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Red Alert for Hindu Sikh Girls & Women. Don’t fall in LJ.‘Love Jihad’ is nothing but a deceitful ploy to make you a Sex Toy.

Posted by hinduexistence on October 29, 2009

updated on Oct. 30, 2009


‘Love Jihad’ a deceitful ploy

VR Jayaraj

The aim of luring vulnerable non-Muslim women with ‘love’ and ‘marriage’ is to convert them to Islam before using them as couriers, cooks and sex-slaves

The first signs of ‘Love Jihad’, a highly explosive campaign by Kerala Islamists to convert women of other religions to Islam through deceptive love and marriage, had come to public notice some three months ago after the parents of two missing girls approached the Kerala High Court with habeas corpus petitions. Soon, reports about several such incidents popped up in the media and police stations, and political parties and community organisations came out with appeals to the public to be on the guard against the evil programme and to the police to put an end to it.

Police officials probing ‘Love Jihad’ (aka ‘Romeo Jihad’) had estimated that as many as 940 women had gone missing in Kerala in the past five years in dubious circumstances. Reports that appeared in a section of the media in January last said ‘Muslim Romeos’ had converted more than 4,000 women in the State to Islam through love and marriage in the recent past. Naturally, a concerned Kerala High Court last month asked the State Director-General of Police and the Union Home Department to file their reports on the matter after thorough probes.

However, DGP Jacob Punnoose submitted a reply — termed by many as funny — to the court’s directive on October 22 in which he denied presence of any organised campaign or outfit named ‘Love Jihad’ or ‘Romeo Jihad’ in Kerala specialising in the art of converting hapless women of other religions into Islam through love affairs.

But his reply explained that there was information that young Muslim men had been trying to convert women to Islam through love marriages. Still, there were no evidences for this too, he said. Again, he said such Muslim youth could be getting external financial assistance for expensive clothes, motorbikes, etc, to attract girls. The DGP also said that these young men could be getting legal assistance for staying out of danger. The Union Home Department also filed a similar reply in the court, based on reports of the Intelligence Bureau, that there was no proof of a ‘Love Jihad’ at work in Kerala and of its spread into other States.

Irked by the contradictions in the report, the Kerala High Court ordered the DGP to file a fresh report. Cornered, DGP Punnoose spoke to the media, saying he had submitted just an interim report as the probe was still on. Independent observers point out that the DGP’s report claiming ignorance of the existence of ‘Love Jihad’ should be seen in the context of the November 7 by-polls in three Assembly constituencies in the State. Out of the three constituencies, Kannur and Alappuzha are known for their sizeable population of Muslim voters. Quite predictably, Mr PK Kunhalikkutty, general secretary of the Indian Union Muslim League, alleged that the CPI(M)-led ruling LDF in Kerala, with the help of its police, was coining new terms like ‘Love Jihad’ out of the Marxists’ antipathy towards Muslims while several organisations said that the LDF regime was going soft on ‘love jihadis’ with an eye on the Muslim votes.

The two girls (one Hindu and one Christian), through whom the we first came to know about ‘Love Jihad’, had said that their Muslim lovers, allegedly activists of Campus Front, the students’ wing of Islamist outfit NDF (presently Popular Front of India), had taken them to a shabby residence in Chelari near Kozhikode and forced them to convert into Islam and sign marriage contracts.

Reports also indicate that it is not just young women who are being lured into relationships with Muslim men resulting eventually in conversion. A young Christian from Kalamassery, off Kochi, had complained that his wife and three children were being detained by the Mounathul Islam Association, based at Ponnani, a place in Muslim-majority Malappuram district, known as a conversion centre, for religious conversion.

Experts point out that the objective of ‘Love Jihad’ may not be strengthening the Muslim population. The possibility could then be that the women converted to Islam through deceptive love could still be treated as “wretched”, fit only for acting as couriers, cooks, and sex-servers for terror outfits in India and outside, the proofs of which are tickling in, according to some community outfits.

According to the Commission for Social Harmony and Vigilance of the Kerala Catholic Bishops’ Council, the women so converted to Islam are being used by male Islamist terrorists for satisfying their flesh needs in the camps in inhospitable areas from where escape is impossible. Officials in the State police often say that they can trace the presence of ‘love jihadis’ but are unable to lay their hands on them. What that means is anybody’s guess.

Courtsey : Daily Pioneer





?? Do You want to join a Islamic Harem (Private Brothel) to loose Everything ??

Muslims want to use Hindu Girls and Women as Production Machines only to increase Muslim Numbers.

Love Jihad’s baby machines

By : Ketan Ranga || Date : 2009-10-30 ||Place : Mumbai || Published : Mid Day

Fundamentalist  Islamic body gets young recruits to allegedly lure, ‘love’, bed women to convert and make them breed a brood.

Over 2,000 girls missing from different places in Kerala from 2005 onwards, may have been lured into marriage, converted to Islam and repeatedly raped to produce children a brood of at least four – say Hindu and Christian groups in south India.

The alleged plot, hatched by a group called Love Jihad, recruits young Muslim boys to make Hindu or Christian girls fall in love with them (in a time span of two weeks) and then convert them to Islam in six months.

If the recruits can’t make the girl fall in love in two weeks, they are told to move on to the next target.

A Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader who did not want to be named said, “There are over 2,800 girls who have gone missing from Kerala.

They want our girls to be converted and then made to bear children and then force them into terror activities.

We have been getting threatening calls from Saudi Arabia and Dubai for trying to rescue the girls.”


Case one………………………………………….

Two women ran away from the abuse and returned to their families.

They have also approached psychiatrists and priests for support. One of these women, Rosy Kurien (21, name changed), a copy of whose complaint to the Kerala High Court is available with this paper, said, “We fell in love with the boys, but came to know of the truth only after we ran away with them.

The boy I eloped with was a senior from my college.

During the courtship period he used to talk to me about Islam and make me read religious books. He told me that after the wedding I would have to convert to Islam.”

When asked, if she was sexually abused, the girl said she was and had been told that the motive behind the love affair was for her to bear children.

“His family kept watch so that I wouldn’t run away, but I managed after four months of virtual imprisonment,” she said. Luckily, Kurien is not pregnant.

Case two………………………………………..

The other girl, Latha Nair (23, name changed) from Pathanamthitta in Kerala, in her statement to the court writes, “I was a MBA student sharing a room with my best friend Anne.

I met a Muslim man, Shahenshah, a senior student, who was helpful and friendly. He became friends with both Annie and me.

“He took us home to meet his family and his mother taught us Islamic rituals. He used to talk a lot about religion and tell us how wonderful Islam was.

“On July 18, 2009, Anne and I ran away — she with another Muslim guy and I with Shahenshah.

We got married and then he forced me to convert. I heard that one of the girls we were staying with had been sexually abused.”

‘Sexually abused’…………………………….

Dr Malika G S, director of Man Shakti counseling centre in Kerala said, “The two girls have been sexually abused, but do not want to admit to it.

When I spoke to them, I realised that the main intention of these people is to increase the Muslim population.

Last year, three girls who had committed suicide had eloped with Muslim boys. They had been then raped by their lovers and their friends.”

Jacob Punnoose, director general of Police, Kerala, in his statement to the court said, “It is not established that any particular organisation is actively engaged in religious conversions.

We have received two complaints of conversion and have registered cases and are investigating the matter.”

Not God’s Will………………………………….

Maulana Mustakeen Azmi, Maharashtra President Jamait-ul-Ulema said, “I certainly condemn the forceful conversion of the girls into Islam. This is against God’s wish.

If one wants to convert of their own free will, that’s fine, but this is cheating, if the girls are being forced into conversion.”

Posted by Hindu Existence.

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Sikh Hindu Pilgrims are not safe in Pakistan.

