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Crack down on Radical Islam: Why the entire World leadership must follow Giorgia Meloni line.

New Islamic and Mosque Policy in Italy…

What Giorgia Meloni thinks today, the world leadership has to think tomorrow.

Unless, Biden-Modi-Putin-Truss-Trudeau-Macron-Scholz-Herzog-Others find an unity in the line of Meloni, even God Almighty will fail to save this civilization from making an Islamic state worldwide.

Giorgia MeloniUpananda Brahmachari |  HENB | Haridwar | Oct 5, 2022:: Obviously, the Europe and America including the other parts of the world are under the dangerous aggression of radical Islam.

Leaders of some of the Nations are thinking seriously about it. But the newly elected Prime Minister of Italy, Giorgia Meloni surpasses all in this matter for being unequivocal to express the upcoming new govt policy to control the radical Islam in her country.

Eminent scholar Tarek Fatah has shared a video of Giorgia Meloni  in his twitter account, in which Meloni is seen talking about Muslims and Mosques policy to be implemented in Italy.

Form the available video it is known that Meloni wants to crack down the growing Islamic fundamentalism in Italy.

“We are in Marciano, Umbria in an area where a new mosque is about to be built. We’re here to say no to the creation of new mosques. No mosque until we pass the new law regulating norms for citizen’s safety drafted by Brothers of Italy. We want a professional register for Imams to be instituted. We want to know what kind of people preach in mosques. We want all sermons to be given in Italian, since we are in Italy and the official language is Italian so anyone can understand. And we want to know who funds these cultural centers and mosques. Because it’s no mystery that most centers are funded by fundamentalist countries like Qatar, Saudi Arabia… countries where the death penalty is applied for apostasy, the death penalty is applied for homosexuality, stoning for adulterers, zero rights for women. Well… it deals with the (Islamic) models we wouldn’t want to be advertised in our country. And we don’t want a law that establishes the crime of Islamic fundamentalism. Unfortunately, Islamic fundamentalism is a reality we face on a daily basis. We have seen that in recent weeks. We saw a person who was nearly slaughtered for wearing a cross, and evidently someone was bothered by the fact that in Italy you can wear a cross. So, we are asking for more safety for our citizens and asking government not to allow new mosques until our draft law is passed”. —– the video surfaced the statement of Giorgia Meloni.

Georgia Meloney on Mosque

As Meloni is able to find the right points about the aggression of Islam in her country which is really a threat to the safety of the Italian citizens, the same thing must be realized by the world leaders facing the Jihad reality in various forms causing danger to the human civilization.

Declaring an end to dole policy, Melony was seen to be strictest to the Muslim immigrants and refugees in the country.

The most important thing is that she is going to end the minimum wage policy.

Her party says, Italians are paying taxes and these Bangladeshi, Libyans, Syrians who are having fun under minimum wages policy.

In addition to that, the policy of the Italian government for which it has been paying 700 euro per child, is about to close under new regulations.

The Brothers of Italy party says, “Italy is not a child-raising country that you keep giving birth to 10-12 children one after another and Italian tax money to you 700 euro per child we pay as a living allowance. Also we are going to stop the unemployment allowance”.

The world is now facing a greater challenge to combat the Radical Islam coming as avalanches to end the existence of all non-Muslims ceaselessly.

The standpoint and thinking of Meloni can change the scenario of Islamic aggression with a success if the world leaders support the same to keep this word Jihad free.

As it poses a challenge for the survival of the non-Muslims (they say infidel), the Hindu-Christian-Jew and all leaders should come together to fight against Jihadi Islam.

Unless, Biden-Modi-Putin-Truss-Trudeau-Macron-Scholz-Herzog-Others find an unity in the line of Meloni, even God Almighty will be unable to save this civilization from making an Islamic state worldwide.

__Inputs from Tarek Fatah’s Twitter posting.

8 comments on “Crack down on Radical Islam: Why the entire World leadership must follow Giorgia Meloni line.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    October 5, 2022

    India has only one duty; ban the Vatican and Islamic religions from
    Indian soil. Why? They are killers and destructive religions. They have
    practiced many barbaric act in India, the land of DEVIS/DEVTAS. They
    have tried to wiped out Sanatan Dharma. As looters and killers there
    is place for them in India. Their motto is; go East or West and take what
    is not yours. This means in India there is no place of Sanatan Dharma.
    That can not be accepted. Uncivilized foreigners can not be given equal
    rights as Hindus. This is a message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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  3. Ratan Chandra Giri
    October 9, 2022

    In one of my earlier post I mentioned the same thaught as of great leader like Giogia Meloni . Unless all the world leaders unitedly counter the radicalize Islam, the world civilization will be in perils.


  4. Krishen Kak
    October 26, 2022

    There is no such thing as “radical Islam”. Read the Koran! Radical Islam is the Islam of the Koran! Can there be any other?


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