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WB: ‘Obscene proposal’ to Hindu woman, Muslim SI suspended.

Haridevpur PS

Muslim Sub-Inspector of Haridevpur PS under Kolkata Police suspended for giving ‘an obscene proposal’ to a young Hindu woman in the trouble of domestic violence. 

Sutapa Das | HENB | Kolkata | Nov 17, 2022:: A young Hindu woman received an obscene proposal from a Muslim policeman while seeking legal advice for domestic violence being faced by her. The incident created a lot of criticism in the police circles.

Accused Sub-Inspector Ainul Haque was posted at Haridevpur police station under Kolkata police. Haque was suspended based on the woman’s complaint. According to sources, a departmental investigation has been started against him. The way that policeman has tarnished the name of the department, some of the officials are really angry about the matter.

According to police sources, the young woman, a resident of Haridevpur, has been a victim of domestic violence for a long time. She has also been suffering from great family hazards. A few days before this mentally broken young woman went to Haridevpur police station to seek legal advice.

The woman said in her complaint that sub-inspector Ainul Haque was on duty at that time. The woman had a discussion with him on how to proceed in this matter and what are the legal procedures so far.

At that time the accused Sub-inspector wrote down the woman’s mobile number and home address.

The complainant claimed that the sub-inspector Ainul Haque went to her house on Monday afternoon. While opening the door, Haque said, he came to discuss the domestic violence allegations. But, during the discussion, the police sub-inspector gave obscene proposals in a perverted mind, as the young woman claimed in her complaint.  Immediately she called 100 dial. When she was contacted by Lalbazar end, she narrated the whole incident to the police authority.

Lalbazar immediately intimated the matter to Divisional Deputy Commissioner of the South West Division. From primary investigation, it was found that Ainul Haque had gone to the woman’s house without informing anyone. The rules say that when an officer or staff goes outside the police station for an investigation, it must be mentioned in writing in the general diary register. But,  Ainul Haque did not maintain those rules.  For this gross defalcation and dereliction of duties, Haque was suspended immediately. A departmental investigation has been started against him. The woman may be called for the purpose of investigation. Until the charge is cleared against Haque, the suspension will be in force.

On this incident, a part of the police officials said, women approach the police if they have any problem. They trust the police. But if such irregularities and bad things happen, they will lose confidence in the entire police department. In that case, the credibility of the police will be questioned.

Read this news in Bengali: থানায় আইনী সাহায্য চাইতে যাওয়া তরুণীকে কুপ্রস্তাব, সাসপেন্ড এসআই,  ফের বিতর্কে হরিদেবপুর থানা 

__Inputs from Bartaman Patrika.

One comment on “WB: ‘Obscene proposal’ to Hindu woman, Muslim SI suspended.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    November 18, 2022

    Why accepting these animals in the country?
    A message of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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