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Hindu Villagers Attacked by Muslim Mafia in Birbhum, West Bengal. Four dead, several injured.100 thatched houses of Hindu tribes were set on fire by Islamic mob.

The tension prone villagers of Bhanrkanta quit their homes in a row. Pic. Ananda Bazar.

Hindu Villagers Attacked by Muslim Mafia in Birbhum, West Bengal. 100 thatched houses of Hindu tribes were set on fire by Islamic mob.

100 thatched houses of Hindu tribes were set on fire by Islamic mob. Photo-HS

Suri: Four person were killed and several were injured in a clash at several Hindu tribal-dominated villages in Birbhum’s Mohammad Bazaar, the heart of the stone mining belt, on Thursday, the 22nd April,2010.

A mob, reportedly backed by the local stone crushers and mine owners (all Muslims), launched an attack on the Hindu villages early in the morning. The attack was reportedly in retaliation to the killing of a corrupt Muslim stone crusher supervisor on Monday.

The Hindu villages have seen simmering tension for the past couple of months, with villagers alleging that poor tribals were exploited and their land snatched away by the Muslims in the stone-crushing industry. They had also been complaining that villagers were often injured during blasting in stone mines. Also, there has been rampant compalints of Hindu women being attacked and assaulted by Muslim activists along the whole mining belt in West Bengal and Jharkhand.

On Monday night, a supervisor of a stone crushing unit, Basirul Seikh (50, an Muslim and known Hindu baiter), was killed by a group of villagers at Talbandi. Though Basirul worked in a stone product company, he recently procured a plot of land to set up a stone mine in the area. His brother, Jamirul, alleged that his elder brother was summoned to resolve a dispute over the plot with some locals. He reached the house of one Debu Hansda, with whom he was acquainted. Suddenly, a group of armed villagers attacked Basirul and hacked him to death. Both the brothers were involved in various anti-social activities and often conspired with Muslims in the area to torture and molest local Hindu tribal women.

Early on Thursday morning, thousands of people — labourers and villagers backed by stone crushing unit owners — gathered at a place near Sagarbandhi village, said police. The heavily armed mob rushed to Talbandhi and Sagarbandhi, which is dominated by Santhal tribals. More than 100 thatched houses were set on fire, people were dragged out of their homes and beaten up mercilessly and bombs hurled indiscriminately. Women were molested and raped, children were not spared.

The Hindu Tribal People eventually took the arms to guard their village from Muslim attackers.>> Pic. (R) Anandabazar Patrika.

Though it took some time for the initial shock to go away, the tribal Hindu victims — numbering thousands — regrouped and started attacking the nearby stone crusher units, many of them owned by Muslim mining mafia bosses. A weighbridge and some crushers were set ablaze. The situation was so tense that police could not enter the trouble zone initially. It was only after six hours that senior officers — District Magistrate Saumitra Mohan, DIG, Burdwan range, Jagmohan, SP Rabindranath Mukherjee and ASP Farhat Abbas — managed to get in with force backup.

The angry tribals surrounded them for some time. Two injured Hindu men — Mangala Murdi and Kabiraj Murmu, who received serious bomb injuries — were taken to Suri hospital in serious condition. A large team — including combat force and EFR jawans — was deployed in the area, but stray clashes continued to occur in some areas. The forces discovered the body of a Hindu villager, Motilal Tudu, from Sagarbandhi.

The media, too, was not allowed into the villages. A cameraperson who tried to enter was chased out. The District Magistrate said: “We are discussing the situation with villagers. The villagers are cooperating with us.” When asked whether they were encircled by the villagers, he denied it. According to sources, however, senior police officers and the DM were kept sitting under a tree in Sagarbandhi.

The District Magistrate said that they would distribute relief materials and that the district administration would help the villagers to reconstruct the destroyed homes. The district administration has called an all-party meeting at Suri on Thursday evening.

Najir Hossain Mallik (a known Islamist), the president of Panchami Stone Mines and Owners Association, said: “We, the owners, were not at all involved in the attack. We have requested the administration to bring back peace at any cost.” Mr. Mallik is known as ‘Mr Terror’ in the area and the non-Muslim crowd in the area has expressed serious concerns about this man and his unholy Islamic nexus.

Now it is established that the President of the “Panchmi Pathar Khadan Malik Samity”, Sk. Nazri Hossain Mallick had played a vindictive role to evacuate the tribal people of Pachmi and Bhanrkanta to establish an exclusive possession of Muslims over the entire  stone-crushing business areas. So far  the entire matter came to broad day-light and obviously in the face of retaliating tribal people, a Nazri Hossain Mallick is now trying a lot to cool the wrath of tribal people by abusing the role of Police and Administrations. But the tribal people have only the demand to punish the Muslim Opperessors in the incident of Panchmi and Bhanrkanta Mohammad Bazaar , Birbhum.

