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ISI Plan for ethnic cleansing of Hindus from India. Attempt to merge India-Pakistan into Greater Islamic Republic by 2030.

Posted by hinduexistence on December 30, 2011

Pakistan proposed making India as Greater Islamic Republic of Pakistan by 2030.

Hindu Existence News Bureau , New Delhi || 30 December, 2011- Pakistan secret agency, Inter Service Intelligence (ISI) has revised its planning to reconvert India as an Islamic Country by joining it with Pakistan under a GREATER ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF PAKISTAN within 2030.  Earlier they have fixed this target within 2020. This one can be somewhat funny to the reluctant and ignorant people of India under a political influence of absurd Indo-Pak friendship. But, Pakistan apparently has come with some new plans to destabilize India by influencing some developments in the north, west and southern parts of the country, as part of its multi-pronged strategy. Terrorists who were caught by Indian Security Force in Kashmir revealed this information. ISI (Pakistan’s intelligence agency) is the main culprit behind.

The map targets North India, and shows the region as a shadow of ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’ by 2020. It also projects South India as disputed territory and treats the Indian neighbors China (China has the responsibility of doing everything for Pakistan), Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Myanmar, and Sri Lanka as their neighbouring countries. They also considered Andaman and Nicobar Islands of India as Islands of Bangladesh The map also indicates their desire of changing Mumbai’s topography, turning the South Asia’s economic capital Mumbai (Bombay) into ‘Muslimabad’ by 2012.

An article in the Power Politics magazine says that the ISI has passed two maps to the Pakistan Army to increase the moral of the troops by giving them a target to break and merge India in Pakistan forming Islamic Republic of Pakistan by2020. This will somehow increase the confidence of the public of Pakistan also who always dream of troubled India.
The terrorists are using alternative routes to India. From Pakistan they go to Dubai, Bangkok, Nepal and Bangladesh to enter India. The write up further says that ISI has been attempting to cover India both from sea and land routes just like the Chinese strings of pearl theory. ISI is already pushing fake Indian currency in to the Indian market thus creating a hole in the Indian economy.
Pakistan is time to time searching for chances and making excuses in front of the world to bring its force back to the Indian borders, currently under the pressure from U.S, they are fighting with insurgency near Afghanistan-Pakistan border. ………………………………………………………………………………………..
In a recent publication in Daily Express in Urdu from Pakistan the conspiracy of ISI was published as a summary report.  The ISI of Pakistan Government has its  heinous Plan to capture India by (1) Explosion of Muslim Population in India and Mass conversion of Hindus in Islamic faith, (2) Infiltration of Jihadi and Muslim populace into India from neighboring countries, (3) Spreading terror over the Indian Hindu population by Jihadi attacks,  (4) Oppression over Minority Hindu people and Capturing Hindu girls and women in Muslim majority areas, (5) Destabilize Indian economy through fake currency and parallel  Islamic Banking, (6) Putting ISI agents in Indian Strategic authorities, Defense system and General administration,  (7) Establishing 10 lac New Mosques and Madarshas  in Non Muslim areas to signify the Islamic influence in India, (8) Capturing  Indian print, electronic and entertainment  media at any cost, (9) Capturing all the Indian Political parties to have a absolute Islamic power in Indian Parliament and (10) To hoist  Islamic flag atop Lal Quila, President’s House, Indian Parliament and Supreme Court after getting a total control over India by Pakistan.
With the points surfaced above the concerned India expert say that the General Election in India 2014 may be fatal to Hindus if they do not vote for a Hindu supremacy in India. Otherwise the ISI operators in various political parties will surely take such steps by which the Hindus will be debarred from their rights to enjoy their Hindu identity in their ancestral land.

In the published map of India in three phases ISI planned to capture entire Jammu and Kashmir, part of Punjab and Haryana within 2012. In the next phase Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan have been included in the Greater Pakistan within 2020 and finally the entire India is to included in the Greater Islamic Republic of Pakistan by 2030.

The case of destabilizing Hindustan by Pakistan has been taken by Indian Foreign Department seriously as reports came in. Earlier a plan of Mughlistan was surfaced to capture India by the conspiracy by the Bangladeshi secret agency DGFI.
Greater Pakistan in 2012 (fall of Delhi) _ New Delhi PROMISED LAND to Pakistan.

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‘Gita is the winner of Life and Death!’… Russia court rejects plea to ban Gita.

Posted by hinduexistence on December 29, 2011

Siberian court throws out ‘attempt to ban’ case against Gita commentary by ‘Orthodox Church’.

VLADIMIR RADYUHIN || The HINDU || 29th Dec 2011.


A Siberian court has thrown out a petition that sought to ban a translation of the Bhagavad Gita as “extremist” literature.

Judge Galina Butenko of the Leninsky District Court in Tomsk ruled on Wednesday that there were no grounds for recognising Bhagavad Gita As It Isas extremist because the book was “one of the interpretations of the sacred Hindu scripture, the Bhagavad Gita.”

The defence side said it was fully satisfied with the court verdict.

“This court decision shows that Russia is indeed becoming a democratic society,” said lawyer Alexander Shakhov, who represented at the trial the local branch of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON).

India’s Ambassador to Russia Ajai Malhotra, who had fiercely opposed the trial, welcomed the court ruling.

“The verdict of the Honourable Judge in Tomsk in dismissing the case pertaining to the Bhagavad Gita deserves to be applauded,” said the envoy. “It is very nice to see that this issue has been conclusively resolved and is now behind us.”

State prosecutors had filed the petition against Bhagavad Gita As It Is, claiming it sowed “social hatred” and called for “violence against non-believers.” The case was built on expert testimony from local professors of philosophy and philology, who said the book expresses religious hatred and discriminates on the basis of gender, race, nationality and language. Prosecutors offered no comment as they left the court after the verdict.

“We are happy that the court showed reason and competence in passing the correct verdict,” said Sergei Zuyev, vice-president of ISKCON in Russia. “It is not right for secular courts to try religions.” On the eve of Wednesday’s hearing, External Affairs Minister S.M. Krishna had summoned the Russian Ambassador in New Delhi, Alexander Kadakin, asking the Russian government to provide all possible help to resolve the issue.

Russia’s Human Rights Ombudsman Vladimir Lukin welcomed the court decision. “I think the Russian government must draw the right conclusions from this incident. It should fight terrorism by exposing terrorist plots and outfits, not by passing judgment on ancient sacred scriptures,” he said.