Posted by hinduexistence on October 28, 2009


……….Sree Nankana Sahibji…………………………………….Sree Dera Sahibji

India warns against Sikh Hindu pilgrimage to Pakistan as very unsafe to travel

NEW DELHI (AFP) – India on Tuesday advised its citizens to avoid an annual Sikh pilgrimage to Pakistan, citing deteriorating security in the neighbouring country.
“The government of India is of the view that it is not advisable for Indian pilgrims to visit Pakistan in the prevailing situation when frequent terrorist attacks are taking place in Punjab province,” the home ministry said.
“The government advises all Indian citizens to avoid undertaking any visit to Pakistan for this purpose, till the security situation in Pakistan improves,” it said in a statement.
Some 4,000 devotees are scheduled to attend the death anniversary of Sikhism’s founder Guru Nanak Dev on Monday in Lahore, the Press Trust of India said, quoting event organisers.

Generally Sikhs are visit Nankana Sahib in Pakistan on the occasion of birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev in November every year.

India tells Sikhs not to visit Pakistan

India Pakistan

Sikh pilgrims wave from inside the Samjhauta Express, a train that runs between India and Pakistan, at a train station in Amritsar, India.—AP (File Photo)

NEW DELHI: It is that time of the year when India’s foreign ministry has put out health and logistical advisories to Indian pilgrims headed for different corners of the world for peace and atonement. But the Sikhs have been told to stay put.According to the United News of India on Tuesday, the country’s home ministry has advised Sikh pilgrims to avoid visiting Pakistan altogether because of the security situation prevailing there.KartarPurSahib

The ministry said its advice was based on the fact that attacks were taking place in the Punjab province, where most gurdwaras are located. Pakistan has a number of pilgrimages especially for Sikhs.

Other than this, there is already a general advisory in place from the Indian foreign ministry asking Indians not to visit Pakistan. But that advice, which came in the aftermath of the attack on Mumbai, does not seem to have deterred anybody, much less peace activists, from travelling to Lahore among other cities.

The Indian foreign ministry’s website has issued less restrictive warnings to Hindu and other pilgrims. Its warning to Hindu pilgrims concerns the Mansarovar lake in Tibet, which is located near a mountain believed to be abode of Lord Shiva. Oxygen is as scant there as the medical facilities.

It is a fact that  China also puts impediments to the Hindu Pilgrimages in Manas Sarovar which is occupied by China under the accession of  Tibet into China. …………Sree Kartarpur Sahibji >>

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Pakistan wants to erase all Hindu-Buddhist signs from Pakistan.

Posted by hinduexistence on October 26, 2009


Pakistan’s efforts to ruin “PETROGLYPHS IN THE DIAMER-BASHA DAM AREA” of Hindu-Buddhist Origin.

2010 Watch || See Original


In the name of infrastructural development Pakistan never cared to protect its Pre Islamic connexion with the places and people of the present Pakistan. From a research it is established that just before 1947 there were more than 2000 Temples, Shrines, Mutths, Stupa, monasteries and Relics related to Hindu-Buddhist tradition. But it now came down to less than 200 as per available statistics.

But in the process of Protect World Heritage sites Pakistan intentionally damages Old heritages as the State authority does not take any proper and eagerly action to protect them. In the year 2006-07 Pakistan got 20 million rupee to restore and protect the Hindu Shiva Temple Shrine at Katashraj, Chwakwal in Pakistani Punjab. But the recent visitors describe the dilapidated condition and mismanagement of the site, which surfaces the misappropriation of the renovation fund provided by UNESCO.

Actually Pakistan procures funds from various agencies to protect the old Hind-Buddhist Sites in Pakistan but the same are misused or un-utilised for the purpose actually meant for.


PAK-Petroglyphs-03Meandering through gorges of the Indus River valley and across high mountain passes, ancient arteries of the fabled Silk Road cut through the Diamer District of Northern Pakistan. Along these pathways, thousands of petroglyphs cover cliffs, rock faces, and boulders, standing testament to the ancient cultures that once settled in this region and the merchants, pilgrims, and conquerors who later journeyed through it. Over 50,000 rock carvings and 5,000 inscriptions discovered here serve as a timeline from the Epipaleolithic period to the pre-Islamic “golden era” of Buddhism. The earliest petroglyphs, which depict wild animals such as ibex and the Himalayan blue sheep, were created by groups of hunter-gathers who were first drawn to this mountainous region in the early Holocene. At the approach to the first millennium B.C., the Eurasian style of animal drawing was introduced from Central Asia by the Sycthian and Sakan tribal groups. As this region developed into a dynamic Himalayan crossroads in the Silk Road era, more petroglyphs exhibited a vast array of Buddhist iconographic motifs and architectural forms, most importantly associated with the building of stupas.

In 2006, the Pakistani government approved the construction of a dam near Basha that will submerge these petroglyphs. The dam will provide much needed infrastructure to this remote area, but will sever any remaining connection between these communities and the vestiges of their past. Recognizing the need to balance development and heritage stewardship, documentation of the petroglyphs and possible protection measures are being sought so as to mitigate the effects of the dam on this unparalleled complex.

The Unchanged Situation of Katashraj Shiva Temple. Disregarded and Neglected By Pakistan Government. 
katas350px-Pool_at_Katas hinglaj800px-Nani_ki_Mandir

……….Katashraj Temple Complex………………………………….Hinglaj Mata Temlpe

From an input from Lala Ram who recently visited Hinglaj Mata Temple and Katashtaj Temple. The Condition of the Hinglaj Mata Temple should be restored and properly dignified by the Pressure and Protection upon the Pakistan Government by the International Hindu Organistions.

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Help them to protect their Hindu-Buddhist orientation. Bhutan refugees struggle to adjust to Canada.

Posted by hinduexistence on October 24, 2009


Bishnu Maya Kattel, left along with her daughter Menuka, 12, ride the SkyTrain in Vancouver

Bhutan refugees struggle to adjust to Canada

Jane Armstrong

Vancouver — From Saturday’s Globe and Mail Published on Friday, Oct. 16, 2009 11:03PM EDT

Last updated on Wednesday, Oct. 21, 2009 3:20AM EDT

On a hot, sunny day last July, three fully clothed kids waded into the surf off Vancouver’s Spanish Banks beach, squealing as the cold sea water rose above their knees. Born and raised in a Nepalese refugee camp, Prakash, 14, Menuka, 12, and Ganesh, 8, had arrived in Canada 10 days earlier. They had never seen an ocean.

They didn’t own swimsuits and didn’t seem to care. Their mother, Bishnu Maya Kattel, followed behind, laughing as she gathered the folds of her sari around her thighs.

The family – also including the children’s father, Bhim Lal, and grandmother, Pabi Maya – had been in the country just over a week, when, out of the blue, a Nepalese-Canadian cultural group invited the Kattels to its annual picnic.

“The day of the picnic, it was the first time I felt okay,” Ms. Kattel recalled recently during an interview with a Nepalese translator. “I thought: ‘I’m not the only lonely person here. There are other people like me in Canada.’”

But there aren’t that many. About 5,000 Bhutanese refugees are expected to arrive in Canada over the next five years in one of the largest government-sponsored refugee programs in recent memory. Approximately 150 were expected to come to British Columbia this year, but so far only 28 have arrived.

And the Bhutanese face other challenges. Unlike most immigrants and refugees, the government-sponsored Bhutanese don’t have the safety net of an already established community to ease their culture shock and offer support. That lack of a support group has prompted questions about how they will assimilate in their new country. Their backgrounds don’t lend themselves to easy adaptation. They have spent 17 years in refugee camps and most of the adults have never held full-time jobs.

And, in the future, far more of these high-need refugees are expected to arrive in the country. Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Protection Act was amended seven years ago to give a higher priority to refugees in need of immediate protection. That group tends to include people fleeing war, famine and displacement. Many arrive in Canada with post-traumatic stress disorder and other medical needs. In short, they aren’t people in a position to apply for jobs tomorrow.

