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Quetta’s (Pakistan) Hindus demand govt to protect them from kidnappers, killers & persecutors.

Hindu Sit-in outside Baloch Assembly against Hindu trader’s killing, ransom, torture.

QUETTA, 23rd December, 2011 : Members of the Hindu community staged a protest demonstration in front of the Balochistan Assembly (BA) on Friday against increasing incidents of kidnapping for ransom in the province.

The protestors took out a procession from Arya Samaj temple on Masjid Road and after marching through different parts of the city, staged a protest demonstration in front of the BA building.

The protesting people, including children, were carrying placards and banners inscribed with slogans demanding protection from criminals.

Addressing the protestors, Raday Sham and Dr Maher Chand, members of Hindu Panchayat, said police should investigate the killing of young Hindu trader Ravi Kumar, whose bullet-riddled body was found in Quetta after his family failed to pay the ransom money to his abductors.

The members of the Hindu community raised slogans against the government for its failure to protect the life of those belonging to minority communities.

Provincial minister for minorities Basant Lal Gulshan and Minister for Revenue Zamurkh Khan Achakzai addressed the protesting Hindu community members and tried to pacify them.

Achakzai said that the law enforcing agencies were constantly striving against the kidnapping gangs operating in Quetta and other parts of the province.

“Police have booked many suspects and also carrying out raids in different localities including Saryab and Pashtunabad areas of Quetta. Soon, the criminals will be brought to book,” he ensured.

The protestors called off their protest after the provincial minster assured them that he will arrange a meeting between a delegation of Hindu community and Chief Minister, to resolve the issues.

3 comments on “Quetta’s (Pakistan) Hindus demand govt to protect them from kidnappers, killers & persecutors.

  1. Leela Mani
    December 25, 2011

    Very cruel situation is going in Pakistan. We have to wake up and save them.
    At this moment I would like to ask Indian Muslims, “What about your contribution in this regard?” You people are enjoying in our country with Hindu’s Income. The same time Hindus are suffering in your Brother country.

    Can we see any Hindus from Pakistan coming outside of the country (Gulf Region or Other States), a part of Job? Can not. They are really suffering there.

    I don’t believe; we shall a justifiable action from Mrs. Sonia, a part of Orthodox.
    Even though, as the duty of India Govt, the Prim Minister, and Shri Vayalar Ravi has to take initiation to save them, please….

    Best Regards,
    Leela Mani


  2. yogeshsaxenaogesh saxena
    December 25, 2011

    There is only one option left with Hindus minded political organizations to become united for giving another chance to National Democratic Alliance comprising of B.J.P. and B.S.P., in case of any diversification of votes to any other political organization. The worst part of B.J.P. collusion Politics dictated by the so called representatives of political party, is the diversification of the policy guide lines as deflected during the Mr. Bajpai Government. The protection was given to Sonia Gandhi ( IN THE MATTER OF CHARGE SHEET OF C.B.I. FILED ON 12.9.1993 against her for stealing 34 antiques from our Nation through Prabhakaran – the conspirator in Mr. Rajiv Gandhi Murder, Mr.Rahul Gandhi arrest in Boston with 16 thousands Million dolor ans a Girl from Venezuela, who were released due to the Intervention of Sri Brijesh Mishra as Special Secretary, Musshrat Taj Scandal espousing the Cause of Separatist Pakistan, Samjhota Express train disastrous beginning of terrorists attack, Criticism to Mr. Narendra Modi Ji aura of Expansion, Mr.Murli Manohar Joshi denouncement to the Cause of Exposing Truth regarding autherships of Monuments P.N.OAK petition, Providing support to Mr. Mulayam Singh Government in outside support of Congress in U.P. from 2004 to 2007 and as such HINDUS HAVE Denounce the Fraud and deceptions played By Mr. Atal Bihari Bajpai, as the man of Doubtful Integrity shown from the time of Nehru, Indira Gandhi akias Mamuna Begum and in the Murder committed By Indira of Sri Deen Dayal Upadhaya. The support of APNA DAL created by Ateeq Ahmad, And Co ordinations with Mr. AJIT singh S/O Charan Singh , who ( BOTH) are not having any base of Stability. Thus the People should deject Congress, than Mr. Mulayam Singh, Mr. Ajit Singh , But They may Still prefer to Mayawati and B.J.P. in absence of any Choice for Hindus. However in Uttarakhand and Punjab ( Gau Raksha Dal Punjab), we are adamant to provide our full support to B.J.P. on account of the induction of Red. Major General Sri B.c.Khandoori. People should denounce Congress people and they may be restrained from entering in the locality of honest INDIANS. DRAG THEM OUT.


  3. indian citizen
    December 25, 2011

    इनके लिए आंसू बहाने वाला तक कोई नहीं, क्योंकि हिंदुओं के नाम पर वोट नहीं मिलते.


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