The case against the book had been filed on the basis of the 2002 Russian anti-extremism law, criticised in Russia for its very loose definition of extremist activity. Human rights activists said the law had been used to suppress legitimate criticism of authorities. The Russian Christian Orthodox Church has also been accused of using the law as a tool to fight “non-traditional religions”, such as Scientology, Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Hare Krishna movement in Russia.

In a particularly bizarre case, a court in Rostov Region two years ago accused Leo Tolstoy of extremism for his denunciation of the Russian Orthodox Church teaching as “a crafty and evil lie” and “a concoction of gross superstition and witchcraft.” Tolstoy was expelled from the Church nine years before his death for his repudiation of Jesus Christ and the Russian Church.


New Delhi Special Correspondent writes:

“We are happy to learn that the case has been dismissed by the Hon’ble Court in Tomsk in the Russian Federation. We appreciate this sensible resolution of a sensitive issue and are glad to put this episode behind us. We also appreciate the efforts of all friends in Russia who made this outcome possible,” said the official spokesperson of the Ministry of External Affairs.

Russia court rejects plea to ban Gita

Attempt to Ban Gita aroused the feeling of Hindu Unity & Fighting Spirit to defeat the Demons against Hindus.

TNN & Agencies | Dec 29, 2011

MOSCOW/NEW DELHI: The joke goes that the Biblical saying ‘the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak’ translates in Russian as ‘the vodka is good, the meat bad’. Acknowledging that much is lost in translation, a Siberian court on Wednesday refused to ban a translated version of the Bhagwad Gita, saying prosecutors’ fears that it promoted “social discord” were unfounded.

The ministry of external affairs welcomed the verdict as a “sensible resolution of a sensitive issue”.

The case in a court in Tomsk city for the past six months was against Iskcon’s version of the Gita, but it was troubling in many parts of the world, particularly because the text, regarded as philosophical and sacred, was being branded “extremist”. Prosecutors argued that the Russian edition of ‘Bhagavad Gita As It Is’ promoted hatred towards non-believers.

The external affairs ministry welcomed the Russian court’s rejection of a plea to ban a translation of the Bhagwad Gita, a day after foreign minister S M Krishna registered India’s protest with Russian envoy Alexander Kadakin.

“This demonstrates yet again that the people of India and Russia have a deep understanding of each other’s cultures and will always reject any attempt to belittle our common civilizational values…we appreciate this sensible resolution of a sensitive issue and are glad to put this episode behind us. We also appreciate the efforts of all friends in Russia who made this outcome possible,” a statement from the ministry said. “We have won the case. The judge has rejected the petition,” Sadhu Priya Das of ISKCON, Moscow, who is also chairman of newly-formed Hindu Council of Russia, said. Russian lawyers Mikahil Fralov and Alexander Shakhov argued strongly against the petition. “This judge’s decision shows that Russia is becoming a truly democratic society,” Shakhov was quoted as saying by the Interfax news agency.

The prosecutors had appealed to the Tomsk court to put ‘Bhagavad Gita As It Is’ on the Russian Federal List of Extremist Materials, which bans more than 1,000 texts, including Adolf Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ and books distributed by the Jehovah’s Witness and Scientology movements.

The case had stalled Parliament proceedings last week. Krishna called in the Russian ambassador Kadakin on Tuesday to register India’s protest and sought Russian government’s intervention. In a statement issued, Indian ambassador to Russia Ajai Malhotra said, “The verdict of the Honourable Judge in Tomsk in dismissing the case pertaining to Bhagavad Gita deserves to be applauded.”

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Quetta’s (Pakistan) Hindus demand govt to protect them from kidnappers, killers & persecutors.

Posted by hinduexistence on December 25, 2011

Hindu Sit-in outside Baloch Assembly against Hindu trader’s killing, ransom, torture.

QUETTA, 23rd December, 2011 : Members of the Hindu community staged a protest demonstration in front of the Balochistan Assembly (BA) on Friday against increasing incidents of kidnapping for ransom in the province.

The protestors took out a procession from Arya Samaj temple on Masjid Road and after marching through different parts of the city, staged a protest demonstration in front of the BA building.

The protesting people, including children, were carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans demanding protection from criminals.

Addressing the protestors, Raday Sham and Dr Maher Chand, members of Hindu Panchayat, said police should investigate the killing of young Hindu trader Ravi Kumar, whose bullet-riddled body was found in Quetta after his family failed to pay the ransom money to his abductors.

The members of the Hindu community raised slogans against the government for its failure to protect the life of those belonging to minority communities.

Provincial minister for minorities Basant Lal Gulshan and Minister for Revenue Zamurkh Khan Achakzai addressed the protesting Hindu community members and tried to pacify them.

Achakzai said that the law enforcing agencies were constantly striving against the kidnapping gangs operating in Quetta and other parts of the province.

“Police have booked many suspects and also carrying out raids in different localities including Saryab and Pashtunabad areas of Quetta. Soon, the criminals will be brought to book,” he ensured.

The protestors called off their protest after the provincial minster assured them that he will arrange a meeting between a delegation of Hindu community and Chief Minister, to resolve the issues.

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Mumbai HC suggests GOI intervention in Gita ban case in Russia. Gita ban generates Global Hindu Protest.

Posted by hinduexistence on December 22, 2011

Protests over Gita ban all over India and abroad taking a new shape of Hindu regeneration wave.

Mumbai High Court on Gita ban: Centre asked to consider representation in Russia.

Mumbai |  Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 20:00 |  Source : PTI : Bombay High Court today asked Government of India (GOI) to consider the option of the country being represented before a court in Russia to defend the Bhagwad Gita, the holy Hindu scripture which is facing a ban there.

A division bench of Chief Justice Mohit Shah and Justice Roshan Dalvi also asked the Centre to inform the court about what action it has initiated to monitor the issue on the next date of hearing on January 9 next.

The court was hearing a public interest litigation seeking the government’s intervention in the case before the Russian court where a ban on Bhagwad Gita has been demanded. The petitioners have quoted newspaper reports that a ban has been sought on Gita in a Tomsk courtin Siberia dubbing it as a literature spreading social discord.

Beni Chatterji, counsel for the Central government, informed the court that S M Krishna, Minister of External Affairs, had made a statement that the ministry is monitoring the case. M I Sethna, counsel for the petitioners, however, said that the government is just monitoring and has asked Iskcon to defend the literature there.

“It is a grave insult to our culture. Instead of asking Iskcon to defend, the government should defend the Gita,” Sethna said. The PIL states that Gita is a sacred text and attempts to ban it would have far-reaching implications not only in India but also internationally. It contends that the subject concerned not just the Indians in Russia, but had world-wide significance.

