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Lord Krishna and His Dwaraka. An Irrefutable History

Sri Krishna- A History, not a  Myth :: by Saraswati Films.

The Legend of Dwarka under Sea (Part 1) :: by Discovery Science.

The Legend of Dwarka under Sea (Part 2) :: by Discovery Science.

The Lost city of Dwaraka :: by History Channel.

Dwarka Excavation’s Links

“An ancient harbour at Dwarka: Study based on the recent underwater explorations (pdf) Report by A. S. Gaur, Sundaresh and Sila Tripati


“National Institute of oceanography Report on DwarkaSubmerging of Dwarka: Report


Courtesy: Saraswati Films | Discovery Channel | History Channel | Desh Gugarat.

2 comments on “Lord Krishna and His Dwaraka. An Irrefutable History

  1. Eternal Truth. No fantasy at all..

  2. Lambda Scorpio
    May 10, 2015

    A. Lord Krishna is the Hindu God of Love. Christians cant understand the glory of Hinduism. They employ various heinous methods for converting innocent Hindus to Christianity through money and other privileges.

    B. India continues to remain the “Golden Goose” of all times. From Alexander the Great to the Mughals and the British. India has been raped and looted in the most in-human and brutal way ever witnessed in the history of mankind. She the only continuous flourishing and the liveliest civilizations based on the universal religion of Hinduism. Its invaders gradually destroyed with the passage of the times but, She is still there racing ahead in the forefront of Nations of the world.

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