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Hindus for Israel, then Israel for Hindus. Hindu-Jewish unity is must to check the danger of Islam. International Hindu community should demand Hindu Home Land in India just now.

Posted by hinduexistence on April 28, 2010


Hindu Existence Special Correspondent  in New York

More than 2500 people, braving inclement weather and driving rain assembled in front of the Israeli Consulate in the heart of the city of New York on Sunday, April 25th and whole-heartedly supported Israel’s right to exist and to determine its own fate.

More than 50 organizations representing Jewish, Christian, Hindu and Sikh faiths took part in the Rally.  A formidable contingent of Hindus and Sikhs led by Narain Kataria and Arish Sahani, President and Vice President of Indian American Intellectuals Forum, Satya Dosapati and Nand Lal Ramsinghani of the Hindu Human Rights Watch and Bhupinder Singh Bhurji, Chairman, Namdhari Sikh Foundation, USA, participated in the Rally.  The chief organizer of the event was Beth Gilinsky, Political Strategist, Action Alliance.

The supporters carried playcards saying that since 9/11/2001 attack on the World Trade Center, the followers of ISLAM the so called “religion of peace” have carried out 15,101 deadly terrorist attacks and killed more than 75,000 people.

[In his brief speech, which he delivered with electric effect, Mr. Kataria touched the deepest cord in the psyche of the audience.  Mr. Kataria was widely cheered five times by the strong crowd.  First when Kataria greeted the energetic audience with “Brothers and Sisters Shalom”; second when he said we Hindus understand and appreciate your persecution and pain because we Hindus have suffered unprecedented brutalities and savageries at the hands of Radical Islam for the last 1400 years hence we both are natural allies; third when he said that Israel is the frontier of the free world – if we lose Israel we lose the free world; fourth when he poignantly described the ethnic cleansing of Hindus from Pakistan, Bangladesh and Kashmir; and fifth when he said that Islamists are not just claiming Jerusalem but they are also claiming Kashmir, Chechnya, Philippines, Sudan, Nigeria, Londonistan, Parts of France, Spain, Belgium, Holland and several other countries] – writeup by Nagendra Rao.

Narain Kataria’s Speech:

Brothers and Sisters:  Shalom:

I feel privileged and honored for your giving me an opportunity to speak before you.  I am really thankful to the organizers of this Rally.  I am living in this country for the last 40 years.  America has given me freedom of religion and liberty of expression.  Unlike Islamic nations, the American government does not force its citizen to accept Islam or say they would be killed or driven out of that country if they do not.

Dear friends like many Jewish people I am also the victim of Islamic Jihad. I am the survivor of the Partition of India that took place in 1947.  I was 17 years old when Islamists forced Hindus to divide British India into two parts in 1947 – Hindu India and Islamic Pakistan.

I was living in that part of India which is now called Pakistan .  Since I was a Hindu, my life was made miserable by Islamic police and Islamic militia.  I was hounded out by Radical Islamists.  Many of my friends and colleagues were singled out, chased and brutally killed.  Thousands of Hindu and Sikh girls were gang raped by fanatic Islamists.  More than 10 million Hindus and Sikhs were driven out of the region that is now called Pakistan .

In 1947, there were 23% Hindus living there in Pakistan.  Today the Hindu population in Pakistan has been reduced to 1% in just 60 years.  All the others have been ethnically cleansed.

The same thing happened in Bangladesh .  The Hindu population has been reduced from 35% in 1947 to 9% in 2010.  More than 400,000 Hindus were driven out in 1989 from Indian ruled Kashmir .  These Hindus are living as refugees in their own country.

Today we Hindus are here to express our sympathy and support to Israelis who are surrounded by militant and fanatic Islamic nations armed with deadly weapons. Islamic nations want to wipe out Israel from the world map. Let me tell you, Israel is the frontier of the free World.  Once we lose Israel , we lose the free world.  I repeat, once we lose Israel, we lose the free world.

The cowardly and politically correct media and its apologists have no idea as to what they are dealing with.  It is not just Jerusalem the Islamists are claiming; they are claiming Kashmir, Chechnya, Philippines, Sudan, Nigeria, Londonistan, Parts of France, Spain, Belgium, Holland and several other countries – and eventually the whole world.  They want all of us to surrender.  They want to subjugate all of us.  They want to plant the Islamic flag in London, They want to plant the Islamic flag at in Washington.  They have openly stated that they want to establish the supremacy of Allah all over  the USA, in India, in Israel and everywhere else.  Dear Brothers and Sisters, we have to resolutely and unitedly face this menace of terrorism.

We both – Hindus and Israelis – are the oldest surviving civilizations.  We both have been the victims of Islamic terrorism for more than a thousand year.  Hence, we both are the natural allies.

At the moment Israeli is under attack by radical Islamists.  Israel is the only democratic country in the Middle East .  It has every right to exist.  We fully support Israel’s right to exist as a free nation within its rightful borders.



Bhupinder Singh Bhuri’s speech:

I am very thankful to the organizers of this Rally for giving me an opportunity to speak before all of you.

I express my thanks to America because America has given us full freedom to follow our religion and liberty of thought.  America has gives us the freedom to pursue any profession we want.

At the moment, Israeli is under attack from all directions.  We have come here to express our  sympathy with our Israeli brothers and sisters.  Like the Jewish people, we Sikhs were the victims of Islamic terrorism for the last 500 years.  Hence, we understand and appreciate your pain, insecurity and anguish.  We have assembled here to awaken and educate American citizens about the menace of terrorism.

Radical Islam wants to dominate entire world.  They want everyone to surrender.  Islam – radical or otherwise.  They want to put the Islamic flag on White House.  They want to put the Islamic flag on 10 Downing Street in U.K.  They want to destroy Israel.  In this struggle for survival, we are with our Israeli brothers and Sisters.

Dear Brothers and Sisters, a couple of months ago thousands of our Sikh brothers were asked to pay special tax by the Taliban in Pakistan.  When they refused to pay the special tax, their houses were burnt and their businesses destroyed.  According to a report in the Times of India, as a result of torture by the Taliban, more than 5000 Hindus and Sikhs have fled Pakistan.

We Sikhs are a very peaceful  and law abiding people because of our religious teachings.   However, I would like to inform you that we Sikhs cannot and do not take injustice or cruelty lying down.  For the last five hundred years, we Sikhs have fought to protect India from the rapacious invaders who attacked India from Afghanistan.  These attackers looted, raped, and murdered thousands of innocent mean, women and children.  But we Sikhs never submitted to the injustice and cruelty!

What America is doing now in Afghanistan, we Sikhs had done 200 years ago and we had taught a befitting lesson to the terrorists from Afghanistan during the reign of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, the Lion of Punjab.  We Sikhs organized our armies then under his leadership and pushed all the Islamic invaders back to Afghanistan.  Under our Commander, the great General Hari Singh Nalva we attacked Afghanistan and defeated them and destroyed their morale.  We built a very powerful human wall on the western  front of India and insulated India from foreign attacks for ever.

One other incident I would like to tell you from the recent History of India.  In 1971, the Indian Army under the leadership of the valiant Sikh Lt. General Jagjit Singh Arora fought against the Pakistani army, defeated them, arrested over 90,000 soldiers and several generals,  and freed Bangladesh.  To date this has been the largest surrender of a singly army corps anywhere in the world.

My fellow Americans ye can learn many things from Sikh history.

