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Islamo-fascist power and Pakistani penetration into Indian Politics set an ultimate goal of Islamic Empowerment in India within 2020.

Posted by hinduexistence on November 30, 2012

Recent over-tuning of Islamo-fascist  power and Pakistani penetration into Indian Politics.

~Upananda Brahmachari.

Bangalore | 29th Nov. 2012 :: In the last week I was in Delhi to review the matter of forceful construction of an illegal mosque at Subhas Park after the Hon’ble Delhi High Court ordered to restrict any further construction of  the so-called Akbarabadi Masjid in that area under North Delhi Municipal Corporation. In the course of legal pendency and amidst the protest of oppositions, the local MLA of Matiamahal Constituency, Md. Shoaib Iqbal (Lok Janshakti Party) has successfully been able to speed up the incomplete mosque works, to keep liaison with the police and administration and obviously to arrange the daily offerings of Namaz timely under the invisible and invincible collaboration all Islamic factions of Delhi, ruling political party, political parties in Islamic folds and the religious authority of Jama Masjid of Delhi.  The works for floor, staircase, minerates of Subhas Park Mosque are almost completed as habitable. The cops stay there sometime as a daily routine duties outside the mosque, but the so-called Akbarabadi Masjid is posed as an existence of Islamo-fascist  power in Delhi in the face of a unable administration, police and judiciary as the so-called able pillar of politics has  been debacled by the way over this issue. And ‘a huge fund is ready to build a colossal Mosque at Subhas Park, Inshallah!’

After Subhas Park, I had to visit the camps of our illegal Rohingya Brothers of Myanmar where the living a most supported life than their original land in Bangladesh (erstwhile East Pakistan) or their place of disputed primary settlements in Burma, now Myanmar. More than 3000 Rohingya Muslims out of  620 Rohingya families are now staying in the Refugee camps near Sultan Garhi Dargah in south Delhi. The area of Darul Hizrat was abandoned once, but now is full of Rohingya Muslims who easily earn Rs 200 ($4) per day as daily labours in the nearest Delhi Market or adjacent places. The area has been set anew with market place, Namaz place (makeshift Mosque), coaching rooms, carom clubs, tea-shops etc. As per Wall Street Journal, at least 7,000 Rohingya have made their way to India over the year. A  portion of Rohingya Muslims  are now settled in Hyderabad. Rohingyas in India are now organised under an covered banner. These 620 Rohingya families residing in India capital hit the headlines in Delhi in April 2012, when they landed up unannounced in  Vasant Vihar’s UNHCR office to demand their refugee status. It could not be possible without any political support under specific Islamic patronage. But unfortunately Dilliwalas are very much reluctant for such a Muslim invasion in India Capital. I heard the prayer call Allah ho Akbar in that Friday noon from the Rohingya Refugee Camps in South Delhi outskirts which is same as a Big Mosque of Delhi or Islamabad. I had an intention to visit the martyr place of encounter specialist of Delhi police,  Mohan Chand Sharma at L-18 Batla House, Jamia Nagar, Delhi which is still considered as a terrorists prone zone in the Capital city of Delhi, but my associates prevented me. Two religious personalities are common in most of the Urdu posters pasted on the walls of Muslims areas of Delhi. No. 1 – Dr Zakir Naik of Peace TV & Islamic Research Foundation and  No. 2 – Ahamed Bukhari, Imam of Jama Masjid, Delhi. Both are notorious for their communal feelings and hatred speech. And Delhi Muslims are now fan of two Islamic political exponents. One of them is  Barrister Asaduddin Owaisi, the MP of Hyderabad Lok Sabha seat (All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen) and another is Perfume Barron, Badaruddin Ajmal, MP of Dhubri Lok Sabha seat ( All India United Democratic Front ). These four persons from Maharashtra, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh and Assam are ruling the real Islamic psyche in Delhi and have definite plan to capture the politics of India under a Islamic design that created Pakistan in 1947. These men of Allah are supplying all the amenities to the Rohingya Muslims to strengthen the Islamic Power in Delhi. So the Muslims in Delhi are flourishing even in the Refugee camps with a chain of help and they are growing like tadpoles. I saw over 100 Muslim babies on breast feeding in these Rohigya camps in Delhi.

Recently, BJP, a Badly Jeopardized Party (from Yeddyurappa to Jethmalani, how much I have to tell), have raised a good point of  national concern. The Kerala unit of BJP (serious and disciplined rather) demanded a probe on Keralites’ role in recent Assam riot.

On Nov. 25th 2012 at Kozhicode, the state BJP president has demanded that ‘the Union and State governments conduct a fair inquiry to expose the suspected involvement of some of the Keralites in the recent series of riots in Assam.

Addressing a press conference here on Saturday, BJP State general secretary K. Surendran said both the Union and State governments were well aware of the “shocking development” but they were trying to maintain silence on the issue.

“Also, there were suspected move from the part of some Kerala politicians and the government to scuttle police inquiry against the suspected persons,” he alleged.

The BJP leader claimed that 22 persons from Kerala had already been nabbed by the Assam police in connection with the riot, but they were later released. “It was quite surprising that none of them were taken into custody by the Kerala police for questioning,” he said.

According to Mr. Surendran, the police in Kerala were clearly aware of the role of nearly 100 such persons maintaining close links with extremist movements in Assam. “All of them were getting secret training and massive funds from anonymous sources in Kerala,” the BJP leader said.

The BJP leader said attempt on the part of the State Home Ministry to weaken the National Investigation Agency (NIA) inquiry into various cases without showing proper cooperation’.

Actually, it is not a role of Keralite Muslims for the Assam violence, nor we did see only a role of Hyderabadi Muslims enticed with the Bangalore violence. If we analyse the post Bodo-Muslims violence in Assam, the issue of Myanmar Rohingya torture or the issue of “Innocence of Muslims”, one must find a certain over-tuning in the aggressive Islamic insurgency all over India.  From Azad Maidan to Azamgarh, Bangalore to Bareilly, Kanpur to Kolkata, the Muslims are showing their direct approach to attack Hindus like span of Direct Action in 1946. GOI revealed that the MMS and SMS flood depicting purported footage of violence in Assam causing communal outrages in Bangalore-Hyderabad etc. were actually originated from Pakistan.

It’s clearly not different now. Then the one face of Muslim League and two faces of  Qa’id-i A’zam Muhammad ‘Ali Jinnah and Hussain Shaheed Suhrawardy sufficiently eschewed the communal provocation for Pakistan. Now, Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) led by Abdul Nasser Madani (Kerala),  Popular Front of India led by Mohammed Tahir (Delhi/Karnataka), All India Majlis-E-Ittehadul Muslimeen led by Owaisi family (Andhra Pradesh), All India United Democratic Front led by Badaruddin Ajmal (Assam), Samata Party led by Azam Khan (Uttar Pradesh), People’s Democratic Conference of India led by Siddiqullah Chowdhury (West Bengal, now merged with AIUDF), Welfare Party of India (West Bengal), Peace Party  and Qaumi Ekta Dal (Uttar Pradesh), the strength of old Muslim league in many shapes and the strength of Jamiat-i-Islami Hind and Tableg-i-Jammat, all are working hand to had for an absolute Islamic empowerment in India. Another Pakistan as an ultimate goal. The strategy, finance, logistics, Jehadi armaments all are easily being made available through the ISI, DGFI, GIP joint net work. Pakistan and its Inter Services Intelligence are the master mind of all these. The volume of Islamo-fascist  power and Pakistani penetration into Indian Politics is beyond any calculation right now. Sometimes Hindu public in India is stuck with utter embarrassments after finding a Muslim League-BJP coalition in Nagpur Municipal Corporation for power sharing.

More over, almost every political party has its Islamic Edition (the so called minority cell alias Muslim cell) or a pressure groups within it to fulfil its Islamic goal. For example Congress under Salman Khurshid, Samata Party under Azam Khan, CPIM under Com. Razzak Molla and so on. Under their tantamount pressure for Muslim reservations and marvellous communal demands, some name sake Hindu leaders are changed with renowned with their second Muslim names. Samta Party Supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav is called as Mulla Mulaym Singh. West Bengal Chief Minister and TMC Supremo Mamata Banerjee is now widely known as Mumtaz Banu Arzee. Consequent Islamic pressure in Indian Politics under a definite international (more specific and profound Indian sub-continental) conspiracy has put forth many unprecedented  Islamic record in India.

1. India is the only country which gives Haj subsidy to Muslims.

2. India is the only non-Islamic country in which Govt. honorarium is given to Muslim clerics (Imam and Muazzin of Mosques) on monthly basis.

3. India is the only Non-Muslim country where its top most Presidential post has been adorned by Muslims thrice.  Zakir Hussain (1967-69), Fakhruddin Ali Ahmed (1974-77) and A. P. J. Abdul Kalam (2002-07).

4. India is the fastest growing Non-Muslim country in consideration with its Muslim population growth and the economic and political development of it Islamic populace.

One may continue this list up to 100 points or more.

All these are the symbols of Islamic changes of India as a prospective Muslim country. Internal and external strategies are drawn and developed by the support of Pakistan counterpart.