So how have the Kattels navigated their transition from refugee camp dwellers to West Coast suburbanites? Their first months in Canada have seen both triumphs and setbacks, frustration and serendipity.

The Globe and Mail first interviewed the Kattel family last June in the teeming Goldhap refugee camp in eastern Nepal, two weeks before they departed for Canada. They knew little about their new country except that it was freezing cold. The first thing Mr. Kattel asked a Canadian visitor was: Are there jobs in British Columbia?

When the family of six arrived at Vancouver Airport in July, they were wild-eyed and jet-lagged. Despite a July heat wave they were clad in thick woollen sweaters. For the next three months, the Globe tracked the family’s progress in B.C., after they moved into their new apartment in the suburban of municipality of Coquitlam.

The children found the transition particularly difficult. They were shocked at how hard school was. Eight-year-old Ganesh cried every day for the first week, telling his mother he couldn’t understand a word the teachers said to him.  Read More Here……

These People of our Hindu-Buddhist origin must deserve help and protection from us. Please help them to Protect their Culture and Heritage. Support their Struggle for Existence.

Courtsey : HPI, The Globe & Mail.

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Defamation Conspiracy by Congress to Sanatan dismantled in Margao Case. Hindu Unity wins.

Posted by hinduexistence on October 24, 2009

No connection of Sanatan Sanstha in Goa Blast : Goa Police

October 21, 2009 Kartik Shuddha Dwitiya, Kaliyug Varsha 5111

Read Here: The Real Story of truth of Margao, Goa Blast Under the pressure of Goa Government, Goa Police are doing investigation of Sanatan Sanstha regarding Margao, Goa blast case.

Now it has become evident that Sanatan Sanstha is not at all involved in Goa Blast and this fact is told by Goa Police in Press Conference. Following are extracts of some of the news published on different websites as per statements of Goa Police in Press Conference:

1) Express Buzz Website

Goa blast: Police deny naming Sanatan Sanstha

Panaji (Goa): The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Tuesday demanded a Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) inquiry into last week’s Goa blast in which two people were killed. Meanwhile, police here claimed they had never blamed Hindu right-wing organisation Sanatan Sanstha for the incident. “Nowhere have we said that the organisation Sanatan Sanstha is involved. We just said that the persons who were suspected of carrying out the attack have links with Sanatan Sanstha,” Superintendent of Police (CID) Atmaram Deshpande told reporters Tuesday evening.

Source: Express Buzz

2) website

 Hindu group not involved in Goa blast: Police

Panaji: Goa Police on Wednesday did an about turn on their claim that the right wing Hindu group Sanatana Sanstha was behind the October 16 scooter blast in Margao. They claimed they had never said the key accused in the case Malganda Patil and Yogesh Naik had links with the Sanstha. “Nowhere have we said that the organisation Sanatan Sanstha is involved. We just said that the persons who were suspected of carrying out the attack have links with Sanatan Sanstha,” said Atmaram Deshpande, Superintendent of Police Crime Investigating Department (CID).


 3) Website

Goa Police ‘U’ turn: Sanatan Sanstha not involved in blast


4) Timesnow Website

 Sanathan not involved in blast: Goa police

Barely a week after the Goa blast, there’s a new twist to the probe in the case. The Goa police have now backtracked on its earlier claim that Sanathan Sanstha — a right-wing Hindu-outfit, was involved in the October 16 Marago blast. Police claim it never said the key accused in the case Malganda Patil and Yogesh Naik had links to the Sanstha, but clarified that the Sanstha was not linked to the blast.

 Source: Times Now


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Sanskrit, the mother of languages can give us a Harmonious and Global Vision through Hindu Tradition.

Posted by hinduexistence on October 22, 2009




Sanskrit needs global recognition: Haksar

Toronto, Oct 21 (PTI):
Wednesday, October 21, 2009
Sanskrit, the mother of languages’ in Indian subcontinent and South-East Asian countries, could play an important role in promoting multiculturalism, a noted scholar has said.
vedapath“Global exposure of the vast literature of Sanskrit which is a major component of India’s cultural heritage, will help in better understanding of Indian culture, and accelerate multi-culturasim in the world,” Aditya Narayan Dhairyasheel Haksar said while delivering a talk on “Literary Translation in a Multi-Cultural World” at the York Centre for Asian Research (YCAR), York University.He said that while the great sacred and philosophical works were well known, but other aspects of Sanskrit literature were yet to receive public exposure. Haksar pointed out challenges faced in translating Sanskrit literary work into English and said that there was a distinction between literal and literary translation as later maintained flavour of the language’s genius and its rich literary heritage.Commending the research work in Sanskrit being done at the York University and the University of Toronto, Haksar said that both institutions were playing an important role in propagating and promoting among new generation of Canadians various aspects of Sanskrit literature which to a considerable extent stayed in India within the domain of the specialist.Presentation

Sanskrit has an unbroken literary tradition of at least three thousand years. As the lingua franca of India’s cultural growth and the principal vehicle of its thought, Sanskrit has a unique position in Indian identity, Haksar added.

A number of students were of the view that Sanskrit may be considered a so-called dead language in India, and said: “For Canadians, to learn Sanskrit is a challenge.”
Sanskrit is the “mother” of the so-called “Indo-Aryan” languages, a branch of Indo-European (to which also English and most other European languages belong), they added.


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Anti Hindu Forces’ Defamation upon Philathropic Hindu Organisation. Govt. Plans to ban Hindu Organisations in India ??

Posted by hinduexistence on October 20, 2009


‘Truth will Triumph. People will answer conspiracy of Congress to defame Sanatan !’ 

Read Here: Accusation of Sanatan’s involvement in Goa Blast is plot against it : Prominent Personalities

Read Here: People will answer conspiracy of Congress to defame Sanatan ! – Abhay Vartak, Spokesperson, Sanatan Sanstha

Goa minister’s wife under lens for links with Sanatan Sanstha

20 Oct 2009, 0335 hrs IST, Smitha Venkateswaran, ET Bureau

PANAJI: As Goa Police investigates the role of Sanatan Sanstha for its involvement in the Friday’s blast in Margao, the state’s commercial capital, they have stumbled upon the links of a local minister’s wife with the right-wing Hindu outfit. One person, who was later identified as a member of the Sanstha, died in the explosion that rocked Margao.

State home minister Ravi Naik, late on Monday evening, confirmed that Malgunda Patil, who died in the blast, was associated with Sangli riots. The Margao blast was also similar in nature to the Thane and Navi Mumbai blasts that took place last year.

The Sanstha has been opposing the Narkasur effigy competitions held every year during Diwali in Goa. The group believes this gives more importance to the demon Narkasur over Lord Krishna. All the bombs were placed close to these competition sites.
The Goa home minister admitted that the police would probe the links of state transport minister Sudin Dhavalikar’s wife with the group. Addressing newspersons at his residence, Mr Naik said that everyone involved with the Sanatan Sanstha was being investigated.

“We are probing everyone. We know that Jyoti Dhavalikar is a part of the institution, although we do not know in what capacity. I have asked the police to inquire,” the state home minister said. Read more……..

Goa Home Minister making charges to hide failure: SanatanM_Id_115051_Goa_blast

Mumbai, Oct 19 (PTI) Denying any involvement in the Margao blast, Hindu right-wing organisation Sanatan Sanstha today alleged that Goa Home Minister Ravi Naik is falsely implicating the outfit to hide his failure.

“Naik’s remarks that police are probing our foreign links is ridiculous. It is indeed a big defeat of Goa government that they are still unable to find real culprits. Naik is making the allegations just to hide his failure,” a Sanatan spokesperson told PTI.

On media reports that police recovered “some objectionable things” from Sanatan’s Ramnathi ashram, the outfit said, “nothing has been recovered from the ashram.”

Earlier in the day, Naik said that “some foreigners often visited the ashram at Ramnathi. I have checked with the police. They were not even submitting their C forms to police station.”

Foreigners on tourist visas are required to submit the C forms.