Any failure on Indian government’s part to intervene, supported by in-depth research, scholastic views and analysis, would cause irretrievable damage to the country’s and rich culture and heritage, the petition contends.

Bhagavad Gita ban: Outrage grows as sales soar.

Protest of VHP supporters in Mumbai holding Gita in Hand. Pic. AFP.

New Delhi | Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 20:00 |  Source : PTI :  The outrage continues to grow against possible banning of Hindu’s holy scripture Bhagavad Gita in Russia. The proposed ban of Gita in Russia has ignited protest on the social media even as trial verdict nears.

Amidst the demand of the Opposition for declaring the holy scripture as the National Book, scores of netizens took to Twitter to express their shock and anger.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar commented on Twitter: “Banning Bhagavad Gita in Russia is an unpardonable loss for the people of Russia.”

“The move to ban ‘Bhagavad Gita’ shows intolerance; it is intolerance that is the reason for terrorism and not ‘Bhagavad Gita,” he tweeted.

“Bhagavad Gita begins with word Dharma n ends with Mama. Entire Gita is nothing but Mama Dharma (My Dharma); that which uplifts life,” his tweets read.

Noted lyricist Javed Akhtar expressed his shock over the Gita facing ban in Russia. “Banning Gita ? Have they lost their minds. This great book of wisdom belongs not only to Hindus but to the whole humanity,” he tweeted.

His tweet was followed by comments like: “Please read Gita so you don’t misquote it.”

MP Naveen Jindal also took to the social media in expressing his views on the recent controversy. “I welcome the statement by the Russian ambassador to India condemning the Bhagavad Gita controversy.”

JD leader Subramanian Swamy wrote on Twitter: “Happy to inform that Russian Ambassador will tell my daughter on TV that he is a student of Gita and Russia will rectify matters soon. Ok?”

Bollywood celebrity, Farah Ali Khan also retweeted: “The Russians have banned the Gita. In retaliation let’s ban something equally sacrosanct to them: vodka.”

More than 20,000 people signed an online petition against the trial and the word Gita continued to be at the top of Indian trends on Twitter on Wednesday.

Book sales go up

The controversy surrounding the Gita ban has been proving blessing in disguise for the publishers of the book. The holy book has notched up steady sales through the year.

Booksellers have witnessed a small rise in the sales since the controversy erupted late last week

Hindu American community outraged

The Hindu American community has expressed shock and outrage over a recent attempt to ban the Bhagavad Gita in Russia.

“The actions of Russian prosecutors are indefensible and represent a draconian attempt to restrict the religious freedom of Hindus in Russia,” said Mr Suhag Shukla, Managing Director of the Washington-based Hindu American Foundation (HAF). (<read here HAF news on protest).

“By promoting a narrow and intolerant agenda that demonises a sacred scripture revered by more than one billion Hindus worldwide, Russian officials are acting contrary to the principles of a free democratic society,” he said.

Members of the Hindu American Foundation have formally presented their concerns to Russian embassy officials in Washington, DC and requested a meeting to further address the situation.

“We urge the Russian judiciary and government to uphold the basic rights of their Hindu citizens,” said Mr Jay Kansara, HAF’s Washington, DC-based associate director.

“Any court ruling or law that would prohibit the Bhagavad Gita or any other Hindu religious literature would be considered a direct attack on the civil liberties of Russia’s Hindu community and an affront to Hindus throughout the world,” he said.

Krishna assures to talk to Russian govt

Parliament witnessed uproar on Tuesday following the outrage over banning of Hindu scripture Bhagavad Gita in Russia after a group linked to the Christian Orthodox Church described the holy book as ‘extremist’.

In the wake of the uproar over a move to ban Bhagavad Gita in Russia, External Affairs Minister SM Krishna made a statement in Parliament saying India is in talks with the Russia over the ban issue.

Gita Should be the National Book of India : BJP.

BJP leader Sushma Swaraj on Tuesday demanded that the Bhagvad Gita should be declared a national book in the backdrop of a move to ban the holy scripture in Siberia.

Sushma’s statement came after External Affairs Minister SM Krishna told Parliament that India had registered its protest to the Russian government on a petition seeking a ban on Bhagavad Gita in a Siberian Court. (With PTI inputs).

VHP - Bajrang Dal Protest in Chandigarh over Gita Ban.

VHP, Bajrang Dal protests Bhagavad Gita ban in Russia.

Chandigarh: Wed, Dec 21, 2011   : Bajrang Dal and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) staged protests and opposed the Russian demand to ban Bhagvad Gita in Russian territory.

The protesters demanded that the central government should take initiative in the matter and ensure that the Hindu sentiments are not hurt in Russia and worldwide. VHP and Bajrang Dal workers protested outside the ISKCON temple in Sector 36 on Tuesday afternoon.

Chandigarh in charge of Bajrang Dal and Punjab state vice president of VHP Naresh Arora said the Holy Scripture preaches peace to the world and is one of the most pious scriptures of Hindu religion; it is a shame to brand it as an extremist literature. He further said that the issue will be raised in the Parlianment.

Bhagvad gita and Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf are likely to be included in the Russian Judicial Ministry’s list of banned extremist literature. A Tomsk court in Siberia was scheduled to deliver the final verdict on Monday but it suspended its verdict till December 28 on the demand for banning Bhagvad Gita.

The Bhagvad Gita is a holy Hindu scripture where Lord Krishna preaches to the followers. It also considered a great piece of literature in philosophical studies. It is an important part of the Indian epic Mahabharata.

In Mumbai Hundreds of Supporters of Vishwa Hindu Parishad and Hindu Janagruti Sanithi protested today over the attempt on Gita ban in a Russian Court.

Gita row: VHP warns of protests.VHP threatens retaliation if Gita is banned.

New Delhi : Wed, Dec 21, 2011 : The Vishwa Hindu Parishad(VHP) on Tuesday warned of agitations outside Russian offices in the country if any ban is imposed on Bhagwad Gita by a court in Siberia hearing a case regarding the sacred religious text.

VHP’s International Working President Pravin Togadia in a statement demanded immediate dismissal of the case in Tomsk city and prosecution against those who dared to make an “obnoxious” challenge against the religious scripture revered so highly by “Bharat’s majority.”

Togadia claimed that the move against Gita in Russia was aimed to divert public attention from the real local issues there.

Togadia also said there would be agitations against the Government of India if any ban by the Siberian court goes unchallenged.

“Bhagavad Gita is not just a book but is (God) for the Krishna devotees and all Hindus,” VHP international Working President Pravin Togadia said in a statement.

