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One shot dead at Tehatta Police Firing. West Bengal Police again played an anti Hindu Role by negating Puja Permission and created a Hindu unrest.

Tehatta updates: 15-11-2012 : Tension prevails on the day next of firing  in West Bengal’s Tehatta sub-division :: News Track.

Mamata Banerjee unhappy with her ‘trigger-happy’ police :: Economic Times.

16-11-2012 : Nadia firing: Opposition challenges claim of  ‘self-defence’ theory of police : The Hindu.

Magisterial probe ordered into Tehatta (West Bengal) firing : Indian express.

The story of the frenzy Killer – Dr. Sailesh [Shailesh says why he opened fire – The Telegraph].

Black Day is being observed today by WBPCCI through out the State.<< WebIndia123. Convoy of Central Minister Deepa Das Munshi blocked by Police at Bhangdarkhola in the morning today. BJP, CPIM delegation Teams were not allowed to enter Tehatta yesterday.<<AnandaBazar.

Bengal suppressing truth about Tehatta firing: Congress MP Deepa Dasmunshi : TOI.

Trigger Happy Police of Mamata Banerjee gunned down one Hindu in a protest rally over not giving a permission of 20 years old Jagaddhatri Puja.

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Tehatta, [Input from HE News Bureau Nadia], West Bengal | 14th Nov. 2012 :: Enough is Enough. Again Hindus are attacked by Police of West Bengal under the instruction of strangle down even a slight Hindu sentiment to extravagantly appease the Muslim demands by cutting down religious rights of Hindus in every foot step. Hindus are thrashed down to an intolerable position which is bound to such a retaliation that can be death sign of the ruling TMC (All India Trinmool Congress) Govt in West Bengal.

Today, one Sri Ashok Sen was shot down while other three were injured  ( one of them in critical condition) in police firing at Tehatta in Nadia district of West Bengal on Wednesday morning. Local channels showed footage of policemen firing into the crowds from rooftops. The trouble started around 8 am when Hindus of the area blocked  road on Krishnanagar-Karimpur State Highway, protesting the police’s refusal to allow them hold a twenty years old Jagadhatri Puja at a particular location at PWD Para  near Howlia. Police first lathicharged and charged tear gas the crowd without any provocation as a dispersing method which then turned the protesters violent  and they set at least six police vehicles on fire. Additional Director of Police, law and order, Surajit Kar Purkayastha confirmed three rounds of police firing in a press briefing in Writers’ Buildings in the afternoon.

According to locals, there had been dispute between Hindus and Muslims over a piece of land in Howlia village, which is vested with the state government. Trimurti Club,  local puja committee had been organising this Sarbajonin Jahadhatri Puja at the ground  for the last eight years to continue this 20 years old Jagaddhatri Puja of PWD Para. This time, the incited Muslim community in ‘Change Syndrome’  objected to the puja at the venue, which is a Govt. vested land and not a Muslim/Wakf property at all.

TMC leader and State Minister, Ujjwal Biswas, (minister for youth welfare from Nadia district), rushed to the spot. “The land is vested with the government. There has been a long-standing dispute over the land between Hindu and Muslim groups. When the Hindu groups wanted to organise Jagadhatri Puja on the ground, the Muslim groups sought permission for namaaz there. We held an all-party meeting in the presence of the SDO and SDPO. The issue was resolved. But local CPM leaders provoked the mob, which caused today’s violence,” said Biswas.

According to sources, members of the Muslim community wanted the ground to be used as an Eidgah for namaaz only by dethroning the Puja Rights of Hindus. As a matter of fact, the Muslims of PWD Para area have already barricaded some portion of land forcefully to use it as ‘Eidgah’.

It was learnt that in the all party-meeting, held a couple of weeks ago, it was decided that the puja would be shifted to a nearby ground under the same arrangements of Trimurti Club.

However, the organisers claimed that despite repeated visits to Tehatta police station, they had still not got permission for the puja at the alternate venue and created all such unfortunate incidents only due to hang up a Puja Permission deliberately.

As per report, the person who was killed in the  police firing was identified as Ashok Sen (42 yrs), a local resident of Hospital Para of Tehatta . For last few days, tension was mounting over negating a  permission of  a Jagaddhatri Puja  of PWD Para near Howlia area. Locals alleged that police refused to grant permission for very old Jagaddhatri Puja for security reason. Actually, the Muslims of the area has raised a objection the Puja nearby an occupied ‘Eidgah’ (upon PWD land) of a Muslim populated area. Tehatta Subdivision has four blocks where the Muslim population is a majority. The aggrieved  Hindus,  all the 56 Jagaddhatri Puja Committees  and the Businessmen Association of Tehatta called a bandh on Wednesday also.

The police first tried to refute the incident of ‘Police Firing’, but due to the clear telecast of firing on various channels, Police could not conceal the matter and confirmed ‘Police Firing’ after a long seven hours of the tragic incident. Five Hindus are arrested under the charges of violence, over ten Hindus are under treatment, but the eight injured police personnel (as claimed by the police authority) are nowhere seen in any treatment centres. Processions and meetings in the area have been also banned. A heavy Police contingent and Rapid Action Force have been deployed in the disturbed area to control the situation, as reported. Some sources said that the SDPO, Tehatta, Dr. S. Shah (Land Phone: 03471-250202/Mobile: 9051272100) ordered himself the firing caused the situation more violent

Incidentally, in the last year the same Nadia Police shot down a Hindu House wife over a Durga Immersion procession route dispute on Vijaya Dashami day. The changing demographic situation in Nadia by unchecked Muslim population and Muslim infiltration from neighbouring Bangladesh are a great harm for the loosing Hindus in this district in general.