“We have found that many foreigners used to visit the place.

Goa blast arrest

 Panaji, Oct. 18 (PTI): Goa police arrested one person today in connection with the Margao blast that killed two members of the Hindutva outfit suspected to be behind it.

No details about the arrest, the first in the case, was released. The police have conducted searches in the office of Sanatan Sanstha, the Hindutva group linked to Malegaon blast accused sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur.

Goa govt forms SIT to probe Margao blast

Goa government on Sunday formed a special investigating team (SIT) to probe the Margao blast in which two members of a Hindu right-wing organisation, allegedly involved in the explosion, were killed. Superintendent of police Omprakash Kurtarkar will head the SIT, a senior police officer said.

Two persons, owing allegiance to Sanatan Sanstha, linked to 2008 Malegaon blast accused Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur, were killed in the blast on Diwali eve. Meanwhile, the Sanstha denied the allegations against it terming them as “baseless”.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Ravindra Yadav said that no formal arrests has been made in the case and all the detained are being interrogated to get possible leads. Leader of the Opposition Manohar Parrikar, quoting a senior police officer, told reporters today that explosive defused at Sancoale, 20 kms away from the blast site, was similar to that used in the blast at Thane in Mumbai.

A team of Goa Police today left for Sangli in neighbouring Maharashtra to get details about Melgunda Patil, who apparently ferried the explosives to Margao town and died in the blast. He hails from Sangli village.

“We are trying to get more leads through his background,” a senior police official said.

Sources within the Sanstha confirmed that Patil, a regular visitor to the Ashram, was staying in the premises for the last eight days. Yogesh Naik, another person who died in the blast, is a milkman and was supplying milk to the Santhan’s ashram at Ramnathi.


Margao Blast News Updates

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Plight of Bangaladeshi Hindus and Minorities by Bangladesh Authorities & Islamists.

Posted by hinduexistence on October 19, 2009


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Brown celebrates Diwali at 10, Downing, in a ‘historic’ first:: White House to Downing Street…Diwali celebrated worldwide.

Posted by hinduexistence on October 19, 2009

uk diwali


Brown celebrated Diwali Rituals at 10 Downing Street

Saturday, October 17, 2009,12:39 [IST]

London, Oct 17: After the ‘first’ Diwali in White House, the festival lit up 10, Downing Street for the first time too amid chanting of Vedic prayers for world peace, with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown terming it a “historic event”.

Speaking to the gathering in the Pillared Room of his official residence on Friday, Oct 17 night, Prime Minister Gordan Brown said, “This is a great day for Downing Street, a great day for us and a great day for Britain to celebrate Diwali for the first time in Downing Street. This is a historic event.” a beaming Brown told a packed gathering in the Pillared Room of his official residence last evening after formally lighting the lamp.

Much like the Oct 14 ceremony at the White House in which US president, Barack Obama lit the traditional ‘diya’ or lamp and spoke about the festival’s significance, the UK event too saw Vedic Mantras seeking world peace.

Donning a garland, Gordon Brown thanked the British Indian community for the contribution they have made to the country along adding that he looks forward to host a Diwali celebration every year.

Thanking the Indian comunity for their cultural and economic contribution to British life, Brown said he looked forward to holding a Diwali reception every year.

The Prime Minister was presented with a garland and a model of the BAPS Swaminarayan Mandir, popularly known as the Neasden Temple, in north London.

The new Indian High Commissioner Nalin Surie, NRI industrialist Lord Swraj Paul, NRI entrepreneur Sir Gulam Noon, hotelier Joginder Sangar, former minister Keith Vaz and and other noted Indian artists and dignitaries were among those present on the occasion.

Earlier Brown said in a message: “as people come together for the beginning of Diwali, the festival of lights, we all have the opportunity to reflect on the year that has passed, and to face the future with renewed hope – as the story of Rama and Sita and how good betters evil is brought alive once again”.

Indians abroad celebrate Diwali

PTI 18 October 2009, 02:25am ISTPakistan Hindu Festival

WASHINGTON: Thousands of miles away from their homes, Indians settled abroad on Saturday celebrated the festival of lights Diwali with fervour and gaiety amid bursting of crackers and lighting of lamps. People decorated their homes with traditional lamps and lights while many of them went on a vacation to celebrate the festival of lights as it fell on a weekend this time. The Indian Missions in the US too organised various functions to celebrate the festival.

In London, Diwali was celebrated for the first time at the 10, Downing Street, amid chanting of Vedic prayers for world peace, with British Prime Minister Gordon Brown terming it a “historic event”.

“This is a great day for Downing Street, a great day for us and a great day for Britain to celebrate Diwali for the first time in Downing Street. This is a historic event,” a beaming Brown told the gathering.

3iSri Lankan Tamils marked the festival with President Mahinda Rajapaksa promising the beginning of a new era where their sufferings “will be a thing of the past” and they would be able to return to their homes in the war-torn north, adding “the light of goodwill will dispel the darkness of terror in our land”.

People clad in new attire thronged temples and distributed sweets among their community members and friends while children burst fire crackers. According to Hindu belief, Diwali marks the return of Lord Rama to his kingdom after 14 years of exile.

The entire Nepal is in festival mood of Diwali, the five day long Hindu festival, which kicked off yesterday with the worshipping of crow. Then comes the worshipping of Dog on Kukur Tihar which falls today after which Laxmi Puja or worshipping of Goddess of Wealth takes place.

8iIndians from all walks of life greeted each other in the UAE, exchanged gifts and joined festivities on the occasion of Diwali across the Gulf region even as Indian embassies remained closed and telecom companies offered reduced tariff for those wishing to call friends and relatives in India.

Aarti Shanbag, a 27-year-old resident of Dubai, said besides crackers, which is sorely missed by Indians here, it is as joyous as the Diwali of home. “Otherwise it is the same festivity as we used to have in India. The idea is to go out, meet up with people and have fun. We do all that.”

Ethnic Indians celebrated Diwali with the prime minister Najib Razak, who is championing the 1Malayisa concept in this multi-ethnic country, joining the festival of lights celebrations along with other leaders, many non-Hindus.

4iMalaysia has a unique “open house” tradition, where all festivals are celebrated by individuals and politicians by opening their house to people of all faith to attend the festivities.

Hindu temples across the country were packed with devotees. Diwali is a public holiday in this multi-religious country. A open house organised by Malaysia’s largest ethnic Indian political party, Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), today was attended by Najib, his wife Rosmah Mansor as well as Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin.

In Pakistan the Hindus celebrated Diwali in the towns of Lahore, Karachi, Multan, Hayderabad and other places amid the present war like situation in the country due to Taliban and State straight fight in various sectors.  Though the Hindu and other minorities are subject to severe11i persecution there, the jubilant Hindus in Deepavali feast and lighting decors hope the end of talibani terrorism in Pakistan as this Diwali celebration signifies the win of good over the evil spirit. At the India-Pakistan Wagah Border, Indian Border Security Force (BSF) Commander H S Dhillon (R) presented a basket of sweets and fruits to Pakistani Rangers Wing Commander Akbar Butt (C) on Diwali as a Happy Diwali Wish.

All the Celebration pictures of Diwali in Pakistan above are taken from the media gallery of Dawn. pic-1 Lahore, pic-2Karachi, pic-3 Multan, pic-4 Karachi, pic-5 Hyderabad. 

Courtsey ; Dawn, Hindustan Times, MSN, News Express, Bengal Newz.

Women light candle at Dipaboli festival_17102009






17 Oct : Woman lights candle at Dipaboli festival marking Shyama Puja (Kali Puja) at Dhakeshwari National Temple in Dhaka on Saturday. Photo : Firoz Ahmed

updated & posted  by  upanada.