“The principles taught in the Gita are universal and touch humanity so very deeply,” he said, adding that even Albert Einstein was influenced by the holy book.

He warned that if the Gita was banned in Russia, then Indians would be forced to protest against Russian goods, as well as Russian plants and offices.

Courtesy : IBN Live | Daily Bhaskar | TOI | HT | Zee News | PTI | Agencies.

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Protest over ban on Gita in Russia rocks India from Loksabha to Russian Consulate, Kolkata.

Posted by hinduexistence on December 19, 2011

ISKCON monks demonstrate in front of Russian consulate Kolkata to protest over Gita ban in Russia.

Indian Parliament ruckus over Bhagvad Gita facing ban in Russia.

See video:  Protest over Gita Ban in Russia

NEW DELHI: Parliamentarians across the political spectrum on Monday asked the government to ensure that the religious rights of Hindus in Russia are protected after a member pointed out an IANS report about the Bhagvad Gita facing a ban and the prospect of it being branded as “extremist” literature there.

Angry MPs forced the adjournment of the Lok Sabha till 2pm after Biju Janata Dal leader Bhartruhari Mahtab raised the issue in the house and asked the government to intervene immediately to ensure the religious freedom of Hindus in Russia.

He said a court in Siberia’s Tomsk city was set to deliver its final verdict on Monday in a case filed by state prosecutors, as was reported by IANS on Saturday when Prime Minister Manmohan Singh was on an official visit to Moscow.

“I want to know from the government what it is doing. The religious rights of Hindus in Russia should be protected. The government should impress upon the Russian authorities through diplomatic channels,” he said.

The case, which has been going on in the Tomsk court since June, seeks a ban on a Russian translation of the “Bhagavad Gita As It Is” written by A C Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON).

It also wants the Hindu religious text banned in Russia, declared as literature spreading “social discord”, and its distribution on Russian soil rendered illegal.

Indians in Moscow, numbering about 15,000, and followers of the ISKCON religious movement in Russia have appealed to the Indian government to intervene diplomatically to resolve the issue in favour of the scripture, an important part of Indian epic Mahabharata written by sage Ved Vyas.

When Mahtab raised the issue, the lower house plunged into chaos, with MPs urging Speaker Meira Kumar to let them speak on the matter. She, however, refused and instead asked them to send notes and associate with Mahtab.

Lalu Prasad of the Rashtriya Janata Dal (RLD) was heard shouting that the Hindu scripture does not preach extremism.

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) members were also seen rising from their seats to protest the issue before Meira Kumar adjourned the house till 2pm.

Smt. Sushma Swaraj, the BJP MP and the leader of the opposition demanded that Gita should be declared as the National Book of Indian Nation so that nobody can ban it anyway.  

ISKCON monks demonstrate in front of Russian consulate Kolkata.

KOLKATA : 19/12/2011 : Monks belonging to ISKCON sect today staged a demonstration in front of the Russian consulate here at 22 A Raja Santosh Road , Alipore, Kolkata  decrying any move by a Siberian court to ban Bhagwad Gita across Russia. Some other Organisations like Akhil Bharatiya Hindu Mahasabha, Arya Veer Dal, Rashtriya Goraksha Manch also participated in the dharna under the sole initiatives of the Devotees of Harkrishna Mahamantra. The demonstration started on 11-30 am and continued till 2-00 pm. A team of ISKCON Monks gave a memorandum to the Russian Consul General here not to ban Gita in Russia in any manner.


Holding placards and posters and chanting ‘Hare Rama, Hare Krishna to the beating of drums and cymbals, nearly 100 monks of International Society of Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON) appealed to all MPs to pass a resolution in Parliament condemning the action of a group linked to the Christian Orthodox Church which has moved a Russian court seeking a ban the holy book by describing it as ‘extremist’.

“These initiatives of the Tomsk Prosecutor’s office offend the religious sentiments of all followers of Hinduism and bring disgrace to the country of Russia,” the ISKCON posters said.

Press Release of ISKCON Kolkata to protest the ban on Gita in Russian Court.

“Gita, the holiest Hindu scripture, is facing a legal ban and the prospect of being branded as an extremist literature across Russia,” Srimad Radharaman Dasa, Manager ISKCON temple told the media.

Over 100 copies of Srimad Bhagabad Gita, As It Is have been distributed to the participants, cops on duties and the passers by who were actually overwhelmed with the chanting of Harinam Sankirtanam and divine dance with the Sankirtanam.

Sri Raj Natahany and Sri Krishnakant Tiway, Advocate of Akhil Bhartiya Hindu Mahasabha condemned the attempt to ban Srimad Bhagabad Gita in Russia even after the destruction of Communism in Russia. Upananda Brahmachari eminent Hindu preacher, thinker and interlocutor was also present in the demonstration and told the press that the lovers and admirers of Gita will only stop this protest until the nefarious attempt to ban Gita is completely nullified. A bigger protest is awaited all over the Globe.

However, the Russian Consul General heard the monks of ISKCON very patiently and assured that he will convey the matter of sentiment and the protest of the Gita loving people in the right and higher authority. Hare Krishna !!

Memorandum of ISKCON given to Russian Consul General at Kolkata.

Courtesy : IANS | IBN | TOI | PTI | Nakshtra TV.

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Global Conspiracy to Vilify Hinduism and defame Srimad Bhagavad Gita.

Posted by hinduexistence on December 18, 2011

The Devotees of HARE KRISHNA Mahamantra are going to distribute Srimad Bhagabad Gita and perform Hari Naam Samkirtana in front Russian Consulate at 22 A Raja Santosh Road, Alipore Kolkata – 700 027 at 11-30 am tomorrow on 19-12-2011 in protest of banning  Sri ‘Bhagabad Gita – As It Is’ in Russia. I have got a sms from Pujya Dayaram Prabhu of ISKCON Kolkata Temple just now. Devotees of Kolkata may take the blessings of Lord Krishna and fight to spread our vision and mission according to Deva Vani. Interested people may contact Dayaram Prabhu at +91-900-727-8496. JOIN WITH US FOR THE GREAT CAUSE OF SAVING BHAGABAD GITA FROM THE CLUTCH OF COMMUNISTS. KRISHNASTHU BHAGAVAN SWAYAM. HARE KRISHNA !!! -Upananda Brahmachari.

Sign in to protest the ban on Srimad Bhagabad Gita-As It Is & Resist the Vilification of ISKCON Movement in Russia.

Bhagavad Gita faces ‘extremist’ branding, ban in Russia.

