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Delhi Police cancelled the Jantar Mantar Prog of Sept 6 by Bengali Hindu Refugee Organisations.


Both the Govt of India and Bangladesh are reluctant to address the plight of persecuted Hindu-Buddhist people in Islamic Bangladesh.

Delhi Police under MOHA cancelled the Jantar Mantar Prog of Sept 6 held by Bengali Hindu Refugee Organisations in support of Minority people in Bangladesh.

Prog CancelledUpendra Bharti | HENB | New Delhi | Sept 6, 2022:: In a bizarre situation and under the instruction of the Home Ministry, Govt of India; the Parliament Street Police Station cancelled a Jantar Mantar programme organized by many Bengali Hindu Refugee organizations to highlight the attacks on minority people in Bangladesh. In such a way the Modi Govt in India gives support to Hasina Govt in Bangladesh to run the Hindu mayhem there by the radical elements unabated.

The Prabashi Bangyio Samaj (PBS) of Delhi-NCR, All India Refugee Front (AIRF), Kolkata and other Bengali and Refugee Organisations jointly organized a sit in Protest at Jantar Mantar on 6th Sept, 2022 to highlight the matters related to utter Hindu persecution in Bangladesh by the extremist and fanatic people there.

Seeking Permission and Police Rejection

During the visit of Smt. Sheikh Hasina, the Hon’ble Premier of Bangladesh in India (5th– 8th Sept, 2022), the organizers of the programme wanted to show their solidarity with the persecuted Bangladesh minority people in a peaceful manner with some specific demands to uphold the human rights for Hindus, Buddhists and other minority people of Bangladesh.

But unfortunately, the authority of Parliament Street Police station conveyed the organisers sometime after evening on 05.09.2022 not to proceed for the programme of Set 6, 2022 anyway specifying strict legal action if the programme is held.

In this situation the Prabashi Bangyio Samaj (PBS) of Delhi-NCR, All India Refugee Front (AIRF), Kolkata activists arranged a Press Conference at c/o Adv Rajesh Gogna, Bangla Bazar, New Delhi at 1.00 PM.

AIRF Press Statement

The organizers narrated the cancellation of the settled programme as very unfortunate for it under police excesses even after completion of all arrangements for the same.

Even the Delhi police reached the press conference held on Bangla Bazar today and misbehaved with the organizers and to create disturbance to dismantle the press conference. It is also reported that personnel from the Home Ministry also inquired into the matter of the press conference clueless.

After Delhi police put a disturbance to the press conference, some participants took to the street to protest the persecution of Bangladesh Hindus and other minorities by the Islamists there. Sudarshan News TV covered the incidents.

The organizers vehemently condemned the gesture of Delhi Police and the Home Ministry (Ministry of Home Affairs) under which Delhi Police work.

In a statement the organizers conveyed that ‘much expected GOI is also reluctant to relieve the pain the tortured Bangladesh Minority people’.


The attacks of Hindu-Buddhist and other minorities in Islamic Bangladesh are all time high under the dominance of Jaamat and other fundamental religious groups. Hundreds of killings on minority people including eviction, arson, rape, loot, attacks on temples and Hindu households have been reported in the media. But, the Bangladesh Govt failed to ensure the safety and security of minority people there. In a new fashion, fanatic people in Bangladesh started enjoying the destruction of Durga idols and attacks on Durga Puja Pandals from last year.

In this situation, the Prabashi Bangyio Samaj (PBS) of Delhi-NCR, All India Refugee Front (AIRF), Kolkata appealed both the Prime Ministers of India and Bangladesh to share the pain and grief of the persecuted Hindu-Buddhist and other minorities of Bangladesh forthwith fulfilling the demands as:

  • Stop all atrocities on Hindu Buddhists communities
  • Arrest and convict all the criminals related to communal violence
  • Stop harassing Hindus in the name of false blasphemy cases.
  • Apologise to all victimized Hindu teachers and withdraw all false cases.
  • Stop the anti Hindu campaign in Islamic Waz and Mehfil (overnight Islamic conference/congregation)

The organizers condemned the failure of Bangladesh Premier Sheikh Hasina to give protection to marginalized minority people in Bangladesh.

The organizers also convey that they will send a memorandum on their behalf to the Indian Foreign Ministry and Home Ministry on the matter of persecuted Hindu-Buddhist minorities in Bangladesh.


__AIRF inputs.

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