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Obama seeks light and knowledge from Diwali

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WASHINGTON: In an expansive gesture to Indians worldwide as much as to showcase his – and America’s — multi-cultural affections, US President Barack Obama on Wednesday lit a ceremonial Diwali lamp at the White House to ”symbolize victory of light over darkness.”  ( Watch Video )

Although it was the Bush White House that began celebrating Diwali, the Indian festival of lights, in 2003, Obama became the first President to personally grace the ceremony — a brief affair that began with a rather incongruous performance by the well-regarded Hindi a-capella group Penn Masala, and ended with a Sanskrit invocation by a priest from the local Siva-Vishnu temple.

”This coming Saturday, Hindus, Jains, Sikhs and some Buddhists, here in America and around the world, will celebrate this holiday by lighting Diyas, or lamps, which symbolize the victory of light over darkness, and knowledge over ignorance,” Obama said on the occasion, adding, ”And while this is a time of rejoicing, it’s also a time for reflection, when we remember those who are less fortunate and renew our commitment to reach out to those in need.”

The Diwali ceremony shared the platform with another event where Obama signed an executive order re-establishing the President’s advisory committee and White House initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders. By hosting both events together, the U.S President, who is clearly comfortable being a composite of American, Asia-Pacific, and African cultures, brought together an unusual coalition in the White House East Room of Asian-Americans, Indian-Americans, and Pacific Islanders. All three groups have much in common as successful minorities but seldom work together.

The half-hour East Room celebration was attended by a mixed crowd of hyphenated Asians, Americans, and Indians. India’s Commerce Minister Anand Sharma and Ambassador Meera Shankar dropped by, and several Indian-Americans in administrative positions in Washington attended.

The White House kept it light and simple. A box of Indian mithai (sweets) was placed on some 150 chairs that filled the East Room but there was no food fest or song and dance.

After his remarks, much of which was devoted to the Asian-American initiative, there was a single lamp that Obama lit from a candle. The Siva-Vishnu temple priest, dressed in ceremonial togs with an enormous three-forked tilak on his forehead, kept his invocation short — chanting ”Asatoma Sadgamaya” (Lead us from the unreal to the real, from darkness to light, from death to liberation) from the Upanishads.

Obama, having lit the White House diya (a word he handled with aplomb) and wished everyone a ”Happy Diwali and Saal Mubarak,” listened intently as the priest ended with ”Om Shanti Shanti.” He returned the priest’s Namaste and then shook his hands before striding out to attend to the business of war.

”Thank you Mr President for being the first president to come to the Diwali ceremony,” a gadabout journalist called out to Obama. ”Yes, how about that,’’ the President shot back.

The President spent much of the morning with his ”war council” (formally, the national security team) in the White House Situation room assessing US strategy in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Courtsey: The Times of India, You Tube.

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Diwali (Deepavali, Tihar), the Festival of Lights is being celebrated world-wide.

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Diwali at White House


Pic-1>President Barack Obama, accompanied by Hindu Priest Sri Narayanachar Digalakote, uses a candle to light an oil lamp in observation of Diwali, or the “Festival of Lights,” a holiday celebrated across faiths in India, Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009, in the East Room of the White House in Washington. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)


Pic-2>President Barack Obama bows with Hindu Priest Sri Narayanachar Digalakote in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009, after lighting an oil lamp in observation of Diwali, or the “Festival of Lights,” a holiday celebrated across faiths in India. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)


Pic-3>President Barack Obama says goodbye to guests in the East Room of the White House in Washington, Wednesday, Oct. 14, 2009, after a ceremony signing an Executive Order restoring the White House Advisory Commission and Interagency Working Group and celebrating Diwali, or the “Festival of Lights,” a holiday celebrated across faiths in India. Behind him is Sri Narayanachar Digalakote, a Hindu Priest. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)


Canadian Parliament Celebrates Diwali

DiwaliCard_AnimatedOctober 13th, 2009


TORONTO, CANADA, October 10, 2009: The Canadian parliament celebrated Diwali this week with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other top leaders lighting the traditional lamps. They were among the 450 dignitaries to attend the festivities Thursday night.

High commissioner Shashisekar Gavai of India and Hindu envoys from Pakistan and Malaysia were also among those who attended the evening gala.

After lighting the traditional lamp, Prime Minister Harper said the “growing Indo-Canadian community is at the forefront of Canada’s quest to build an even better country for generations to come”.

“Since 1998, Diwali on Parliament Hill (the seat of the House of Commons) has grown in significance and stature, and today can truly be considered as Canada’s National Diwali Festival,” said Deepak Obhrai, who is parliamentary secretary to the foreign minister.

Posted in Hindu Press International

Hindu Festival Celebrates Unity in Diversity

October 13th, 2009

Source: www.dallasnews.comHappy-Diwali1

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA. October 5, 2009: The thousands gathered in a parking lot at Cowboys Stadium on Sunday commemorated Diwali Mela — the Hindu festival of lights — helping celebrate the diversity of North Texas.

This is the fourth year the festival, which is popular not just in India but with Indian immigrants around the world, has been celebrated in North Texas. Last year at Texas Stadium in Irving, it attracted 73,000 people, according to its sponsors, the Dallas Fort Worth Indian Cultural Society.

Though supporters had hoped for 100,000 at the event’s first appearance at the new Cowboys Stadium, rain and unseasonably cool weather may have held down attendance. About 24,000 people were at Sunday’s festival, stadium officials said.

On Sunday, the Texas version was marked with a combination of the old and new. Booths selling foods such as sev puri, kaechi dabeli and chole samosas were interspersed with those offering frappuccinos and strawberry smoothies.

Dandiya rocked  America  in Diwali Celebration this Year.

diwali005 Falguni Pathak, often referred as the “Dandiya Queen” for the thrilling Dandiya experiences she provides to her audience, is an MTV award winner and well-known folk singer not just in India, but all over the world.

The event in New Jersey takes place in Edison at the New Jersey Expo Hall October 2nd and 3rd, in Charlotte, October 9th, in Chicago, October 10th and October 11th in Atlanta.

Zee TV’s tie-up with DFWICS and Rajsun Megastar Entertainment are part of the company’s ongoing charitable partnership program, in which Zee strives to make a difference in the lives of U.S. residents of South Asian decent. Zee continually brings the best in South Asian entertainment to homes across America and is striving to connect with their viewers at events such as the Diwali celebrations coming up in major cities in the US.



US Parliament Celebrates Diwali

Resolution on Diwali introduced in US House of Representatives.

Washington , Oct 8 More than half a dozen Congressman have introduced a Diwali resolution in the US House of Representative greeting Hindus and people of Indian origin on the occasion of festival of lights, which will be celebrated on October 17. Source : PTI.diwali1

Recognising the historical and religious significance of Diwali, the resolution conveys best wishes to Americans and to people around the world celebrating Diwali.

Diwali in Italy. Shri Mataji Inaugurates Sahaja International School in Cabella Italy.

On the 26th of September, 2009, the Teacher of all teachers inaugurated the new Sahaj International School in Cabella. The Sahaja Yogis and Yoginis performed the Aarti and offered flowers to Shri Mataji NIRMALA DEVI, and thanked Her again and again for having made this school possible.

This Navaratri, 2009, the Goddess won in Cabella another battle for the future of humankind and laid the foundation of an enlightened education which will change the face of Europe. Shri Mataji will observe Diwali in Italy this year.

Watch how a Hindu Family in Italy celebrates their Diwali. 


Diwali celebrated in Melbourne, Australia

Diwali2by ANI on October 12, 2009

Melbourne (Australia), Oct.12 (ANI): More than 50,000 people in Melbourne, Australia, gathered at the Federation Square to celebrate Diwali- the Festival of Lights on October 9.

The celebration was also attended by the Premier of Victoria, Mr John Brumby.

Mr Brumby said Diwali was an important occasion for the Indian community and a great example of how Victoria’s multicultural communities come together to share their cultures.

“In Victoria we come from more than 200 countries of origin, speak more than 230 languages and dialects and follow more than 120 faiths – this enhances our reputation as a harmonious, vibrant and cohesive community,” Mr Brumby said.

