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Unfortunate enough, there is nobody to rescue these dying minorities inside Pakistan every day.

Inside Islamic Pakistan…..

The untold story of the unbelievable persecution on Minorities in Pakistan for which International media and so called Human Rights organisations resolved not to pay any attention.  

Upananda Brahmachari | HENB | New Delhi | March 7, 2023:: During these two three days, Hindus in India and Hindu-roots in abroad are obviously enjoying the festival of colour with much glory and enthusiasm all over the world along with their friends and neighbors even who don’t belong to Hindu faith in an encompassing mood of joy and friendship.

But the shocking news came through the social media that the minority students in Punjab University were attacked by the radical Islami Jamiat Tulba members to stop the Holi celebrations of the Hindu-Sindhi students in the campus yesterday and even today. 

Hindu Rights activist Narain Das Bheel posted a video in which it was clear that even the girl students were also attacked by radical Muslim students when some Hindu-Sindhi girls were celebrating Holi in their department under a grab of cultural invasion by the Islamist  over the minority faith. . hardly 30 Hindus students are reading in Punjab University as reported.

Pak 2

The sad incident was tweeted or re-tweeted by many rights activists of organisations in Pakistan viz. Zafar Sahito, Ramesh Jaipal, Mirza, VeengasJ, Pakistan_Untold, SindhuSorath, ChingariProject and others. But, international media had little time to highlight such oppression upon the  Hindu students in Pakistan, though PTI  (via Hindustan Times)and Dawn published the news with importance. But, where are the Reuters, Washington Post, New York Times, BBC, AP, AFP, CNN and others the keepers of Human rights and world peace?

No this is not a stray case of attacking Hindus by some frenzy Muslim boys by the way. Zafar Sahito, a Humanist writer and Founder and Central Chief organizer of JeaySindhFreedomMovement, posted a video in his twitter handle that surfaced how a Islamic cleric in Pak Punjab crashed an idol of Virgin Mary with utter humiliation and disgrace. 

Pak 3

Zafar tweets, “Punjab dominated Pakistan’s false claims of safety of religious minorities & ethnic groups are exposed already, when every other day they can see forced conversions & vandalizing of temples, churches & historical cultural sites”.

Pakistan is trying to place its Islamic Flag atop all faiths by putting terrible persecution upon minority people, allowing brutal killing, extortion, abduction, rape, forced conversion and marriage of the minorities, but nobody is there to check the nuisance of Pakistan anyway. Amnesty,  various rights agencies including  Human Rights Watch, Human Rights Campaign, UN Humanitarian, UN Human Rights and many others just avoided the ordeals of the Pakistani minorities under an unknown and sinister design as believed.

If we look through the windows of Pakistan, it will be an unbelievable experience of inhuman treatment for the marginal minorities anywhere in Pakistan, the Sindh, Punjab, Baluchistan or some place.

Take some examples,the pro-humanist media and rights forum don’t know.

On 07.03.2023 Zafar Sahito retweeted a ghastly incident where parents of minority community committed suicide after posing their children in a position under the pressure of their landlord of Majority Muslim community as hatched a conspiracy of eviction.

Pak 4

On 05.03. 2023 The Chingari Project tweeted a report of News 18 describing the horrific account of the ‘Abduction and forced Conversion of 19 Hindu girls in just two months in 2023’. Chingari expressed its concern saying, ” And the abduction, forced conversion, rapes of Hindu minority girls in Pakistan. #ShameOnYouPakistan  for not providing safety and security for your minorities. The tweet was tagged with President of US Joe Biden, First lady of US- Jill Biden, Ambassador Mary Millben, Reformist Asra Nomani and others yielding unknown result.

Pak 5

Interestingly, while the Hindu minority girls are being proselytized to Islam in the factory of forced conversion run by Mian Mithu, he was invited by Islamabad Bar Association for an anti-Conversion seminar. Chingari Project tweeted the matter on 06.03.2023 tagging UK Prime Minister Rishi Saunak and Ro Khanna, U.S. representative from California. It is not know whether Rishi or Ro took any action in the matter.