Islamo-fascist  power and Pakistani penetration into Indian Politics set an ultimate goal of Islamic Empowerment in India within 2020.

A practical Hindu empowerment and declaring Bharat (India) as a Hindu State is the only solution for this big Islamization problem in India.

Related readings: ISI Plan for ethnic cleansing of Hindus from India. Attempt to merge India-Pakistan into Greater Islamic Republic by 2030.

Coming Islamic regimen will stop Ram Janmabhoomi Temple and start forceful cow slaughter in Uttar Pradesh. Hindus will be put in a peril.

Pakistani living in India for 38 years arrested: Deccan Herald.

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How to rescue your daughters, relatives, friends from the clutch Love Jihad?

Posted by hinduexistence on November 27, 2012

Attacking White Girls by Asian Muslims – Love Jihad in UK – It’s a Global Problem. Check it.

Upananda Brahmachari | HE International Desk | 26 Nov. 2012 :: In response to the Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz‘s (UK) interim report on child exploitation – a documentary film has been produced by the Sikh Awareness Society (UK) in conjunction with Times journalist Andrew Norfolk to highlight the targeting of White, Sikh and Hindu girls by Pakistani grooming gangs in the UK.
Though in the interim report the ‘Asian Men’ are mentioned, the points of revelation came up with other perspective and relevant inputs that the Pakistani and Indian origin Muslims, Afghan Muslim and the Kashmiri Muslims are the main offenders to carry on such premeditated target upon White Girls for Sex abuse, Islamic conversion, Jehadi activism under a recipe of ‘Radical Islam’. And this motivation of the Love Jihadists are prevalent in India and other Non-Muslim countries also.

So far Bharat is concerned and now “L-O-V-E..J-I-H-A-D” is not only a problem of Kerala or Maharashtra, Hindus and other Non-Muslims must be aware for such a global problem of capturing Hindu-Sikh-Jain-Christian-Other Non-Muslim Girls by the trained Muslim Guys under Hindu or Common Non-Muslim names, peevish allurement, sex and drug addiction and by blackmailing.………………………………….

The Sikh Awareness Society UK in conjunction with Times journalist Andrew Norfolk has produced a hard-hitting film documentary to highlight the sexual targeting of White,Sikh and Hindu girls by Pakistani grooming gangs in the UK.

We have felt compelled to produce this documentary in light of the recent interim report on child exploitation by the Deputy Children’s Commissioner Sue Berelowitz, UK – which we feel totally whitewashed this issue – as well as to challenge Government/Police silence on this matter.
We intend a mass distribution of this film to raise awareness and to help counter the incompetence shown in tackling this abuse by the Government and Police.
Please click on the below link to view the film:
We feel that there is a minority of males in particularly the Pakistani community who hold religiously-prejudiced views against non-Muslim girls whom they see as cheap sexual playthings.This has lead to cases of rape and abuse of these girls without any feelings of remorse or guilt from the perpetrators of these crimes.
Even though the numbers of Pakistani males involved are a minority when compared to the community as a whole – the damage done to community relations is vastly disproportionate and leading to communal tensions in the UK.
Many Sikhs and Hindus in the UK also feel angered when media reports quite often describe the perpetrators of these crimes as ‘Asian’ – when neither Sikhs or Hindus were involved in those particular cases.
Growing concerns within the Sikh and Hindu communities led to a joint statement released in May 2012 by the Network of Sikh Organisations UK, The Hindu Forum of Britain, and The Sikh Media Monitoring Group UK. [see  report].
As a consequence of this joint statement Sue Berelowitz the Deputy Children’s Commissioner invited a delegation of Sikh and Hindu community representatives to attend a meeting at the Office of the Children’s Commissioner in London in August 2012 to discuss these concerns. This meeting took place before the completion of Sue Berelowitz’s interim report and whilst we were assured that our concerns would be raised with ‘key people at the Home Office’ – the disappointment there was no mention of these issues in her interim report and three months later there has been no contact from the Home Office.
The Government and Police’s politically-correct refusal to admit to a pattern of abuse evident from recent cases we feel is directly responsible for adding to the support of far-right groups such as the BNP and the EDL. A disturbing outcome of this can be found in recent media reports highlighting the English Defence League as attempting to hijack the issue of the grooming of Sikh and Hindu girls. [See Reports from June 2012].
The Conservative MP for Keighley – Kris Hopkins and Lord Patel of Bradford have both recently echoed the concerns same with Sikh Awareness Society (UK). [see below report from November 2012].
It is also important that while the report provided evidence of 1514 perpetrators of child sexual exploitation, where the ethnicity of the perpetrator was provided, 545 were white, 415 were Asian and 244 were Black, the Berelowitzis Report is completely failed to understand why the only 4.5% Muslim population of UK produced this huge number of 415 perpetrators under the level of ‘Asian’ in most of the cases and why these so called ‘Asians’ are very much interested to victimize Non Muslims as their habitual motives coming out of the zone of victimization in their own community?
Ten Tips to get rid off Love Jihad:
1. Teach and aware the Danger and Consequences of Love Jihad to your grown up sons and daughters, specially to the teenagers from the beginning.
2. Show video to your wards exposing Radical Islam and tell them about the Danger of Jihad towards Non Muslims. How Jihad is endangering Global Peace.
3. Keep strong watch while your sons and daughters are mixing in such persons may support any form of Jihad including Love Jihad.
4. Don’t allow your daughters to recharge their mobile phones from such shops, surfing net from such cyber cafe may have slightest chance of connection with Love Jihad Network.
5. Don’t allow your wards to stay in any Late Night Party, Travel Out or any type of programmes which can give chances to make intimacy with your wards with some disguised Love Jihadis. Hindu guys must not allow their girl friends even to chat  with any Muslim guys having  malicious  tendencies by default.
6. While your daughters and women are in Tuition or Job under any person with Arabic name, she may be a victim of Love Jihad. Sometime these Arabic name holders use non-Arabic common names or Hindu-Christian names to guard their  pre-meditated Love Jihad. Check it very well.
7.  Always avoid engaging carpenter, fitters, electricians, masons, labours with Arabic names (check it whether they are telling you a false Hindu-Christian names) at your homes as it is found many Love Jihadis have successfully captured our Girls-Women from these loopholes. Beware of Afghan Money lenders and Kashmiri Swal sellors. Chek whether they have right documents to stay in your locality.
8. Make counselling with great patience while your daughters or female relatives or friends under Love Jihad Trap. Lodge FIR in nearest Police Station against Love Jihad perpetrators. Consult expert physician or psychologist as your daughters/female relatives may be under the addiction of Sex or Drug in the meanwhile as made such under the nefarious design of Love Jihad.
9. Make a small action group comprising some advocates, ex-military-police personnel, rights activists and 15-20 young men (from Hindu – Sikh – Jain – Christian etc.)  with good mental and physical strength as a combat force to curb Love Jihad in every locality.
10. Make available this ‘Ten Tips against Love Jihad’ in your circles even after translating it in various languages. Mail it to your friends. Circulate the Booklet on LOVE JIHAD by Hindu Janjagruti Samiti, Sri Ram Sena and the unique article by Dr Radhyasham Brahmachari in this matter. [Down load from here].
~ A Hindu Existence presentation.
Courtesy: Sikh Awareness Society (UK) | Ramesh Shinde (HJS).

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26/11 Paki Bird Ajmal Kasab is no more. Peace be upon Him.

Posted by hinduexistence on November 21, 2012


26/11 Paki Bird Ajmal Kasab hanged to death at Pune’s Yerawada Jail today…

Express news service  | Mumbai, |Wed Nov 21 2012 | 08:28 hrs ::  A few hours before The Indian Express reported that his mercy petition was rejected by President Pranab Mukherjee, Ajmal Kasab, the Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorist, was hanged at Pune’s Yerwada Jail where he was shifted earlier from Mumbai’s Arthur Road Jail.

Ajmal Kasab, the lone terrorist caught alive during the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, was hanged to death at 7.30 on Monday morning.

Full coverage: Kasab trial

Union Home Minister Sushilkumar Shine told media that Ajmal Kasab’s mercy plea was rejected by the President on November 5.

Earlier, Ajmal Kasab’s mercy plea was rejected by the government which had then sent its recommendation to the President.

Home Ministry had said that Kasab’s mercy petition was dismissed as he was involved in a grave crime of waging war against India that led to killing 166 people, including foreigners.

The 25-year-old Pakistani and nine other fellow Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorists had landed in Mumbai on November 26, 2008 by sea from Karachi and had gone on a shooting spree at various places, carrying out the country’s worst terror attack. While Kasab was captured alive, the other terrorists were killed by security forces.

Kasab’s mercy petition was sent to the Home Ministry by the Maharashtra government in September after rejecting the plea.

After nearly a four-year-long legal battle, on August 29, the Supreme Court had confirmed the death penalty awarded to the LeT operative by the trial court and later upheld by the Bombay High Court. Upholding Kasab’s conviction, the apex court had said he killed without “the slightest twinge of conscience”. [Read full story here].

We must thank to our Patriotic President of India. No mercy to a ‘Foreign Terrorist’. Prez kept Balasaheb’s request. Dr. Panab Mukherjee is more couragious than Dr. Abdul Kalam.