Hindu Existence appeals : From the prevailing persecution of Islam and others, the Jews have established their own state of Israel out of a struggle for existence. Islam want to destroy Israel at any cost. From 712 A.D. to 1757, the Islamic invaders and their descendants tried their war best to finish Hinduism from Bharatvarsha (India). Their present legacy in Indian polity is still active to run down Hindu system in India even after a separation of  Hindu Mother land at the cost of Pakistan. The Mullahs in India still want a complete Pak-land in India by the way of Jihad. The problems of Hindus and Jews are same in facing  the onslaught of  aggressive and devastating Islam to these two ethnic groups, the Hindus in India and the Jews in Israel.

By the grace of Almighty Jews have earned their home land in Israel. Hindus in every corner of this world support it. But a home land for more than 828 million to 965 million Hindus of world is still un-achieved. It is Bharatvarsha. It is India. Hindus should declare India as a Hindu state. Hindus should fight for a Hindu Nation in India right now. The Islamic and the secular conspirators should be thrown out from the Himalaya. The Islamic aggression in India and Israel must be stopped at any cost. Hindus and the Israel must come together for their survival.

Hindus stand for Israel. Israel stands for Hindus. Hindu-Jews unity is a must to check the danger of Islam.

International Hindu and Jew Communities are requested to contact to propagate, help and support this cause in the addresses below :

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Hindu Villagers Attacked by Muslim Mafia in Birbhum, West Bengal. Four dead, several injured.100 thatched houses of Hindu tribes were set on fire by Islamic mob.

Posted by hinduexistence on April 26, 2010

The tension prone villagers of Bhanrkanta quit their homes in a row. Pic. Ananda Bazar.

Hindu Villagers Attacked by Muslim Mafia in Birbhum, West Bengal. 100 thatched houses of Hindu tribes were set on fire by Islamic mob.

100 thatched houses of Hindu tribes were set on fire by Islamic mob. Photo-HS

Suri: Four person were killed and several were injured in a clash at several Hindu tribal-dominated villages in Birbhum’s Mohammad Bazaar, the heart of the stone mining belt, on Thursday, the 22nd April,2010.

A mob, reportedly backed by the local stone crushers and mine owners (all Muslims), launched an attack on the Hindu villages early in the morning. The attack was reportedly in retaliation to the killing of a corrupt Muslim stone crusher supervisor on Monday.

The Hindu villages have seen simmering tension for the past couple of months, with villagers alleging that poor tribals were exploited and their land snatched away by the Muslims in the stone-crushing industry. They had also been complaining that villagers were often injured during blasting in stone mines. Also, there has been rampant compalints of Hindu women being attacked and assaulted by Muslim activists along the whole mining belt in West Bengal and Jharkhand.

On Monday night, a supervisor of a stone crushing unit, Basirul Seikh (50, an Muslim and known Hindu baiter), was killed by a group of villagers at Talbandi. Though Basirul worked in a stone product company, he recently procured a plot of land to set up a stone mine in the area. His brother, Jamirul, alleged that his elder brother was summoned to resolve a dispute over the plot with some locals. He reached the house of one Debu Hansda, with whom he was acquainted. Suddenly, a group of armed villagers attacked Basirul and hacked him to death. Both the brothers were involved in various anti-social activities and often conspired with Muslims in the area to torture and molest local Hindu tribal women.

Early on Thursday morning, thousands of people — labourers and villagers backed by stone crushing unit owners — gathered at a place near Sagarbandhi village, said police. The heavily armed mob rushed to Talbandhi and Sagarbandhi, which is dominated by Santhal tribals. More than 100 thatched houses were set on fire, people were dragged out of their homes and beaten up mercilessly and bombs hurled indiscriminately. Women were molested and raped, children were not spared.

The Hindu Tribal People eventually took the arms to guard their village from Muslim attackers.>> Pic. (R) Anandabazar Patrika.

Though it took some time for the initial shock to go away, the tribal Hindu victims — numbering thousands — regrouped and started attacking the nearby stone crusher units, many of them owned by Muslim mining mafia bosses. A weighbridge and some crushers were set ablaze. The situation was so tense that police could not enter the trouble zone initially. It was only after six hours that senior officers — District Magistrate Saumitra Mohan, DIG, Burdwan range, Jagmohan, SP Rabindranath Mukherjee and ASP Farhat Abbas — managed to get in with force backup.

The angry tribals surrounded them for some time. Two injured Hindu men — Mangala Murdi and Kabiraj Murmu, who received serious bomb injuries — were taken to Suri hospital in serious condition. A large team — including combat force and EFR jawans — was deployed in the area, but stray clashes continued to occur in some areas. The forces discovered the body of a Hindu villager, Motilal Tudu, from Sagarbandhi.

The media, too, was not allowed into the villages. A cameraperson who tried to enter was chased out. The District Magistrate said: “We are discussing the situation with villagers. The villagers are cooperating with us.” When asked whether they were encircled by the villagers, he denied it. According to sources, however, senior police officers and the DM were kept sitting under a tree in Sagarbandhi.

The District Magistrate said that they would distribute relief materials and that the district administration would help the villagers to reconstruct the destroyed homes. The district administration has called an all-party meeting at Suri on Thursday evening.

Najir Hossain Mallik (a known Islamist), the president of Panchami Stone Mines and Owners Association, said: “We, the owners, were not at all involved in the attack. We have requested the administration to bring back peace at any cost.” Mr. Mallik is known as ‘Mr Terror’ in the area and the non-Muslim crowd in the area has expressed serious concerns about this man and his unholy Islamic nexus.

Now it is established that the President of the “Panchmi Pathar Khadan Malik Samity”, Sk. Nazri Hossain Mallick had played a vindictive role to evacuate the tribal people of Pachmi and Bhanrkanta to establish an exclusive possession of Muslims over the entire  stone-crushing business areas. So far  the entire matter came to broad day-light and obviously in the face of retaliating tribal people, a Nazri Hossain Mallick is now trying a lot to cool the wrath of tribal people by abusing the role of Police and Administrations. But the tribal people have only the demand to punish the Muslim Opperessors in the incident of Panchmi and Bhanrkanta Mohammad Bazaar , Birbhum.

Among the death of four, Md. Bhanu Sk. and Md. Dilder Sk. were died in explosion  at the time of  bomb making. Other two, Md Jamirul Molla and Matilal Tudu’s body were found in a well. Perhaps the later two were stabbed in the communal clash found inevitable.

A fact finding team of  lead by Tapan Ghosh, President Hindu Samhati along with Hindu Existence Monitoring Group have already rushed  to the affected areas.

For fresh updates please visit both the and in regular basis.


The poor Hindu tribal women are regularly sexually exploited and raped by Muslim goons all over West Bengal. But in recent months the matter has become so worse in the Mohammad Bazar area in Birbhum district that after last two days incidents, tribal organisations from Jharkhand had to intervene to protect the honor of their womenfolk. Click below for updates.


for an untroubled view of the above page please open it into Internet Explorer or Google Chrome.

Hindu Existence Fact Finding Team reports from Rampurhat on Wednesday, 28th April, 2010 :

A huge rally of various Tribal hindu organization under the banner Adibasi Raksha Manch ( Forum for Protection of  Tribal People) gave a demonstration to the the Sub Divisional Officer, Rampurhat with 12 point demands including protection of tribal women from sex-exploitation, health security of stone crusher workers, minimum wages, ban upon child labour, illegal stone crusher mills and out comer Mafia rackets causing harms to the local people, culture and enviorment.

