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Three Hindu Sadhus were severely beaten for entering the Muslim area near Mayapur, Nadia.


WB: Three Hindu saints were severely beaten for entering the Muslim area.

Memorandum given to the police stations against the ‘attempted murder’ of three Hindu saints near Mayapur in Nadia.

RSS, VHP, Bharat Sevashram Sangha and ISKCON condemned the attack.

Siddhananda Das | Krishna Nagar | HENB | Oct 31, 2022:: Dhubulia, Kotwali and Nabadwip police stations were served with memorandumson Sunday by many Hindutva groups against the ‘attempted murder’ of three Hindu saints near Mayapur in Nadia district of West Bengal.

Swami Gurupdananda, All-India Chief Organizer of Bharat Sevashram Sangh’s ‘Hindu Milan Mandir’, called for an all-out protest against the ‘severe torture’ on three Hindu saints in Bamunpukur village. On Sunday, the local branch of RSS informed about giving the memorandum to Dhubulia, Kotwali and Nabadwip police stations.  It is said that the memorandum was also given to Mayapur outpost on Saturday. A case of attempted murder will be filed by the victim saints when they are granted bail. If the police do not take action, the ‘national road blockade program’ will be carried out as a protest under the banner of Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

It is reported that Abdul Halim Sheikh, Rubel Sheikh and Hiru Sheikh, the three Muslim men who incited thousands of Jehadi people to attack the Hindu saints, should be arrested immediately. It has been reported that Ruble is also a member of banned organization ‘PFI’. The nadia unit of  Vishwa Hindu Parishad is planning a big protest on this.

In the complaint filed with the police, it is written, “Sadhu Lakshman Ghosh, Sadhu Nimai Ghosh and Sadhu Ranjan Das went to Bamanpukur market and its adjoining areas to collect alms – one of the main parts of Sanatan Dharma Sadhan. They usually collect alms there one day every week. Abdul Halim (S/o Anar Ali), Rubel Sheikh (S/o Niyakat Sheikh), Hiru Sheikh (S/o Noor Ali) of that area attacked the Sdahus with the intention of insulting the Hindu religion and stopping their religious activities. Several violent, and fundamental miscreants of Muslim community hurled abusive language and attack those sadhus for a dire consequences. Captivating those Hindus saints, the Muslim mob grabbed their begging material and money. The saints were handed over to the police framing a false case.”

 In the complaint, it was also demanded to release the saints with taking  immediate and appropriate action against this organized anti-Hindu crime and spread of violence.

Meanwhile, Swami Gurupdananda has appealed to the presidents, secretaries and members of all Hindu Milan Mandirs under Bharat Sevashram sangha to arrange a mass memorandum soon at the local administrative offices peacefully to register their protest demanding proper action and exemplary punishment of the culprits. Swamiji alarmed that this can happen to the saints and monks of any Hindu sect, or any institution. “Don’t take it for granted. The religion of Hindus is meant to protest against injustice and oppression in order to save Dharma,” Swamiji added.

It is also reported that ISKCON  Mayapur has also condemned the attack on Sadhus of Vaishnava order in the land of Lord Chaitanya Mahaprabhu.

The  Sadhu Samaj of Mayapur and Nadia as a whole is preparing for a joint protest against such torture on Hindu sadhus.

Read this news in Bengali: মায়াপুরে তিন সাধুকে ‘খুনের চেষ্টার’ প্রতিবাদে থানায় স্মারকলিপি প্রদান 

__Inputs from Amader Bharat.

One comment on “Three Hindu Sadhus were severely beaten for entering the Muslim area near Mayapur, Nadia.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    November 1, 2022

    Is India a free country of the Natives or still in hands of barbaric
    uncivilized foreigners? What are they doing in India? The political
    parties have created a fake democracy to please their desires.
    Well, time has come to demand Army interference in such matters.
    Politics can not defend the freedom of the citizens. There are three
    main reasons: 1. justice is a money business; the reason why crimes
    is going-up. 2. politics needs voters and not knowledge. A black-money
    game. 3. The Congressy-Nehru constitution and flag, has given the remnants
    of the barbraic invaders as war-losers the same rights. This is insult of the
    WAR-HEROES who had fought the enemies and had laid down their lives.
    To make Bharat civilized the Hindu enemies must be punished in public also their leaders. This is the voice of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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