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Three Islamic IEDs defused. At least 45 Amarnath pilgrims saved from deadly blast. Nobody held yet.

Posted by hinduexistence on July 30, 2011


Terror attack on Amarnath pilgrims foiled. 

Zeenews Bureau || Saturday, July 30, 2011

Jammu: The Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) on Saturday foiled a terror plot to attack pilgrims undertaking Amarnath yatra. 

CRPF personnel defused three IEDs (improvised explosive devices) that were kept in a bus.

The incident occurred in Kazikund on the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway when a bus with around 45 Amarnath pilgrims was returning to Jammu.

The bus conductor noticed some suspicious bags and immediately alerted the security officials. The area was immediately cordoned off by CRPF personnel and a bomb squad was called in.

The IEDs were placed inside three pressure cookers and were remote controlled. It is suspected that RDX was used to make the three bombs.

Courtesy : Zee News || Times of India || Times Now.

85% Hindus in India have to run their pilgrimage in their own land within heavy military protection due to 15% Muslim counts maximum here. What will be the situation of Hindus in India when the numbers of Muslims will be figured 30%  just in 2025 ?? Quwattal-e-Aam. Hindu Genocide. 

Read and Get an unique solution : “HOW TO WIPE OUT ISLAMIC TERROR  FROM INDIA” by Dr. Subramaniam Swamy. 

We should retaliate.

Hindus must collectively respond as Hindus.

Hindus to stand against the Islamic terrorist.

There is no room for sattvic responses to evil people.

No compromise with Islamic terrorism. No justification of it.

The final way of Guru Govind Singh : How just five fearless persons under spiritual guidance can transform a society. ਵਾਹੇਗੁਰੁ  ਜੀ  ਕਾ  ਖਾਲਸਾ  ਵਾਹੇਗੁਰੁ  ਜੀ  ਕੀ  ਫ਼ਤੇਹ ||

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Tributes to Kargil Martyrs.

Posted by hinduexistence on July 27, 2011

Every Year Indian Nation remembers the Kargil Martyrs with Great Pride and Veneration.


Tributes paid to Kargil martyrs
Tribune News Service

Drass, July 26
Tributes were paid to martyrs at the Forever in Operations War Memorial on the 12th Kargil Vijay Diwas, signifying the victory of Indian forces in evicting Pakistani intruders who had occupied large tracts on this side of the Line of Control in the Kargil sector.

It was on this day in 1999 that the last of the Pakistani intruders, who included army regulars as well as militants, were flushed out from fortified positions in inhospitable terrain at heights up to 18,000 feet. As many as 543 Indian troops, including many young officers, were killed in the two-month long war.

General Officer Commanding of the Leh-based 14 Corps, Lt Gen Ravi Dastane, GOC 8 Mountain Division, Maj Gen R.J. Noronha, GOC 3 Mountain Division, Maj Gen K.M. Balsara, brigade commanders, commanding officers of various battalions deployed in this sector as well as a large number of officers, jawans and their family members attended the ceremony. Also present were next of kin of some of the martyrs, ex-servicemen from this region and civilian dignitaries.

Later addressing a special sainik sammelam, Lt Gen Dastane called upon all ranks to draw inspiration from the unity, steely resolve and spirit of sacrifice displayed by the armed forces and continues to strive for professional excellence. He said the Kargil conflict was a testimony to the indomitable spirit and fighting skills of the Indian soldier.

War widows and next of kin of martyrs were also honoured on the occasion. A barakhana for all troops, a massed band display, polo match between Ladakh Scouts and Dras Bravo, a local civilian team, cultural programme for the locals, a candle lighting ceremony and an audio-visual presentation were other events organised to mark the event.

A cycle expedition organised to commemorate the golden jubilee of 70 Infantry brigade, deployed in Batalik, was also flagged-in at the war memorial. The expedition had started from Nyoma in eastern Ladakh on July 5.

Even I can’t utter their sacred names of all these Great Martyrs at a stretch, but in a moment I feel they are Gods of the real patriots of Bharat.


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Pandit Chandrashekhar Azad – A Great Revolutionary of All Times.

Posted by hinduexistence on July 23, 2011

श्रद्धांजलि : चंद्रशेखर आजाद 

Homage : Chandra Sekhar Azad

“दुश्मन की गोलियों का हम सामना करेंगे, आजाद ही रहे हैं, आजाद ही रहेंगे.” -चंद्रशेखर आजाद 

“We will face the bullets of the enemies, we are free and will remain free.” – Chandra Sekhar Azad

Pandit Chandrashekhar Azad (23rd July 1906 — 27th February 1931), a fearless revolutionary and a great freedom fighter, was born on July 23, 1906 in Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh. He was the son of Pandit Sita Ram Tiwari and Jagrani Devi. He started his education in Bhavra and at the age of 14 he went to Varanasi where he was taught to live the austere life of a Brahamachari.

During his stay in Varanasi he was highly inspired by the Non Cooperation movement of Mahatma Gandhi. He actively participated in the movement for which he was sentenced to fifteen lashes of logging at the age of 15. In the court he addressed himself as ‘Azad’, and gave his father’s name as ‘Swadhin’ and his mother’s name as ‘Dharti Ma’ and residence as ‘Jail’. With endurance, courage and fortitude he tolerated all the lashes. With each stroke of the whip he shouted ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. From then, he was honored and titled as ‘Azad’ by the local Indians. Thereafter, he got the name Chandrashekhar Azad. When he was released, he took a pledge that he would never be arrested by the Britishers and will die as a free man.