The rally comprising  Birbhum Adibasi Gaonta, Majhi Pargana Baisi Adibasi Sangathan, Adibasi Lok Samskriti Parisad, Adibasi Sramik Oikya and other tribal  forums started from the village Tumbuni and the Rampurhat Town with their transitional tribal weapons like bow and arrow, spears and Tangi. Numbers of tribal women also participated in this rally. Tribal leader Surendra Tudu told before the press that the local Adminstrative and Police authority favoured the attackers upon the tribal villages and conspirators for the communal riots and registered the cases against the innocent tribal people very unjustifiably.

The HE Fact finding team reveals some truth that :

Mohammad Kamal Khan, his brothers and son along with Nazir Hossion Mallick ( both of them are Stone crusher mill owner i.e. khadan mallik and leaders of Mill Owner Associations) fomented the Muslims against Hindu Tribal people and lead directly the arson, looting and molestation in tribal villages.

At the time of rampage in Chanda Para, Nagram, Pamchmi, Kapasdanga, Talbandh,  Sagarbandhi, the Police acted as mere on-lookers under a mysterious equation with the Crusher Owner Associations, dominated by communal Muslims.

The main Muslim culprits operated with  logistic and other supports from Chandni Chak, Kolkata, Patna and Ranchi. These Muslim Mafias have strong Arabic – Islamic connections outside West Bengal also. The hands on trainer for bomb-making came from outside the locality.

The notorious anti-hindu Mahasweta Devi’s agents Birbhum are trying hard to establish the communal clash between Hindus and Muslims in the present case is nothing but an out-brust of owner-labour problem in Khadan areas. It is evident that the communal clash spread in the area after one Stone Trader and habitual persecutor (upon the tribal people and women)  Basirul Shiek was hacked to death in the village Baromesia in first instance.

Section 144 is imposed in the entire Bhanrkata and adjacent areas. The around the clock own Tribal vigilance and protection groups in most of the affected tribal villages are being heckled by the police administration so far. But it is noticed that the Muslim preachers and anti-socials are gradually maneuvering the ares for further anti-tribal actions.

posted by Upananda Brahmachari.

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Two Important Works on Hinduism

Posted by hinduexistence on April 23, 2010

Encyclopedia of Hinduism Launched

HENB | DELHI | 22 April 2010:: : The much awaited Encyclopedia of Hinduism is finally out. After the deep research conducted by about 2000 eminent scholars for about 20 years, it came in 6,600 multi-color pages divided into 11 volumes. It is jointly published by India Heritage Research Foundation and Rupa & Co. and is first of its kind on Hinduism.

The first preview of this compilation was organized at the Vivekananda International Centre in New Delhi on March 25 in the presence of eminent scholars, bureaucrats, educationists and leading personalities of the country including former Deputy Prime Minister Shri LK Advani, former Union HRD Minister Dr Murli Manohar Joshi, Shri Arif Mohammad Khan, former Governor of J&K Shri Jagmohan and many others.

Three volumes of the Encyclopedia are ready and eight others will be ready within a few weeks. It is a comprehensive compilation of the vast ocean of knowledge, history and experience that constitutes Indian culture. The content has been divided into different sections like art, Hinduism in global context, history, historiography and geography, language and literature, philosophy, polity, religion and spirituality, science, special institutions and movements, spiritual disciplines, scholarship in Hindu studies and women in studies.

Talking to Organiser, Sadhvi Bhagwati, secretary of the India Heritage Research Foundation and a disciple of Swami Chidanand Muni Saraswati who has been instrumental behind the publication of the compilation, said the Encyclopedia answers the questions people are often confronted with, like: What is Hinduism? Who is a Hindu?, etc. The historical details of Hinduism have been explained in various articles written by eminent scholars. More than 2,000 scholars have contributed in this publication.

Review of Encyclopedia of Hinduism

In March/April of 2010, on the holy banks of the Ganga in Rishikesh & Haridwar there is the greatest spiritual fair in the world, the Maha Kumbha Mela. Taking place every twelve years, the Kumbha regularly draws crowds of more than fifty million pilgrims from across the world. It is a time when the spiritual masters of all the different traditions and lineages come together to bestow their darshan and wisdom upon the masses. The Kumbha of 2010 will also mark a historic event – the release of the long awaited Encyclopedia of Hinduism, compiled by India Heritage Research Foundation. H.H. the Dalai Lama, H.H. Sri Shankaracharaya of Kanchi Peeth, Swami Jayendra Saraswati, Swami Ramdev, Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Sant Shri Rameshbhai Oza, Sant Shri Morari Bapu and many more revered saints have already confirmed their presence at this auspicious event.

Celebration in honor of the upcoming and long awaited Encyclopedia of Hinduism was held at Cedar Gardens Banquets in Hamilton, NJ on October 10, 2009. The function was blessed by the presence of the founder of IHRF and inspirer of Encyclopedia of Hinduism, H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji. He is the president and spiritual head of Parmarth Niketan Ashram, Rishikesh, India

The Encyclopedia of Hinduism has aptly been termed, “The Project of the Third Millennium.” Under the divine vision and guidance of India’s leading saint, H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, the Encyclopedia will mark the first time in history that the vast panorama of Indian culture is encapsulated in one complete work.

India’s cultural heritage is multistranded and complex, forming an intricate tapestry of wisdom, insight and tradition. The timeless truths are available and beneficial to people of all religions, all faiths and all walks of life. Hinduism is not a dogma, but rather a way of life that brings depth, richness, integrity, understanding and meaning to our daily lives.

To encapsulate an entire cosmos in a literary portfolio is an enormous task. Nevertheless, under the divine inspiration of H.H. Pujya Swami Chidanand Saraswatiji, the India Heritage Research Foundation has undertaken the divine and momentous challenge of publishing the first, complete, authentic multi-volume Encyclopedia of Hinduism. This project will provide the first thorough and comprehensive compilation, integrating the vast ocean of knowledge, history and experience that is Indian culture.

Despite the influence of Hinduism across the globe, this spiritual tradition is widely misunderstood in the West. It has become imperative to provide an authentic, objective, scholarly, standardized and comprehensive source of reference and information.

The Encyclopedia will provide a better understanding of Hindu traditions, deepen inter-cultural dialogue and serve as a standard reference for students, teachers, seekers and anyone interested in the world’s oldest living tradition. The Encyclopedia will include approximately 7000 articles, ranging in length from 250 to over 5000 words, covering the depth and breadth of Hindu culture, tradition and civilization. The articles span twelve main subject areas: art, Hinduism in global context, history, historiography and geography, language and literature, philosophy, polity, religion and spirituality, sciences, social institutions and movements, spiritual disciplines, scholarship in Hindu studies and role of Hindu women.

The Encyclopedia has been prepared by over 1000 scholars all across the globe. Headquarters for EH were located at the University of South Carolina, Columbia where all articles from all satellite offices around the world were sent for approval and editing. Final operations of editing and review shifted to India in 2003. Under the guidance of Chief Editor Dr. K.L. Seshagiri Rao and Executive Editor Dr. Kapil Kapoor and Executive Editors in USA and India, the work is nearly complete. The articles have all been written and received by the Encyclopedia offices across the world and are now in the final stage of proofreading by Rupa & Co. publishers and the executive editorial team in Delhi.