Exclusive: President rejects Ajmal Kasab’s mercy plea

Amitav Ranjan | Indian Express | New Delhi | Wed Nov 21 2012 ::  President Pranab Mukherjee Tuesday rejected the mercy petition filed by Ajmal Kasab, the Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorist sentenced to death for his role in the November 26, 2008 terror attack on Mumbai.

The decision was taken following the advice of the union home ministry, a highly placed source told The Indian Express. “All the papers have been signed,” the source said.

Mukherjee’s decision comes nearly two months after the Maharashtra home department rejected Kasab’s mercy petition that had been addressed to the President. The department’s recommendation was sent to Rashtrapati Bhavan through the state chief minister’s office and the union home ministry.

Kasab was one of 10 Pakistani terrorists who came to Mumbai by boat from Karachi and attacked targets across the heart of the financial capital, killing 165 people and wounding scores. Before launching the attacks, they also killed the Indian captain of the boat they had hijacked off the coast of Gujarat.

Kasab had filed his mercy petition in September after the Supreme Court confirmed his death sentence on August 29. The apex court had held that the 26/11 carnage was an attack on India and Indians which deserved the rarest of rare punishment.

A bench of Justices Aftab Alam and C K Prasad had said that 25-year-old Kasab, the only attacker who survived the three-day outrage in Mumbai, had shown no remorse or the possibility of rehabilitation after his arrest, and in fact considered himself as a “hero and a patriotic Pakistani at war”. He had no feeling of pity and killed without the slightest twinge of conscience and the gallows remained the “only” punishment for him, the court had said.

President Pranab Mukherjee Tuesday rejected the mercy petition filed by Ajmal Kasab, the Lashkar-e-Toiba terrorist sentenced to death for his role in the November 26, 2008 terror attack on Mumbai.

The decision was taken following the advice of the union home ministry, a highly placed source told The Indian Express. “All the papers have been signed,” the source said.

Mukherjee’s decision comes nearly two months after the Maharashtra home department rejected Kasab’s mercy petition that had been addressed to the President. The department’s recommendation was sent to Rashtrapati Bhavan through the state chief minister’s office and the union home ministry.

Kasab was one of 10 Pakistani terrorists who came to Mumbai by boat from Karachi and attacked targets across the heart of the financial capital, killing 165 people and wounding scores. Before launching the attacks, they also killed the Indian captain of the boat they had hijacked off the coast of Gujarat.

Kasab had filed his mercy petition in September after the Supreme Court confirmed his death sentence on August 29. The apex court had held that the 26/11 carnage was an attack on India and Indians which deserved the rarest of rare punishment.

A bench of Justices Aftab Alam and C K Prasad had said that 25-year-old Kasab, the only attacker who survived the three-day outrage in Mumbai, had shown no remorse or the possibility of rehabilitation after his arrest, and in fact considered himself as a “hero and a patriotic Pakistani at war”. He had no feeling of pity and killed without the slightest twinge of conscience and the gallows remained the “only” punishment for him, the court had said. [Read full report here].

Kasab’s hanging true homage to Bal Thackeray: Shiv Sena

Support death penalty to terrorist Mohd. Afzal Guru.

Online E-Letter & Signature drive. << Sign here after get into HJS site.

Mohd. Afzal Guru, the terrorist played a leading role in the joint attack by the Lashkar-e-Toiba (LET) and the Jaish-e-Mohammad (JEM) of Pakistan on the Indian Parliament on 13 December, 2001. The terrorists in this brutal attack had killed seven members of the security force, including a lady constable.

Supreme Court has ordered that Mohammed Afzal be hanged on October 20. He was charged with concealing the conspiracy of the attack on Parliament. Today, Kashmiri Muslims are holding a massive protest against the death sentence to the terrorist Afzal. Chief Minister Ghulam Nabi Azad of the Congress, Communist and local groups have come out in support of Afzal. Now to show that people of this Nation seek mercy for Afzal, these groups have decided to initiate a nation-wide signature campaign.The Jammu and Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS) has launched a signature campaign to mobilize public support for Mohd. Afzal Guru. The media, academics, various NGOs, students and other representatives of the society have participated in the launch ceremony.

If you think this is a grossly incorrect act and there should be no revision of death penalty, you can register your protest by sending an automated e-letter to President and thereby participating in this online signature drive, which would truly be the Voice of the people supporting the Supreme Court.  [Read details here].

Courtesy: Indian Express | ABP News | HT | TOI | Sify | The Hindu.

Illustrations: Hindu Existence Forum.

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Hindus reject Jagaddhatri Puja Celebrations at Tehatta (Nadia, West Bengal) in a protest to Islamic Pro-activism by the State Administration.

Posted by hinduexistence on November 20, 2012

Tehatta Jagaddhatri Puja Coordination Committee resolved to postpone all ‘Jagaddhtri Puja’ at Tehatta Town.

Upananda Brahmachari from Tehatta | 19th Nov. 2012 :: Tehatta Jagaddhatri Puja Coordination Committee resolved to postpone all ‘Jagaddhtri Puja’ in Tehatta town this year in a protest of ‘trigger happy’ Police Firing on 14-11-2012 and ‘Obstinate Pro-Muslim’ Administration.

On Monday evening the meeting between administration and police led by Sri Sudipto Bhattacharjee – SDO, Tehatta  and the Tehatta Jagaddhatri Puja Coordination Committee led by Sri Amarnath Biswas found no amicable settlement as the Puja committee of PWD Para Baroari Puja Committee wanted to perform a symbolic ‘Ghat Sthapan Puja’ at least in the very place of last year Puja and the Administration and Police negated it out rightly.

This year Shri Shri Jgaddhatri Mata Puja falls on and from 19th Nov to 23 Nov according to Bengali Hindu Calender and Chandan Nagar (Hoogly) and Tehatta (Nadia) are the most renowned places in West Bengal for conducting the same with special grandeur and most spectacular celebrations.

For the obstinate and pro-Muslim decision of the Tehatta administration and the policy of TMC (Total Muslim Congress as the people of Bengal usually name the Trinmool Congress), compelled the Puja Coordination to all 56 ‘Barowari’ and Sarvojanan’ Jagaddhatri Pujas of Tehatta, including the PWD Para Barwari Puja where TMC – MP (Member of Parliament) and eminent Benagli Film star , Sri Tapas Pal came to inaugurate the puja just last year.

A senior member of the Puja Coordination Committee told the Hindu Existence Team that “the land of ‘Eidgah’ and ‘Barowari Puja Place’ both are part of Vested and PWD lands. The Muslims are allowed to encroach the land permanently with boundaries under the blessed State Islamic policy, but a symbolic ‘Ghat Sthapanam Puja’ is not allowed in the previous year’s puja place by the same administration and ‘trigger happy’ police. This is too much. PWD lands, roadsides, most of the market places and crossing places are under the clutch of Muslim public and land grabbers in Nadia. But, police and administration have now perhaps directed only to uproot all the rights of Hindus in Nadia to make Nadia a Muslim majority district.” However, Nadia (Tehatta is one of the four subdivisions in the district) is a bordering district of West Bengal, adjacent to Bangladesh, where the Muslim infiltration, cross border smuggling, illegal cow and arms trading, net of fake Indian currency and obviously Islamic fundamentalism are seen in a very optimum level.

After the police violence and firing upon the peaceful demonstration of Hindus lead by the Tehatta Jagaddhatri Puja Coordination Committee and ‘Tehatta bandh’ convened by Tehatta Business Owners Association on 14th Nov at Haulia (spelt as Howlia also) Crossing (where a person Ashoke Sen was died at Police Firing by SDPO himself), the insane SDPO, Dr Shailesh, IPS lodged a FIR  (Police Case No. 825/2012) against 18 Hindu persons by their particular names in Tehatta police station in Nadia. It has been reported that Police is trying to connect RSS and other Hindu organisation in that violence unreasonably under the instruction of State Administration from Writers’ Buildings, Kolkata.

Marvellously, the SDPO, Tehatta has determined Sri  Pintu Sarkar, a sub-inspector of Tehatta police station as the investigation officer into the case. This  Pintu Sarkar, SI,  himself is an accused of police firing case in which a housewife was killed at Bogula of Hanskhali in Nadia in a Vijaya Dashmi Immersion procession on 7th Oct. 2011. A case is going on  under section 302 of IPC against Sri Sarkar in the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court in this matter, so far the reports gathered by Hindu Existence Forum.

Both the state leaders of Congress and CPIM of West Bengal, vehemently opposed the recent police firings in West Bengal under a TMC ruling and macaronic Mamataz Banu Arjee advocating ‘Change’, ‘Development’, ‘Party Discipline’, ‘No Confidence Motion in Parliament with BJP support’ and obviously for her fantasy of an Islamic West Bengal.

While leader in opposition in West Bengal Assembly, Dr Surjyokanto Mishra (CPIM) accused Mamata Banerjee for playing her Communal Cards for Muslim votes in the ensuing  WB Panchayet election, Sri Adhir Ranjan Roy Chowdhury, veteran Congress leader and Rly Minister of State, GOI blamed the West Bengal Chief Minister for her inappropriate steps in which the communal situation in WB is rapidly engendering the public in her culpable regime.

