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Temple treasures belong to royal family : Sankaracharya

Sree Padmanabha Temple and Kanchi Seer

Sree Padmanabha Temple treasures belong to Travancore royal family : Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswati.

Source: PTI || Date: 7/5/2011 12:15:10 PM || News Bharati.

The Golden Padmanabha of Sree Padmanabha Temple of Thiruvananthapuram

Kanchipuram (TN), 5 th July 2011. Negated any other option, the Kanchi Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswathi stated that the huge treasures, near Rupees 100000 crores in current valuation as found in Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple in Thiruvananthapuram were the “exclusive property” of Travancore royal family that dedicated their kingdom to the presiding deity of the temple.

“”For long the erstwhile royal family was the custodian of the temple and they dedicted their kingdom to Lord Sree Padmanabhaswamy.The treasures were offerings made by erstwhile rulers to the temple, hence the recoveries belonged to the royal family”, he told PTI here.
“However, the treasures should be kept in the temple cellars itself”, he said.
The cellars of the temple, closed for several decades, were ordered to be opened by the Supreme Court to prepare inventory while considering a private petition recently.
The deity of Padmanabha Swami Temple is the family deity of Travancore royal family. Members of the erstwhile royal family had dedicated their kingdom to the deity and pledged that they will live as servants of Padmanabha. The Shrine is run by a trust floated by the Travnacore royal house.Vast collection of gold, silver, precious stones and priceless jewellery were discovered in the cellars of the temple while preparing the inventory.” [e PTI News].
Sankaracharya Jayendra Saraswathi of Kanchi Kamkoti Peetham hinted the tradition of Sanatana Bharat, where the many ancient Hindu Kingdoms were operated by the King under the dictum of the Guru (Mentor-Path Finder)and as a servant of the People and People’s God. The people and the King of Travnacore enriched this ancient temple as the richest Hindu Deity in this world so far.
The Travancore royal family did follow the tradition to be the servant of Lord Padmanabh here. Sankaracharya of Kanchi Mutth reminded the glorious past of Hindu dynasty of King Janaka under the blessings of Saint Yagyavalkya, King Vikramaditya under the teachings of Kautilya, King Harihar and Bukku with the inspiration of Vidyaranya Swami or Chatrapati Shivaji offered everything to Devi Bhavani and Samrath Guru Ramdas Swami.
The Sankaracharya vehemently opposed the present Govt.’s attitude to denounce the Sanatana Hindu Dharma by some of its key functionaries in Congress and the tendency to grab Temple Properties of Hindus through an unprecedented pro-activeness for the last 10 years.
The Kanchi seer advocated in favour of keeping the unearthed 100000 crore treasury as temple property under the sacred authority of Travancore royal family.
Undoubtedly, decedents of this Kingdom think themselves as the servant of Lord Padmanabha and they did not stashed any thing out side the Temples or in any Swiss Bank. Actually, the British snatched many things invaluable for Britain from India. One stone harmonium of this Padmanabha Temple was transported by the British to Britain illegally.
The world famous Kohinoor Diamond was also grabbed by the English Men near Agra, when it was being trasported to Lord Jagannath of Puri by Maharaja Ranjit Singh, after he understood the possible aggression of the Brtish rulers throuhout India. [eAgencies]

7 comments on “Temple treasures belong to royal family : Sankaracharya

  1. Moreshwar Sant
    July 6, 2011

    It is a certainty that the rulers in Delhi will do everything possible to grab this treasure in the forthcoming two years until they remain in power.
    You will not hear about this treasure ever thereafter!
    Bal Sant.


  2. Vijayalakshmi
    July 7, 2011

    Kanchi Sankaracharya said the right thing! It is the Travancore Royal family Trust which has been keeping the wealth in safe custody all these years,probably for centuries together, to prevent it from being looted by foreign invaders. It is really appreciable that they had dedicated their kingdom and their wealth to Lord Padmanabhaswamy. However, the public can be allowed a glimpse of the exquisite jewelry by having a high security museum very near the temple itself. But the Royals must have a say in the matter. It should certainly not be taken over by the Govt. We have seen how the Govt took over thousands of temples in the country, mal-administered them, misused the funds, properties and lands donated to the temples by devotees. Infact, no inventories seem to have been done by the Govt while taking over the temple. Recent example of this is the famous Chidambaram temple! So it is the Travancore Royal family Trust which should continue to administer the Sree Padmanabhaswamy temple!Actually the wealth and the kingdom was dedicated to the Lord by Marthanda Varma Raja,and therefore in reality it is the Lord who is the owner. It is for this reason that the Travancore Royals acted as custodians for the wealth,while they themselves lived very simple and pious lives.This by itself is exemplary!


    July 7, 2011

    Let us not value the treasure hunt now.We must thank Royal family for preserving this treasure and it should be continued also.This wealth is combined of people’s(Devotees)offerings and also Ruler of that state.This should be used for crisis time and strictly not for display.Royal family must be knowing all about the documentation of the wealth.They did’nt reveal it but look at the situtaion now.

    All the news channels and media should keep away from this Treasure NEWS.Because all the ancient palaces and all the kingdom will have treasure.They should not disclose to public.Wealth has been earned by the King and protectd by their family.So they must safe guard this wealth and use for good cause.

    If at all authority wants to spend money from this wealth for public, they must clear all debts of farmers in that state and release them from crisis.Next to God, we must worship Farmers.Farmers are the most valuable human beings in the WORLD.Museum display will cost more for protection of the Lord Padmanabha’s Jewelleries.


  4. S. Elamurugan
    July 9, 2011

    Well Said,



  5. Priti
    July 13, 2011

    Well, I think that this treasure should be given to me! I will safeguard it. I hope everyone agree with me.


    • Sandhya Agnihotri
      July 14, 2011



      July 14, 2011

      Please do not reply irresponsible answer to the public.If you dont understand the “Treasure”
      current affair, do not respond to this article.Be civilized and think of our Country.


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