The manuscript work is nearly complete, including the selection and matching of illustrations to articles.

Highlights of EH

First comprehensive Encyclopedia of Hinduism in history. Extensively researched & documented. Authentic, authoritative & illuminating. 12 main subject areas, 11 Volumes. 7500 original entries.Approx. 6 million words.Thousands of Illustrations. Cross referenced. Complete Index & Glossary.A product of the cooperative research of more than 1000 international scholars of Hinduism.


For another great effort on Hindu Encyclopedia click here.>>

Hindu American Foundation (HAF) Issues reports on Hindu Rights around globe including Bangladesh & Pakistan

The Foundation’s sixth annual Hindu Human Rights Report details violations against Hindus in areas where they are minority – namely in Bangladesh, Bhutan, Fiji, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Trinidad and Tobago, in addition to Pakistan and the Indian State of Jammu and Kashmir.  It also includes a Hotspots of Trouble section which includes coverage on Afghanistan, Australia and Saudi Arabia. The report provides detailed accounts of human rights violations are in the areas of violence against women, murder, ethnic cleansing, temple destruction, socio-political ostracization, disenfranchisement, discrimination and forced conversions.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, March 30, 2010: The annual Hindu human rights report was released by the Hindu American Foundation (HAF) earlier today.

The 194 page report, now in its sixth year, entitled “Hindus in South Asia and the Diaspora, A Survey of Human Rights 2009,” is the only such report released internationally. Censuring eleven countries for either targeting Hindus to further religious and political agendas or failing to ensure equal rights and protections, the report is widely read by government officials and lawmakers here and earned spirited responses and denials from the American embassies of several countries indicted in the past.

“This annual report documents human rights violations of Hindus throughout South Asia and in countries that do not share values of democracy, pluralism and freedom,” said U.S. Congressman Ed Royce (R-CA) after reviewing the Foundation’s report. “By spotlighting which nations do not live up to these standards, nonprofit organizations like HAF stand up for the basic dignity and human rights for all people of faith and for free thought.”

“Our effort started with the belief that Hindu minorities were silent and unknown victims in Bangladesh, Pakistan and elsewhere, and documenting their realities has grown into a full time endeavor,” said Ramesh Rao, Ph.D., the Foundation’s human rights researcher and coordinator.”This year, the arrival of thousands of Hindu refugees from Bhutan brings a human face to the issues too many encounter simply because of their ethnicity and Hindu faith.”

Islamic Republic of Pakistan

In 1947, Hindus were approximately 25% of the population of Pakistan. Now, Hindus constitute less than 1.6% of the population. Pakistan officially and routinely discriminates against non-Muslims through a variety of discriminatory laws, such as blasphemy laws. On March 24, 2005, Pakistan restored the discriminatory practice of mandating the inclusion of religious identity of individuals in all new passports.
  • School textbooks continue to promote Islam and hatred and intolerance towards non-Muslims, including Hindus.
  • Islamists continue to extend their influence throughout the Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA), and other parts of the North West Frontier Province (NWFP).
  • Recurring reports point to an alarming trend of Hindu girls being kidnapped, raped, held in madrassas (Islamic seminaries) and forcibly converted to Islam.
  • Poor Hindus continue to be subjected to inhumane conditions through the bonded labor system.
HAF Recommendations
  1. Pakistan should remove all blasphemy laws.  Those imprisoned under blasphemy laws should get their day in court within a period of two weeks.  Long imprisonments without court appraisal constitute human rights abuse.
  2. Pakistan should reverse the 2005 decision mandating religious identification in passports.
  3. Pakistan should set up a Human Rights Commission and a National Minorities Commission to monitor the human rights condition and to enable minorities to enjoy the rights provided to the majority population.
  4. Pakistan should reform its education system in order to remove inaccuracies about other religions and promote tolerance and pluralism.
  5. The United States should demand that Pakistan stop supporting and financing all Islamic militant groups operating in the subcontinent.  The United States must end all military assistance to Pakistan.
  6. The United States should continue dialogue with Pakistan on the issues of human rights and religious freedom and dispatch a fact-finding committee organized by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) to Pakistan.

Also see : >> Plight of Hindus in Pakistan & Bangladesh

Compiled by Upananda Brahmachari.

Source: Agencies.

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Muslim boys attack Hindu girls at Barrackpore Sports Center in West Bengal

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Islamic youth attack Hindu sports-women  at a Barrackpore Sports Center

Incident report from Barrackpore dated 16th April, 2010.

At the Barrackpore Sports Complex ground in Barrackpore town in Warless Gate Royal Park area, players (both male and female) were practicing, some Muslim boys (aged between 16 and 22), sitting beside the playing fields, started whistling and taunting on the female players of the club. This eve-teasing is a regular phenomenon there. Then the Muslim boys called a female player named Dona and pressed her to give her and her friends (all girls) mobile numbers. Dona was scared. Somehow she fled away from that corner of the ground, they started shouting ‘WE WILL GO TO YOUR HOUSES. WE’LL SIT ON YOUR BEDS, and WE WILL DO ——-‘

Hearing this, other fellow Hindu players, who were warming up there, protested against this. They too were slapped and thrashed by the hooligans. For protection all the players took shelter inside the Club building.

Then at around 6.15 pm, about 50-60 Muslim boys (age 16 – 22) came and entered the club building, specially in the bathrooms and the girls’ dress changing room. The intruder boys started beating everyone of them black and blue.

5 – 6 Hindu girl players were severely injured. Among them 2 Hindu girls, named Puja Singha (17) and Dolly Biswas (14) were mercilessly beaten up.

Puja Singha, who was admitted to a local hospital Sarada Nursing Home for 2 days told the HS (Hindu Samhati) visiting team members, “I was mainly beaten up on my breast region, they stood on my breast and kicked me up.” When the correspondent asked her, who were those boys and whether she knows anyone of them? She replied that all of them were Muslim boys from Mohanpur (Chopkathalia) Masjid Para. Puja Singha also said that earlier too these boys used to taunt and whistle upon them, and they (the girls) complained to the club members and secretary about this.

On 18.04.10 Hindu Samhati (HS) visiting team members met the club authority and asked them about this incident.

Club Secretary Ajay Barman Roy, a local CPI(M) leader, asked our representatives not to write anything that will prevent Muslim boys from playing on this ground to invite further problems. When he was asked why he did not prevent the Muslim boys when they were habitually teasing and insulting the girl players for so long, he replied that he can’t say anything more and he suggested to ask Bishnupada Chaki, a senior member of the sports forum, about the detail.

When contacted, Bishnupada Chaki’s face was pale due to fear. He said that suddenly 50-60 people came and started looting and demolishing the Sports Complex properties. The club authority requested them not to do so, but they didn’t pay hid to them. Chaki said, the hooligan boys have beaten up the female players severely, specially on the breast region. Then Bishnupada Chaki said that some senior members from Masjid Para namely Salam(36), Kalam(38) and Moba removed them after the incident.

Salam, who is also a local CPIM leader, asked the club members not to report the incident to the police. He also started removing the signs of destruction in the Sports Complex building. The local people agitated over it and then only he stopped doing so.

The Sports Complex / Club authority made a general complaint to Titagarh Police Station, without naming any culprit out of fear. The G.D. no. is 1211 dt. 16.04.10. They lodged a written complain to the Addl. Superintendent of Police of North 24 Parganas district on 18.04.10. They informed the matter to the local Panchayat Pradhan Premchand Biswas (CPIM) and Barrackpore Municipality Chairman Bijoli Kanti Mitra (CPIM).