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Pranam. Shiv Sena supremo Balasaheb Keshav Thackeray passes away.

Posted by hinduexistence on November 17, 2012

Hindu Legend, King of Million of Hindu Hearts,  Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray passes away.

Express news service : Mumbai, Sat Nov 17 2012 ::  Bal Thackeray (86), founder of the Shiv Sena passed away at his residence Matoshree in suburban Bandra on Saturday. After his demise, son Uddhav has been taken ill. Close family members including nephew Raj Thackeray and his wife were by his side.

“He had suffered a cardiac arrest. We could not revive him despite our best efforts. He breathed his last at around 3:30 pm,” Dr Jalil Parkar, who treated the Sena supremo, said.

Bal Thackeray had been critically ill for the last few days and the condition of the 86-year-old Sena patriarch worsened on Wednesday night when he had to be put on life support. He was taken off life support later after showing signs of improvement.

Bal Thackeray had been suffering from lung and pancreatic ailments and had been under the supervision of doctors for the past two weeks. He was admitted to hospital for a week in July following fever, stomach pain and problems.

He is survived by two sons Uddhav and Jaidev and their families. While Uddhav who now runs the Sena, lived with Bal Thackeray, Jaidev moved out several years ago and the father-son shared strained ties. Thackeray’s another son Bindumadhav died in an …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………accident 15 years ago. His family also lives in Mumbai.

A rabble rouser, who started out as a cartoonist alongside R K Laxman in the Free Press Journal in the 1950s, founded the Shiv Sena in 1966 on the plank of job security for the Marathi manoos (sons of the soil) which translated into attacks on South Indians whom he had blamed for taking away the opportunities from the locals.

Referred by many as the uncrowned King of Mumbai, Thackeray made space for himself in Maharashtra’s political arena by addressing the concerns of Maharashtrians who increasingly felt marginalized and deprived in the fast developing metropolis of Mumbai.

In the five decades of the Sena’s existence, Thackeray formed an alliance with almost all political parties including the Congress, Socialist and even the Muslim League at various points of time to further his own cause.

Thackeray, however, had an anathema of adorning any constitutional posts and was happy in governing through “remote control.” [Full Report]

Live Blog: Bal Thackeray’s funeral at Shivaji Park: India Today.

Bal Thackeray cremated at Shivaji Park, Mumbai.

Mumbai bids tearful farewell to Bal Thackeray

Mumbai | 18 Nov. 2012 ::  The mortal remains of Bal Thackeray, a Hindutva mascot and flagbearer of Marathi pride, were consigned to flames as lakhs of mourners joined the Shiv Sena founder’s grieving family to bid him a tearful farewell, with the city observing a virtual shutdown.

In a spontaneous outpouring of grief, a sea of humanity, unprecedented in recent memory, descended on the streets leading from “Matoshree”, Thackeray’s Bandra home, to Shivaji Park, to catch the last glimpse of the uncrowned king of Mumbai.

As several times in life, the Thackeray phenomenon was in evidence once again in death as he brought Mumbai to a halt with all marketplace, from the swanky malls to the tiny tea stalls and ‘paan—beedi’ kiosks, closed and all roads leading to “Matoshree”, Shiv Sena Bhavan in Dadar and Shivaji Park, where his last rites were performed.

Loud roars of “Parat ya parat ya Balasaheb parat ya (Come back, come back, Balasaheb come back), Kon ala re, kon ala Shiv Senecha wagh ala (Who has come, who has come, Shiv Sena’s tiger has come)” and “Balasaheb amar rahe” (long live Balasaheb) rent the air as an emotional Uddhav, the youngest son of the departed leader and Sena’s executive president, lit the pyre.

In a reflection of the respect Thackeray commanded across the board, a galaxy of politicians, from allies to rivals, film stars to captains of industry were attendance. [Full Report].


Life after Bal Thackeray: What will happen to his legacy?

While the death of Bal Thackeray has marked the end of an era that signified fiery oratory, right-wing views, and son of the soil crusades, the question being asked now is: Who will take his legacy ahead and occupy that political space? Sayli Udas and Shailesh Gaikwad report. Thackeray’s demise sends Mumbai into a sea of gloom 

Why Maharashtra must thank Bal Thackeray

Mumbai-Pune expressway ranks first among few notable achievements that the maiden Shiv Sena-BJP govt had in its saffron kitty. Another signature performance was building 55 flyovers in the city under a watchful remote-control called Bal Thackeray. Dharmendra Jorereports. Bal Thackeray dead 

Courtesy: Hindustan Times | Indian Express | The Hindu | Economic Times | ZeeNews | India Today | DNA | News X.

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Hyderabad again on Islamic Fire. Jihadists want removal of Bhagyalakshmi Temple and capture of Charminar for Namaz.

Posted by hinduexistence on November 16, 2012

Update of Hyderabad violence: Old Hyderabad peaceful a day after mob violence near Mecca Masjid: IBN Live. 

Hyderabad’s Old City area peaceful after Friday’s violence, restrictions eased: NDTV.


Hyderabad: Violence again breaks out in Old City over temple issue. Muslims marched towards Charminar to offer Namaz on Friday.

Hyderabad: Violence again breaks out in Old City over temple

Hyderabad | Nov 16, 2012 :: Violence broke out once again near Charminar in the old city of Hyderabad on Friday over a temple row. At least seven people were injured in stone pelting by an unruly mob, and baton charge by police. Teargas shells were also fired by the police to disperse the mob, which set afire four vehicles and damaged several other vehicles, witnesses said.

Trouble broke out soon after Friday prayers at the historic Mecca Masjid when a large number of people coming out of the mosque tried to proceed towards Charminar to offer ‘salam’ at a religious symbol abutting the monument. Policemen and paramilitary personnel, however, stopped them by setting up barricades. Raising slogans against the police and demanding that restrictions be lifted, the protestors started pelting stones at policemen and attacking vehicles and shops.

The police resorted to baton charge and fired several teargas shells to disperse the mob, which was pelting stones from three sides of the Charminar. Police said the situation has since been brought under control. Additional reinforcements were rushed to sensitive areas around Charminar. Home Minister Sabita Indra Reddy reviewed the situation with top police officials. She appealed to people to cooperate in maintaining peace.

The communally sensitive old city had been witnessing sporadic incidents of violence for the last two weeks following a row over the Bhagylakshmi Temple abutting Charminar, which symbolizes the historic city. Muslim groups have been opposing attempts to expand the temple on the ground that it was illegal and had marred the beauty of the 400-year-old monument.

The Andhra Pradesh High Court on Nov 5 had ordered status quo as on Oct 30. However, the erection of a canopy over the temple structure, in alleged violation of the court orders last Sunday, triggered violent protests. The government claimed that it was allowed only to implement court orders. Accusing the Congress government of colluding with communal elements, the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) withdrew support to the government.  ….. [  [Source Courtesy: IBN Live | IANS].

Hindu Existence News Bureau adds: After the divorce between MIM and Congress in the last week, the former is trying hard to make any shorts of disturbance in the City of Hyderabad to abuse the State Government of Andhra Pradesh run by Congress Party. For the last two months MIM has tried best to foment Islamic Communalism in Hyderabad and as well as in the entire state over Bodo – Muslim Conflict in Assam (Where the ruling Congress Party efficiently checked Islamic Insurgency and the Foreign Hand of Pan Islamism in Assam), Prohibition of Cow Slaughter and Bhagyalakshmi Temple Decoration on Diwali issues. 

For the last two issues of Prohibition of Cow Slaughter and Bhagyalakshmi Temple Decoration, one of the Telgu Desham Party Corporator of Hyderabad and the Fire Brand Hindu Heroic Leader – Thakur Raja Singh chased the Islamic menace in Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad) very gallantly. In his face book Raja Singh remarked today: “Ha ha ha lolz. Akbaruddin Owaisi is accusing (now) that it was police in civil dress that started stone pelting in today’s incident. He also accused Congress of blackmailing MIM. In his statement he said that people after offering (namaz) were leaving peacefully, but police started stone pelting in civil dress.”

What a silly position of MIM (Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen). But, Hindus of Hyderabad (as well as every Hindus of this glorious HINDUSTHAN) must be prepared to defeat any anti- Nationalist activities of Muslims, Christians or Pseudo Secular namesake Hindus, whatever it may be. Once, we freed Hyderabad from the pro-Pakistani Nizam under the strong leadership of Sardar Ballav Bhai Patel, Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad) will remain under the Tri-color with saffron atop, not under any green with Islamic crescent.

Photo Courtesy: OUTLOOK | THE HINDU.

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Oh Lord! Take our power to give Him eventuality for His recovery : Thousands praying for Sena Chief. Oh ! Lion Heart roar again!!

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Update: Bal Thackeray’s condition improves; Mumbai returns to normal life : TOI.