Read details in : HINDU DIGEST. 

That Revolution is still on. Hindus should achieve the Absolute Freedom in Bharat. Oh! my Young India, gain in a Hindu Freedom Movement in this sacred land. Achieve the Hindu Rashtra in Bharatvarsha. A Hindu Rashtra is our birth right of over 100 millions Hindus in India.

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Pakistan gave $4m to illegal Kashmiri lobby group in Washington to snatch Kashmir, destroy India and kill the Hindus.

Posted by hinduexistence on July 21, 2011

US exposed ISI subversion of Kashmir issue; FBI arrests US-based lobbyist. A huge money much over $4m has been invested against Kashmir, India and Hindus all over. 

Chidanand Rajghatta  in WASHINGTON writes for TNN on Jul 19 2011 that : Federal authorities on Monday arrested a prominent US-based pro-Pakistan activist associated with the Kashmiri separatist movement, accusing him of funneling money from the Pakistani spy agency ISI to lobby US decision-makers.

In the process, the Obama administration’s law enforcement brigade also blew open the Pakistan and its spy agency’s two-decade long subversion of the so-called Kashmir cause.

The FBI swooped down on the Virginia residence of Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai, a well-known representative of Kashmiri separatists in the US and detained him on charges of ”participating in a long-term conspiracy to act as agents of the Pakistani government in the United States without disclosing their affiliation with the Pakistani government as required by law.” Or simply put, he served as a frontman for ISI’s Kashmir agenda.Another individual, Zaheer Ahmed, like Fai a US citizen, was also similarly charged, but he is at large and believed to be in Pakistan, according to US authorities.

Fai has been a familiar and prominent figure in Washington DC for nearly two decades, lobbying Kashmiri separatist cause as executive director of the Kashmiri-American Council (KAC) and dallying with senators and congressmen. US authorities now say the KAC was just an ISI front, funded by Pakistan’s spy agency.

The FBI affidavit alleges that, although the KAC held itself out to be a Kashmiri organization run by Kashmiris and financed by Americans, ”it is one of three ‘Kashmir Centers’ that are actually run by elements of the Pakistani government, including ISI.” The two other Kashmir Centers are in London, England, and Brussels, Belgium.

According to the affidavit, a confidential witness told investigators that he participated in a scheme to obscure the origin of money transferred by Pakistan’s ISI to Fai to use as a lobbyist for the KAC in furtherance of Pakistani government interests. The witness explained that the money was transferred to Fai through Ahmad, an American living in Pakistan.

A second confidential witness told investigators that the ”ISI created the KAC to propagandize on behalf of the government of Pakistan with the goal of uniting Kashmir.” This witness said ”ISI’s sponsorship and control of KAC were secret and that ISI had been directing Fai’s activities for the past 25 years.”

Now it is detected that Pakistan gave $4m to illegal Kashmiri lobby group in Washington during these years. And FBI arrested the chair of “Kashmiri American Council”, Dr Ghulam Nabi Fai for working as unregistered ISI agent for two decades in US. But this is not an uncommon unrevealing in US or the other parts in present day world. Islamic money is very much proactive to finish the unbelievers whether a Christian, Hindu, Buddhits, an Quadiyani or anybody else Islam projects a Kaffir to be killed.

This promptness of FBI or other top US intelligence wing is really a name of indulgence of running many fanatic and sophisticated Islamic institutions in American soil rising huge funds for Radical Islam in the name of Islamophobia in US or the Rights of Muslims in America. Embarrassing enough that the Islamists run terror training camps in the soil of America against everybody. It is obvious that the video under must capture the attention of everybody.

See the Islamic Terrorist Training Camp in America.

God knows the Truth..

Actually, the Islamic lobby whether it is Arab, Palestine, Pakistan or anybody invests for the liberation for Kashmir or the dangerous Jihadi Blasts in India or for the network of Indian Mujaheedin or Harkat-ul-Hindustan, they only want killing field (Dar-ul-harb) in India to finish all Hindu Kaffirs to liberate Hindustan as a Dar-ul-Islam, a new Mughlistan or Arbistan or an Islamic name per their choice.

Read related story : For Fai and Pakistan, Kashmir was a cash cow.

Courtesy : TNN || TIO || HINDU DIGEST

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Preah Vihear Hindu temple is now ”Free” from Thailand-Cambodia Fire-Fields.

Posted by hinduexistence on July 20, 2011

Preah Vihear Temple Sky View

Hindus hail Hague Court decision on famed Preah Vihear Shiva Temple

19th July 2011 05:50:43  ANI || Source : Haindava Keralam.

Preah Vihear Shiva Temple

Nevada (US), July 19: Welcoming the International Court of Justice (ICJ) decision on demilitarizing Preah Vihear Hindu temple on Thailand-Cambodia border, the Hindus have urged international organizations to urgently undertake its restoration work.

ICJ, the principal judicial organ of the United Nations established in 1945, in its decision at Hague (Netherlands) on July 18, reportedly found out that both Parties (Cambodia and Thailand) must immediately withdraw their military personnel currently present in the provisional demilitarized zone defined by it, and refrain from any military presence within that zone and from any armed activity directed at that zone, to ensure that no irreparable damage was caused. There were skirmishes between both countries in the earlier part of the year reportedly causing damage to this Shiva temple, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Esteemed Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) on Monday, said that demilitarization of the temple area would probably avoid the risk of further damage to the ancient Hindu shrine.