At the time of the incident, one Muslim boy named Imran protested the misbehaviour of the other Muslim boys. He was also beaten up by fellow Muslims.

It was extremely difficult for our representatives to collect the detail information as the local people and club members are scared by both the Muslim hooligans and CPI(M) cadres. That Mohanpur Panchyat and the Sports Complex is totally controlled by CPIM. CPIM is ruling the area since long. They can threaten, suppress and silence the Hindus. But they are absolutely impotent in case of protecting the honour of Hindu women from the rapacity of Muslim goons. And they made the administration absolutely impotent like them.

Courtesy : Hindu Samhati.

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World’s First Glass Temple in Malaysia

Posted by hinduexistence on April 21, 2010

A great Hindu  Glass Temple in Malaysia

by Sreekumar Menon

Malaysia’s 1st glass temple, the Arulmigu Sri Raja Kaliamman Temple , located in Jalan Tebrau, Johor Baru, is set to become a major tourist attraction apart from being used by Hindu devotees.

The Star quoted temple chairman S. Sinnathamby as saying that 95 per cent of the temple’s walls, ceiling, domes and pillars have been adorned with over a million pieces of colourful glass imported from Thailand , Japan and Belgium .

The total cost of the temple is approximately three million ringgits.

Sinnathamby added that the glass pieces were carefully put together by nine Myanmar workers, and motifs and symbols like the Swastika, Namam and Sri Chakra were created from the glass pieces in seven colours.

The temple was built on land awarded by the Sultan of Johor in 1922, and it was renovated for the first time in 1996.

Sinnathamby said he first visualised the glass temple his Thailand visit, and funds for the construction were raised through community programmes and public donations.

The air-conditioned temple can accommodate about 1,500 devotees.

Though Malaysia is a Muslim Country, the persecuted Hindus of Malaysia have formed various Hindu Forums and Organizations to keep alive their tradition of Indian roots and their ancestral Hindu faith through colourful Hindu rituals and practices.

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Sanskrit is still a practicing language. Each Hindu House in Sasana Village in Orissa has a proud Sanskrit Teacher.

Posted by hinduexistence on April 7, 2010

Village of Sanskrit Pundits. Reflecting Hindu Culture and Tradition.

Kendrapara (Orissa): Sanskrit may have ceased to be spoken by people, but there is a remote village in this coastal district of Orissa where every home has a pundit of the ancient language.

Sasana village in the Shyamsundar gram panchayat area is almost an anachronism in today’s culture which no longer takes pride in mastering the language which, along with Latin, were once the two most dominant languages in the world.

The village, inhabited almost fully by Brahmins, has a little over 32 households with 200-odd members. In all the households one will come across Sanskrit pundits employed in government-run Sanskrit-medium educational institutions.
‘We are proud patrons of Sanskrit. The ancient language is very much alive at the village, 76-year-old Baishnav Charan Pati, a Sanskrit pundit who has retired from his teaching job, said.
Pati said that they made sure for generations that at least one child in every household had been taught in the Sanskrit medium of education.
‘Most of the Sanskrit-educated residents have found employment either in government schools or have taken up career as priests to preside over Hindu ceremonies,’ Pati said.
Take the case of Pundit Trilochan Sadangi. Both his sons and daughter are Sanskrit-educated and are teaching the language in government-run schools.
‘By encouraging our children to learn Sanskrit, we are trying to revive the language. We are largely successful till now and we earnestly hope that our future generations will keep the tradition alive,’ Pati said with a tinge of pride.
The village’s fascination for Sanskrit has not come from the blue, but rather flowed from its rich tradition in Sanskrit learning.
A nearby village Babkarpur has the presence of a miniature temple dedicated to the great poet Kalidas, author of ‘Abhigynam Shakuntalam’ and many other classics, which tells eloquently of the region’s love for the things Sanskrit. -(PTI)
Pic.^^The villagers believe in the blessings of Acharyas and Paramcharyas.

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Hindu Temples are under attack in Pakistan by fundamental Muslims. Hundreds of temples have been destroyed in Pakistan in last five years very silently.

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Land grabbers target Hindu temples in Pak

Input from Kshitiz Singhal and Sumon K Chakrabarti, CNN-IBN || Posted on Apr 01, 2010 at 18:49

New Delhi: Again the fundamentalists in Pak tried to demoralize Hindu Minorities by snatching their religious rights upon the nose of the tall talking of Minority Protection given by thre Pakistan Government.  After reports on gurdwara land being sold off to the army at throwaway prices, land grabbers in Pakistan are targeting Hindu temple properties. A Krishna temple was tried to demolish completely and 20 acres surrounding it was encroached illegally by Bashir Khaskheli, leader of a radical organisation, Jeay Sindh. By this time of present Govt. it could not be possible to ensure to protect the minority Temple and churches in Pakistan under the threat perceptions by the majority communities. Hundreds of temples have been destroyed in Pakistan in last five years very silently.

The owners of the land, Padma Puri, who also heads Karachi Panjrapor Welfare Association, was attacked when she resisted the building of boundary walls around the temple and acid was thrown on her body. Padma Puri said, “Some men with masks had acid thrown at me, my body got burnt.”

Padmapuri along with her husband Maharaj Kishan Chand are now fighting a lonely battle and even the Minister of Minority Affairs, Mohan Lal, in Sindh cannot provide them justice.

Maharaj Kishan Chand said, “We are Hindus and injustice is being meted out to us.”

CNN-IBN has documents which show that repeated requests made to the Pakistan Evacuee Trust Property Board has fallen on deaf ears.

In December 2009, CNN-IBN was the first to report on how Pakistan is selling off acres and acres of land that belongs to the country’s minority Sikh community, worth millions, at a throwaway price to the Pakistani army.

Even in the past, many temple lands were grabbed illegally and several attempts made to take the temple’s property back from the land grabbers have met with no success. Most ministers in Pakistan, including Hindu Ministers have refused to help in reclaiming the such land though all this is in clear violation of Pakistan’s own regulations of not putting up for sale the property of any religious place inside the country.