Pak 6

On 03.03.2023 Pakistani Hindu activist Narain Das Bheel tweeted, the mysterious missing of a Hindu youth Kailash, s/o Rano Meghwar from Sindh’s Khipro Sanghar and the family of the victim suspected his murder by any Islamist group.

Pak 7

In another heart wrenching tweet on 03.03.2023, Narain Das Bheel posted the video of the innocent grandson of Daya Bheel who was urging justice for his grandmother who was brutally killed by Muslim murderers but not yet arrested.

Pak 8

On 02.03. 2023, Narain Das surfaced another missing case of a Hindu woman Komal from Mehran Colony, Ghotki, Sindh, Police could not help the family members of the girl anyway.

Pak 9

In another tweet on 02,02 2023, Narain Das Bheel reported a case of abandonment of a Hindu woman Shanela by his Muslim husband for his family pressure, though Shanela was converted to Islam and tried to win her husband. Many such converted and married Hindu girls and women had to see the same fate of Shanela and others driven out by their Muslim husbands.

Pak 10

Posting such another case on 01.03.2023, Narain Das surfaced a tragic story of Hindu girl Chanda who converted to Islam and married to one Junaid Ghori, six yrs back. But, now  pregnant Noor Fatima ( erstwhile Chanda) is kicked out from her house of Muslim Husband while she had another daughter. It is believed that such talaq (Islamic divorce or kick out) are solely made for Nikha Halala (mandatory marriage with a third person after talaq to return back to the original husband) for a monetary benefit for the husband in many cases. Otherwise, such driven out females take shelter in the prostitution.

Pak 11

In a tweet of 27.02.2023 of Narain Das, another missing of Hindu boy Ashu Kolhi (11 yrs) from Tando Adam, Umarkot, Sindh was reported. The helpless poor Hindu family yet to get any help for recovering the boy with the help of Pakistani police or administration.

Pak 12

The evils of forced conversion or the conversion to Islam by luring otherwise, have been surfaced in another tweet dt. 27.02.2023 of Narain Das Bheel, where it is seen that ‘hundreds plus people who converted to Islam 9 months ago in Mirpur Bhaturo Daro’ came out in a protest after they got disillusioned from the faith of Islam and ‘forced  to live under open sky’.

Pak 13

In a tweet of 26.02.2023, Narain Das explored another case of forced conversion of marriage of a 16 yrs Hindu girl Sangeeta from Karachi Gulshan Memar, who was allowed by the court to stay with her abductor Sammer Ali. But the court did not hand over the minor Hindu girl to her parents.

Pak 16

On 25.02.2023, Narain Das Bheel exposed the police and judiciary of Pakistan by surfacing a case where an ex-Hindu woman Ayesha gave her statement in a Court of Larkana that  she was forcefully converted and married to one Amanullah and raped with others.  But, the court freed her husband without any punishment as he had just been pardoned before court. That is the travesty of the judgement in Pakistan.

Pak 14

Such handful of cases of Islamic murder, abduction, forced conversion, rape, exploitation are not the totality of the Islamic persecution and brutality upon the minority Hindus and others in Pakistan. If the above cases were not released by some brave and sincere rights activists in Pakistan and abroad, those did never come to light and the main-stream media and the international right tycoons must be happy with the ‘humanitarian stand’ as preached by Pakistan’s  Junior Foreign Affairs Minister Hina Rabbani Khar in United States and many other Int’l forums.

Strange enough that many States and agencies are still keeping relations with Pakistan, even after the epicenter of terrorism and all sorts of violation of human rights did not stop its ‘mission to massacre the minorities’ in a sustainable goal.

No fact finding mission from Amnesty, Human Rights Watch, Human Rights Campaign, UN Humanitarian, UN Human Rights ever ventured to go inside Pakistan to get the gruesome experiences being faced by the wretched minorities there. always.

The rights activists in Sindh, Balochistan, Punjab, all are being thrashed by the Islamist state machinery in Pakistan. It is probable that Int’l Islamic monetary Fund helps the Pakistan Govt to chocke out all the voices of the protesting people in a collaboration of well acclaimed paid media houses.

Unfortunate enough, there is nobody to rescue these dying minorities inside Pakistan every day, every moment.

__Inputs from many activists and agencies of Pakistan.

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