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Bihari-Bengali Islamist nexus desecrated Hindu Shiva Temple in Asansol with the blessings of ‘Change Queen’ in Bengal.

The Shiva temple in Budha (Asansol) where the communal incident happened.

 Pic. The Shiva temple in Budha where the communal incident (chopped cow-head were placed) happened.

Islamic Gift to Bengali Hindus in Bengali New Year: Chopped Cow-head in Shiva Temple.

Asansol| April 14, 2012 | Titu Shadowson | AsansolNews :: The Bengali Hindus  could never think that such a unique and unexpected gift is waiting for them, on their very auspicious ceremony, the Bengali New Year 1419. Bengalis are habituated to have unexpected gifts, be it in 1946, 1947 or 1948 or in 1971 and even today; they can see it in the constant attacks on them. Now the muslims have prepared themselves to give them hateful gifts.

 While Bengali women were preparing to worship their mud-made traditional stoves as par the rituals, the communal to the core Muslims threw before their chaste temple the thing that they can’t even watch: chopped cow-head.

 Last night at Budha locality of Asansol, West Bengal, some communal to the core muslim boys plotted a chopped cow-head at around 3pm last night in the coward way that suits them perfectly. This is the traditional way of the muslim run atrocities on Hindus: abduct Hindu women and plunder their chastity, behead Hindu men, unchaste and vandalize their temples by prohibited stuffs like Beef. This time history took a repeat performance.

While the local women of the Budha locality were going early morning to worship the deity of Lord Shiva inside the temple, they found that a chopped cow-head has been plotted at the entrance. Some of them fell sick at the mere visuals of the thing, they vomited. The outraged women then called the males and urged to take the matter seriously.

Some muslims were standing there in a casual motive apparently, to do a Reece of the situation. As soon as they realized the magnitude of the outrage in the Hindu community, they alerted the already prepared muslims who were in battle-ready mode.

Pic. All petro dollar greedy Bengali media keep mum to the persecuted Hindus.

They have already informed the police of Asansol, who have historically been active to serve the communal to the core Muslims. Also the local ward councilor of ward no 8 of Asansol Municipal Corporation (AMC) Mr. Gurudas Chatterjee (Rocket-da); both the councilor and the corporation politically affiliated to TMC which considers its political color to be jihadist green; have been informed by the communal to the core muslims themselves to create a shield around them. As obvious they un-listened the complaints of the Hindus and threatened to remove the head so that the news doesn’t spread. Rocket wanted to camouflage the musilm communalism. The angry Hindu youth then protested and encircled the head with bricks. At this the police was called in and a Lathicharge was launched to dismantle the Hindu protesters. The Hindus have seen in recent past how easily they have been subjected to police bullets. So the Hindus afraid, fled for a moment and the Muslim youth laughed at their backs with a taunt how you Hindus fall prey before our nasty will.

Then in a helpless situation in a loss what to do, how to obtain justice they contacted the Bengali news channels like Kolkata TV, Star Anando, News Time etc but strangely none even took any interest to cover the story, probably not to make their Islamic masters angry.

When a VHP operative called the local correspondent of Kolkata TV, Mr. Venkateshwar Lahidi at his phone numbers 9674#665#7 and 9832#144#5. He took the calls, prepared to note down the news but then his pen halted as he realized he was being requested to cover the Muslim communalism; he disconnected the call. Similar treatments were received in all the cases with all the Bengali media houses.

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Except Asansol TV not even a single news channel telecasted this news, because this might cause decrements in their petro-dollars.

The local Hindus consulted the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and lodged an FIR against the already pointed communal to the core Muslim youths.

When Asansol News correspondents interviewed the local Hindu boys, they were looking not afraid but outraged. “If those bloody cowards do really have the guts, then they should sometime attempt to hit me with their crowded mass, when I am alone. Why they pursue their frustration on poor cows? We never do that against their divine pigs! But yes, after looking at their history and culture it probably suits them I feel,” said a Hindu youngster Aniruddha Konar.

Pic. Hindu housewives came out of their houses and assembled inside the temple so that even the police cant harm it, they have lost faith on police.

Another local girl Moumita Dawn reacted, “We are taught communal harmony, but how far can we maintain this? Are only the Hindus responsible to maintain harmony? Won’t they take any effort to maintain harmony? This is not any one way traffic.”

Though the police were discouraging the public to shoot any videos and no journalist from the Bengali TV channels were present over there, a team under the guidance of Asansol News operatives Gautam pandit and Abhed Acharya got themselves at the rooftops of the local houses and shot from there the happenings. As the police realized there is no option open, they threatened to lathicharge and they did it finally to dismantle the Hindu protesters, so that they could easily take away the evidence of the Islamic communalism.