Among the death of four, Md. Bhanu Sk. and Md. Dilder Sk. were died in explosion  at the time of  bomb making. Other two, Md Jamirul Molla and Matilal Tudu’s body were found in a well. Perhaps the later two were stabbed in the communal clash found inevitable.

A fact finding team of  lead by Tapan Ghosh, President Hindu Samhati along with Hindu Existence Monitoring Group have already rushed  to the affected areas.

For fresh updates please visit both the and in regular basis.


The poor Hindu tribal women are regularly sexually exploited and raped by Muslim goons all over West Bengal. But in recent months the matter has become so worse in the Mohammad Bazar area in Birbhum district that after last two days incidents, tribal organisations from Jharkhand had to intervene to protect the honor of their womenfolk. Click below for updates.


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Hindu Existence Fact Finding Team reports from Rampurhat on Wednesday, 28th April, 2010 :

A huge rally of various Tribal hindu organization under the banner Adibasi Raksha Manch ( Forum for Protection of  Tribal People) gave a demonstration to the the Sub Divisional Officer, Rampurhat with 12 point demands including protection of tribal women from sex-exploitation, health security of stone crusher workers, minimum wages, ban upon child labour, illegal stone crusher mills and out comer Mafia rackets causing harms to the local people, culture and enviorment.

The rally comprising  Birbhum Adibasi Gaonta, Majhi Pargana Baisi Adibasi Sangathan, Adibasi Lok Samskriti Parisad, Adibasi Sramik Oikya and other tribal  forums started from the village Tumbuni and the Rampurhat Town with their transitional tribal weapons like bow and arrow, spears and Tangi. Numbers of tribal women also participated in this rally. Tribal leader Surendra Tudu told before the press that the local Adminstrative and Police authority favoured the attackers upon the tribal villages and conspirators for the communal riots and registered the cases against the innocent tribal people very unjustifiably.

The HE Fact finding team reveals some truth that :

Mohammad Kamal Khan, his brothers and son along with Nazir Hossion Mallick ( both of them are Stone crusher mill owner i.e. khadan mallik and leaders of Mill Owner Associations) fomented the Muslims against Hindu Tribal people and lead directly the arson, looting and molestation in tribal villages.

At the time of rampage in Chanda Para, Nagram, Pamchmi, Kapasdanga, Talbandh,  Sagarbandhi, the Police acted as mere on-lookers under a mysterious equation with the Crusher Owner Associations, dominated by communal Muslims.

The main Muslim culprits operated with  logistic and other supports from Chandni Chak, Kolkata, Patna and Ranchi. These Muslim Mafias have strong Arabic – Islamic connections outside West Bengal also. The hands on trainer for bomb-making came from outside the locality.

The notorious anti-hindu Mahasweta Devi’s agents Birbhum are trying hard to establish the communal clash between Hindus and Muslims in the present case is nothing but an out-brust of owner-labour problem in Khadan areas. It is evident that the communal clash spread in the area after one Stone Trader and habitual persecutor (upon the tribal people and women)  Basirul Shiek was hacked to death in the village Baromesia in first instance.

Section 144 is imposed in the entire Bhanrkata and adjacent areas. The around the clock own Tribal vigilance and protection groups in most of the affected tribal villages are being heckled by the police administration so far. But it is noticed that the Muslim preachers and anti-socials are gradually maneuvering the ares for further anti-tribal actions.

posted by Upananda Brahmachari.

14 comments on “Hindu Villagers Attacked by Muslim Mafia in Birbhum, West Bengal. Four dead, several injured.100 thatched houses of Hindu tribes were set on fire by Islamic mob.

  1. Sudam
    April 27, 2010

    It will happen in West Bengal, Assam and Keral. Because Hindu people are not united. After 30-40 years latter Muslim people will get majority and Hindu people have to leave from these state. Then Muslim people will demand for independent land. All politician want to get Muslim vote bank because they are united. So they do not tell anything for that conspiracy of Islam.



  2. Balla
    April 27, 2010

    At least these people have retaliated. Muslims are filthy violent bastards and the only thing they understand is violence and they should be returned with violence and exclusive economic boycott.

    Any way this is what is in store for people of West Bengal. They can strike back or continue to take these insults in the spirit of so called secularism.

    In all this where is the so called Bengal BJP state unit? Trying to become secular, I guess.


  3. B K Halder
    April 27, 2010

    Surprisingly BJP, RSS, VHP and Bajrang Dals are just keeping mum on these issues. Its not that they are not aware of the situation, they just are avoiding and playing a role of NEO SECULAR SATANS.


