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1,500 hopeless Hindu families return to Pakistan in 18 months not getting citizenship in India.

Pakistani Hindu Family in Jaisalmer

Not getting Indian citizenship under CAA, 1,500 Pak Hindus return to Pakistan in 18 months.

Ravi Singh Tomar | HENB  |  Jaisalmer | Aug 22, 2022:: A large number of Pakistani Hindu refugees are returning to Pakistan due to strict government rules in giving citizenship to refugees. These Hindus had come to India from Pakistan due to the atrocities there. Official sources said from January to July 2022, 334 Pakistani Hindu refugees have gone back to Pakistan.

“From 2021 till this year around 1,500 Pakistani Hindus have gone back to Pakistan. Due to the slackness of the state government along with central government there is a lot of disappointment among the Hindus refugees from Pakistan. Most of these Hindus do not have money or resources to fulfil the formalities required to get Indian citizenship. Hence they are going back to Pakistan,” said Simant Lok Sangathan president, Hindu Singh Sodha.

“Even despite spending the amount, they are not sure of getting it. There are around 25,000 such Pakistani Hindus who want Indian citizenship. These Pakistani Hindus are here for the last 10 to 15 years,” he added.

In 2004 and 2005 camps were organised to give citizenship and around 13,000 Pakistani Hindus got the Indian citizenship but in the last 5 years only 2000 Pakistani Hindus were given the citizenship.

The Pakistan displaced Hindus have to pay a hefty amount to avail Indian citizenship. As per the rule of the home ministry of Government of India, to apply for the citizenship, passport of Pakistan displaced has to be renewed and a certificate from the Pakistan embassy for surrendering the passport also has to be submitted.

“ The Pak embassy has increased the fee, which the refugees find difficult to pay. The renewal fee of a passport is Rs 8,000 to 10,000 at the Pakistan embassy There are many loopholes in giving citizenship due to which Pakistani Hindus are facing several problems,” said Sodha.

He demanded the Government of India should end the new passport rule and the compulsion of surrendering the Pakistan passport for getting Indian citizenship.

Again, the much advertised CAA (Citizenship Amendment Act) rules are not being applied to the case as the displaced/driven out Hindus are waiting long for the citizenship in India to live here peacefully after fleeing from the Islamic persecution in Pakistan.

Though the Simant Lok Sangathan is trying hard to arrange the Indian citizenship for the Hindu refugees from Pakistan, the Govt functionaries are not cooperating adequately to make ease to the victim Hindu families halting in many place in border Rajasthan and other places in the state. 

__Inputs from TNN. 

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