“Diwali is one of India’s most significant festivals and cuts across all religious, social and economic differences and is celebrated globally by the Indian diaspora.

“It is a festive occasion that offers a wonderful combination of revelry and tradition. And it’s a festival that is enjoyed by people of different faiths and backgrounds across the world.”

The festival featured Bollywood dance and music performances and workshops, Indian fashion and craft displays, food, jewellery, music and movies, clothing and other variety stalls, a magic show for children, traditional henna hand painting and a sunset fireworks display.

“Diwali is a marvellous expression of what we all strive to achieve as a community of varied backgrounds, faiths and interests and it is wonderful to see so many people from different cultures coming together,” Mr Brumby said.

“Victorians are proud of our diverse multicultural heritage and that’s why we are proud to support programs that both promote and strengthen our rich diversity.

“The Diwali festival is a wonderful example of how Victorian communities share traditions, cultures and friendships to make the State a vibrant multicultural society.”

Mr Brumby said his visit to India had helped to reaffirm and build on strong relationships between Victoria and India. “The many students I spoke to in India understood that while there may be isolated incidents, Victoria is a very safe destination,” he said.

“My message to the Indian community, which is well established in Victoria, has been that they are valued members of our community and that we will not tolerate racism of violence in any form against any member of our community.” (ANI)


Extra Deepavali holiday for Malaysian Indian school kids

Kuala Lumpur, Oct 8 (IANS) Malaysian Indian school children will get an extra day off to enjoy the coming Deepavali festival, the government has decided following numerous requests from schools and parents.

Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin announced Thursday that the states’ education directors had been told to approve requests from schools for an extra day off Oct 20.

“The decision was made to enable parents to make plans for their families to travel earlier and avoid traffic jams,” The Star Thursday quoted him as saying.

Malaysia’s nearly two million Indians, a bulk of them Hindus who settled here during the British era, will celebrate Deepavali Oct 17.


Diwali charity dinner in UK

24770LONDON: British Foreign Minister David Miliband has praised India’s work to bring development to embattled Afghanistan.

“We appreciate and support the impressive development work that India is doing in Afghanistan,” Miliband told IANS at a Diwali charity dinner hosted by Indian-born industrialist Raj Loomba on Thursday.

Miliband, who was guest of honour at the dinner held in the 800-year-old Guildhall, said he was able to express his sympathies to External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna in a telephone conversation following a bomb blast outside the Indian embassy in Kabul on Thursday.



Rs 100-cr dragon fire snakes in for Diwali in Nepal

The dragon may be a myth, but the fire it supposedly spits looks real. Come Diwali time, loads of crackers are smuggled from China into India.
The pyrotechnics are worth Rs 100 crore a year, sources say, noting that the illegal business picks up at this time of year with the start of the festival season. And all of them are genuine goods, even as the government is maintaining constant vigil along the country’s ports to curb illegal entry of cheap and substandard commodity.
Sources say more than 20 containers (each carrying Rs 7 crore worth of Chinese firecrackers) make into the local markets of different states from the eastern ports of Kolkata and Haldia ahead of Diwali. Wholesalers note that the market rate of these total to around Rs 600 crore.
An enquiry with the exim circle reveals importers based in Nepal leg­ally import such firecrackers from China via Kolkata and Haldia, both designated ports for entry and exit of Nepalese transit cargo.
The firecrackers then move to Nepal in containers by road from Kol­kata, but in most occasions only 10-20 per cent of the actual cargo crosses into Nepalese territory. The remaining is “distributed” in between to “gullible on-road buyers”. The goods then reach the rest of the country.

Diwali In India1958128523_c2f5aa1c8e

Diwali is a five-day extravaganza in India. Diwali celebrations in India is marked by multi-colored display of Rangoli designs at the entranceway of residents, special pooja ceremonies, lines of colorful and sparkling lights and earthen lamps (diyas), exchange of sweets and gifts, fireworks and lots of shopping. Every home in the country shines with the glow of the dazzling lights and candles that are lit to welcome Goddess Lakshmi on Diwali.

Diwali In UK

In Britain, people indulge themselves in spring-cleaning their home. They wear new clothes and decorate their homes with fancy lights. The British city of Leicester is notable for the Diwali extravaganza. The official switch-on ceremony is the highlight of Diwali celebrations in Leicester. Thousands of people witness the ceremony.

Diwali In USA

Diwali celebrations in USA are akin to that witnessed in India. In USA, houses are decorated with earthen lamps. Spectacular display of sparkling electronic lights is the highlight of the celebrations. Colorful rangoli are also displayed. People in USA gather in the evenings, at a community hall nearby, where cultural events are organized. Fire crackers are burst and Diwali sweets and snacks are distributed among the family and friends.pradip

Diwali In Australia

Diwali in Australia is marked by magnificent display of fireworks. The population of Australia, with Indian origin, celebrates the festival with much pomp and gaiety. Indians living in Australia use the opportunity to showcase their unity in diversity and the rich cultural heritage of India. They illuminate their homes with colorful lights and diyas.In



Diwali is known as ‘Tihar’ in Nepal. Lakshmi and Ganesha are worshipped here. On the 1st day, the cows are revered as Goddess Lakshmi and are fed with cooked rice. On the 2nd day, dogs are revered as the carrier of Bhairava and are fed with delicious food, especially prepared for them. On the 3rd day, houses are illuminated and decorated with lights and lamps and delicacies are prepared and fireworks and crackers are the favorites of the day. On the 4th day, prayers and offerings are made to Yama, the Hindu God of Death, to please him and be blessed by him with long life. On the 5th and the last day, Bhaiya Dooj is celebrated in which sisters pray for long life and prosperity of their brothers. 

In Malaysia

Malaysia has about 8% Hindu population who celebrate Hari Diwali that symbolizes triumph of good over evil. This festival is celebrated during the 7th month of the Hindu solar calendar. Malaysian people start off with the traditional oil bath of South India and then visit the temples and pray. Small earthen lamps with coconut oil are lit to commemorate the victory of Lord Rama over the demon-king Ravana. Diwali is celebrated in most parts of Malaysia except in the regions of Sarawak and Federal Territory of Labuan.


Diwali celebrations in Mauritius20071102131259diwali7

Mauritius accounts a 63% of Indian majority of which 80% follow Hinduism. In Mauritius, Diwali celebration is an age-old tradition. It holds special significance for the natives, who believe that Diwali has been celebrated even long before the return of Lord Rama from 14 years of exile and his coronation as the king. The festival is marked by lightening of earthen lamps in rows making images out of the rows. Lakshmi is worshipped as the goddess of wealth and crackers are burnt to scare away evil spirits.


Diwali celebrations in Guyana

The Co-operative Republic of Guyana in Southern America celebrates Diwali according to the Hindu Solar calendar. The day of the festival is declared as a national holiday in the official calendar of Guyana. Sweets such as peras, barfi, and kheer are distributed. The tradition of wearing new cloth for the people of Guyana is significant especially in this festival. They believe that wearing new cloth is the symbol of healthy souls in healthy bodies. Cleaning of their homes and keeping them well illuminated in and outside is a practice meant to illuminate the road for Goddess Lakshmi so that while goddess Lakshmi visits their home she faces no problem of light as the diwali night is regarded as the darkest night of the year. 

Diwali In Indonesia

Although majority of the Indonesian population follows Islam – Hindus constitute only 2% of the population – Diwali is celebrated with much pomp and gaiety. The island of Bali is famous for Diwali celebrations, as majority of the Indians are concentrated there. They celebrate the festival by following rituals that are native to India. The celebrations in the country are similar to that of India.


Diwali In Trinidad

diyaDiwali celebrations in Trinidad are marked by the colorful display of fireworks. Since 1966, the festival is celebrated for nine days and culminated with a national holiday. Indian classical music performances, Hindu devotional song renditions, dance shows are organized during the festival. People clad themselves in ethnic Indian attire, to take part in the merrymaking.


