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The Pakistan Files: The ordeals of abduction, forced conversion, rape, murder of Hindus never stop in Pakistan.


The Pakistan Files

Forced conversion of Hindu girls in Pakistan: Court handed over the victims to the same abductors; 14000 forced conversion cases in 12 years, and ordeals of abduction, rape, and murder never stop.     

trtrUpendra Bharti | HENB | New Delhi | May 26, 2023:: The stories of atrocities on Hindu women and girls in Pakistan are horrifying. In 12 years, 14,000 cases of kidnapping, gang rape, and religious conversion of girls have come to the fore. These are the reported cases only. Thousands of such cases never saw the light of media and reporting. The ordeal of the victims in Pakistan never stops. One such report and video has been sent by Dr. Virji Lund of Liaquat University of Medical, Pakistan, to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah.

According to reports, a Hindu girl Chandu was forcibly converted to Islam in Pakistan. When he pleaded in court, the court handed him over to the bully abductor only. About 12 people raped a woman and then converted her religion. Sri Madan Kalal, the reporter Dainik Bhaskar has done a ground report from Jaisalmer in Jodhpur. When he talked to the Hindu families who came to India from Pakistan and their relatives living in Pakistan, he found stories of such atrocities in every family.

Wife and daughter were taken away, the photo was the last memory

Bhilji Rana used to work as a laborer in Rahimyar Khan on the other side. One day his wife Samadi was working as a laborer in the field. Suddenly some bearded men came and forcibly took her away. They also took their 6-month-old daughter. A few days later it was found that his wife was gang-raped by 12 people. When requested, the daughter’s life was spared. By then, his wife’s religion was changed to Ghulam Fatima. Rana says that he came to India with his daughter. Now only the passport-size photo of his wife is left with him as a faint memoir. Rana doesn’t know whether she is alive or not? However, there were stumbling blocks even after coming here to India.

Jamna left a one-and-a-half-month-old baby girl

A Hindu woman was raped, her religion was changed, then Jamna came to India from Pakistan’s Kot Gulam Maman leaving her one-and-a-half-month-old daughter with her relatives. Now she lives in the Hindu Basti (slum) for Displaced  Pakistanis in Jodhpur. One  Bajir met in Jaisalmer told that he had to leave the 7-day-old child on the other side and came to India with his wife. Vijay has come to Jodhpur leaving his 3-day-old baby. Govind Bhil, a displaced person from Ambedkar Nagar Kali Beri Bhil township, says that the situation is such that Hindu families run away leaving all of their belongings as soon as they get a visa or a chance.

Norun said from Pakistan – their daughter never returned from school

Social worker Roshan established a contact to talk to a family living in Mirpurkhas, Pakistan. Father Norun told that her daughter who was studying in 9th was abducted by the son of an influential and dominant policeman with the help of Islamic fundamentalists. He could not do anything. It is not known now what happened to the daughter. Similarly, Pakistani migrant Bhagchand Bhil says that hundreds of families do not come forward to express their pain in order to save their honour, because they are afraid that by doing so, atrocities on their family and relatives living in Pakistan will increase more and more.

What  happening in Pakistan is unbelievable

Inspired by the life and teachings of the last Prophet of Islam Hazrat Muhammad and as it is permitted under Sharia, Muslim men are forcefully abducting, converting, and marrying Hindu minor girls at even the age of nine. Hazrat Muhammad married her 3rd wife (out of total 13) at her age of six and consummated in sexual life at her age of 9. So, Reshma, a 9 year old Hindu girl in Sindh Pakistan was forcibly abducted, taken to a Sufi Dargah, converted to Islam and married to Wazir Hussain, a 45 year old Muslim abductor from Jacobabad, Sindh Pakistan, as the report came in just two days before. 

7 lakh Hindus came to Rajasthan from Pakistan since 1971

According to the study of Seemant Lok Sangathan, since 1971, about 7 lakh Pak displaced people have come to Rajasthan due to severe persecution on them in Pakistan. The cycle of the coming of Pakistani Hindus in India continues. Organization president Hindu Singh Sodha demanded the central government to protect the interests of the displaced. ‘They should also get rehabilitation package like Kashmiri refugees for livelihood’ said Sodha to Dainik Bhaskar.

The game plan of Islamists supported by Amnesty, HRW etc.

The ordeals of abduction, forced conversion, rape, and murder of Hindu girls never stop in Pakistan. Thousands of victimization of minority Hindus would never be a concern of the selective Rights organisations like Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch etc. Rather, such fraudulent bodies report on created human rights violations like ‘Hijab Ban’ in Karnataka, a southern state in India as a grave concern. But, they never bother about the dying Hindu minorities in Pakistan under Islamic brutality as the annihilation of Humanity in a broad spectrum.


__Inputs from Danik Bhaskar/JIX5A.

Read this news in Hindi: पाकिस्तान में हिंदू लड़की का जबरन धर्म बदला, कोर्ट ने पीड़िता को उन्हीं दबंगों को सौंपा; 12 साल में 14000 धर्म-परिवर्तन के केस 

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