Thackeray’s condition still critical, unprecedented security in Mumbai

Mumbai | 15 Nov. 2012 :: Shiv Sena chief Bal Thackeray remained in critical condition on Thursday, with thousands of supporters gathering outside his Bandra (East) residence to pray for his recovery as doctors administered to him around the clock. HT reports. What they said

15 Nov. 2012.

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One shot dead at Tehatta Police Firing. West Bengal Police again played an anti Hindu Role by negating Puja Permission and created a Hindu unrest.

Posted by hinduexistence on November 14, 2012

Tehatta updates: 15-11-2012 : Tension prevails on the day next of firing  in West Bengal’s Tehatta sub-division :: News Track.

Mamata Banerjee unhappy with her ‘trigger-happy’ police :: Economic Times.

16-11-2012 : Nadia firing: Opposition challenges claim of  ‘self-defence’ theory of police : The Hindu.

Magisterial probe ordered into Tehatta (West Bengal) firing : Indian express.

The story of the frenzy Killer – Dr. Sailesh [Shailesh says why he opened fire – The Telegraph].

Black Day is being observed today by WBPCCI through out the State.<< WebIndia123. Convoy of Central Minister Deepa Das Munshi blocked by Police at Bhangdarkhola in the morning today. BJP, CPIM delegation Teams were not allowed to enter Tehatta yesterday.<<AnandaBazar.

Bengal suppressing truth about Tehatta firing: Congress MP Deepa Dasmunshi : TOI.

Trigger Happy Police of Mamata Banerjee gunned down one Hindu in a protest rally over not giving a permission of 20 years old Jagaddhatri Puja.

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Tehatta, [Input from HE News Bureau Nadia], West Bengal | 14th Nov. 2012 :: Enough is Enough. Again Hindus are attacked by Police of West Bengal under the instruction of strangle down even a slight Hindu sentiment to extravagantly appease the Muslim demands by cutting down religious rights of Hindus in every foot step. Hindus are thrashed down to an intolerable position which is bound to such a retaliation that can be death sign of the ruling TMC (All India Trinmool Congress) Govt in West Bengal.

Today, one Sri Ashok Sen was shot down while other three were injured  ( one of them in critical condition) in police firing at Tehatta in Nadia district of West Bengal on Wednesday morning. Local channels showed footage of policemen firing into the crowds from rooftops. The trouble started around 8 am when Hindus of the area blocked  road on Krishnanagar-Karimpur State Highway, protesting the police’s refusal to allow them hold a twenty years old Jagadhatri Puja at a particular location at PWD Para  near Howlia. Police first lathicharged and charged tear gas the crowd without any provocation as a dispersing method which then turned the protesters violent  and they set at least six police vehicles on fire. Additional Director of Police, law and order, Surajit Kar Purkayastha confirmed three rounds of police firing in a press briefing in Writers’ Buildings in the afternoon.

According to locals, there had been dispute between Hindus and Muslims over a piece of land in Howlia village, which is vested with the state government. Trimurti Club,  local puja committee had been organising this Sarbajonin Jahadhatri Puja at the ground  for the last eight years to continue this 20 years old Jagaddhatri Puja of PWD Para. This time, the incited Muslim community in ‘Change Syndrome’  objected to the puja at the venue, which is a Govt. vested land and not a Muslim/Wakf property at all.

TMC leader and State Minister, Ujjwal Biswas, (minister for youth welfare from Nadia district), rushed to the spot. “The land is vested with the government. There has been a long-standing dispute over the land between Hindu and Muslim groups. When the Hindu groups wanted to organise Jagadhatri Puja on the ground, the Muslim groups sought permission for namaaz there. We held an all-party meeting in the presence of the SDO and SDPO. The issue was resolved. But local CPM leaders provoked the mob, which caused today’s violence,” said Biswas.

According to sources, members of the Muslim community wanted the ground to be used as an Eidgah for namaaz only by dethroning the Puja Rights of Hindus. As a matter of fact, the Muslims of PWD Para area have already barricaded some portion of land forcefully to use it as ‘Eidgah’.

It was learnt that in the all party-meeting, held a couple of weeks ago, it was decided that the puja would be shifted to a nearby ground under the same arrangements of Trimurti Club.

However, the organisers claimed that despite repeated visits to Tehatta police station, they had still not got permission for the puja at the alternate venue and created all such unfortunate incidents only due to hang up a Puja Permission deliberately.

As per report, the person who was killed in the  police firing was identified as Ashok Sen (42 yrs), a local resident of Hospital Para of Tehatta . For last few days, tension was mounting over negating a  permission of  a Jagaddhatri Puja  of PWD Para near Howlia area. Locals alleged that police refused to grant permission for very old Jagaddhatri Puja for security reason. Actually, the Muslims of the area has raised a objection the Puja nearby an occupied ‘Eidgah’ (upon PWD land) of a Muslim populated area. Tehatta Subdivision has four blocks where the Muslim population is a majority. The aggrieved  Hindus,  all the 56 Jagaddhatri Puja Committees  and the Businessmen Association of Tehatta called a bandh on Wednesday also.

The police first tried to refute the incident of ‘Police Firing’, but due to the clear telecast of firing on various channels, Police could not conceal the matter and confirmed ‘Police Firing’ after a long seven hours of the tragic incident. Five Hindus are arrested under the charges of violence, over ten Hindus are under treatment, but the eight injured police personnel (as claimed by the police authority) are nowhere seen in any treatment centres. Processions and meetings in the area have been also banned. A heavy Police contingent and Rapid Action Force have been deployed in the disturbed area to control the situation, as reported. Some sources said that the SDPO, Tehatta, Dr. S. Shah (Land Phone: 03471-250202/Mobile: 9051272100) ordered himself the firing caused the situation more violent

Incidentally, in the last year the same Nadia Police shot down a Hindu House wife over a Durga Immersion procession route dispute on Vijaya Dashami day. The changing demographic situation in Nadia by unchecked Muslim population and Muslim infiltration from neighbouring Bangladesh are a great harm for the loosing Hindus in this district in general.

Appeal to my friends in Police Department: Please apply your judicious mind before taking staunch action against Hindu Majority people. Generally they are peace loving. Please don’t discriminate Hindu – Muslim in your duty bound works. The Muslim Appeasement Policy in West Bengal should not effect your liberal mind. Don’t indulge any Muslim menace while it is against laws and Hon’ble Court orders. Don’t free any miscreant under any pressure of Politics. Don’t give any scope that West Bengal Police has any ‘ANTI HINDU’ trend. This will affect you grossly. Namaste. Jai Hind. ~ Upananda Brahmachari.

WBPCC chief Pradip Bhattacharya asked Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to “discipline” her police and demanded an impartial probe into the incident.

Leader of Opposition Suryja Kanta Mishra said the situation there did not warrant police firing. “Problems cannot be solved by police firing and the inflexible attitude of the government will not help solve any problem,” he said.

Sri Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, the Central Minister of State for Railways said that the whole incident is very unfortunate. He put the question mark over the ‘trigger happy’ police action where a permission of a  “VERY OLD” Jagaddhatri Puja demanded by a large section of people could not be granted amicably.

Trigger Happy Police: Adhir Chowdhury (Rly Minister of State, GOI) on Tehatta Firing.

As a matter of fact, the Police of West Bengal in many places is now acting an ‘Agent of Islamist’ under the dictum of Mamtaz Banu Arzee, where they are putting many hurdles over Hindu Puja and Festivals; even advising through pamphlet to include Imams and Moulavis in Hindu Puja Committee;  advertising stringent regulation over sound crackers in Diwali under Court orders, but no circumstances they are interested to publish any advertisement on banned Cow Slaughter  or over 65 dbl sound from illegal Mosque microphones etc. by Hon’ble Calcutta High Court.

Are the Hindus of West Bengal actually in bondage and Muslims are born free?

If Ms.  Mamata Banerjee wants a ‘Hindu Retaliation’ in reality, it will be fatal for her dream and ‘Change’ regimen.


Video and Photo Courtesy: ABP News | 24 ghanta | IBN Live.

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No power of this world can stop the Deepavali at Bhagyalakshmi Mata Temple at Charminar, Hyderabad.

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Deepavali Celebration at Bhgyalakshmi Temple – Charminar, Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad).

!!!!!!!!!!IMPORTANT UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!

Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad) | 13th Nov. 2012 - Bhagyalakshi Mata Temple is again full of devotees with ringing bell and around the clock rituals set to the Special Puja of Deepavali. The Deity is fully adorned with ‘Bhakti’ and Ornamental flower décors.  One of our Admins have just visited and surveyed the on-going festivities around Bhagyalakshmi temple.

At last,  inner of the Temple and the Deity are fully decorated with flower ornaments and bouquets. A long queue of hundreds of devotees are seen in front of the temple upto the Shiva Temple turn point. No power of this world could stop the Deepavali at Bhagyalakshmi Mata Temple at Charminar, Hyderabad.

Bazaars are full of people, people putting flower decorations in shops and houses, heavy rush to buy sweets at sweet shops and
fruit vendors and other vendors are back in business after a lull of two days.

People coming from falaknuma, laldarwaza etc.  There is a barricade at Shalilbanda bus top, near wonder world showroom.