Diwali In Singapore

Serangoon Road in Singapore is famous for Diwali celebrations. This is the place where maximum people of Indian origin reside. During Diwali, the streets in Singapore are filled with families, who are busy shopping for the festival. The archways are decorated with flowers and garlands. Diyas are also lit. People visit Hindu temples in Singapore to offer prayers.


Diwali In Fiji

The people belonging to the Indo Fijian community decorate their homes with flashing lights. Apart from Hindus in the island nation, non-Hindus also take part in the festivities. Crackers are burst by children, who take part in various extracurricular activities held in their schools. Exchange of sweets and fireworks are part of the merrymaking. The diyas, candles and electric lights are lit in the evening. The celebrations are culminated by feasting. 

Deepavali ( Diwali in Bangladesh)diwali_lights

 In Begali Tradition Diwali is celebrated as Deepavali and it is treated as the ending of the Saradotsav sarted with the Durgotsav. Highly  connected  with the Shakti Puja Cult ( Worship of Power) the Hindus of Bangladesh worship Goddess Kali in this occasion with the Laxshmi  Puja. The home made  earthen lamps are lightened in the evening with the candle-lights. The houses and Puja pandals are decorated with lightings. Crackers and the other fireworks are generally overwhelm the nights. Hindus exchange their good wishes of enlightment with everybody. 

Diwali In Pakistan

Lahore & Karachi : Hindu community living across the country celebrate Diwali festival with great enthusiasm.

The preparations to mark the most vibrant festival started from the beginning of the month have reached its climax. All young and children are planning different activities to celebrate the event in befitting manner.

diwali69On the day, people will perform their religious rituals in Mandir decorated with lovely traditional motifs to welcome Lakshami, the goddess of wealth and prosperity.

The celebrations continues for five days and each day of Diwali celebrations is associated with different myths, legends and beliefs.

We Convey Our Happy Diwali to every Hindus celebrating this Festival of Lights in India and Abroad ! Our Happy wishes to all friends and foes in this great event !!  Tamoso Ma Joyirgamayo !!! Lift Us in the Light of Knowledge  from Darkness of Ignorance !!!!     

ombutton234Hindu Existenceombutton234

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Hindu of the Year 2009 :: Sri Swami Gopal Sharan Devacharya

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Srimat Swami Gopal Sharan Devacharya

2009 Hindu of the Year

by Rajiv Malik, New Delhi

Sri Swami Gopal Sharan Devacharya, of Vrindavan and New Delhi, was chosen by Hinduism Today as the recipient of the Hindu Renaissance Award, becoming our Hindu of the Year for 2009. Swamiji is of the Nimbarka Sampradaya, one of the four traditional Vaishnava teaching lineages. He travels extensively and is the force behind the construction of 72 new temples worldwide.

When I first met Swamiji at his Vrindavan ashram, he recounted his unusual life story. When Swami was just five years old, a renowned sadhu approached his parents. Theirs was a special child, he said, with potential for greatness. However, the boy would have close encounters with death, and would only survive if he lived a pure, spiritual life, under the care of a saint……………………….. read more






We Convey our Pronam & Dandavat to Revered Swamiji.

Hindu Existence.

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Viswa Hindu Parishad opened Hindu Help Line to fight against Love Jihad. Hindus & Christians United in Kerala to Combat L J.

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 ‘Love Jihad’ racket: VHP, Christian groups find common cause.

Love Jihad against Hindu-Christian in KeralaAnanthakrishnan G | TNN |  Thiruvananthapuram | 13 October 2009::  ‘Love Jihad’, a religious conversion racket which lures gullible girls by feigning love, has brought rivals Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Christian groups in Kerala together.

The two have decided to join hands to combat the ‘‘social evil’’, which they claim is hitting their respective communities hard.

‘‘Both Hindu and Christian girls are falling prey to the design. So we are cooperating with the VHP on tackling this. We will work together to whatever extent possible,’’ K S Samson, an office-bearer of Kochi-based Christian Association for Social Action (CASA), a voluntary Christian association, told TOI.

Samson said some days ago, CASA got to know about a Hindu family in a Christian parish where a school going girl was the victim. ‘‘We immediately referred it to the VHP,’’ he said, adding the saffron outfit has helped them in many cases.

The Parishad on its part has started a ‘Hindu Helpline’, which claims to have received as many as 1,500 calls in last three months.

‘‘Many of these callers wanted to congratulate us for our efforts and some were threats,’’ said Vineesh, who manages the helpline.

The Kerala Catholic Bishops Council has come out with a set of guidelines for Christian parents warning them to be more careful about their wards.

‘‘It’s shocking but it is happening. Many Christian families are getting affected,’’ said Father Johny Kochuparambil, secretary of Council’s Commission for Social Harmony and Vigilance.hinchri

‘‘We are careful as this is a sensitive issue and could even lead to a religious conflict. But now that the Kerla high court too has interfered in the matter, we have decided to take a stand,’’ said Kochuparambil.

The high court has asked the DGP to probe the charges and report to it.




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Hindus should fix a ‘Mass Prayer day’ (Sarvajanik Prathana) in every week and ‘sermon to protect Dharma’ must be given after each prayer by priests. Practice of Dharma and Protection of Dharma can’t be seperated.

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Highest Preachers of Hindu Dharma should resolute for a Weekly Mass Prayer in every temple for propagation & protection of Hindu Dharma.

~ By ~ Upananda Brahmachari.

The concerned all of  Indian Dharma ( generally  we call it Hindu Religion, though the Dharma and Religion are not the same things to justify)could  not bye-pass a news about the  recent decision of the Muslim Clerics. The news is serious in nature and may be detrimental to the Indian Integrity, Communal Harmony and Spiritual Brother-hood. The news as follows :

Meet to discuss message after Friday prayer

9VECAV1CHNLCAHXF9PFCA1ZPTNWCAIFT53CCA7GXOXACAQBDKINCA3U558YCAQVR9HMCAUSMGRXCAC3IJI8CA5O27FGCAA1RVO7CAP8DW49CA33NYO5CAU7IB01CA7ZHMATCARAYAFDCAT7S3EACANP07QCSeema Chishti , Indian Express , Tags : community, muslims, Friday prayer Posted: Sunday , Oct 04, 2009 at 0427 hrs New Delhi: 

IMAMS, intellectuals and activists working with Muslims will meet here on Sunday to discuss how the khutba, or the small sermon that the Imam delivers after Friday afternoon prayers, can be used to carry social messages.

Several national Urdu dailies have carried advertisements for the meeting organised on October 4 and 5 by the Zakat Foundation.

Zakat Foundation secretary Dr Najmus Salam Jalali said: “The conference is meant as an interface between a hundred imams, activists and intellectuals — to discuss how to use sermons by Muftis and Imams after Friday prayers to educate Muslims against social ills. When Imams speak after weekly prayers, people listen quietly for 10 minutes. This can be used more productively if Imams are taught to focus on certain specific issues.”

Khutbaat-e Jumaa, a reprint of an earlier edition published by the Hamdard group, has 52 chapters or ‘suggestions’ for 52 Fridays in a year.

Islamic scholar and civil servant Dr Zafar Mehmood said, “The world has woken up to infotech in the 21st century but Muslims have known it for the past 1,400 years through the khutba. It’s a unique institution we can use to propagate good behaviour and values.”

In the past, the khutba has been used to spread messages that go beyond the domain of religion. Sometimes it has also been used for political ends — when Shahi Imam of Jama Masjid took a stand against Emergency, the Friday prayers were followed closely for their political message.

