of inscriptions have been found from there. Ruins of an 8000 years old human civilization have been found there. Traces of that ancient civilization have been found in al-Faw, the once capital of the Kingdom of Kinda. The civilization was located on the edge of a desert called Alfaw (Al-Faw) Al-Rub’ AlKhali. It is located 100 km south of Wadi al-Dawasi.

Many of such per-Islamic civilizations existed in the Arab land which were less ruined in calamities, but mostly devastated by the Islamic attackers from the days of Muhammad in Mecca down to the hands of Talibans in Bamiyan.


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