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Veteran Cong leader Shivraj Patil finds ‘Jihad in Gita’. BJP-VHP Slams ‘Anti-Hindu Congress’.

“Krishna Also Talks Of Jihad To Arjun”: Row Over Ex-Union Minister Remarks… 

Congress veteran Shivraj Patil draws a link of ‘jihad’ in Quran and Gita.

The BJP-VHP hit out at the Congress over its ‘anti-Hindu’ attitude and accused it of playing vote bank politics.

shivsrajzparirkcleos_202210899129Seema Singh | HENB | New Delhi | Oct 21, 2022:: Senior Congress leader Shivraj Patil on Thursday said that while there is a lot of discussion on ‘jihad’ (or religious war), the issue finds mention in the Quran as well as the Bhagwad Gita. He said that Lord Krishna taught lessons of ‘jihad’ to Arjun in a part of Gita in Mahabharat.

Shivraj Patil, a former home minister and LS speaker, was addressing the audience at the launch of Congress veteran and former Union minister Mohsina Kidwai’s biography -‘My Life in Indian Politics’ that was also attended by ‘brand secularist’ (i.e. Pro Islamist and anti-Hindutva) Congress leaders including MP Shashi Tharoor, Sushilkumar Shinde, Mani Shankar Aiyar and others.

A video of Patil’s speech was shared by news agency ANI. “There’s a lot of discussion on Jihad in Islam… Even after all efforts, if someone does not understand clean idea, power can be used, it is mentioned in Quran and Gita… Shri Krishna taught lessons of jihad to Arjun in a part of Gita in Mahabharat,” Patil said.

Also the former governor Patil further said that a similar message is conveyed in the books of Christianity too.

Condemning the remarks made by Shiraj Patil, The BJP hit out at the Congress over its ‘anti-Hindu’ attitude and accused it of playing vote bank politics.

Strongly reacted to the jihad remarks, BJP with its spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla accused the Congress of “Hindu hatred” and “opposing the existence of Lord Ram”.

Poonawalla tweeted, “After AAP’s Gopal Italia and Rajendra Pal, not to be outdone in Hindu hatred and votebank politics, Congress’ Shivraj Patil says Shri Krishna taught jihad to Arjun!”

BJP Rajya Sabha MP Sudhanshu Trivedi said that the statement of Patil replicates Congress’ “disgusting mindset” and their mind is filled with the pus of vote bank. “What Shivraj Patil said is a symbol of their party’s perverse and disgusting mindset. Bal Gangadhar Tilak saw Karma Yog Shastra in Gita and Mahatma Gandhi saw Anasakti. But the people of Rahul Gandhi’s Congress see Jihad in it. Their mind is filled with the pus of vote bank,” he said. “Party president Mallikarjun Kharge or Sonia Gandhi should answer that if what Shivraj Patil said is correct then is what Mahatma Gandhi said, wrong?” he added.

Of Late, Congress distanced itself from the ‘Gita jihad’ remark of veteran Congress leader and former Union minister Shivraj Patil and said the party does not condone his comments.

Taking to Twitter, Congress MP Jairam Ramesh on Friday shared an excerpt from Jawaharlal Nehru`s “Discovery of India” where the former PM talks about Geeta`s `universality`.

“My senior colleague Shivraj Patil reportedly made some comments on Bhagavad Gita that`s unacceptable. Subsequently, he clarified. @INCIndia`s stand is clear. Bhagavad Gita is a key foundational pillar of Indian civilisation. Here`s an excerpt from Nehru`s Discovery of India (p110),” Jairam Ramesh said.

Despite offering clarification that what he said actually meant just the opposite, still Patil is at the centre of controversy for suggesting that the Bhagavad Gita mentions jihad as Lord Krishna gave ‘jihad lessons’ to Arjun. The comment sparked a massive row with the BJP pillorying the Congress. Vishva Hindu Parishad leader Milind Parande said he does not know which Bhagavad Gita Shivraj Patil read.


__Inputs from ANI and Times Now.

4 comments on “Veteran Cong leader Shivraj Patil finds ‘Jihad in Gita’. BJP-VHP Slams ‘Anti-Hindu Congress’.

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  2. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    October 22, 2022

    All the enemies of Sanatam Bharat are educated from Vatican convention
    shools. Their minds are indoctrinated in being slaves of a foreign fake
    civilization. The Bhagavad Geeta is pure and logic. It shows the reality
    of denying the truth. They who reject the truth, are against peace and
    progress, therefor against Sanatan Bharat, Congress party is the main enemy of Sanatan Bharat. Since independence they are the home of antiHindus.
    They have created the Congressy-Nehru constitution and flag and given the
    foreign barbaric invaders and their descendants as war-losers equal rights as Hindus the Victor. This is the source of denying Sanatan Bharat where the
    Devis/Devtas are present. Sanatan Bharat can not accept this denial. This
    is the voice of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


  3. vijayaa108
    October 23, 2022

    A born Hindu making such a SINFUL STATEMENT!
    This statement was made by Wendy Donniger some years back.
    She said the same thing that BHAGAVAN SRI KRISHNA preached violence to the Pandav ARJUN in the BHAGAVAD GEETA.
    This virago is an ANTI- HINDU scholar of Hinduism.
    She is an Indologist who has translated many Hindu Sanskrit texts viz. Kamasutra into English.
    One of her notorious students is Jeffrey Kirpal who wrot a book titled KALI’S CHILD a on SRI RAMAKRISHNA PARAMAHAMSA and said some of the vilest untruths about SRI RAMAKRISHNA And his SHISYA SVAMI VIVEKANADA.
    He stated that they had homosexual relations !

    Now this ADHARMI Congressi politician is attacking SANATANA DHARMA !
    How much lower can such people stoop???
    Time will tell.


  4. arishsahani
    October 24, 2022

    When india has a majority hindus but no one talks india should be declared a hindu nation .
    When every muslim living in india is a hindu convert but no hindu or mudlim talks about ghar wapasi .
    When most hindu leaders in congress are anti hindu and anti india .
    When our neighbors are muslim wants to finish and we call
    them muslim bhai but not enemy .

    Now tell me how india can be saved


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