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Vote for Cash to Muslim Deputy CM demand: The Islamic ghost is now out of the Bottle. Difficult to handle by Congress.

Islamic Reality in Karnataka Congress

Bad days ahead for Hindus in Karnataka….

After winning the election by wooing the Muslims with a huge ‘Cash for Vote’ Policy of Congress, now the demand for one Muslim Deputy Chief Minister and five important ministries for Muslim MLAs rocked the scenario of Karnataka politics.    

B Upendran | HENB | Bangaluru | May 16, 2023:: The diabolic situation in Karnataka politics is gradually worsening for the Hindus residing in the state. Experts say that bad days are coming for the Hindus in Karnataka with the upsurge of Islamist forces in the state very unfortunately. ‘

After winning the election by wooing the Muslims with a huge ‘Cash for Vote’ Policy of Congress, now the demand for one Muslim Deputy Chief Minister and five important ministries for Muslim MLAs rocked the scenario of Karnataka politics. 

During the election in Karnataka, a video went viral showing that Congress party members were distributing money to the Burqa-clad Muslim women voters. This video was posted wildly when the election was going on.  It was seen in that video, Rs 500/- currency notes were distributed to Burqa clad girls and women in the voter’s line with the request to cast votes in favour of Congress. Though the video is not verified by HENB, no agency or fact checkers did not defy its authenticity. Again, there was no report of action taken so far by the Election Commission of India. Even no demand for re-election for the concerned constituency by the BJP also.  That was not the only Vidhan Sabha seat where such incidents happened. For getting the confidence of the Muslim voters of the state, the Karnataka Congress went wilder for Muslim appeasement.  And as a result, after a huge victory of Congress with the help of Muslim voters, Muslims are now demanding Deputy CM Post and five important Ministries in the next Karnataka assembly.

This time BJP lost Karnataka for three reasons, i) Corruption charges against BJP as Bommai turned synonymous as ‘40% CM’, ii) incumbency factors and iii) adopting seasonal Hindutva and reciting Hanuman Chalisa at the time of election without mixing Hindutva and Corruption at a time and without nurturing Hindutva in time.

Now, the Karnataka Waqf Board chief Shafi Sadi has led to a new flashpoint between the BJP and the Congress as Shafi Sadi demanded a Muslim deputy chief minister for the state including five important ministries from Muslim MLAs. The Congress said Shafi Sadi is backed by the BJP and BJP making it an issue to attack the Congress. Whether Shafi Sadi is backed by BJP  or is now a Congress insider, the demands for Muslims indicate the Islamic control in Karnataka politics as created by all the political parties including Congress, BJP, or JD(S).

“We already said before the elections that the deputy chief minister should be a Muslim and that 30 seats be given to us… We got 15, and nine Muslim candidates have won. In about 67-72 constituencies, the Congress won purely because of the Muslims. We have a lot to the Congress. Now it’s time we get something. We want a Muslim deputy chief minister and five ministers with good portfolios like Home, Revenue, and Education,” Shafi Sadi said adding that an emergency meeting of the Sunni Ulma board took place.

The new controversy blended with the Islamic reality of the state now surfaces as the battle for the chief minister’s post in Karnataka gets intense a day after the state’s newly elected MLAs authorized Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge to choose the CM pick. Both Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar, the top two contenders for the post, will be heading to Delhi. The Congress may go for a CM-deputy CM allocation for the dup like it did in Rajasthan when Ashok Gehlot was made the chief minister and Sachin Pilot the deputy. That did not end well in Rajasthan and the Waqf Board’s demand of a Muslim deputy CM in Karnataka also spells trouble for such a solution in the southern state.

Dangerously enough, Karnataka may be a game-changer for Congress in the 2024 general election. BJP must go into rigorous introspection.

Already, Muslims raised the slogan, “Pakistan Zindabad” in a vote-counting venue and waved Islamic flags in many places in Karnataka. Islamic aggression in Karnataka by the Jihadi people is again featuring Karnataka as a sign of another Muslim dominance in the state.

But, the Islamic uprise in Karnataka politics is alarming for Hindus. In other words, the minority Muslims in Karnataka gave a checkmate to the majority of Hindus.

__inputs from Agencies.

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