    B K Halder.


    • agyat
      September 20, 2013

      Dear Haldar its not like that BIP,RSS,VHP and Bajrang dal are well aware of the total situation of hindus all over India but this is the right time to take any such action we all are waiting for the right time it is well said STRIKE THE IRON WHEN IT IS HOT. trust and u will c in 2014. the complete map of India will change if BJP comes in power. If u all are realy interested in a bright and progressive and prosperous HINDU rajya then we all have to unite first take the lesson from this notorious Muslim Community.


  4. Tamil guy
    April 27, 2010

    Please state the full name of the Muslim attackers (bomb makers)…Otherwise, the religious identity of the attackers (bomb makers) will be mistaken as Hindu by readers (who are not from Bengal).

    Instead of “Md. Bhanu Sk. and Md. Dilder Sk”, please write the full names (Mohammed Bhanu Sheik and Mohammed Dilder Sheik)

    Please do not use abbreviations like Md and Sk, as it is confusing.


    • Paul Xebia
      July 19, 2010

      Fuck the whole muslim community if i was teh american president then i would take only 5 years to demplish the fucking muslim communities from the entire world


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  6. Asif Ikbal, Birbhum.
    May 13, 2010

    It is true that recently some tension has been arisen in the tribal dominating stone mining area in Birbhum district between mine owners and santhal tribes but relations between the Hindus and Muslims on the basis of religions are gradually widening. A socio-economic problem of this area is now being culpably mis-utilized by the Islamic Fundamentalists under the ISI and DFID net.

    Though the maximum mine owners are Muslims, there are hindu owners also. The owner of the biggest mine company MAHARAJA MINING, is a Hindu by name. There is a lots of christian tribe also. But they are less victimized in the Panchmi incident. The active Islamists of these areas tried to spread rather big chaos and hate among the people. The administration however checked the further loss of lives.

    But one interesting thing here, the Veteran Intellectual Society ( called themselves as SUSHIL SAMAJ) reached Nanur area for a morale visit after a violence between two clashing political parties very recently where Muslims are grossly victimized. But this time they could be able to spare some time for the people of Panchmi, Bharkanta, Barasole etc. where the Hindu people are affected mostly. This SUSHIL SAMAJ and Human Right-walls never reached to the persecuted Hindu People anyway.

    If someone have any doubt on my text then just come to the place. Its just a 5 hr journey from Kolkata. Kolkata to Suri- then Mohammad Bazaar.


  7. Tribal
    September 10, 2010

    Thank you for using the term “Hindu Tribe”. Tribal people are closer to the Hindu fold. But they possess some thing peculiar in their custom and culture. These are not found in the Hindu practices in general. But, basically they believe mostly alike Hindus in terms of polytheism, rebirth, virtue and sin approach, normal day to day rituals and funeral etc. Muslims or Christians are totally different from the characteristics of Indian tribals. With their approach of modernity (Christian) or middle age mentality (Islam) they want to destroy the tribal practices and identity through large scale conversion. Tribals should not accept Christianity or Islam anyway. They should remain in their own belief.
    Hindu and Tribal natural bindings and tie-up should be retained at any cost for the benefit of both communities.


  8. rahul
    November 28, 2010

    Hamara dharma SANATAN DHARMA hai Sikh. Jain. Buddha are part of our religion so invole them also.


  9. Tushar
    December 30, 2010

    All Muslim Guys of India are united to Kill all the non-Muslim Guys at midnight including their innocent babies and all Hindu girls are trapped to be converted Muslim Women under Love Jihad scheme.

    What should we do Hindu Guys so passive and reluctant to say one word to protect our Hindu Dharma ? We are Hindus in name sake but shake hands with the anti Hindu – jihadi Muslim force time and again. Shame to us.

    Hindus should start strong retaliation without hesitation. Brave Hindu guys come forward with guts.


  10. Bihari Roy
    September 13, 2011

    Till now, muslim community’s men are communal and Conservative in mind. They are destructive in mind and want to earn any loss of hindu communities. So, these type of incidents are not new in our society. We need strong protest to the muslim’s negative attitude, further we should be gone to other land quite of my own india.
    With best regards- A.K


    • Apurba Saha
      November 20, 2011

      Respected Sir/Madam,

      We (Non Governmental Organisation) are to earnestly inform all the social activists that we are introducing a new project in the backward block of Md. Bazar which is totally an industrial belt of stone quarries and crashers. Our NGO has been established so far to provide food, cloth, shelter, health and education among the tribal community and the locality under a severe dust pollution and under development crisis.

      We are inviting the social activists to visit the locality and also open all windows of development in our areas.

      Apurba Saha.


  11. sam
    September 15, 2013

    I think we have to make unity for this type of incidence.


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