In reply to the above one Gulistan Khan replied as such :

The Hidden Agenda of Khutbaat-e-Jumaa By: Gulistan Khan | 07-Oct-2009

Nobody knows the reality of Khutbaat-e Jumaa or the Friday Sermon after the Namaz of Johar i.e. Namaz of after-noon time. The Kalima e Sahadaat or Surah Al Fathiha read in this special prayer is apparently nothing to with Jihad. But this is the Master Key of provocation of Islam against Kaffirs and spreading of Pan Islamism and Ultimate Jihad to destroy all Kaffirs from this World. The Islamists in India apace their activities anew. The Talibans in Pak are most advanced in fundamentalism. The Indian counter parts should not be behind far. So, in the name of social engineering, the Imams are now boosted for a high pitch in the Khutbaat-e Jumaa to strengthen  Muslim Vote Bank, Reservation for Muslims and preferably a new Pakistan again. 

See Original in : [] 

The analysis of  Sriman  Gulistan should be captured in right direction to understand the reality of the featured propagation of Islam in the context of  increasing Jihadi activities and intolerance flashed by Islam in the present days. Reality of preaching Islam and forcible conversion in Islam or the allurement thereto has made a new style of sophistication in India. And as such the polished beurocrats or the technocrats or  the media like Peace Tv  are always find a new way to present a soft Islam as a hidden agenda  of hard core Talibanisation of the World in the way of Pan Islamism.

In fact Islam is always in a Jihadist attitude and confronting the Kaffirs of the world to end an era of others to establish a complete Islamic rule every where. This truth can not be denied any way.

2029421In India the High seated Darmacharyas including the Revered Shankaracharyas generally misunderstand the situation in reality. Hence, the crores of  followers of the Hindu Gurus are just performing the Dharma in a very self centric way of interest. But not for a national or world emancipation apropos of “Atmano Mokhashrathan Jaddhihitay Cha.  When the Islam or any Anti Hindu-Anti India element just gears up their Jihad or Crusade against Hindus, the Hindus are trying to maintain their peace of24nlook1 mind just fleeing from the ground of Darma-Yudh in the Kurukhestra , you may call it the present Bharatvarsha. This is not Dharma anyway, when we want to take the dividend of Dharma without paying our premium of sacrifice for it. Dharma Charya or Swadharma Palan or the ‘Practice of Dharma’ is incomplete or highly contradictory if the Dharma Rakhsa or the ‘Protection of Dharma’ is not placed in the highest priority. ‘Dharmo Rakshati Rakshita’ - the sayings of our scriptures are more relevant than anything to say in this respect.

We have to file all Hindus in the ground reality of  War that has been launched by the Islamic , christianity or even by the *Nov 27 - 00:05*degenerative forces of  humanity. In Hindu Life discarding the Dharma-Yudh is nothing but a Adharma. To save their crores of disciples and devotees from this clutch of Adharma, the Most Respected Dharma Acharyas, GurusSantas and Maha Purashas of  Hindu Dharma as origin, should invoke the light of Spirituality and the force of Swardhama Raksha through a mass weekly prayer may design properly. ‘Sang Gacchadhanm, Sang Badaddham, Sang Bo Managshi Janatam ‘……  Let’s proceed together, speak together, our minds be realm in unity….. should  not be in mere words but must beKASHMIR-HINDU/ extracted in the reality of Hindu Life. This is essential for the struggle for  Hindu existence.

Brihaspati (Thursday) or Ravi (Sunday) may come up for such a weekly mass prayer for every Hindus in all the Hindu Mandirs in every corner of this globe. 52 sermons for each prayer day (52 weeks in a calender) should also be designed accordingly to be exhorted and accepted both by the Gurus (Masters) and the Shisyas (disciples) in a definite manner for the Preservation of Dharma, Emancipation of Self, Protection of Hindutva and World Peace.

2008-04-28-7-2_A_volcano_5__27-4-08If this is possible we surely find a Resurgent India - Prakrami Bharata in the sake of  Humanity not for humiliation of any body. An abode of Peace, not a tormented world of blood bath in the Jihad and Crusade. An art of  Hindu Living with joy and enlightenment erasing all untrust, untrue and unnatural.

Can we see that the thousands and millions of followers of  Gayatri Parivar, Sant Asharamji Bapu, Sri Sai Baba, Sri Sri Ravishankarji,  Swami Avadeshanandaji, Acharya Sudrshanji, Swami Ramdevji, ISKCON and The Shayankarcharyas and other Santa Muhapursh gana are being empowered by their Guru Shakti ( Master Power) and taking oath for a tri-fold sacrifice of  Tana (body), Manas ( mind) and Dhana ( money) for the cause of  Dharma and Rashtra. Then the enemies inner and outer will simply vanished in a moment !

Oh, My Mother ! Make us be united. Aum sa nau buddha shuvaya sanjunaktyu !! The transcendental consensus may join us with the auspicious bountifully !!!

Hari Aum ! Namah Shivay !!

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Huge number of Hindu Girls are converted by Islamists in Kerala. Poster campaign against ‘Love Jihad’

Posted by hinduexistence on October 6, 2009

Poster campaign against ‘Love Jihad’


Thiruvananthapuram, Tuesday 29 September 2009: The State police intelligence is probing the presence of the Ram in the district following a campaign launched by the in Thiruvananthapuram.

In the name of the Ram , a campaign had been launched in front of the women’s colleges of the district on Friday urging the girls to be vigilant against the “Love Jihad”.

The posters appeared in front of the Government Women’s College at Vazhuthacaud and also the NSS College For Women at Perunthanni near West Fort.

The posters warn girls that, “Don’t fall prey to the campaign by the Islamic “Love Jihad”. The is indulged in wooing girls in the name of love and then converting them to Islam. girls should be aware of the Islam’s trap in the disguise of love. Moral war (dharmayudham) against Jihad.”

The posters sprang a big surprise for the state intelligence officials as they have not received any information about the presence of the , which is popularly known as “ Taliban”, in the district so far.

The Ram is a right-wing group founded by Pramod Muthalik, a former member of the RSS, Bajrang Dal and the Shiv . The outfit is rated as a fundamentalist in the country indulging in violence in many cities.

The group gained notoriety by attacking girls in a pub in Mangalore. A group of 40 activists of the barged into a pub and beat up a group of young women and men, claiming the women were violating the traditional Indian values. The role of the outfit was also suspected behind the abduction of C H Kunhambu’s (MLA) daughter in Kasargod last February.

Courtsey :~ n_asianet_india

a-jihad-for-love___a-film-by-parvez-sharmaKerala High Court Ordered to investigate about Love Jihadis. Hindu Organisations are in the Streets to Protest Love Jihad.

Large Scale Conversion (Hindus to Muslims) In Kerala.

NNS (New Delhi), 04 Oct 2009 – The CPIM led Left Democratic Front, LDF is ruling the state of Kerala now a days. The Police Department of such a secularist force has raised the serious issue that a planned conspiracy is going on to convert Hindu Girls to Islam in a large scale.  It is believed that the student wing of Peoples Front of India (PFI) is responsible for this active conspiracy so far. This organization is solely controlled by the hard core Islamist Groups in Kerala. A high level investigation is going on the basis of the points of allegation of forceful conversion by the Islamists as made by the State Police, as per a stringent order of the Hon’ble Kerala High Court. It is pointed out that two Hindu Girls students of MBA were abducted to Kozhikode and converted to Islam by force later. The Matter came to the surface afterwards with a great stir in the State Politics and in the public.mckfinal

In a writ petition in the Kerala High Court, it is appealed that a large scale forceful conversion from Hindu Girls to Islam is operating by a Fundamentalist racket in Kerala generally known a Love Jihadis. Most of Hindu Organisations of Kerala have condemned this heinous Islamic conspiracy and planned to oppose in the open front in a regular basis. The Hindus alleged that some 4000 Hindu Girls (many of them are students) are captured by the Muslim Romeos fraudulently in the design of Love Jihad. The Hindus believe that only a high level investigation with some strict steps can reveal the real picture of untraceable Hindu Girls in Kerala during the last five years. The RSS and its sister concerns warned great agitation throughout the State, if the ruling LDF Government ignore this serious issue anyway.

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