Zed, who is the president of Universal Society of Hinduism, stressed that international community, UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization), and ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) should immediately provide funding and manpower for restoring this Lord Shiva temple back to its original shape.

These organizations should not shy away to shoulder their responsibility of saving the important heritage of the world and respecting the feelings of Hindus worldwide, he added.

Besides temple repairs, some infrastructure in the area should also be provided for devotees and other visitors, he said.

Zed pointed out that this landmark age-old and revered Hindu temple complex in Preah Vihear province of Cambodia, about 245 kilometers north of Phnom Penh, was important to Hindu heritage and must be preserved to pass it on to the future generations. Damage and deterioration of 11th century Shiva temple was shocking and hurtful to the Hindu community world over.

Lord Shiva, one of the major deities in Hinduism forming great triad with Brahma and Vishnu, was focus of worship of the Hindus, and it was important for them that Preah Vihear Hindu Shiva temple be protected and restored. It was moral duty of the world to keep it intact for the coming generations, he added.

Known as Preah Vihear in Cambodia and Khao Phra Viharn in Thailand, this remote temple had been a source of tension for generations. Preah Vihear was said to even predate Cambodia’s Angkor Wat temple complex by about 100 years and its stunning setting made it finest of all the ruins left from the mighty Khmer civilization, Zed said.

Click here to see some marvelous Pics of Preah Vibear Shiva Temple at Combodia-Thailand border. 

See details in World Hindu Unity.

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Sikh Sangat in Lahore prevented from celebrating Martyrdom of Bhai Taru Singh at Naulakha Bazaar Gurudwara.

Posted by hinduexistence on July 19, 2011

Sikhs kept out of their own temple for Shab-e-Barat

By Abdul Manan || Published: July 17, 2011 || Thankful Courtesy : The Express Tribune.

A policeman guards at a Sikh temple that a Islamic group claims is the burial site of a Muslim saint. Pic : The Express Tribune.

LAHORE: The Sikh community in Lahore have been prevented from observing a religious celebration at a gurdwara, their musical equipment thrown out and their entry barred, after a religious group persuaded the Evacuee Trust Property Board (ETPB) that celebrating the Muslim holy day of Shab-e-Barat was more important than the Sikh religious festival.

Police have been deployed outside the temple to prevent the Sikhs from conducting their religious ceremonies until the end of Shab-e-Barat, which falls on July 18 this year. The Sikh community wanted to commemorate an eighteenth-century saint on July 16.
The Gurdwara Shaheed Bhai Taru Singh, in Naulakha Bazaar, Lahore, is built to honour the memory of a Sikh saint who was executed in 1745 on the orders of the Mughal governor of Punjab, Zakaria KhanEvery July, the Sikh community has held religious ceremonies to commemorate his sacrifice in the service of humanity.

Bhai Taru Singh was executed in 1745 on the orders of a Muslim Governor.

While the temple was taken over by the ETPB after Partition, the Sikh community had been allowed to continue using it with relatively few restrictions.

Until four years ago.
It was then that a gang of young men from the Dawat-e-Islami, a Barelvi proselytising group, claimed that the gurdwara was located on the site of the burial place of a fifteenth century Muslim saint, Pir Shah Kaku. The group claims that Kaku was the grandson of Baba Fariduddin Ganjshakar, an implausible claim since Ganjshakar died in 1280, while they claim that Kaku died almost 200 years later, in 1477.
The Sikh community had approached the ETPB, which had then allowed both communities to observe their religious rituals according to their own beliefs at the temple. The group used it every Thursday for prayer services while the Sikh community used it once a year for the anniversary of Taru Singh’s martyrdom.
This year, however, when young men from the Sikh community went in to set up their musical instruments on July 13, they were thrown out by the men from Dawat-e-Islami and prevented from re-entering.
Members of the Sikh community, many of whom fear to be identified, said that the leader of the group of men, Sohail Butt, claimed that the temple was now a mosque and that they would not be allowed to bring in their musical instruments any more.
Butt admitted to preventing the Sikhs from performing their ritual, claiming that the temple was inside the courtyard of the mosque.
“Shab-e-Barat is more important than the Sikh ritual,” Butt said, adding that the ETPB had accepted his group’s stance.
Officials from the ETPB admit that they have asked the Sikh community to postpone their celebrations until after Shab-e-Barat.
Read full report in HINDU DIGEST.                                                                                  …………………..

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No peace for Hindus in Islam or Christianity. Converted Hindus are returning Home.

Posted by hinduexistence on July 19, 2011

No peace in Islam or Christianity. Converted Hindus are returning into their original faith of reliance.

Frustrated after converted to Islam, Family returns to Hinduism at Udupi, Karnataka.

Udupi July 14-2011: For his love for a Muslim girl, he took no time to leave his mother religion. 5 years ago Prashanth Shetty married his lover Mushra. He got converted to Islam, appeared in a new name and new Muslim style. After 5 years he realised the situation, was frustrated to be a Muslim decided to return along with his wife and kids.