  • After publishing the news in CNN-IBN channel in India, various authorities and forums in Pakistan have started their play to sideline the issue in favour of the persecutors to achieve their goals. But everybody knows that there were 1500 big Hindu-Buddhists-Jain-Sikh-Ravidasa temples and shrines before partition of India in 1947. But now the numbers of Temples-Shrines came down to 300 at best as per the available record so far.
  • ( Important Reading : Hindu Temples-What happened to Them by Sita Ram Goel and Others. Volume-I and Volume-II)
  • Desecration of Hindu Temple in Karachi: Stop It. NOW!
  • There are/were  four important temples in Karachi specifically dedicated to Lord Krishna, Vishnu or Narayana. They are :Laxmi Narain Temple At Native Jetty Bridge, Queens Road Karachi. This temple is constructed on land facing the sea under the Native Jetty Bridge. It was constructed about 200 years back. In this temple, Festival of Raksha Bandhan (NarialPuja), Ganesh Chaturthee, i.e. Birthday of Shri Ganesh Deva and every Chand night is celebrated. It is a sacred place for performing death rituals of Karni (11th day rituals) and offering Shiradh of Pitras and for putting final Garba Murtis in sea water on the day of Nao-Ratree & Ganesh Chaturithi.
  • Swami Narayan Temple Opposite Kmc M.A Jinnah Road Karachi.
    It is a big Temple estate, surrounded by residential houses. It is an old temple building, which dates back to more than 150 years. In this temple, celebration of Swami Narain Jayanti, Sri Ram Navmi, Janam Ashtmi, Dasshera, Diwali and mostly all the religious festivals are celebrated by Hindus, within these premises, there is a temple of Guru Nanak where in every Chand Raat and the birthday of Guru Nanak, Wasakhee, days are also celebrated by Hindus.
  • Varun God (Radha Krishna – Sita Ram) Temple At Manora Cantt
    The temple is situated on seashore of Manora cantt. This temple is about 160 years old and designed perfectly as per Hindu Architecture. The temple is carved from a blackish marble. Apart of Varun Devta temple there is small temple of Shiv Shanker & statues of Hanuman & Sri Ganesh Mahraj are still in good condition. Sindhi Hindu Businessmen built this temple & renovated from time to time. After partition the temple was abandoned & illegally occupied by land grabbers.
  • Krishna Mandir- Frere town Clifton Karachi, which is believed to be destroyed completely. Any one could send any picture of this Temple? It is impossible now. But the media tried to misled the issue otherwise including PHP. Those who want to clarify the land grabbing of  Swami Narayan Temple Opposite Kmc M.A Jinnah Road Karachi, please say something about the non-existence of Krishna Mandir- Frere town Clifton Karachi.

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Four-day Hindu Congress in Fiji.

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Sangam starts four-day Hindu Congress

SUVA, FIJI||Saturday, April 03, 2010

SOUTH Indians jam-packed the the National Stadium in Suva yesterday to attend the inaugural 84th convention of one of the biggest Hindu religious and charitable organizations in the country.

The ‘Then India Sanmarga Ikya Sangam (TISI Sangam) started its four-day convention with cultural dance items and the opening of the Sangam soccer tournament yesterday.

TISI Sangam Convention chairman Sadasivan Naicker said an estimated 12,000 members attended, which included those from the Western Division and outside of Suva.

Mr Naicker said they also had members from Australia and New Zealand present, including the Indian High Commissioner Professor Prabhakara Jha as chief guest.

Addressing the crowd in his opening speech, Mr Naicker said Sangam had become a household name for the South Indians in Fiji.

He said the Sangam aimed to render valuable services to the community in various fields of education and cultural activities.

“The lifespan of a human being is very short, we should therefore have a legacy behind us, let us not follow where the path may lead, but let’s make our own path and leave a trail instead, he said.

Mr Naicker said one such legacy whose footprints were still imprinted in the history of Sangam was their patron saint Sadhu Kuppuswamy, better known as the father of Sangam.

Mr Naicker said he hoped the convention would bring together all Sangam members in a stronger bond of fellowship and advised members learnt more about their rich cultural heritage and language.

The Sangam runs a number of schools around the country and also has an institution for student nurses.

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Malaysia sets up academy for Hindu priests, Move to increase the own number of holy men from Malaysia

Posted by hinduexistence on April 6, 2010

Malaysia’s 3,000 Hindu temples nationwide presently use 350 priests from India- AFP

Malaysia sets up academy for Hindu priests

(AFP) – April 5th 2010

KUALA LUMPUR — Malaysia has set up an academy to train Hindu priests in a bid to reduce the number of foreigners working in temples in the Muslim-majority nation, a newspaper reported Monday.

Human resources minister S. Subramaniam’s announcement came after the government rescinded a 2008 immigration ban on Indian priests aimed at cutting the country’s foreign workforce.

“With the academy, the community is also assured of qualified and accredited priests to perform various Hindu ceremonies,” the minister was quoted as saying by the New Straits Times newspaper.

“Prior to the setting up of this academy…there was no standardisation.

“Now, we are regularising every aspect of priest training and priesthood,” added Subramanian, who is also secretary-general of the Malaysian Indian Congress (MIC), part of the ruling coalition.

He said the government-funded academy run by the Hindu Priests Association would help train, grade and certify priests for the 3,000 Hindu temples nationwide which presently use 350 priests from India.

Malaysia has launched plans to reduce its total of 1.9 million foreign workers. Indians form the third-largest workforce in Malaysia, with 140,000 workers, most hired by restaurants.

The conservative nation has been beset by religious disputes in recent months with a spate of firebombings against churches and mosques in January, triggered by a dispute over the use of the word “Allah” as a translation for “God” by non-Muslims.

The country also saw unprecedented protests in 2007 alleging ethnic Indians faced discrimination at the hands of Muslim Malays.

The rows have strained relations between Malays and minorities who fear the country is being “Islamised.”

About 60 percent of the nation’s 28 million people are ethnic Malay Muslims while the rest are mostly ethnic Indians and Chinese, who are largely Hindu, Buddhist or Christian.

Move to increase the  own number of holy men from Malaysia

Mon, Apr 05, 2010
The Star/Asia News Network

IPOH, MALAYSIA: An academy has been set up to train and accredit Hindu priests in the country in a move to reduce the number of foreign priests from India.

Human Resources Minister Datuk Dr S. Subramaniam said the Government had been toying with the idea of setting up such an academy for more than 15 years.

“At present, there are people practising locally as temple priests with various types of training which are very confusing.

“With the setting up of an academy, there will be a national body to recognise and accredit the priests,” he said after launching the academy at Jalan Pasar in RPT Jelapang Tambahan here yesterday.

He said at present, there were 350 priests from India serving at various local Hindu temples in the country.

“But there is a need for thousands of priests,” Dr Subramaniam said, admitting however that the local Hindu community might take some time to get used to the idea of having locally trained priests.

Dr Subramaniam said the Hindu Priests Association would be in charge of the syllabus which had been drawn up after consultation with leading institutions in India.

He said under the syllabus, it would take five years to become a full-fledged priest.

“There are five grading, allowing those at each level to perform different functions,” he said, adding that, for example, those who passed Grade One could perform the worship ritual pooja while those with Grade Five could consecrate new temples.

Courtesy : AFP, ANN, Star News.

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Shocking and Important visuals from Hyderabad. Religious Cows are burnt in Shiva Temple by the Muslim Rioters. Main accused Mujibur Rehaman may hide into Madrassahs.

Posted by hinduexistence on April 4, 2010

Hyderabad Riots – Shocking Visuals of Shiv Temple Cow Shelter set on fire :: Islam in India.

Police Searching Madrassahs in Hyderabad to find MIM corporator Mujibur, the Main Culprit.

Government of India is promoting MIM for Islamization of South India through Madrassahs, Sumgglings, Love-Jihad and Fitna.


MIM leaders under scanner : MIM suspected for riots

TNN, Apr 3, 2010, 04.17am IST || Updated: Apr-03-2010 andhracafe

HYDERABAD (TNT): With the BJP charging that the authorities are being lenient with the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) leaders and cadre with regard to the recent communal clashes in Old City, the city police have brought under their scanner the activities of two MIM legislators and two corporators.

According to sources, the role of the four leaders during the clashes is being investigated. “One MIM MLA was in the vicinity of the stabbing incident that took place near Fateh Darwaza around 3 pm on March 29 in which one Saytanarayana was stabbed do death by unidentified persons. We are probing whether he played any role,” said a police official.