You can either take Bela Road or Shalibanda-Khilwat Road and park there vehicles at the Lad Bazaar Road leading to Charminar, or you can take cut before lad bazar-khilwat kaaman which leads to Charminar bus stop,reach Charminar bus stand, all vehicles are allowed to park at Charminar bus stand.People coming from Begum Bazar, Ghasi Bazar etc there is a barricade a Gulzar houz and all vehicles are allowed to park in Agra Mithai lane, and near by jewellery shops. All by lanes leading to Gulzar house from Ghasi Bazar and Agra Mithai is having heavy rush.Avoid taking four wheelers as there is huge number of vehicles parked already. Police is allowing public by foot only near Charminar.Police have made tight security arrangements for the devotees coming for Darshan 0f Mata Bhagyalkshmi and also placed metal detectors.

There is huge rush at Bhagyalakshmi temple, have patience and co-operative with police and other authorities, and doing the rituals and darshan of Bhagyalakshmi Mata Devi.

Once again we wish a cheerful and glorious, powerful  and delightful Diwali at Bhgyalakshmi Temple at Charminar at Bhgyanagar (Hyderabad).

Manglahat Corporator and Heroic Hindu Leader – Thakur Raja Singh conveyed his Subha Deepavali to every Nationalist Citizen of Bharat and urged peaceful coming to Bhgyanagar to have a Darshan and pay offerings to Devi Mata in Bhagyalakshi Mata Temple at Charminar.
The Muslim fanatics and All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul Muslimeen (AIMIM or MIM) perpetrators may try to make road blockade and put hurdles on controlled situation (Thanks to Hyderabad Police) as an revenge upon Bhagyalakshmi supporter Hindus of Hyderabad, as reports came from the reliable sources.
Hindu Organisations have met several times to draw the next strategy to uphold the dignity of Bhagyalakshi Temple as well as the safety and security of common Hindus in crisis. They suggested self defence of every Hindus and not to indulge into any rumour or false provocation.

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Diwali decorations at Bhagyalakshmi Mata Temple objected by Muslims of Hyderabad. Why Muslims do not tolerate Temple Bells & Diwali Illuminations?

Posted by hinduexistence on November 12, 2012

Incomplete Diwali decoration at Bhagyalakshmi Mata Temple at Charminar due to Islamic objections.

Protest Maharati by Bajrang Dal & Sri Ram Sena Activist for the demand of Diwali Decoration at Bhagyalakshmi Temple at Charminar, Hyderabad.

Upananda Brahmachari from Bhagya Nagar (Hyderabad) || 10-11-12 (10th Nov. 2012) :: This Diwali  is not so delightful for the Hindus in Hyderabad. Islamic maroon in MIM ( Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul Muslimeen) have taken the vow to hamper the Diwali Celebration at Historical Bhagyalakshmi Temple at Charminar in the city at any cost. So they are not ready to allow any makeshift pandal decoration for the yearly Diwali Celebration at Bhagyalakshmi Mata Temple, in the same style of the Kashmiri agitators, how they were not allowing the use 99 acres of land for Amarnath Pilgrimage in 2008. Then the Kashmiri subversive elements saw a bogey of demographic change of J&K due to Amarnath pilgrimage and for the temporary transfer of that lands to Amarnath Shrine Board. Now, the Hyderabadi maroons just feel the disturbance and embarrassment for Allah due to the temple bells of Bahyalakshi Mata Mandir and illuminations of Diwali. Actually those creatures are the dwellers of darkness and can’t bear any ray of light.

Tensions prevail again in old city Sunday following rumours that the management of  Bhagyalakshmi Temple had taken up its expansion work near the Charminar. Actually, the Temple committee is only trying to set a temporary shed adjacent to it for accommodating the devotees to attend the yearly Diwali Celebration in the Temple as a long drawn traditions. Due to the status quo order passed by the Hon’ble Andhra Pradesh High Court on 5th November, the MIM idiots spread various types of rumours so that  the Diwali decoration in the Baghyalakshmi Mata Temple cannot be done properly, as reports came in.

Hindu Retaliation in Bhagyanagar (Hyderabad) is taking a new dimension.

‘As tension mounted in some parts of old city over the rumours, the area was cordoned off and some leaders of MIM party were prevented from trying to proceed towards Charminar, violating prohibitory orders banning assembly of five or more persons, police said.

“Six MIM legislators and its two councillors were taken into custody as a precautionary measure for not allowing police to maintain status quo orders of the Andhra Pradesh High Court, a senior police officer said.

The MIM leaders alleged that despite the state High Court ordering status quo, some groups were carrying out the expansion work.

However, Bhagyalaxmi Devalaya Parirakshana Samithi convener Bhagavanth Rao refuted the charges saying that they have been maintaining court’s orders and merely took up works to decorate temple on the occasion of Diwali.

Meanwhile, city Police Commissioner Anurag Sharma appealed to people to maintain peace and not to believe the rumours.

The usually busy roads leading to the 400-year-old Charminar monument were deserted with police sealing off all the routes by erecting barricades and barbed fencing.

Police intensified patrolling in the sensitive areas of the old city that witnessed communal clashes last week.

Prohibitory orders banning assembly of five or more people remained in force in areas falling under five police station limits of South Zone in old city from November 8.

A large number of policemen including the Rapid Action Force (RAF) were deployed in communally sensitive areas.

BJP’s Protest for Diwali Cause at Bhagyalakshmi temple at Charminar, Hyderabad.

BJP on Saturday took out a rally in protest against the state government for not allowing to undertake decoration work at century old temple adjacent to Charminar, on the occasion of Diwali festival.

On a petition filed by MIM, the state High Court recently gave a direction to maintain status quo as on October 30.’ [‘-‘ from Hindu].

For the hardness from both the communities, the normal life of the peace loving people are grossly hampered.

The prominent Hindu leader of Sri Ram Yuba Sena and Telgu Desham councillor, Thakur Raja Singh alleged the softness of the ruling party towards MIM perpetrators. In his facebook page Raja Singh remarked: T. Raja Singh ko Bhagyalaxmi Mata Mandir jaane se pehle he roka gaya aur ACP dwara arrest kiya gaya. DCP ko Raja Bhai ne kal tak ka time diya hai. Agar mandir ka kaam shuru nahi hua toh iske anjaam k liye taiyaar rahe. Aao Hindu bhaiyo kal ek naya itihaas likhe. Jai Sri Ram”

However, the decoration of Diwali is still pending at Bhagyalakshmi Mata Temple, even in the day of ‘Dhanteras’ – the eve of Diwali. From Amarnath to Hyderabad, Kolkata to Dwaraka, Muslims of India are repeatedly challenging the festivals of Hindus. Numbers of Hindu Pujas and Festivals are decreasing due to the Islamic resistance. But, while Hindus will start a real resistance to save their Dharma, these anti-Hindus will find no place in Hindustan.

Justice for Hindus?

Updates from Hyderabad: 12-11-2012 :  1. Police Commissioner Anurag Shrama said that he followed “COURT ORDERS” which were implemented after reports from ASI and other AUTHORITIES who were served the COURT ORDERS by the HIGH COURT.
According to police. In Yesterday violence 4  (four) RTC buses were pelted with stones, 2 (two) private vehicles were damaged and one ATM was damaged, police booked cases related to incidents of violence. Apparently “City is peaceful.”.

2. Heavy restrictions and deployment are seen around Charminar and Sri Mata Bhagyalakshmi Temple. Temple priest preparing for Special Puja of Deepwali in the Temple without any special festive decoration of the Temple.

3. Pujyasri Paripoornananda Saraswati Swamiji was arrested and was taken to Gandi Nagar Police Station when Swamiji was Going towards Bhagya Lakshmi Temple In Hyderabad to visit.

4. MIM (All India Majlis-e-Ittehad-ul Muslimeen) withdrawn support from Congress Govt. of Andhra Pradesh. And perhaps MIM perpetrators are planning a ‘direct action’ against Hindus of Hyderabad.

5. Hindus of Hyderabad are ready to face any challenge of Anti National Force ith the Blessings of Ma Bhavani and under the Leadership of Thakur Raja Singh and other Hindu prominents.

Related readings: MIM legislators held, tension over temple : Deccan Chronicle

Ancient Hindu Temple at Charminar Under Siege by MIM Leadership : Arise Bharat

Old City simmers, cops on toes : The Times of India.

MIM withdraws support to Congress govt in Andhra Pradesh : India Today

MIM withdraws support to Congress govt in Andhra Pradesh over temple row : IBN Live

Courtesy: Newswala (Photo Courtesy) | The Hindu | Deccan ChronicleArise Bharat | The Times of India | India Today | IBN Live.

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Posted by hinduexistence on November 10, 2012

Bengali Speaking Hindus – Buddhists are not the Rohingya Muslims. Save Myanmar Hindus from the onslaught of Rohingya Muslims.