In a simple religious ceremony of reconversion (Paravartan) at Saralebettu Shivapadi Sri Umamaheshwari Temple near Manipal of Udupi district in Karnataka, family of Prashanth Shetty voluntarily returned to Hinduism. The family signed a letter stating the acceptance of Hinduism at the temple.
Mushra now called with a new name Prathibha Shetty, elder son Naveen Shetty (Mohammed Iqbual), second son Umesh Shetty (Mohammed Irshan), daughter Prathima Shetty (Fathima Yasmin), and younger son Suresh (Mohammed Jalaluddeen) are now returned to Hinduism.
‘I am happy to be a Hindu; my husband never forced me to live with any restrictions. Where my husband goes i will follow him as a wife’ says Prathibha Shetty.

30 Christian from 8 Families Return to Hinduism in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Mumbai : June 27- 2011. It was a moment of pride for all of them who returned to Hinduism  here on Sunday.( 26th June 11 ) All of those who reconverted back to Hinduism belong to extremely poor strata of society made this decision  after they failed to achieve equal social status in the faith which was introduced to them by their mentors who once came to them as saviours in white cloak.The programme was organized at Wageshwari devi temple at Filmcity road in Goregaon East,Mumbai by VISHWA HINDU PARISHAD (VHP) under the vibrant leadership of   Shri Anand Kumar Pande (VHP District secretary) who showed all of them the path to return to religion of their forefathers.
Read details in : World Hindu Unity.

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The theory of Saffron Terrorism again tabled by the Congress in 13/7 Mumbai Blast.

Posted by hinduexistence on July 16, 2011

Terror agents and Nonsense Congress.

~ Cuverry Basu Mullick.

Jago Mahishasur Mardini

No City is safe in this Country: Chidambaram

>In this Country (India), every city is vulnerable. > Terrorists are active in every part of the world. > In this year 2011, world has seen 16 cases in January, February 21 cases, March 45 cases, April 21 and May 28 cases of  terrorist attacks. > Reports from Intelligence Agencies were not available previously for this particular occurrence. However, I do not think it as their failure. (P Chidambaram in Mumbai – a half-hour address to the press).

Strange is the apathy and indifference of such an ugly Interior Minister of India. Viewers of that imprudent interview surely amazed to see odd things so that the Minister of Fishery in West Bengal was briefing an expected fishing in Bay of Bengal out of a good monsoon.

Chidambaram should ashamed as still Governments are like Alice in Wonderland and still trying to figure out what went wrong in Mumbai. Jago Kumbhkarn Sonia,Monmohan & Company.

There are also terror in Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq.  We are able to defuse 99% Terror attacks: Rahul

> 100% attack prevention is not possible. > Though there is no terrorist attacks Since 9 / 11 in the U.S, but Americans are facing continued terror attacks in Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq. > 99 per cent of the attacks have been stopped by us. (Rahul Gandhi during a press conference in Bhubaneswar).

Good example of a rising of a bustard class in the power of family democracy. This prime minister in waiting is famous for his knowledge and wisdom. Spoiled enough and can spoil others dangerously.

His Excellency Crown Prince, these blasts are 1% only. Can you tell us the list of other defused 99% terror attack in India? Who planned it, where, when and against whom??

Better Terrorism than Pakistan and Saffron Terrorism can’t be ruled out: Digvijoy Singh 

The situation in India is better than Pakistan. In Pakistan every day, every week there is a blast. In India it is not happened.

Doggy doormat got another chance to give his sermon. Researchers can go through the diet of this mad man living on the excreta of Mullah A S Burney and Xtian Sonia Antonia Maino.

This good friend of some Muslim groups has warned the government that no Muslim terror outfit should be blamed for Mumbai bombing till real culprits are not identified. And he is searching a Saffron Terror Group for Mumbai blast.

And accordingly, the Congress search lights fall upon the Mumbai Blast :  “Congress general secretary Digvijay Singh on Saturday said the involvement of radical Hindu outfit Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) cannot be ruled out in the serial blasts that rocked Mumbai city.

Speaking to media persons in New Delhi, Singh said he still adheres to the allegations made by him, as he has possessed sufficient evidence against the RSS.

“I have said that I will not rule out anything. Let the investigative agencies inquire it. Yes, if they want evidences about Sangh’s involvement in terrorist activities, I have got evidences but not in this case. I have already said on my part that I will not rule out anything,” Pigvijoy said.

Then what’s wrong with Doormat Diggy? He should have gone for the jugular of the Hindu terrorists. Vote bank compulsion makes Congress wary of naming Indian Mujahideen for Muslim apeasements. Please turn the day to night Diggy and discover the Hindu Bogie for blast of 13th at Mumbai. Go to hell.

Subodh Kanta Sahay was in a Fashion Show, when Mumbai was burning.

During the Mumbai serial blasts on Wednesday 13th, when the citizens of Mumbai were screaming and weeping, the Union Tourism Minister Subodh Kant Sahay was enjoying then a fashion show in Delhi, so arranged by a former Union Minister and BJP leader Mr Ashok Pradhan for his fashion designer daughter’s debut in this line.

It is reported that the fashion show was completed with the gala presence of many Bolly stars and politico dignitaries. Having been informed about the tragic triple blast in Mumbai SK was still present in the show. However, SK denied the matter later and reacted that he was moved then and there as his wife and daughter are living in Mumbai now a days.

Actually, “Nero”s are still living in our society.


Courtesy : Hindu Digest

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Post Mumbai Mayhem…

Posted by hinduexistence on July 15, 2011

Who will compensate  the tears of this Hindu boy lost his Dad by Islamic attack on 13th?                                                                                                              Mumbai returns it normal life with an anger of retaliated Mumbaikars  against..Islamic Terrorism.                                                                   Keep watching Hindu Existence for revelation of some TRUTH ABOUT 13TH.                                      

Mumbai Triple blasts on 13th July 2011 – in pictures

^^Warning to Click : This gallery contains graphic^^

^^and violent images.^^

Courtesy : Gurdain UK.