ANS | Dec 17, 2011, 12.39PM IST | HE Update Dec 18, 2011, 12.39PM IST

MOSCOW: Bhagavad Gita, one of the holiest Hindu scriptures, is facing a legal ban and the prospect of being branded as “an extremist” literature across Russia. A court in Siberia’s Tomsk city is set to deliver its final verdict Monday in a case filed by state prosecutors. 

The final pronouncement in the case will come two days after Indian Prime MinisterManmohan Singh during his Dec 15-17 official visit for a bilateral summit with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev consolidated bilateral trade and strategic ties and personal friendship. 

The case, which has been going on in Tomsk court since June, seeks ban on a Russian translation of “Bhagavad Gita As It Is” written by A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada, the founder of the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON)

It also wants the Hindu religious text banned in Russia and declared as a literature spreading “social discord”, its distribution on Russian soil rendered illegal. 

In view of the case, Indians settled in Moscow, numbering about 15,000, and followers of the ISKCON religious movement here have appealed to Manmohan Singh and his government to intervene diplomatically to resolve the issue in favour of the scripture, an important part of Indian epic Mahabharata written by sage Ved Vyas. 

The ISKCON followers in Russia have also written a letter to the Prime Minister’s Office in New Delhi, calling for immediate intervention, lest the religious freedom of Hindus living here be compromised. 

“The case is coming up for a final verdict on Monday in Tomsk court. We want all efforts from the Indian government to protect the religious rights of Hindus in Russia,” Sadhu Priya Das of ISKCON and a devotee of a 40-year-old Krishna temple in central Moscow, told IANS. 

The court, which took up the case filed by the state prosecutors, had referred the book to the Tomsk State University for “an expert” examination Oct 25. 

But Hindu groups in Russia, particularly followers of ISKCON, say the university was not qualified as it lacked Indologists who study the history and cultures, languages, and literature of the Indian subcontinent. 

The Hindus pleaded with the court that the case was inspired by religious bias and intolerance from a “majority religious group in Russia”, and have sought that their rights to practice their religious beliefs be upheld. 

The prosecutor’s case also seeks to ban the preachings of Prabhupada and ISKCON’s religious beliefs, claiming these were “extremist” in nature and preached “hatred” of other religious beliefs.

“They have not just tried to get the Bhagavad Gita banned, but also brand our religious beliefs and preachings as extremist,” Das said. 

The ISKCON devotees have taken up the matter with the Indian embassy in Moscow too for an early diplomatic intervention before things get worse and the court passes an adverse verdict banning the Bhagavad Gita and Krishna consciousness teachings. 

In the Nov 1 letter addressed to Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister Pulok Chatterji, ISKCON’s New Delhi branch Governing Body Commissioner Gopal Krishna Goswami, said the prosecutor’s affidavit claims Lord Krishna “is evil and not conforming to Christian religious view”. 

Goswami also urged Manmohan Singh to accord priority to the matter during his Moscow stay and take it up with the Russian authorities. 

Indian diplomatic corps officials at the embassy here, who were unwilling to be named, told IANS that they have been following up the case since the time it was brought to their notice earlier this year. 

They had also taken up the matter at the appropriate levels in the Russian government to get the case either withdrawn or get the defence to fight the case to obtain a favourable verdict. 

Officials at the Indian Prime Minister’s Office, who were part of the Indian delegation accompanying Manmohan Singh, confirmed to IANS the case and the letter they received from ISKCON in this regard. 

“This matter is receiving the highest attention and the Indian embassy officials in Moscow have been instructed to follow up the case with the Russian authorities,” they said.

Courtesy:Times of India.

It is nothing but a Global Conspiracy to Vilify Hinduism and defame Srimad Bhagavad Gita. The Islamists and Communists have joined hands to brand Hinduism with extremism to equate it with Jihad and various Communist War Groups. Already we have seen the Indian phase lead by Congress to spread the bogey of SAFFRON TERRORISM in India. and Now their friends in Russia is trying to ban Bhagavad Gita and Hinduism in the Soil of Russia. Apart from the version of Prabhupada A.C.(Bhagavad Gita Jathajatha) or Bal Gangadhar Tilak (Bhagavad Gita Karma Yog Rahashya) – the most two controversial for its straight forward journey to the goal of TRUTH, there are several commentary on Gita, well accepted of millions of Hindu, Christians, theists, atheists, everybody. This Holy book gives us peace, power and prosperity of our total entity of life. Everybody who actually read this holy nook with respects, praised and accepted its essence as a part or a whole to their goal. Please try to the appreciation of Albert Einstein, Schopenhauer, Che Guevara, Dr Radhakrishnan, Romain Rolland, M K Gandhi and so many prominent thinkers for this Largest circulated non semetic Holy book for ever.


Upananda Brahmachari.

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UPA conspiracy along with Jihadists & CWGs to finish a Hindu Saint and Soldier dedicated in the cause of Hindu Rashtra in Bharat.

Posted by hinduexistence on December 13, 2011

Swami Aseemanand exposes UPA conspiracy on Malegaon accused, says he was forced to confess and cruelly tortured.

The Veteran Swamiji writes to the President of India for Justice…….

-Ten days after seven accused (all Muslims) in 2006 Malegaon blast case were released on bail, reportedly because of his confession that ‘Hindu extremists’ were behind the attack, Swami Aseemanand has questioned the decision, reiterating that he had already retracted that statement made by him under “extortion”. In a memorandum sent to President of India Smt Pratibha Patil on November 26, with copies to Prime Minister, Home Minister and National Human Rights Commission among others, Swami Aseemanand also alleged that he had been tortured “on account of my religion”. Following is the full text of the memorandum sent to the President of India by him:

Hon’ble Madam President

I, Naba Kumar Sarkar @ Aseemanand am confined in the District jail at Ambala having been falsely implicated by CBI, NIA and ATS Rajasthan (as a result of deep rooted political conspiracy) in Mecca Masjid, Samjhauta and Ajmer blast cases.

I am a Sanyasi having renounced the world for the public good and have dedicated my life for the upliftment of the Vanvasi and tribal communities of India. Since, I was reconverting the Vanvasi Christians back to Hinduism, I have been made a target and implicated falsely as above.

I am making this representation to secure safety of my life as also that of my family members and relatives and punishment to those, who in utter violation of law and human rights engaged without fear of law in extorting my confession by heaping untold torture and indignities on me.

Recently, I have come to know through media and my advocates that various accused in Malegaon Blast Case have been released by the Court. Prior to this Union Home Minister publicly made a statement that came to be widely publicised that NIA would not oppose their bail pleas in court. NIA, following the command of the Union Home Minister, did not oppose their bail on the premise of my extorted confession.