Further, the sources claimed that two MIM MLAs had actively moved around and spoken to the people last Saturday when communal tension was high at Peepal Hanuman temple in Moosabowli and the surrounding areas. “We are confirming reports that the MIM leaders had incited the local youth and instigated the lumpen elements to attack the Goshala at Shamshergunj. However, at this point, we do not have enough evidence to book anyone,” the official said.

The Special Investigation Team of the police have arrested 14 persons from Falaknuma for setting ablaze the Goshala at Shamshergunj and desecrating a place of worship. “We are still to interrogate the arrested in this case to ascertain whether they were instigated by any political leader to attack the Goshala. We will speed up the probe once the tension in the areas subsides and the curfew is completely lifted,” the sources said. The MIM leaders will only continue to remain on the police scanner and no step would be taken to precipitate the situation, they said.

MIM suspected for riots The situation in the old city is slowly coming back to normal and now the police department has decided to fold their sleeves and crack down upon those responsible for the arson. Incidentally, the spotlight has fallen on the two leaders of MIM party.

Reports say that during the violence, two of the MIM MLAs were seen making rounds in the sensitive areas and interacting with youngsters. It is also heard that they gave instigating speeches which led to the burning down of the Goshala and a religious place.

For now, the police have rounded up many suspects and interrogation will be on. However, many say that a few here and there would be taken to task but the real people responsible for this would be let scot-free. That’s the state of affairs in our system.

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Malay Muslims deny Thailand’s Buddhist majority. 6 Buddhists gunned down in South Thailand by Islamic insurgents for Pan-Islamic Jihad. 2000 Buddhists killed in last six years in Thailand.

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Thai Police carries the dead of Buddhist people gunned down by Muslim Jihadis on 1st Apri, 2010.

Thai police officers inspect the bodies of six Buddhists shot dead by suspected separatist militants in the restive southern province of Narathiwat. Ten police officers were also wounded by a roadside bomb in the latest attacks in Thailand’s restive south, police say.

Pic.^ (AFP/Madaree Tohlala)

Six killed in Thailand’s insurgency-plagued south

See original in :

(Reuters) – Suspected Islamic insurgents shot dead six Buddhist villagers in Thailand’s restive south Thursday, police said, the latest attack in the troubled region bordering Malaysia.

The villagers in Narathiwat province were believed to have been ambushed, said police Colonel Sanit Suwanno. Two bodies were found in a pick-up truck and four were discovered in a hilly forest nearby, he added.

Ten policemen and soldiers were also wounded when a roadside bomb exploded as they were traveling to the scene of the shootings, police said.

More than 3,900 people have been killed in six years of unrest as ethnic Malay Muslims fight for autonomy from ……Pic.^ A Buddhist Monk in a protest in Bangkok Thailand’s Buddhist majority in the region just a few hours by car from some of Thailand’s best-known tourist beaches.

Local Muslims largely oppose the presence of tens of thousands of police, soldiers and state-armed Buddhist guards in rubber-rich region, which was part of a Malay Muslim sultanate until annexed by Thailand a century ago.

About 80 percent of Thailand’s three southern provinces of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat are Muslim.

The violence has ranged from drive-by shootings to bombings and beheadings. It often targets Buddhists and Muslims associated with the Thai state, such as police, Pic.^Army-Police deployments to check insurgency soldiers, government officials and teachers.

<<In a changed situation of Islamic expansion in Thailand, the Thai Muslim boys prefer wearing white robes to pray at  Islamic schools to learn the Islamic solidarity as seen here  in the village of Lam Mai, in the troubled Yala province in southern Thailand, March 31, 2010. Hundreds of Muslim boys from Thailand southern provinces but also some from other Asian countries live and learn the Koran at  schools built for them in the predominantly Muslim deep south of the country to ensure the Dar-ul-Islam in Thailand, replacing the Buddhist State in Thailand. [Pic. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj]

(Reporting by Surapan Boonthanom. Writing by Jason Szep)|| Courtesy : Reuters & AFP.

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Rioters now room in Rajasthan, Gangapur-Bilwara still tensed after Muslims objected Hanuman Jayanti Procession. Bandh called by VHP successful. Rajasthan comes under Jihadi net ?

Posted by hinduexistence on April 3, 2010

Tension in Rajasthan town, Hunuman Jayanti Procession attacked from Mosque.

Lethal weapons were used to murder the Hindu processionists.

by Hindu Existence Correspondent.

JAIPUR, April 2, 2010: Tension prevailed in Rajasthan’s Gangapur town in Bhilwara district on Thursday after unruly mobs engaged the police in heavy brick-batting. Over 100 persons, including some policemen, sustained injuries in violence and the lathi-charge. Prohibitory orders have been imposed in the town.

The day’s developments were a sequel to the skirmishes witnessed in the town between two communities during a Hanuman Jayanti procession objected by the fanatic Muslims on Tuesday. The clashes broke out after someone allegedly cut the wires of the generator used for lighting the tableaus of procession when it was passing by a mosque. It is reported that the Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators established their colonies in the nearby areas. Some Jihadi organizations backed by Pakistan may be involved in this communal indecent to demoralize the Hindu majority people in the adjacent area. The town remained closed on Wednesday after the VHP (Vishwa Hindu Parisad)  gave a bandh call in protest against the incident.

Sinister pattern emerges

Muslims run riot during Hindu festivals

The Pioneer || Editorial

April 2, 2010.
A pattern has begun to emerge from the incidents of communal violence that have been witnessed at Meraj in Maharashtra, Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh and, most recently, Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh. In all these places, fanatical Muslims went on the rampage to prevent Hindus from observing their religious festivals or behaved in the most obnoxious manner to turn festivities into mourning. At Meraj, Ganesh mandaps were set upon and ransacked by belligerent Muslims with the clear intention of scaring away Hindus, forcing a curfew and thereby disallowing the majority community from observing an important religious festival. At Bareilly, Muslims led by a local mullah, whose deeds are far removed from his avowed profession, went on the rampage to prevent Hindus from taking out the traditional Ram Baraat. In Hyderabad, Muslims, egged on by the MIM, a rank communal organisation whose leaders spit venom, refused to take down their banners and buntings put up on the occasion of a long over festival with the malicious intent of provoking Hindus and triggering violence on Hanuman Jayanti. In all three places, Muslims bent upon creating discord have been successful, with more than a little help from the respective State Governments: Neither the Congress (or its ally, the NCP) nor the BSP is keen to rein in hoodlums lest it be construed as acting against the ‘sentiments’ of the minority community. Hence, it is not surprising that rioting mobs have had their way as the police have stood on the sidelines, twiddling their thumbs. The pattern of Muslim-instigated violence is highlighted by the manner in which mullahs incited Muslims to run amok in Karnataka; had the State Government not acted with a firm hand, full-scale rioting would have followed.

These and other facts have been skilfully suppressed by those sections of the media which mistakenly believe that reporting Muslim belligerence aimed at violating the law of the land would be considered as showing the least of all minorities in a poor light. That’s balderdash. First, the principles of fair reportage demand that the real reasons behind any incident of communal violence should be brought to light irrespective of the community or communities involved. Second, while it is true that not all Muslims participate in such misdeeds — indeed, the majority of them steer clear of rabble-rousing mullahs and aspire to live peacefully with Hindus — it would be self-defeating not to identify the culprits. Those who violate the law and indulge in criminal acts must not be allowed to escape punishment. Third, the velvet glove approach has not worked, nor shall it help tame fanatics who revel in bloodshed. We could manufacture a million reasons to justify the belligerence of Muslims who run riot, but that neither does credit to the community nor does it help Muslims in the long run.