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Posted by hinduexistence on July 13, 2011

[Times of India  updates at TNN | Jul 14, 2011, 02.35am IST] No other city in the world has been the tragic target of as many serial terror attacks and bombings as Mumbai, which went through the agony in 1993, 2002, 2003, 2006, 2008 and now July 13, 2011. On Wednesday evening, three serial bomb blasts in the span of ten minutes ripped through three of the busiest hubs in the city—Zaveri Bazar, Opera House and Dadar—at rush hour, killing 21 people and injuring 141.

The first explosion was at 6.54pm at Zaveri Bazaar, followed by another at Opera House a minute later. The third explosion was at 7.06pm outside Kabutarkhana, a few metres from the western side of Dadar railway station. This is the third terror attack at Zaveri Bazaar.

Thanks to NDTV.

MUMBAI Jul 13, 2011 at 19-50 hrs IST :   Islamists attacked Mumbai again to challenge Hindu majority in India. Most Hindus are victims uncared as usual. Three near-simultaneous explosions rocked Mumbai at rush-hour on Wednesday, killing at least 17 people in what the government said appeared to be another terrorist strike in the city hit by a major attack nearly three years ago as 26/11. Three blasts occurred in Zaveri Bazar, Dadar and Charni Road areas this evening, killing at least 17 and injuring more than 100 people.

Maharashtra chief minister Prithviraj Chavan said the latest attack killed 17 people, and home minister P Chidambaram said the toll was likely to rise. Television footage showed dozens of police officials, several of them armed, at the sites of the explosion and at least one car with its windows shattered. A photograph showed victims of a blast at the Zaveri Bazaar crowding into the back of a cargo truck to be taken to a hospital. Because of the close timing of the string of explosions, “we infer that this was a coordinated attack by terrorists,” home minister Palaniappan Chidambaram said.

The terror strike coincided with the birthday of Ajmal Kasab, the lone surviving gunman in 26/11, who turned 24 today. Kasab has been sentenced to death by a trial court.

Home Minister P Chidambaram had indicated that at least 10 people have been killed, but Maharashtra CM Prithviraj Chavan raised that to 13, which itself was raised subsequently to 17.

Indian Mujahedin has emerged as the group most likely behind the terror strikes.

After initially refusing to take a stand, Home Ministry has now described the blasts in Mumbai as serial bomb blasts.

Improvised explosive devices (IED) were used by the terrorists, says the Home Ministry.

PWD Minister Chaggan Bhujbal confirmed that three blasts have occurred.

Police sources said the nature and intensity of the blasts was not known.

It is still not clear whether the blasts involved the use of a motorcycles and scooters – no car was used in the blasts. There are reports that one blast happened at a bus stop.

A police official said that an IED was found in an umbrella too.

All the explosions have taken place in heavily crowded areas. The first explosion took place in south Mumbai’s Zaveri Bazaar, near the famous Mumbadevi temple (Mumbai is named after this traditional Mumba Devi Mata), in which some people were injured, said Mumbai Police spokesperson Nisar Tamboli. The bustling market also has a number of jewellery shops.

The second explosion was reported in a taxi (MH-43A 9384)  in Dadar area, he said, while the third blast is  reported from Opera House in Charni Road.

The public in Mumbai is fuming, as per the reactions, and some are blaming the government for inaction and demanding that those in power must quit because the same city is being successfully targeted time and again.

See how the Indian Interior Minister conjures in his doggy style…… Nothing happened…  India is IM’s Lab.
Public Reaction in Mumbai……..

However, mostly, there is an appreciation of the quick reaction of the Mumbai Police and the efficient manner that they took charge of the situation, which is in stark contrast to what happened during 26/11 (Mumbai attack).

News-hungry people have created a rush on the telecom system, causing the services to jam.

It is also reported that two operators of Indian Mujahedin were arrested by the Maharastra ATS (Anti Terrorist Squad) just yesterday.

Special Thanks came from Pakistan to Govt. of India for not hanging Amir Afjal Kasab (SHAME from Hindu Existence) and both of  P Chidambaram, The Interior Minister of India & Maharashtra Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan for their utter inaction to crush IM in India beforehand. (SHAME again from Hindu Existence).

Courtesy : All related sources

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Amarnath Yatra crosses 234000 pilgrimage in less than two weeks this year.

Posted by hinduexistence on July 11, 2011

Jammu, July 10 (IANS) Less than two weeks into the annual Amarnath pilgrimage 2011, more than 230,000 pilgrims have visited the cave shrine till Sunday and many more are on their way, shrine board officials said.

Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) CEO R.K. Goyal said pilgrims were using both the tracks in north and south Kashmir to shrine to Lord Shiva, located at the height of 13,500 feet above sea level. The cave shrine houses an ice stalagmite formation that is believed to be a symbol of the deity.

Till Sunday noon, 2.34 lakh pilgrims have visited the shrine,’ he said, in a press release.

The number comes despite the number of suspensions of the pilgrimage, that started on June 29, because of hostile weather, rains and slippery tracks and jams on the highway and tracks leading to the shrine.

According to estimates if the current flow of the pilgrims continued, the number would cross more than half a million. About 475,000 pilgrims had paid obeisance at the shrine last year.

