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Pandit Chandrashekhar Azad – A Great Revolutionary of All Times.

श्रद्धांजलि : चंद्रशेखर आजाद 

Homage : Chandra Sekhar Azad

“दुश्मन की गोलियों का हम सामना करेंगे, आजाद ही रहे हैं, आजाद ही रहेंगे.” -चंद्रशेखर आजाद 

“We will face the bullets of the enemies, we are free and will remain free.” – Chandra Sekhar Azad

Pandit Chandrashekhar Azad (23rd July 1906 — 27th February 1931), a fearless revolutionary and a great freedom fighter, was born on July 23, 1906 in Jhabua district of Madhya Pradesh. He was the son of Pandit Sita Ram Tiwari and Jagrani Devi. He started his education in Bhavra and at the age of 14 he went to Varanasi where he was taught to live the austere life of a Brahamachari.

During his stay in Varanasi he was highly inspired by the Non Cooperation movement of Mahatma Gandhi. He actively participated in the movement for which he was sentenced to fifteen lashes of logging at the age of 15. In the court he addressed himself as ‘Azad’, and gave his father’s name as ‘Swadhin’ and his mother’s name as ‘Dharti Ma’ and residence as ‘Jail’. With endurance, courage and fortitude he tolerated all the lashes. With each stroke of the whip he shouted ‘Bharat Mata Ki Jai’. From then, he was honored and titled as ‘Azad’ by the local Indians. Thereafter, he got the name Chandrashekhar Azad. When he was released, he took a pledge that he would never be arrested by the Britishers and will die as a free man.

Read details in : HINDU DIGEST. 

That Revolution is still on. Hindus should achieve the Absolute Freedom in Bharat. Oh! my Young India, gain in a Hindu Freedom Movement in this sacred land. Achieve the Hindu Rashtra in Bharatvarsha. A Hindu Rashtra is our birth right of over 100 millions Hindus in India.

9 comments on “Pandit Chandrashekhar Azad – A Great Revolutionary of All Times.

  1. harharmahadev
    July 23, 2011

    “दुश्मन की गोलियों का हम सामना करेंगे, आजाद ही रहे हैं, आजाद ही रहेंगे.”
    har har mahadev


  2. नमन श्रद्धेय को..


  3. pramod
    July 24, 2011

    Amar Shaheed ko shat- shat naman. In todays time Bharat needs one more Pandit Chandrashekhar.


  4. Rajanikanth Shergarhi
    July 26, 2011

    But some things must be remembered that Chandrasekhar Azad though might have been Hinduist in his early days, have become a Communistic “socialist” in his later days. This Socialism made all the mess among the Hindu Freedom movements. For example we must not forget the case of Ganesh Chandra Ghose. He was though a Hindu revolutionary in his early state, a successful aidee of Masterda Surya Sen, later become socialist and was lost all his revolutionary qualities.
    Same for others.
    We must be aware before talking about this kind of transformation of revolutionary spirits.

    Bharatmata ki Jay.


  5. pushpendra
    September 20, 2011

    Pandit Chandra Shekhar Azad jab unka naam sunta hoon tho poora sarir josh se bhar jata hain.Sochta hoon jab unke naam main itni garmjoshi hai tho unki sakshiat kaisi rahi hogi. Ye hamara durbhagya hai ki humne unko dekhana naseeb nahin hua parantu ye hamare liye bahut badi sougat hai ki hum aise yug purush ko apni yadoon main sahej kar rakhe. JAI HIND.

    Pushpendra Rajawa.


  6. Suraj Pandey
    December 23, 2011

    first of all mera pranam Bharat mata k Veer Sapoot Shri Chandrashekhar Azad Ji Ko. Mai Bhagwan me nhi manta hu par mere liye bhagwan Bhagat Singh or Chandrashekhar azad ji hai. Par ye dekhkar dukh hua ki unke liye samarpit is website par sab Hindu – Hindu ka rrhe ha. why hindu only? hame sirf apne ap ko Bhartiya kehna chahiye. Na ki Hindu, Musalman, Sikh or Christian.


  7. Ashutosh Pandey
    January 24, 2012

    Yug purush ko shat shat pranam…..


    March 10, 2012

    Shiedo ki chita par har baras lagenge mele apna to bas yahi nisa hoga….

    Pandit Ji Amar Rahe….


  9. Chandra Shekhar
    March 13, 2012

    How Chandrashekhar Azad was Killed –
    In the last week of Feb, 1931 Azad went to Sitapur Jail and met Ganesh Shankar Vidyarthi. He had a hope in his mind that Vidyarthiji would do something in the case of Bhagat Singh and others as he had previously done in the Kakori conspiracy case. Vidyarthi suggested him to go to Allahabad and meet Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru because he would be more useful than any body else. If he is convinced he can persuade Gandhiji to talk to the Viceroy Lord Irwin in reaching an agreement with the British Government in the forthcoming Gandhi-Irwin Pact. Azad met Pandit Nehru in the early morning of 27 Feb, 1931 at his residence Anand Bhawan in Allahabad. He tried to convince Nehru but the result was not fruitful. In stead of getting convinced by arguments Nehru asked Azad to leave his place go away from there. Azad could not tolerate it at all and moved away murmuring something in his mouth. From Anand Bhawan he reached straightforward to the Alfred Park on his bicycle. He sat under a tree of Jamun (in. Hindi) after standing his bicycle behind the tree. He was discussing some confidential matter with Sukhdev Raj who was a man of his party. In the meantime a police jeep arrived there. Deputy Superintendent of Police Visheswar Singh along with S.S.P.(C.I.D.) J.R.H. Knott Wauber got down from the jeep. C.I.D. S.S.P. by pointing his finger towards Azad wanted to tell the Dy.S.P. that this corpulent man is the exact person to whom he was informed just now. Seeing a police man pointing out his finger towards him, Azad immediately dragged out his Colt Pistol from pocket and fired at the right wrist of S.S.P. Knott Wauber. “What a wonderful shot!”- cried Sukhdev Raj and took the shelter of tree. Visheswar Singh abused Azad and called him with bad names. Another bullet from his pistol hit his mouth breaking the jaw of Dy.S.P. Visheswar Singh. Within a few minutes policemen surrounded the whole park. During the initial encounter, Azad suffered a .303 bullet wound in his thigh, making it difficult for him to escape. But even than he made it possible for Sukhdev Raj to escape by providing him cover fire. After Sukhdev Raj escaped, Azad managed to keep the police at bay for a long time. Finally, with only one bullet left in his pistol and being completely surrounded and outnumbered, Chandra Shekhar Azad shot himself, keeping his pledge to never be captured alive. Finally, with only one bullet left in his pistol and being completely surrounded and outnumbered, Chandra Shekhar Azad shot himself, keeping his pledge to never be captured alive. However, British managed to fabricate the story in the police report and stated that he was killed in the police encounter by a troop leaded by the Officer-in-charge of Colonelganj Police Station Chowdhury Vishal Singh. According to the reliable sources a C.I.D. Inspector Ram Vadan Singh had given this information to Vishal Singh that his S.S.P. along with one Dy.S.P.have been seriously injured from a sever attack by some Indian revolutionary. It is also said that the police officers who came after the death of Azad did not approach his dead body for about half an hours. When a buckshot gun was fired into his tibia bone and no movement was noticed in the body only then the police could touch his dead body.


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