  • Protection and safety for myself and my family members and relatives.

  • Initiation of proceedings against Union Home Minister and functionaries of NIA/CBI/ATS who extorted my confession by engaging in most cruel and undignified conduct.

Critical issues requiring your urgent attention as Constitutional Head arise in the matter.

What authority the Union Minister had while directing that NIA would not oppose in court the bail pleas of Malegaon accused, all being Muslims?

Can the NIA, which carried the command of the Union Home Minister, taken to be an independent investigating agency?

How can my extorted confession that was retracted be taken to be to the aid of the Malegaon accused when no court has pronounced on my retracted confession?

How can NIA support the bail pleas of Muslim accused in the Malegaon case in the face of the confession by these accused and the inputs shared by the Government of India with the US and the UNO?

What a travesty of justice! On one hand a Hindu Sanyasi like me is made to suffer unimaginable and unbearable indignities by investigating agencies and state actors so as to extort my confessions, and on the other hand Muslim accused in the Malegaon case are allowed bail on the stand of the Union Home Minister and the NIA using the extorted (retracted) confession.

In the aforesaid painfully explosive situation, as a last resort, it has become imperative for me to seek intervention of Your Excellency, with the hope that justice would be meted to me and the guilty including the Union Home Minister would be brought to book.

I am constrained to detail out here in the horrifying circumstances under which my confession was extorted.
I, was arrested by the CBI officials from Haridwar on (18.11-2011) and while I was transported from Haridwar to Delhi, CBI Officials on several occasions stopped the vehicles on the roadside in pitch dark and made me kneel on the ground. After putting pistol on my temple they threatened to kill me if I did not act as per their desire. Upon my refusal they threatened that they would push me towards on-coming speeding traffic and that my death would be in accident. I had never seen the fear of death that closely. I stood my ground. From Delhi I was taken to Hyderabad by plane.

A fake allegation and heart-rendering inhumane treatment upon a Hindu Saint by Congress and Secularist elements only to establish the unreal story of SAFFRON TERRORISM to equate it with brutal ISLAMIC JIHAD and dangerous CHRISTIAN WAR GROUPS to eliminate Hindus from the soil of Aryavarta – Hindusthan and to end a Hindu Rashtra in Bharat.  ~Editor, HINDU EXISTENCE.

In this situation I felt ashamed that as a Hindu I have no human rights. I was subjected to torture on account of my religion. In custody, I was isolated. Losing all hope and to save my family members I succumbed to their pressure and torture. I so conveyed to them. The CBI officials directed me neither to talk to anyone nor take any lawyer. CBI officials surrounded me all the time and I was fear stricken while I was produced in Court. I had a deep urge to reveal all in court by finding them all around I had no courage to risk the well being of my family members by going against them.

On 24.11.2010 I was taken on remand by the CBI and kept me in their custody. (from 24.11.2010 to 4.12.2010 again CBI taken custody 10.12.2010 to 18.12.2010 from Hyderabad court. Hyderabad court permitted CBI to interrogate between 9am to 6 pm but CBI tortured me entire nights and kept me in their custody. The CBI officials humiliated me. After 12 Dec I was shifted to Delhi by CBI and CBI tortured me to give 164 statement). Their saga of physical and mental torture continued unabated till I landed in judicial custory.

It was the shock of my life that even in judicial custody CBI and later NIA Personnel enjoyed free and unregulated access to me in jail. On occasions even after midnight I was insultingly treated and threatened involvement in various blast cases. They also threatened to eliminate my mother, brother and other relatives, if I did not succumb to their demands. They had threatened me not to disclose the fact of being tortured, to the magistrate before whom I was to be produced. I was remanded judicial custody by Delhi court. On 18-12-2010 I was produced before the magistrate in Delhi where Mr. T Raja Balaji and other CBI officials in plain clothes were present. Mr. Balaji directed me to depose as per his instructions and the typed statement given by him. Because of the immense mental and physical pressure I could not muster enough courage to tell the magistrate that I was making the statement under compulsion.

In spite of my assurance I was subjected to further unbearable physical torture and psychological trauma. One person brought from my Ashram, was in the custody, and he was tortured and beaten up brutally after removing all his cloth in my presence to terrorise me. I was threatened with far serious consequences if I did not abide their dictates. The CBI officials also went to the extent of underssing me and inserting a stick in my anus and hanged me upside down.

They indicated that if I ever failed to tow their line my mother would be brought from Hogli, I would be subjected to indignities before her after being undressed.

They took me to various places – Mumbai, Daman, Valsad and then brought me back to Delhi. While judicial custody in Tihar Jail, I was kept in a cell along with two Muslim prisoners. They knew who I am. They said CBI could easily eliminate me in Jail if I failed to toe their line. I was under traumatic condition and had no courage to resist the threats I made the statement before the court as desired and tutored by the CBI Officials. I never acted with free consent.

Thereafter, NIA officials took me from Hyderabad to Panchkula and obtained by police custody remand where they humiliated and harassed me in their custody and continued with psychological torture.

On 03.01.2011, when court appointed one amicus lawyer for me. It took me little time for me to assess that there was no respite for me and I was captive of the agency in every sense. I gathered that neither lawyer nor court could rescue me and my saviour could only be NIA.
After, the said incident, the NIA officials again carried me to Bombay Daman and Valsad. I continued to suffer torture at their hands. I pleaded with them as to why they are inhumanely torturing when I am acting as per their dictate. They said I would have to record confessions at Panchkula and that I should refrain from meeting anyone including advocates. A fear psychosis was instilled in my mind that I will always remain in the clutches of the CBI, NIA and ATS and constant fear of threat remained in my mind of the physical and mental torture already meted out to me. On 13-01-2011 I was remanded to judicial custody and was sent to Ambala jail. During my custody in Ambala jail one senior officer of NIA Mr. Behera along with other officers visited the jail and called me and warned me to make the statement before the magistrate as per the dictation of investigating officer. He promised me that after making the desired statement I will be let free failing so my whole life will be spent in jail. On 14-01-2011 I was taken to the room of Dept. Superintendent central jail Ambala where NIA officials were present, they gave me draft of the statement and directed me to make the said statement before the magistrate. On 15-01-2011 when I was brought to Panchkula court from Ambala central jail till my production before the CJM Panchkula for recording of the statement, I was virtually in the circle of NIA officers in plain clothes. They hurriedly pushed and dragged me to the chamber of CJM Panchkula and remained standing outside the chamber. In these circumstances, surrounded by such desperately deadly law enforcing agencies I again succumbed to the dictates of NIA officials and got recorded confessional statement on 15.01.2011 before the Panchkula Court.