Appeal to my friends in Police Department: Please apply your judicious mind before taking staunch action against Hindu Majority people. Generally they are peace loving. Please don’t discriminate Hindu – Muslim in your duty bound works. The Muslim Appeasement Policy in West Bengal should not effect your liberal mind. Don’t indulge any Muslim menace while it is against laws and Hon’ble Court orders. Don’t free any miscreant under any pressure of Politics. Don’t give any scope that West Bengal Police has any ‘ANTI HINDU’ trend. This will affect you grossly. Namaste. Jai Hind. ~ Upananda Brahmachari.

WBPCC chief Pradip Bhattacharya asked Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to “discipline” her police and demanded an impartial probe into the incident.

Leader of Opposition Suryja Kanta Mishra said the situation there did not warrant police firing. “Problems cannot be solved by police firing and the inflexible attitude of the government will not help solve any problem,” he said.

Sri Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, the Central Minister of State for Railways said that the whole incident is very unfortunate. He put the question mark over the ‘trigger happy’ police action where a permission of a  “VERY OLD” Jagaddhatri Puja demanded by a large section of people could not be granted amicably.

Trigger Happy Police: Adhir Chowdhury (Rly Minister of State, GOI) on Tehatta Firing.

As a matter of fact, the Police of West Bengal in many places is now acting an ‘Agent of Islamist’ under the dictum of Mamtaz Banu Arzee, where they are putting many hurdles over Hindu Puja and Festivals; even advising through pamphlet to include Imams and Moulavis in Hindu Puja Committee;  advertising stringent regulation over sound crackers in Diwali under Court orders, but no circumstances they are interested to publish any advertisement on banned Cow Slaughter  or over 65 dbl sound from illegal Mosque microphones etc. by Hon’ble Calcutta High Court.

Are the Hindus of West Bengal actually in bondage and Muslims are born free?

If Ms.  Mamata Banerjee wants a ‘Hindu Retaliation’ in reality, it will be fatal for her dream and ‘Change’ regimen.


Video and Photo Courtesy: ABP News | 24 ghanta | IBN Live.

10 comments on “One shot dead at Tehatta Police Firing. West Bengal Police again played an anti Hindu Role by negating Puja Permission and created a Hindu unrest.

  1. Ram Ohri
    November 14, 2012

    I am told by some Bengali friends that the instances of persecution of Hindus across West Bengal are rising fast.

    Things won’t improve unless all Hindus unite against Mamata regime.

    Regards Ram


    • sapphire
      November 16, 2012

      Why Mamata alone? Every one even if he is a staunch Hindu is interested in 30% Muslim votes. No one can afford to loose it. CPI(M) did it and lost. What is use of such things when nothing can be implemented.


  2. hinduawakens
    November 15, 2012

    Every Hindu in westBengal should take responsibility. Tell other Hindus what is happening in west Bengal,form neighbourhood/community group, get prepared for future events, help Hindus in trouble. Boycott muslim shops.


    • surya
      November 17, 2012

      every Hindu should Boycott muslim shops and musilm people.


  3. Debasis Laha
    November 16, 2012

    Blood begins to boil whenever this sort of Muslim appeasement is reported. Enough is enough ! F**k off this vote bank politics ! It’s high time the Hindus unite and make point. Most of the Muslims indulge in bloodshed and history bears witness to it. They fight among themselves in an Islamic country like Iraq, Pakistan or Afghanistan. But in other countries they are united to farther the cause of Jihaad. In India they are encashing parliamentary democracy as our corrupted politicians only think of next election, not the next generation. These blood thirsty people can be stopped only by Hindu unity, nothing else. We should not forget we still have majority votes. But if we would be too late.


  4. Subhasis Ghosh
    November 16, 2012

    This is another example of how we bengali hindus lives in west bengal under mamata it is high time for us to fight together .   Subhasis ===========================================


    • Tehatta Firing: locals, police blame each other.
      November 17, 2012

      Tehatta: One killed in firing; locals, police blame each other: IBN Live.


  5. malayappaswamy
    November 17, 2012

    The news channels have shown footages of the policeman firing the shot and people protesting. The news of Ashok Sen ( some sources say he was Ashok Sharma ) being killed by the fatal shot has been reported and covered in details by the media. However, after viewing all the media coverage, this incident doesn’t seem to have any communal angle to it. Thanks to Hinduexistence that now I know the true story behind this incident.
    Muslims can freely offer namaaz on the roads, take out rowdy muharram processions, slaughter cows illegally and play the sound of azaan in loudspeakers above 65 db limit. BUT NO RESTRICTIONS ON THEIR RELIGIOUS ACTIVITIES. When the muslims took out a violent protest march in central Kolkata to protest the anti-islam film made in USA, NOT A SINGLE SHOT WAS FIRED, DESPITE THE AMERICAN CONSULATE BEING ATTACKED. But hindus are having to suffer as a result of being too tolerant and srcular. ENOUGH OF THIS BULLSHIT SECULARISM ! RISE O HINDUS OF TEHATTA IN NADIA, THE LAND OF CHAITANYA MAHAPRABHU !!!!!


  6. Tehatta firing: Contrast in comment among police officials
    November 17, 2012

    Tehatta firing; Contrast in comment among police officials


  7. chinmoy
    November 19, 2012

    mamata power e asar por west bengal er hindu der abostha aro kharap hoyechhe. dike dike hindura akkranto hochchhe , kkhono tehatta abar kkhono deganga. ei somoi amader hat pa gutiye bose thakle cholbe na .amader main tinjon sotru holo samrajyabad 2.muslim der dalal congress, tmc, cpm etc. ar 3. mamata begam.


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