The pilgrimage is scheduled to conclude on Raksha Bandhan Day (Aug 13).

Hindus of USA is condemning 9/11 – 26/11. Regaining the spirit of Bharat as an United Force.

Washington, July 9 (IANS) Hindus in the US plan to donate blood to commemorate the 10th anniversary of 9/11 this year. 

The Hindu Mandirs Executive Conference (HMEC), an apex body of about 600 temples in the US, has appealed to the Hindus who form majority of the approximately three million Indian-Americans in the US to join the effort.

Read More here in World Hindu Unity.

  Islamic Preaching at Tirupati…… Think Hindu Preaching at Kaba !!


Hyderabad, July 8 2011 : 10 Mullahs arrested near Tirumala temple for objectionable Islamic preaching.
In the name of Secularism and obviously for the cause of the SIN named HINDU RELUCTANCE, of course we may hear that some negated substances were offered by these type of Non Hindus to Tirupati or Vaishnodevi or Kashi Viswanath….. 

Read more here in Hindu Digest.

Hindu Organisations should be united to protect Temple treasures in the tune of Hindu interest.

Thiruvananthapuram, July 8 (IANS) Representatives of 90 Hindu organisations are to meet here July 12 to decide their stand on the discovery of the treasure worth an estimated Rs.1 lakh crore found in underground vaults of the Sri Padmanabhaswamy temple here.

Read more here in World Hindu Unity

  India cannot overlook the interest of BD Hindu minorities.Cannot surpass the threat of Muslim influx : LK Advani.

Kolkata, July 10, 2011 : Sacrifice of Shyamaprasad Mookherjee for Indian integrity should be a role model for new generation.  
Indian PM should confront Bangladeshi infiltration.

India should raise its voice for the safety & security of BD Hindu minorities : says Advani. Read more here in Hindu Digest

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Holy Indian Cow breeds give us healthier, life-saving, fortified and nectar like milk. Don’t kill Cows in India. Cow slaughter must be banned in India.

Posted by hinduexistence on July 6, 2011

Flash : Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple treasure belongs to deity: Royal family

 Exclusive! ‘Rs.5 lakh crore treasure belongs to Lord Padmanabha’ – India – DNA

Padmanabha Swami temple assessment team to submit interim report to SC‎ – Economic Times

Temple treasure to remain its assets: Kerala govt‎ – India Today

Indian Cow breeds give much more healthier milk: Research.

Source: PTI || Date: 7/3/2011 3:24:41 AM || eNews Bharati.

New Delhi, July 3: Indian cow and buffalo breeds possess a rich A2 allele gene that provides a better and healthier quality of milk than foreign breeds, according to a new study. The PTI recently reported about the study.

“The A2 allele gene in Indian milk breeds of cows and buffalos are 100 per cent, while in foreign breeds, it is around 60 per cent,” scientists of the National Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (NBAGR) have said in a report. Furthermore the frequency of this allele in Indian milk breeds is 1.0 (100 per cent), while in exotic breeds, it has been reported to be nearly 0.6 (60 per cent) or less, they added. Set up in 1984, NBAGR is an arm of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and is based in Karnal, Haryana.

The finding was arrived at after screening the status of the A2 allele of the beta casein gene in indigenous cows like Red Sindhi , Sahiwal, Tharparkar, Rathi, Gir, Ongole and Vechur etc, NBAGR Director B K Joshi said. “The counter allele to A2 is A1, which is considered to be associated with diabetic, obesity, cardiovascular diseases etc,” added Joshi. “Although the foreign breeds of cows produce more milk than Indian varieties, but due to more concentration of A1 gene in those breeds, the milk is of low quality,” the report said, adding that the long-term use of such milk may cause several health disorders.

The scientists scanned 22 breeds of Indian cows and found that in five milk yielding Indian cowsRed Sindhi, Sahiwal, Tharparkar, Rathi and Gir (see pics. above) — the status of the A2 allele was 100 per cent, while in other Indian breeds used for farming, its status was around 94 per cent, Joshi added. The scientists also scanned the status of this allele in the two most popular foreign breeds in India, Holstein Friesian and Jersey, in which the status of the A2 allele was 60 per cent only.

Stop Cow Slaughter in Bharat

Read More on this Topic :  Cows-Cultural Relevance. 

Vechur Cattle – Origin and History.

India to launch cow urine as soft drink.

Milk of the indigenous Vechur cow more beneficial to health. 

Courtesy : Related Sources.

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Temple treasures belong to royal family : Sankaracharya

Posted by hinduexistence on July 6, 2011

Sree Padmanabha Temple and Kanchi Seer

Sree Padmanabha Temple treasures belong to Travancore royal family : Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati.

Source: PTI || Date: 7/5/2011 12:15:10 PM || News Bharati.

The Golden Padmanabha of Sree Padmanabha Temple of Thiruvananthapuram

Kanchipuram (TN), 5 th July 2011. Negated any other option, the Kanchi Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswathi stated that the huge treasures, near Rupees 100000 crores in current valuation as found in Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram were the “exclusive property” of Travancore royal family that dedicated their kingdom to the presiding deity of the temple.