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

The hell-bent Islam is disturbing the peace, destroying the civilization and degenerating the human ethos all along. From Myanmar to Michigan, Xinjiang to Rakhaine,  Delhi to Detroit, London to Leh, Asia to America, Europe to Australia, Antarctica to Africa, the carcinogenic Jihadi scars are manifesting its unbound growth all over the human society in a frame of fatal death trap. The Arakan region of Myanmar is also severely epitomized with a Jihadi upsurge against Burmese (Myanmar) State by the Bangali (Bengali) speaking Rohingya Muslims originally hailed from the nearby Chittagong region of Bangladesh. Over the last 200 years these Rohingya ethnic groups have been trying to gain their Islamic supremacy over the local Burmese Buddhist people. Consequent conflicts never end and under a demand of citizenship for all Rohingya people and the autonomous council for all recent intruders from Bangladesh, situation worsened. Communal clashes between Rohingya Muslims and the Rakhaine Buddhists marked many more spots in the culpable calendar.

Definitely, the bouts of ethnic violence in the Rakhine region of Myanmar since the middle of this year have once again triggered the attempted exodus of Rohingyas into Bangladesh. But,  the Myanmar government continues to take the stand to deny citizenship to the Rohingyas, claiming that their ancestors, originating from areas now part of Bangladesh, unlawfully trespassed into and settled in the Rakhine region. On the other hand the Government of Bangladesh argues that it is an internal problem of Myanmar, and a more apathetic Bangladeshi policy regarding the Rohingyas would simply instigate a governance failure in Myanmar. Within these turmoil, the unrest from both the Buddhist nationalist citizens and the subversive Rohingya non-citizen Muslims, have chanced the Jihadi out cry in an international level.

The Islamic lobby in US, UK and India has set up a Rohingya Council to legitimize the claim of Citizenship of illegal Bangla speaking Rohingya Muslims in Arakan-Rakhine region or to rehabilitate the uprooted  Rohingya Muslims in India, USA, Canada, UK or in other non-Islamic states. In India, Hyderabad and Delhi are now being populated by these illegal Rohingya Muslims. In very recent Jamiat e Ulema Hind (India) urged Islamic nations to help Rohingyas’ cause. but never requested Arab, Pakistan or Bangladesh to resettle these Rohingya Muslim people in their Islamic land.

Interestingly, Bangladesh is not ready to return back any single Rohingya Muslim in Bangladesh land, rather it is hinted that the Rohingya Bengali speaking Muslims are getting arms-ammunitions-funds from Bangladesh based Islamic Jihadi groups to set a Jihadi regime in Rakhine state in Myanmar. However, the Buddhist people and the Buddhist monks are fighting their best to restore and retain a Buddhist-Burmese culture  in the Arakan-Rakhine area. In Yangon, the   Buddhist monks marched in roads to thwart Islamic planto make Arakan-Rakhine area as a IMF (Islamic Menace Free) region. Communal violence between Bangla speaking Rohinga Muslims and the Burmese speaking Buddhists are posed as a regular occurrence in Arakan. A state of Emergency has been declared in Rakhine State  by the President of Myanmar as on 10-6-2012.

But, out of this communal clashes, the Bengali speaking Hindu and Buddhist people in the Arakan-Rakhaine areas are being victimized  grossly. These Bangali (Bengali) speaking Hindus and Buddhist are quite different from Rohingya Muslims. Though both of these two different communities speak in a peculiar Bangla dialect akin to “Chittgang Bangla’, they are far different in their cultural and ethical values. While the Rohingya Muslims are subversive and Jihadi, the Bengali speaking Hindus and Buddhist are Nationalist, loyal to Myanmar Constitution and obviously peace-loving. But, out of a great mistake the Rohingyas and Bangali Hindus are being kept in same Refugee camps, where the later Banglai Hindus are being  onslaught of Rohingya Muslims, the Bangali Hindu women and girls are being raped or pregnant by Islamist Rohingyas.

Some of the Hindu community members who were evacuated from Rohingya (Bengali Muslims) Camps in Myanmar

Report narrates that: Ninety eight Bengali speaking – Non Rohingya – Hindus were sent to refugee camps treating them as Rohingya Muslim, but those 98 Hindu refugees from 18 families were evacuated from Rohingya Muslim camp

98 people from 18 Hindu families were moved from their current shelter of Thae Chaung and Thak Kay Pron camps to Sittwe city due to increased threats by Bengali Muslim extremists after many reported rapes and attempted rapes and tortures committed by the Bengali Muslims who are majority in the camp.

The transfer was carried out by two military trucks and the Hindu refugees are now living in a Hindu temple located on Mongbagree road.

The existence of Hindu people in the Rohingya Muslim camp was first noticed by Ashin Virathu, a prominent monk from Mandalay’s famous Ma-Soe-Yin Buddhist institute. The monk expressed his concerns about the condition and suffering of the Hindu people in the wrong place. He also requested for the relocation of those people to a suitable place in a statement issued on 20th July, 2012.

It is reported that Rohingyas (Bengali Muslims) destroyed many Hindu temples during the riot. According to reliable sources, more than 40 Bangali speaking Hindus were beheaded and murdered by the same Bengali speaking RohingyaMuslim terrorists in Sittwe, Buthidaung and Maungdaw townships. However, those Hindu vict ims are not included in the government’s official death tolls of the communal riot.

Myanmar police covering in front of a Hindu temple which was burned down by Rohingyas ( the illegal Bangladeshi Muslim immigrants).

This is a great misunderstanding by the Buddhist resistance force and the Myanmar State authorities to treat the Bangali speaking Hindus of the Rohingya affected regions as same with the rebellion Muslim Jihadi force. Bangali speaking Hindus in Arakan-Rakhaine areas are not Rohingya Muslims and they must be rescued from the onslaught of Rohingya Muslim rebellions and the strict state proceedings upon Bangali speaking Hindus and Buddhist.

The Bengali speaking Hindu people are again being the victims of Rohingya Muslims in both the Rohingya Refugee camps and  out of the camps, in the spate of fresh communal violence in recent days. Myanmar Govt. must look into the matter very seriously to stop any torture upon Bangali Hindu people in the Arakan-Rakhaine affected regions.

As per Myanmar Govt. statistics, “the main religions of the country are Buddhism (89.2%), Christianity (5.0%), Islam (3.8%), Hinduism (0.5%), Spiritualism (1.2%) and others (0.2%). Religious intolerance or discrimination on grounds of religion is nonexistent in the Union of Myanmar throughout its long history”. But, now the less than 1% Hindus in Myanmar are facing the threat of total extinction. 

The Myanmar Govt, Revered Aung San Suu Kyi, Revered Ashin Virathu of Ma-Soe-Yin Buddhist institute – Mandalay, the NRI – Human Rights Forums and Indian Govt. must look into the matter seriously, so that No Bangla speaking Hindu – Buddhist people can be victimized by the Rohingya Islamist nor be humiliated by state authority out of any  reluctance.


Read also: Bengali Hindus have started wearing home-made cards around their neck, saying ‘I am Hindu’ || More Hindu families relocated in September, 2012 || Hindus under pressure of Islamic Conversion in Rohingya Camps ||  Hindus suffering due to ongoing disturbances ||

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While Bhagavad Gita is honoured in US Congress, Shatapatha Brahmana is being disowned in Chennai Christian School.

Posted by hinduexistence on November 8, 2012

America’s First Ever Hindu Congresswoman Will Take the Oath of Office Over the Bhagavad Gita.

Hindu-American elected to US Congress for the first time.

PTI | WASHINGTON | Nov 8, 2012 :: Tulsi Gabbard on Wednesday created history by becoming the first Hindu-American to have entered the US House of Representatives, winning her Hawaii seat by trouncing her Republican rival in a one-sided contest.

An Iraq war veteran, 31-year-old Gabbard defeated K Crowley of the Republican Party with a handsome margin. Her victory has been cheered by the Hindu-American community across the country.

Though just 50 per cent of the votes had been counted when reports came in, Gabbard had taken a massive unassailable lead of 120,000 votes over her Republican rival in her bid to represent Hawaii’s 2nd Congressional District in the US House.

She is also the first female combat veterans to serve in the Congress.

“Although there are not very many Hindus in Hawaii, I never felt discriminated against. I never really gave it a second thought growing up that any other reality existed, or that it was not the same everywhere,” Tulsi said in a statement, soon after she took an inaccessible lead over her Republican challenger.

“On my last trip to the mainland I met a man who told me that his teenage daughter felt embarrassed about her faith, but after meeting me, she’s no longer feeling that way. He was so happy that my being elected to Congress would give hope to hundreds and thousands of young Hindus in America, that they can be open about their faith, and even run for office, without fear of being discriminated against or attacked because of their religion,” Gabbard said.

She was endorsed by US President Barack Obama, during the election campaign.

Proud of her Hindu religion, she is not Indian or of Indian heritage. Her father Mike Gabbard, is currently Hawaii State Senator and mother Carol Porter Gabbard is an educator and business owner.

At 21, she became the youngest person elected to the Hawaii Legislature. At 23, she was the state’s first elected official to voluntarily resign to go to war. At 28, she was the first woman to be presented with an award by the Kuwait Army National Guard.

Congratulations Tulsi:

Gabbard, whose first name refers to a tree ‘Tulsi’ sacred to Hindus, fully embraced Hinduism as a teenager, and follows the Vaishnava branch that believes in the Supreme Lord Vishnu, and his 10 primary incarnations. Her primary scripture is the centuries-old Bhagavad Gita, whose themes include selfless action, spirituality, war, and serving God and humanity.