Pic. Bengali Hindus were outraged at the incident, they were also outraged at the inaction of police and politicians.

Pic. Bengali Hindus were outraged at the incident, they were also outraged at the inaction of police and politicians.

Everything is on record by Asansol News and it forwarded a copy of the clippings to Asansol TV to telecast. The other Bengali channels have passed a message to the public of Asansol that they will no way expose the real face of communal muslims in India.

After the crowd was vandalized, the police hurriedly took the head away. Within hours, the VHP and Hindu Jagran Manch Asansol lodged an FIR against unknown perpretators in Asansol South police station. Though locals have pointed out fingers to some muslim youngsters who were frustrated enough at the last world cup victory of India against Pakistan, to make an attempt to vandalize the celebration of the young Hindu boys and girls in Budha Aagori pada. That time they were beaten back and since then are always planning to retaliate in some conventional coward manner.

However the police made every possible attempt to discourage the Hindu leaders to take the issue further, they didn’t permit to do a rally protesting the communalism. On 15thof April a crucial meet has been called by Hindu Jagran Manch (HJM) and Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) to discuss the future course of action.

When Asansol News visited the HJM operatives, they were angry and stable both simultaneously. “I know we are living in a camouflaged democracy, camouflaged secularism in India, but that does not mean we wont expect our basic freedom of worship. Every time they vandalize our temples (last week they vandalized a temple in Sripur area) and then their leaders pass unity-messages. This cunning game wont make any long run. This dualism will not be tolerated,” said Sanjay Paswan, the Gen Secy of HJM Asansol.

By now they are planning to march a silent rally with the theme “NO FREEDOM TO PROTEST”.

Pic change Regimen Bengal Police threatening the Hindus or  lathicharge and Hindus immediately being beaten at the edge of stick.

Hindu Existence adds: Bihari-Bengali Islamist nexus desecrated Hindu Shiva Temple in Asansol with the blessings of ‘Change Queen’ in Bengal. Bengal CM Mamtaz Banu Arjee is taking all steps to humiliate the Bengali Hindu sentiment at the cost of her Crown.  It is evident that how the Bihari-Bengali Islamist nexus desecrated Hindu Shiva Temple in Asansol with the blessings of ‘Change Queen’ in Bengal. But the enthroned Queen of West Bengal is ready to do anything for the appeasement of her Muslim brothers and sisters and will do nothing against the menace of the Mohammedans. Only one thing is left for her: EMBRACING ISLAM PUBLICLY.

NB. Hindu Existence blog-site has been damaged by anti Hindu-Secularist elements. Please report WordPress.Com not to hamper the blog activities. We are struggling hard to revive this blog-site from proxy-servers. Now the issues are 80% resolved. Thanks to all concerned. – Editor, HINDU EXISTENCE.


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6 comments on “Bihari-Bengali Islamist nexus desecrated Hindu Shiva Temple in Asansol with the blessings of ‘Change Queen’ in Bengal.

  1. asansolnews
    April 16, 2012

    Hindu Existence actually deserved this treatment, the ban, the difficulties, the harassment. when u have numerous bullets on ur body, that means u have fought the deadliest.

    the perfect dharmayuddha is that where both the dharmayoddha and his site is injured!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. If we people do not unite, we will be eliminated. Please be unite against these atrocities.


  3. meenu khare
    April 17, 2012

    If we people do not unite, we will be eliminated. Please be unite against these atrocities.


  4. vasant sardesai
    April 21, 2012

    What you say is very correct; but the question is were Hindus like that from the beginning? If not, what made them like that? Unless we find out the cause for our this conditions, we will not be able to find out the remedy.

    V. S. Sardesai


  5. Aviral Sinha
    May 8, 2012

    I do not know what government is upto.If you see Table Calender of Atulya Bharat 2012 there are 4 Muslim Holidays ( One being on Sunday is also mentioned), 3 National Holidays, Two Hindu Holidays, Two Christian Holidays and one each Sikh, Budh and Jain Holiday………Amazing Minority Appreciation


    July 29, 2012

    ltte chief prabhakaran was military genious the colombo airport attack , the use of artillary in warefare,the creation of special vest to carry on suicide attacks,he kept is military campaign only in srilanka only the killing of rajiv gandhi,when ltte chief was young the sinhalise had killed is uncle young prabhakaran told for how long we should suffer then he and is other tamil friends looted a bank and collected arms from the looted money the gang killed jaffna mayor doriaapan ,slowly prabhakaran name came to notice of m.g ramachandran who with help of late prime minister srimati INDIRA GANDHI provided arms training to tamil youths this is how ltte was born, he incorporated the great raja chola flag as the tiger emblem , he followe god krishnas principle he told is cadres your cause is great not your body or soul , so the ltte cadres followed him


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