Thereafter ATS Rajasthan took me to Ajmer. During custody I was brainwashed that none is helping me. They ridiculed me being a Hindu. They directed that unless I became an approver, they would have to sternly deal with me and my family members. They said that becoming approver was the best for me as I should otherwise be aware of their power. They taunted me “where are you Hindu followers and sympathizers? In this helpless situation with fear of life in me they forced me to write an application to become approver in the Ajmer Blast Case. The officer who accompanied me to central jail Ajmer handed over the same application to Jail officials to forward the same to Chief Judicial Magistrate Ajmer.

On 26.03.2011 one Mr. Vishnu Kant Sharma came to meet me in jail at Ajmer and he assured me full assistance. I was assured that now no torture can continue. Feeling little assured after such long suffering, I requested him to make an arrangement for a good lawyer, so that I may consult him.

Mr. J.S. Rana, Advocate thereafter came to meet me on 28.03.2011. I narrated to him the entire facts and circumstances and asked him to save me and others, who were got falsely named in my criminally extorted confessional statements. He assured me that any confession recorded due to torture and fear had no relevance in law and if all the facts are brought before the court, I will be acquitted with honour and I can come out of traumatic situation, which I was facing.

I gained some confidence and instructed my Advocate Mr. Rana, to draft an application to withdraw the application for becoming approver, which had been forcibly got signed by me by the ATS Officials. I was produced before CJM Ajmer on 29-03-2011 where I read the application and moved the same before the court.

This application was allowed by the court on 08.04-2011 and this to some extent instilled confidence in me. Thereafter, I immediately moved application retracting my previous confessions, which were extorted under the torture and traumatic conditions under the tutoring of the CBI and NIA at Delhi and Panchkula. The same were returned by the court at Ajmer with endorsement that the same may be sent to the concerned courts through superintendent central jail Ajmer. I handed over the said retraction applications to superintendent central jail Ajmer who subsequently forwarded them to the concerned courts, but the same has not yet been evaluated by the concerned courts.

It is very unfortunate that in a democratic country like India, the CBI and NIA, ATS officials have so much of power that they can pick-up any person and treat him in utter disregard of law and human rights. After such deep suffering I am sure that these agencies are law unto themselves.

Madam President, my confession was as result of the unimaginable physical and mental torture. This has been retracted. No judicial court has pronounced on my confession one way or the other. How can the accused in the Malegaon be shown indulgence of bail on the basis of my retracted confession when they had themselves given their confessional statements in the case.

I get an impression, that I am being targeted because I am a Hindu and others have been shown indulgence because they are Muslims. My this representation is to the Highest constitutional functionary so as to secure my fundamental human rights. I urge you to direct initiation of stringent action against Union Home Minister and CBI, NIA, ATS Officials, who had tortured me unbearably and engaged in commission of serious criminal wrongs.

Madam President, it is astonishing to learn how after carrying out detailed investigations, and having informed the United Nations and the US about the involvement of Lashkar-e-toiba and HUJI terrorist behind the Samjhauta Blast, the Home Minister has taken a summersault and started to rely upon my criminally extorted confessional statement, which has already been retracted by me. All this is politics and my retracted confession is being used as a tool to release Muslim terrorist and falsely implicate Hindus.

Madam President, as Constitutional Head of the largest democracy you need to take, Union Home minister to task, on what authority he indicated to the media that the bail applications of Malegaon accused will not be opposed by NIA? Does he control NIA, which is supposed to be independent investigating agency? NIA unfortunately carried out the politically motivated command of the Union Home Minister, this direct interference of the Union Home Minister in the investigation by NIA, is very serious and Your Excellency need to take direct action.

Madam President, inhuman treatment meted out to me is a shame on our democracy. It has been in utter disregard of law and human rights. I am being made to suffer because I am Hindu and others are being shown indulgence because they are Muslims. All this needs to be investigated by Human Rights Commission. I urge for directions in this behalf.


(Naba Kumar Sarkar @ Swami Aseemanand) presently lodged in Ambala District Jail, Ambala (Haryana)

Please take this holy oath to free Swami Aseemananda Ji. Go to the link below. Sign the Petition and Campaign.


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Dreadful “Mission Bengal Jihad”. Connections with Muslims result dire consequences. Resurgent Bengal Muslims attacking Bengali Hindus at any moment.

Posted by hinduexistence on December 1, 2011

Muslim Love Jihadist brutally murdered his Hindu Wife. 

Muslim guy chopped off his Hindu friend ghastly as the later did not lend money to him.

~Upananda Brahmachari from Kolkata.

Within the time frame of last posting in Hindu Existence up-till , the Bengal Jihadists have completed some of their assigned duties so successfully without any objection from police, administration or the so called secular media.

Irrefutable insurgency like iota in Islam and the multitude menace of Bengali Muslims in the last 72 hours made fatal to the Hindu victims in various parts of South Bengal in West Bengal, the perfected ‘Jihad Land’ by the blessings of Mamta Banerjee, the ‘converted Muslim’ (?) Chief minister of West Bengal. The aggrieved and persecuted Hindus in Bengal now a days call Mamta Banerjee as Mamtaz Banu Arjee. Her Trinmool Congress Party, TMC is now dis-abbreviated as Total Muslim Congress. And the opposition Communist Party, CPIM is nothing but vacant on-lookers as these Muslim hooligans invading Bengal in the “CHANGE”  scenario, once were their own comrades.

In this span of last few hours and days, we have received dreadful news that :

1. Muslim Love Jihadist brutally murdered his Hindu Wife. (Case of Ankita Mondal of Sonarpur, District: South 24 Parganas, who was murdered by Mohammad Salauddin Gazi on 28th Nov. 2011).

2. Muslim friend chopped off Hindu friend out of negating loan. (Case of Samar Adak, a Cork Craftsman brutally chopped off  by Noor Islam Molla on 24 Nov. 2011 at Baramajhipara, P.S. Singur, District: Hooghly).

3. Muslim areas are made as arsenal. Huge arms and ammunition recovered.(Gun, revolvers, bullets, bombs have been recovered from Nalkar & Moukhali  Village of Jibantala Police Station in Canning sub-division).

4. Muslim Politicians want Madrasha Education to destroy secular education system in Muslim Community. (In a Minority Cell Conference organized by Indian National Congress at Diamond Harbour, South 24 Parganas, the Zilla Parisad Sabhadhipati,  South 24 Pgs.<i.e. Chairperson of District Council> Samima Shiekh of TMC categorically expressed her views to expand Madrasha education with a very communal sentiments).