“”For long the erstwhile royal family was the custodian of the temple and they dedicted their kingdom to Lord Sree Padmanabhaswamy.The treasures were offerings made by erstwhile rulers to the temple, hence the recoveries belonged to the royal family”, he told PTI here.
“However, the treasures should be kept in the temple cellars itself”, he said.
The cellars of the temple, closed for several decades, were ordered to be opened by the Supreme Court to prepare inventory while considering a private petition recently.
The deity of Padmanabha Swami Temple is the family deity of Travancore royal family. Members of the erstwhile royal family had dedicated their kingdom to the deity and pledged that they will live as servants of Padmanabha. The Shrine is run by a trust floated by the Travnacore royal house.Vast collection of gold, silver, precious stones and priceless jewellery were discovered in the cellars of the temple while preparing the inventory.” [e PTI News].
Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswathi of Kanchi Kamkoti Peetham hinted the tradition of Sanatana Bharat, where the many ancient Hindu Kingdoms were operated by the King under the dictum of the Guru (Mentor-Path Finder)and as a servant of the People and People’s God. The people and the King of Travnacore enriched this ancient temple as the richest Hindu Deity in this world so far.
The Travancore royal family did follow the tradition to be the servant of Lord Padmanabh here. Sankaracharya of Kanchi Mutth reminded the glorious past of Hindu dynasty of King Janaka under the blessings of Saint Yagyavalkya, King Vikramaditya under the teachings of Kautilya, King Harihar and Bukku with the inspiration of Vidyaranya Swami or Chatrapati Shivaji offered everything to Devi Bhavani and Samrath Guru Ramdas Swami.
The Sankaracharya vehemently opposed the present Govt.’s attitude to denounce the Sanatana Hindu Dharma by some of its key functionaries in Congress and the tendency to grab Temple Properties of Hindus through an unprecedented pro-activeness for the last 10 years.
The Kanchi seer advocated in favour of keeping the unearthed 100000 crore treasury as temple property under the sacred authority of Travancore royal family.
Undoubtedly, decedents of this Kingdom think themselves as the servant of Lord Padmanabha and they did not stashed any thing out side the Temples or in any Swiss Bank. Actually, the British snatched many things invaluable for Britain from India. One stone harmonium of this Padmanabha Temple was transported by the British to Britain illegally.
The world famous Kohinoor Diamond was also grabbed by the English Men near Agra, when it was being trasported to Lord Jagannath of Puri by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, after he understood the possible aggression of the Brtish rulers throuhout India. [eAgencies]

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Neeraj Grover Murder Case : 300 Pieces of Humanity and Bizarre Anti Hindu Press.

Posted by hinduexistence on July 5, 2011

Flash : Shiv Sena/ MNS warn action if Maria cast in film/TV show [eNews Bharati].


by Somiksha C Mohanta on Monday, July 4, 2011 at 12:43pm

Can god drag a murderer closer to him after he or she commits a brutal murder? The first answer to this question that I got is 1300 years old. Mohammed brainwashed the Muslims in IBN E MAJAH (vol-1, page- 697) that “when one murders another, property of the murdered becomes the property of the murderer.” Here the Islamic god is teaching the faithful the benefits of murder. The second answer I got was just one day ago. From Maria Susairaj, a modern, educated and gorgeous women. Islam is born in the womb of desert tribal illiteracy by the offspring of Arabian  fanaticism. That’s why even as a major sect of xtianity welcomed renaissance, muslims strategically avoided it. But alas, even after being xtian, maria was untouched by the renaissance.

Yes, I am talking about Maria Susairaj, the infamous Kannad actress. She was engaged in love with a Hindu boy Neeraj Grover who was killed by Emili Jerome, the fiancé of her decided by her parents. Neeraj’s body was found in a 300 split. But neeraj’s biggest misfortune is his Hindu identity. For last 3 years this brutal killing was suppressed by media.

Now Maria is happy to be released, struggling to hide her smile. She has passed her time in jail “by painting and praying to god.” She said, “MY DAYS INSIDE JAIL WAS BLESSED. In these 3 years I came closer to my god. He knows what I have done is not a sin.” She visited church on the pretext, “I need to visit who got me out of here”. All these drama was going on in a bizarre press conference.

Meanwhile many things have been tracked by me that my radar carefully caught from passing away.

Actually, Hindu Neeraj lost his Love Equation with his Christian Lover Maria Susairaj (an infamous Kannad Actress) and eventually murdered by her family approved fiancé Emili Jerome. May I request my liberal friends to find some truth from it.

  • Firstly, whenever someone is brutally killed in delhi, there is a huge hue and cry. We have seen in the case of Priyadarshini Mattu, Jessica Laal etc. but are the non metro people less important?
  • Neeraj was killed and then cut into 300 pieces, but what about the Hindu lovers like CHANCHAL SADHUKHAN, ARKA BANNERJEE, SAIBAL MANDAL, SAILENDRA PRASAD , RAJNEESH SHARMA. The last was killed by Kashmir police for loving Amina Yusuf @ Anchal Sharma, a Muslim lady. All others were beheaded into two pieces alive and then made numerous pieces. Why there are no hues? The answer is these poor Hindus didn’t have any friend like film maker ASHOK PANDIT who could launch silent protest that would be bizarrely spotted by media that could be posted in facebook.