“The Bhagavad Gita is often considered a guide as to how to make decisions in difficult situations, when the decision is often not clear cut,” Meghani said. “Hinduism’s innate pluralism recognizes that there are various ways to look at things, and its focus on dharma, or duty, guides those holding positions of power or authority.”

When she’s sworn in this January, she’ll take her oath of office over a Bhagavad Gita, a sacred text for followers of the Vaishnava branch of Hindu. According to HuffPo, Gabbard’s favorite verses include,

  • “That which pervades the entire body you should know to be indestructible. No one is able to destroy that imperishable soul.” (2:17)
  •  ”The soul can never be cut into pieces by any weapon, nor can he be burned by fire, nor moistened by water, nor withered by the wind.”(2.23)

Gabbard hopes that her faith will help her to assist the US in fostering a better relationship with India, where a large portion of the population is Hindu.

It is notable that the whole family of Tulsi is attached with Hare Krishna Movement originated from ISKCON and her brothers and siters  are named as Bhakti, Jay, Virndavan and Arya. Tulsi’s parents are also known as Krishmakatha and Devahuti.

Tulsi Gabbard confirmed her oath on Srimad Bhagavad Gita as first ever  Hindu Congresswoman in US, when speaking at Bhoomi Puja of Fortworth Hindu Temple.

Unmatched contradiction in Bharat (India).

Chennai schoolteacher ‘persecuted’ for Hindu prayer from sacrad ‘Shatapatha Brahmana’

TUESDAY, 06 NOVEMBER 2012 | KUMAR CHELLAPPAN | CHENNAI | THE POINEER :: In what is being seen as an assault on religious freedom, the management of an admittedly secular school in Chennai has suspended a teacher for reciting Hindu prayers during assembly.

Abirami, a chemistry teacher of the State Bank of India Officers’ Association Educational Trust School (SBIOA), recited the prayers in the school assembly on March 13, 2012 hoping to inspire the 330 students who were about to write the chemistry paper in the public examination.

“I recited the lines Om Mathru Devo Bhava, Om Pitru Devo Bhava, Om Acharya Devo Bhava, Om Vighneswaraya Namaha, Om Neela Saraswathiye Namaha which was repeated by the students. But before they could reach the stanza Om Vighneswaraya Namaha, school’s vice- principal Jayanti Sundar, a Christian who is also an evangelist, switched off the mike. I told her that prayers were not yet over and continued reciting the full prayer when she pushed me aside and asked another Christian teacher to lead the prayers. They put me under suspension on that day itself on charges of physically assaulting the vice-principal in front of the school students,” Abirami told The Pioneer.

She said that though the school was launched by the State Bank of India Officers Association, it has turned out to be a Christian management school. “Only Christian prayers are allowed in the school assembly though majority of the students are from the Hindu community. It was only on the day of the chemistry examination that I took part in the school assembly and recited the prayer. My intention was to recite prayers for the benefit of students belonging to all religions,” said Abirami.

Though she has been under suspension for the entire academic year 2012, the management is yet to complete the disciplinary proceedings which in itself are a violation of education department rules. “The internal disciplinary proceedings against her are under progress. Ours is a secular school and all the charges levelled against us are baseless. Abirami is trying to divert the attention of the general public by inciting religious sentiments,” PC Selvarani, the school principal, said. She alleged that Abirami was trying to spoil the minds of the students. But she refused to divulge the reasons behind the suspension and disciplinary proceedings against Abirami.

Students who took part in the March 13 school assembly said Abirami did not in any way violate the school discipline. “Abirami offered prayers for all religions equally. While she was offering the prayers, vice-principal Jayanthi Sunder tried to snatch the microphone from her hands. Consequently, Abirami resisted this act and did not force Jayanthi Sunder physically in any form. I could deduce no reason for her suspension,” said S Vidhyalakshmi, a student who was present in the assembly on the fateful day.

Some of the students backed Abirami’s claim that only Christian prayers are recited in the school assembly everyday. “Only Christian teachers are allowed to lead the assembly and recite the prayers. This has baffled us,” one of the students who did not want to be quoted said.

B Haran, a political commentator, described as outrageous the action of the school authorities. “This is a classic case of minorities serving their religion wherever they are. They infiltrate a secular institution, take control of management and convert it into a minority institution. This is what has happened exactly in this case. The SBOA is now controlled by the Church. That is Indian Secularism for you,” said Haran.

V Sundaram, all India general secretary (ideology), Janata Party, called the bluff on the school management. A former IAS officer withy more than three decades of administrative experience, Sundaram termed the action of the school management as a violation of the freedom of religion. “If we interpret true secularism, the court itself can take suo moto note of the news and initiate action against the school,” he said. [Read full story here].

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In Hyderabad, Hindus are denied to make festival shed at Bhagyalakshmi temple in front of Charminar..

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In Muslim areas like Hyderabad in India, Hindus are not allowed to make even temporary sheds for the use of festivals.

Temporary Shed for festival removed from Bhagyalaxmi Temple in front of Charminar at Hyderabad.

‘Expansion’ row adds to tension in Old City of Hyderabad.

Express News Service – Hyderabad | 02nd November 2012 :: Tension continued in the Old City of Hyderabad on Thursday after the Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen (MIM) objected to the management of Bhagyalakshmi temple at the Charminar setting up a small shed in front of its premises late Wednesday night.

Police took as many as 20 persons into preventive custody after a mild clash took place between the two groups.

“At around 10 am on Thursday, devotees and Bajrang Dal activists reached the temple and staged a dharna alleging that a section of people deliberately opposed decoration works at the place of worship. Police rushed to the spot and took 20 persons into preventive custody,” deputy commissioner of police (DCP) Akun Sabharwal said, adding that the arrested persons were shifted to Kanchanbagh and Bahadurapura police stations.

According to police, the management was trying to build a temporary shed in front of the temple for the festival, when some MIM party activists, led by Charminar MLA Syed Ahmed Pasha Qadri, rushed to the spot and objected to the construction, alleging that the space near the Charminar was being encroached upon.

Heated argument ensued between the two groups after which police rushed to the spot and dispersed the mob.

Heavy security was deployed in and around  the Charminar to prevent untoward incidents as communal clashes have been taking place in the Old City for a few days. Section 144 is still clamped in the Old City

Bajrang Dal Alleges Political Hand

Bajrang Dal city convener Bharath Vamsi alleged that the police deliberately arrested their activists and devotees under  the influence of some political parties in the Old city. “Devotees celebrate Bhagyalaxmi festival every year.

As the festival is round the corner, the temple committee started decorating and constructing a small shed temporarily in front of its premises. What’s the wrong in it?” Vamsi questioned. He demanded that the police release the arrested devotees and Bajrang Dal activists. [Courtesy: New Indian Express]


Hindu Existence Updates ::  1st Nov, 2012*******Raja Bhai Arrested******* Yesterday midnight around 2-3 o’clock MIM MLAs with their 1000 of their supporters gathered at Charminar Bhagyalakshmi Mata Temple and did a dharna (sitting demonstration  demanding removal of shed…They shouted slogan “Bharat Mata Hai Hai”, and pelted stones. We ask what was police doing then when so many Muslims gathered within 144 declared areas violating peace and orders?

Raja Bhai Singh Thakur ( A councillor of TDP and a Hindu leader)  was detained by police when he tried to go the Charminar Bhagyalaxmi Mata temple including the priest of the temple and several other BJP leaders… Is Bharat going to be a Muslim State?

2nd Nov, 2012 :: Today some miscreants tried to create trouble after Friday prayers at Charminar. Some miscreants went ahead and set ablaze ACP’s vehicle on fire (even police is not safe from their terror). But thanks to CRPF and RAF, a heavy damage was avoided by the security contingent. As everyone expected of Islamic nuisance after Friday prayers, they withstood the expectations. It is a request to all Hindus to be safe and don’t spread rumours unless confirmed. Be safe and be ready.

Responding this sms: ” Nov 02, 2012 Charminar, Bhagyalaxmi Mata Mandir me theek 12 baje ki Maha aarthi me sabi hindu kaisa be attend kare. Jai Bhagyalaxmi Mata Mandir. Jai Sree Ram, Jai Gou Mata.’- by Sri Ram Yuba Sena of Thakur Raja Singh, thousands of devotees gathered to perform Maha Arti at Bagyalaksmi Temple amidst heavy rainfall at Hyderabad.

3rd Nov, 2012 :: “JAI SHRIRAM” Today On Day Of Saturday 03-11-2012, City Police Commissioner Called V.H.P BAJRANGDAL Delegation Team For ”CHALO BHAGYALAKSHMI MANDIR” Program fixed on 4th Nov, 2012. After The Two Hours Serious Meeting With Commissioner, And Promised that he will stand at the spot to finish the pending work of the shed. He also informed that a permanent solution will  be tried. So, Vishwa Hindu Parishad State President Sri M.Rama Raju Ji, Sri T.Yaman Singh, State Joint Secretary and State Bajrangdal State Incharge decided to postpone the program of 4th Nov and time has been given to police to restore the situation. [updates from the Sri Ram Channel’s Face Book Page].

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