5. Muslim perpetrators planned to loot every Hindu Temple Treasure if possible. ( In Katiahati under Baduria Police Station, North 24 Parganas, Gold ornaments with a valuation over lac of rupees, were stolen from the Deity from an ancient Kali Temple. In the last three months, 100 of Hindu Temples were robbed off in the dead of nights. Police did worthless without almost any recovery of golden and Silver ornament, image of valuable black stone etc.).

Many thing more must not reach us, but 99% News of Muslim Menace and Mission Bengal Jihad are always uncovered by the purchased media of Bengal. Yes, purchased by the Muslim Operators in Bengal everywhere in every sector of Politics, Education, Business, Press & Media and Everywhere.

One can be traumatized to understand the ghastly Jihad Menace in Bengal rapidly coming to the surface without any hindrance. Read something.

Love Jihad wins ultimately.

Muslim husband murdered his Hindu wife brutally.

Ankita Mandal, Hindu woman of 19 years, had a love affair with Salauddin Gazi, Muslim guy of 28 years, 4 years ago that resulted to marriage daring all religious differences but little did she know then that her life would come to an abrupt end and the assassin would be none other than her better half. This tragic incident took place at 7 pm, Monday, at Milanpalli, P.S. Sonarpur, suburban area of Kolkata, District: 24 Paraganas (South) and Salauddin, in accordance with police, is at large.

As stated by Ankita’s parents, there was no dearth of mental and physical tortures on Ankita by Salauddin and his other family members. Ankita, what is more, owing to excessive torturing used to come to her parents’ house at regular intervals but thanks to her parents’ efforts, she would return too.

Since torments of alcohol-dependent Salauddin crossed all limits at this time too, Ankita, as usual, left her husband’s residence in Chakberia, Sonarpur and came to her parents’ abode. Salauddin, to take her back to home, came to his in-law’s house on Monday, November 28, 2010,  but Ankita was adamant to not to return anymore. Getting infuriated, Salauddin started black guarding in front of the house and finding no other option to stop this revilement, Mrs. Rekha Mandal, mother of Ankita, leaving behind her two daughters in the house, went to the police station. Father of Ankita, Mr. Dipak Mandal, was not in the house just then, unfortunately.

When Rekha Devi returned with police, she found that Ankita, already murdered, was lying in a pool of blood. Aditi, her younger daughter informed, the moment she went for the police station, Salauddin and Ankita entered into a bitter squabble and Ankita was thrashed inhumanly once more. Salauddin had a sharp knife within his apparel and with it he chopped up Ankita and fled.

Police has found a chopper, believed to be Salauddin’s murder weapon, from the area. On the word of Kankarprasad Barui, Additional Police Super – District: 24 Paraganas (South), hunting is going on to find Salauddin out. Two brothers of Salauddin, alleged to be accomplices, have been picked up.

Ankita Mandal, without doubt, has become latest epitome of victims of Love Jihad.

Thus ends an inter-religious marriage with the death of a Hindu girl. Love Jihad becomes the greatest victor.

Religious bias overshadows longtime friendship.

Muslim friend chopped ghastly Hindu boy for money.

Friendship between a Kaffir and Momin is absurd. SAMAR WAS ATTACKED BY NOOR ISLAM WITH A SHARP SWORD TO SLIT A KAFFIR'S NECK. (Ref : Q : 47.4).

In the district of Hoogly, Samar Adak, a sholapith (Indian Cork)  craftsman by profession, became victim to a wild attack of his Muslim friend (of long duration) Noor Islam on November 24, 2011 evening who was hell-bent to have Rs. 15, 000 Samar was having at that time for his own job. Initially, Noor Islam frantically urged Samar to lend the sum as loan. But Samar could not allow Noor to get the loan as that was withdrawn from Bank by Samar from his own savings for his own business.   Being negated, Noor attacked Samar with a sharp sword targeting Samar’s neck. Samar Adak (age 32 years), s/o (Late) Anil Adak, is a resident of village: Baramajhipara, P.S. Singur, District: Hooghly. Culprit Noor Islam resides in nearby area.

The injury as a result of repeated sharp hitting by Noor Islam’s sword was so grave that Samar has been transferred to Calcutta Medical College and his condition is in the balance.

Noor Islam has been taken into custody, it’s true. Now the question arises whether Noor gets punished or police considering this as a prank continues to play with Hindu emotion remains to be seen. But the secular preaching of communal harmony by all the Bengal Political Parties and relay any Muslim friends like Noor or Salauddin are very dangerous in all respect to the non-alert Hindus in Bengal.

Arms recovered from Muslim Jihadists in last 72 hours from South Bengal. Report form Police sources : 

1. District-Murshidabad, Police Station-Khargram : Village Surhkhali : Recovered- 3 (Three) Maskets; 13 (Thirteen) Pistols; 8 (Eight) rounds of bullets. Arrested Muslim Criminals : Ainal Shiek (of Mahalandi village), Giyas Sheikh (Gaontala Village), Mansar Shiekh (Gaontala Village). [ Total recovery in November 2011 in Khargram Jihad Dane : Fire Arms 50, 37 bombs/home made grenades, 310 round bullets].             [brt29].

2.  District-South 24 Parganas, Police Station-Jibantala : (a) Village-Nalkara : Recovered- 1 long range Rifle; 25 rounds bullets; 7 live bombs : Arrested Jihadists – Najrul Gayen Molla,  Sayidul Gayen Molla, Saiful Gayen Molla & Sirajul Gayen Molla. (b) Village- Moukhali : Recovered- 3 Rifles; 23 rounds bullets; 7 swords : Arrested Jihadists : Lutfar Molla & Sattar Molla.

As a matter of fact the Muslim perpetrators have fertiled the land of Jihad in West Bengal in the last 34 years of Leftist regime in Bengal. In these last three years of Change phase the ruling TMC is helping the Muslim Jihadists to made a havoc upon the peace loving Hindu people here. Bengal is turning rapidly as a Killing Field of Hindu Kaffirs by the Bangla Jihadists. The graph of Jihad in Mission Bengal Jihad under the camouflage of political rift is so high and drastic, Bengal may be put into a severe situation than Kashmir in a very short span of time.                          ………………………………………………………..[brt30].

The situation of Hindus in the border districts/areas are grave and unbearable. Increasing Muslim population (by un-abetting birth rate) and the Muslim influx from Bangladesh have put a dead peril for the common Hindus through out.


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