    Same Media : Two Treatments

    Same Media : Two Treatments

  • All coverage hungry crocodiles barked for RIZWANUR, but none for these people? Why??????? Don’t these Hindu men have hearts?
  • In the media coverage in times now a footnote comes as, “Sharif Sheikh says, Maria will not join Bollywood.”  That means certainly the media questioned about her plans for Bollywood . Is this the media ethics, to make a murderer a celebrity ? Is it? So is it believable when media glorifies one person ?
  • Ramgopal verma now is making a film on the story as “NOT A LOVE STORY”. Generally if any Hindu organization come in support of the slain, media calls it “politicizing” but when Bollywood is doing so, why not they are maligned for encasing a tragedy?
  • Live India tv telecasted a show, “murder karo…heroine bano”. Here the controversial film maker Kamal Khan was the guest. The debate was that has it been the key to get into bollywood, the wrong deeds ? Kamal Khan got a scope to blame Baba Ramdev. As the anchors were exemplifying how reality shows glorified, Abbas Kaazhmee, Poonam Pandey, Rahul Bhatt.. All known for wrong reasons. Then Kamal Khan said, “Baba Ramdev for example, he is a product of controversy. None knew him before his frauds.” The male Muslim anchor was silent but the female Hindu anchor retaliated in angry mood, “what he has done for yoga is a milestone and he is fighting for a good cause.” Kamal said, “at least I did not know him”. This joker is not any encyclopedia or Wikipedia that his grey cells would contain all information. He looks like moron, and when he does hip hop he achieves more perfection in moron-ness. In fact, Kamal was famous for his controversies, neither ago, nor after. But how come live India did not show Kamal’s controversies? Don’t they have guts?

I am eager to know that how far people and media would take to count all people as equal, regardless of Rizwanoor Rehaman or Rajneesh Sharma? Why Hindus have been rejected rights in their own homeland under state sponsored strategy to oil Islamic fanaticism?

When far we would get our answers? How far humanity would be split into 300 pieces?

See very Important at NDTvNeeraj Grover’s parents on their son’s murder  . HOW DO FEEL FOR THE CRY & SHY Of a HINDU PARENTS ??

Courtesy : Hindu Digest & NDTv.

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Hindu spirit of devotion makes Amarnathji Yatra 2011, a grand success.

Posted by hinduexistence on July 4, 2011

Sri Sri Amarnathji Shivling 2011. Har Har Mahadev. Jai Baba Barfani.

975000 pilgrims perform darshan at Amarnath cave

July 03, 2011   11:48:47 PM

PTI | Jammu | eDaily Pioneer

Near the Amarnath Cave. Jai Jai AmarnathJi.

Over 97,500 pilgrims have so far offered prayers at the 13500-feet high cave shrine of Amarnath in South Kashmir Himalayas.

“97,500 pilgrims have performed darshan of the holy Ice Lingum of Lord Shiva at Amarnath cave till tonight”, Police officials said.

Over 12000 pilgrims paid obeisance to Lord Shiva on the fifth day of the Yatra today despite its suspension from Jammu, Baltal and Nuwan base-camps due to landlides and heavy rush, they said.

Over 50000 pilgrims are camping in Jammu for their onward journey to the cave shrine.

Massive traffic jams enroute to Amarnath shrine

PTI | 11:07 PM,Jul 03,2011

Pilgrims wait at Jammu due to frequent bad whether.

Nagrota (J-K), Jul 3 (PTI) Hundreds of vehicles lined up on Jammu-Srinagar National Highway today as the heavy rush of Amarnath pilgrims led to massive traffic jams, causing inconvenience to the devouts.Shri Amarnath Shrine Board (SASB) chief executive officer R K Goyal has ordered that no unregistered pilgrims be allowed to undertake the pilgrimage.With heavy rush of pilgrims at Amarnath and Baltal, Pahalgam routes, authorities suspended the yatra from Jammu and also stopped unregistered vehicles at various places in Lakhanpur, Kathua, Samba, Jammu, Nagrota, Udhampur, Patnitop, Batote and Ramban.”Over 50,000 people have arrived here from outside.

Start again. We have heard the Call of Amarnathji. Must reach anyway.

There are traffic jams. We are trying to ease out the situation,” a senior police officer said.The Amarnath yatra remains suspended for second consecutive day today from Jammu due to heavy pilgrim rush at Cave shrine, he said.Passengers including women and children were seen awaiting for hours for the traffic jams to ease.”We are caught in traffic jams for six hours. We have to leave back tomorrow for Mumbai. How can we perform darshan and come back?”, Darshani Kadam of Pune wondered.Srinagar-bound passenger Abdul Hamid said, “there is a total breakdown of the official machinery. If they have stop Amarnath pilgrims, why are they causing problems to us. We are stuck here for four hours,” he said.Irate over the traffic closure and jams, passengers and pilgrims held protest demonstrations at Jammu bypass, Nagrota, Udhampur and Lakhanpur areas against the government.The steps have been taken in view of the heavy rush of pilgrims at cave shrine and also, the bad weather conditions prevailing in Baltal and Pahalgam routes to cave shrine since the last two days, the SASB official said.Reviewing the movement plan for the pilgrims tomorrow, Goyal said very heavy rains are expected to lash the entire yatra area along Baltal and Pahalgam routes, besides snowfall in the higher mountains along the yatra routes.A decision on the further movement of yatris from Jammu and the base camps at Baltal and Pahalgam (Nunwan) will be taken in the early hours tomorrow after assessing weather conditions along both the routes, he said.He also appealed to the stranded pilgrims not to insist on any forward movement in view of the expected adverse weather conditions.A total of 80,000 pilgrims have offered prayers at the 3,880 metre high holy cave shrine in the past three days. PTI AB

For very important information of SriAmarnathji Yatra << Click here.

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