Meanwhile, the community would do well to ponder over whether it serves its interest to prevent Hindus from observing their festivals in those cities, towns and villages which have a sizeable Muslim population. Retaliatory violence, no matter how undesirable, is something that cannot be wished away. Of course, sanity must prevail and Hindus should not step into the trap laid by Muslim fanatics; a vicious cycle of violence and counter-violence will only result in innocent people, both Hindus and Muslims, paying a terrible price. Restraint must be exercised in the face of extreme provocation.

It is obvious that the report of Gangapur, Rajastan could not reach the editorial desk any way at the time of above write-up.

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Hindu Temple Vandalized, Religious Festival Attacked by Bengal Islamists.

Posted by hinduexistence on April 1, 2010

Pic. ^ Inside the Temple the Muslim thugs destroyed and desecrated the Hindu deities and thrown outside the broken idols.


Report : Prokash Das, Hindu Samhati.

The onslaught of resurgent and fanatic Islamic faith (thanks to West Bengal’s Islamic custodians like Trinamool Congress) on Hindus in Bengal is unabated and as part of the same series, the age-old Shiva Temple at Pagla Tala in Haringhata P.S. (Police Station) area of Nadia District, famous for holding the heritage rural religious congregation named “Pagol Thakurer Mela” for centuries right from the time of Raja Krishnachandra Roy, becomes the latest target of the Muslims.

On 28.03.10 at around 7 p.m, when the Hindu congregation was at full blast, a violent crowd of approx 400 Muslim goons strongly-armed, with sinister designs, usurped the vicinity and ransacked the entire gathering along with local shops and the Shiva Temple (Pagol Thakurer Mandir) was  also destroyed alongwith the idols of Godess Kali , Laxmi , Saraswati , Lord Krishna and Ganesh.

The Muslim mob also severely damaged and looted the shops (25 nos. approx.) of the Hindu people, fatally injured the Hindu people and looted their belongings including money, ornaments, mobile phones, etc. They looted 26 bicycles of the visitors, 20 plastic chairs and 40 bamboo poles used for barricades of the mela.

As a mark of protest against the humiliation of Hindus, the angry Hindu community leaders staged a “Dharna” blocking the nearby roads for hours. On 30/03/10 morning, local Hindus formed 4 to 6 groups of 300 to 400 people in each group and blocked 5 roads leading to the Khudar Mela, about 3 km away from this temple, organised by the Muslims. The protest and road-block by the retaliating Hindus was so successful that the Khudar Mela of the Muslims, which was scheduled for that day was unable to take place. Tension prevails in the local area still now.

Eleven Hindus viz. 1) Sunil Singhadar (right eye fatally damaged), (2) Jagadish Goldar, (3) Sankar Sarkar, (4) Joydeb Roy, (5) Sujoy Mandal, (6) Uddhab Goldar, (7) Sunil Singha, (8) Ajit Goldar, (9) Tapan Roy, (10) Manik Goldar and (11) Panchugopal Mandal were severely injured by the Muslim thugs in the first attack.

Among those, Ajit Goldar and Sunil Singhadar were mercilessly beaten up in the Mela Committee office. The Muslim rampaging mob beaten up Manik Goldar and looted wrist watch, mobile phone and money from him. Beside the above mentioned persons, many unknown temple disciples and volunteers were mercilessly beaten up by the fundamentalist Muslims.

As per available report, 1) Sadek, (2) Masood, (3) Sabbir Goldar s/o, Alimuddin, (4) Kabir Goldar s/0, Alimuddin, (5) Bilal Mandal s/o, Jhuro Mandal, (6) Haider Ali Goldar s/o, Majnu Goldar, (7) Ratan Goldar s/o, Majnu,(8) Bishe Goldar s/o, Deedar, (9) Rabbari Mandal s/o, Haran, (10) Altaf Goldar s/o, Mamlabox, (11) Mafroj Goldar s/o, Mamlabox,(12) Moynak Mandal s/o, Mansur, (13) Alamat Bag s/o, Late Golam Bag, (14) Laltu Goldar, (15) Haider Ali Goldar, (16) Majnu Goldar, (17) Mainoor, (18) Ijjal, (19) Mobijul, (20) Firoj, (21) Rafik, (22) Raju and others were leading the   Pic.^: Sunil Singhadar, right eye fatally damaged Muslim goons to hurt the Hindus, shouting the slogans : Narayee Takbeer, Allaha ho Akbar !!  Some fire arms were also shown to the Hindus to terrorize the Hindus in the spot. Local Administration and Police were completely failure to keep and maintain the peace at the material point of the time of  this “Mini Jihad” against the Hindus.

When they were destroying the idols of the temple, Smt. Renuka Bakshi, Priestess of the temple protested. She was threatened that she would be killed if she did not keep quiet.

The attack started at about 7 pm. Mela Committee repeatedly informed the Haringhata Police Station over phone. But the reply came from the police (a) there was not enough police personnel, (b) they have no car to go, (c) there was no petrol/diesel to run the jeep, etc. etc.

About 5 hours after the incident started, police came. Seeing the seriousness of the incident, they arrested 14 Muslims from nearby Muslim village Mitrapur Muslim Para. But under pressure of local Trinamool Congress leaders Biswajit Roy, Nemai Das and Chitta Das, they all were released next day without registering any case so far.

Police took away with them all the broken idols to the police station ignoring the objection of local people. This act of police is totally irreligious and against the rituals of Sanatan Dharma. The local police is very much conspicuous to destroy all the evidences of Islamic Torture made upon Hindu Temples, Hindu Idols and Hindu people gathered in the Mela in general.

On 31st March when a Representative Team of Hindu Samhati led by Advocate B.N.Roy and Sujit Maity thoroughly visited the area and  went to the Haringhata Police Station, police absolutely refused to give them any information. Officer in Charge of Haringhata Police Station and Investigating Officer (I.O.) of the case did not meet with the members of the team.

The Hindus of the area are feeling absolutely insecure and threatened. An exodus of Hindus from the area is just a matter of time. With the other 09 districts in West Bengal, Nadia has also been declared by the State Government, as Muslim populated district with special facilities for Muslim development.

MediaWatch Group Reports : Muslims rampaged temple in Haringhata, West Bengal

In an attempt to continue Jihad, Muslim miscreants demolished “Radhakrishna” Mandir adjoining ‘Matua Mela Prangan’ in Paglatala village of Mollabelia Gram Panchayat under Haringhata Development Block of Nadia District, West Bengal.  Gram Panchayat Prodhan, Nasiruddin Molla took active role in this matter.  They demolished Krishna Temple and also demolished the “Bigraha”.

Local Trinamool Congress leader and Nadia Zilla Parishad Member, Sri Biswajit Roy helped Muslim miscreants after they have been arrested by the police.  He helped them also to obtain bail in ACJM, Kalyani.  He was elected from parts of the Mollabelia, Kastodanga-I & II Gram Panchayats.  He is the law clerk of Sub-Registrar Office, Haringhata and local people knows him as corrupt leader.

Armed forces have been deployed which is unable to control armed ‘Jehadis’.  Besieged poor Hindus, mainly of ‘Nama Sudra’ community prayed help from all corners.  Administration is unable to shatter fear from the mind of Hindus of that locality.

Report : Sri Manthaan Arya

Posted by Upananda Brahmachari.

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