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Neighbor Ruby Bibi arrested for murdering child Shuvam Thakur in Shantiniketan (WB).

Body Recovery

A very tough thing to believe a Muslim neighbour even a woman.

5-year-old Shuvam’s dead body found throat slit on the roof top of neighbour Ruby Bibi’s house in Shantiniketan (WB). Police arrested Ruby, public set fire to Ruby’s house.

New_Project_(43)_1663676432272_1663676437757_1663676437757Soma das | HENB | Moldanga (Shantiniketan) | Sept 21, 2022:: The situation in Santiniketan is as on fire. A Muslim neighbor accused of kidnapping and murdering a five-year-old Hindu child. Agitated local residents vandalized the house of the accused and set it on fire. Locals claim that the child went missing after leaving the house on Sunday. His body was recovered from the roof of the accused neighbor’s  house on Tuesday. Allegedly, the woman neighbor killed the Hindu child out of a family feud. After that the situation became fiery. The accused neighbor named Ruby Bibi was arrested by Birbhum Police.

The situation is just unbelievable that the Islamic mentality for the neighbors reached such a heinous level for which even a Muslim women couldn’t hesitate to murder a child of 5 yrs after a throat silt and put that body on the house roof covering under gunny bags.

The role of the police in the case of the recovery of the child’s body from the roof of the neighbor’s house in Shantiniketan is obviously to face many questions.  The locals are questioning why it took 52 hours for the police to recover the body of the victim child named Shuvam Thakur from the neighboring house. They claimed that the police already knew that the body was in Ruby Bibi’s house. They didn’t reveal it because of the public outrage.

A 5-year-old child, Shuvam Thakur, a resident of Moldanga village in Shantiniketan, went missing around 10 am last Sunday. Shuvam went to a nearby shop to buy some biscuit. Shivam’s family approached the police station complaining of the kidnapping of their son against the neighbor Ruby Bibi. After that, the police started searching. Police dogs were brought and searched the area.

The police are interrogating the accused to know why he killed the child. On the other hand, local residents who were protesting demanded to hand over the culprit lady to the mob.

BJP Locket Chatterjee faced a protest while she was heading towards Moldanga in Shantiniketan  to meet the parents of Shuvam Thakur. Chatterjee told the media persons that the TMC cadres created chaos to prevent her entry into the village. The BJP leader started protesting in front of Shantiniketan police station expressing his anger against the administration under TMC control. She also hinted at the nexus between Police and TMC to delay the recovery of the body of Shuvam from next door neighbor’s house.

In assembly,  BJP walked out demanding resignation of Police Minister for the murder of Shuvam Thakur. Leader of opposition Suvendu Adhikari expressed his concerned stating, ‘the Mamata Banerjee Govt in West Bengal is siding with the murderer of Shuvam, Rubi Bibi for TMC’s appeasement policy for Muslim Vote bank ’.

__Inputs from Bangla Hindustan Times & Sanmarg.

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