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Hindus reject Jagaddhatri Puja Celebrations at Tehatta (Nadia, West Bengal) in a protest to Islamic Pro-activism by the State Administration.

Tehatta Jagaddhatri Puja Coordination Committee resolved to postpone all ‘Jagaddhtri Puja’ at Tehatta Town.

Upananda Brahmachari from Tehatta | 19th Nov. 2012 :: Tehatta Jagaddhatri Puja Coordination Committee resolved to postpone all ‘Jagaddhtri Puja’ in Tehatta town this year in a protest of ‘trigger happy’ Police Firing on 14-11-2012 and ‘Obstinate Pro-Muslim’ Administration.

On Monday evening the meeting between administration and police led by Sri Sudipto Bhattacharjee – SDO, Tehatta  and the Tehatta Jagaddhatri Puja Coordination Committee led by Sri Amarnath Biswas found no amicable settlement as the Puja committee of PWD Para Baroari Puja Committee wanted to perform a symbolic ‘Ghat Sthapan Puja’ at least in the very place of last year Puja and the Administration and Police negated it out rightly.

This year Shri Shri Jgaddhatri Mata Puja falls on and from 19th Nov to 23 Nov according to Bengali Hindu Calender and Chandan Nagar (Hoogly) and Tehatta (Nadia) are the most renowned places in West Bengal for conducting the same with special grandeur and most spectacular celebrations.

For the obstinate and pro-Muslim decision of the Tehatta administration and the policy of TMC (Total Muslim Congress as the people of Bengal usually name the Trinmool Congress), compelled the Puja Coordination to all 56 ‘Barowari’ and Sarvojanan’ Jagaddhatri Pujas of Tehatta, including the PWD Para Barwari Puja where TMC – MP (Member of Parliament) and eminent Benagli Film star , Sri Tapas Pal came to inaugurate the puja just last year.

A senior member of the Puja Coordination Committee told the Hindu Existence Team that “the land of ‘Eidgah’ and ‘Barowari Puja Place’ both are part of Vested and PWD lands. The Muslims are allowed to encroach the land permanently with boundaries under the blessed State Islamic policy, but a symbolic ‘Ghat Sthapanam Puja’ is not allowed in the previous year’s puja place by the same administration and ‘trigger happy’ police. This is too much. PWD lands, roadsides, most of the market places and crossing places are under the clutch of Muslim public and land grabbers in Nadia. But, police and administration have now perhaps directed only to uproot all the rights of Hindus in Nadia to make Nadia a Muslim majority district.” However, Nadia (Tehatta is one of the four subdivisions in the district) is a bordering district of West Bengal, adjacent to Bangladesh, where the Muslim infiltration, cross border smuggling, illegal cow and arms trading, net of fake Indian currency and obviously Islamic fundamentalism are seen in a very optimum level.

After the police violence and firing upon the peaceful demonstration of Hindus lead by the Tehatta Jagaddhatri Puja Coordination Committee and ‘Tehatta bandh’ convened by Tehatta Business Owners Association on 14th Nov at Haulia (spelt as Howlia also) Crossing (where a person Ashoke Sen was died at Police Firing by SDPO himself), the insane SDPO, Dr Shailesh, IPS lodged a FIR  (Police Case No. 825/2012) against 18 Hindu persons by their particular names in Tehatta police station in Nadia. It has been reported that Police is trying to connect RSS and other Hindu organisation in that violence unreasonably under the instruction of State Administration from Writers’ Buildings, Kolkata.

Marvellously, the SDPO, Tehatta has determined Sri  Pintu Sarkar, a sub-inspector of Tehatta police station as the investigation officer into the case. This  Pintu Sarkar, SI,  himself is an accused of police firing case in which a housewife was killed at Bogula of Hanskhali in Nadia in a Vijaya Dashmi Immersion procession on 7th Oct. 2011. A case is going on  under section 302 of IPC against Sri Sarkar in the Hon’ble Calcutta High Court in this matter, so far the reports gathered by Hindu Existence Forum.

Both the state leaders of Congress and CPIM of West Bengal, vehemently opposed the recent police firings in West Bengal under a TMC ruling and macaronic Mamataz Banu Arjee advocating ‘Change’, ‘Development’, ‘Party Discipline’, ‘No Confidence Motion in Parliament with BJP support’ and obviously for her fantasy of an Islamic West Bengal.

While leader in opposition in West Bengal Assembly, Dr Surjyokanto Mishra (CPIM) accused Mamata Banerjee for playing her Communal Cards for Muslim votes in the ensuing  WB Panchayet election, Sri Adhir Ranjan Roy Chowdhury, veteran Congress leader and Rly Minister of State, GOI blamed the West Bengal Chief Minister for her inappropriate steps in which the communal situation in WB is rapidly engendering the public in her culpable regime.

5 comments on “Hindus reject Jagaddhatri Puja Celebrations at Tehatta (Nadia, West Bengal) in a protest to Islamic Pro-activism by the State Administration.

  1. malayappaswamy
    November 20, 2012

    Congress and CPM have no moral right to accuse Mamata of communal politics, as they themselves have supported muslim fundamentalism in WB over the years. Who distributed ration cards and voter cards among the Bangladeshi Muslim infiltrators ? Who repealed POTA ? Who is delaying Afzal Guru ‘s hanging ? It is true that Mamata is pro-Muslim and pseudosecular, but the people of WB must not be fooled by the likes of CPM and Congress. Adhir Choudhury is Congress
    MP from Murshidabad, a muslim-majority district. Deepa Dasmunshi is from North Dinajpur, another muslim-majority district. You expect THEM to stand up against Muslim appeasement ? Dont trust them. BJP is the only alternative to the pro-Islam regime in WB.


  2. hinduawakens
    November 20, 2012

    How can you circulate this news to as many Hindus as possible?


    • hinduexistence
      November 21, 2012

      Sent 100 FB groups having 10,00,000 members,,,,,,,
      Tagged over 150 Friends in FB having thousands of their friends…..
      Tweeted to 15 News channels and some friends in the top political and social positions……
      Now, preparing for sending emails to others……


      • dipak
        November 22, 2012

        You are doing an excellent work.Unfortunately, as you said, many Hindus do not want to get involved. They are good in talking but not so good in acting.. We must not loose hope.


  3. surinder attri
    November 26, 2012


    This photo must be hung in every Parliament

    1. What exactly does this photo show ?

    Answer: It shows that our leaders are asleep. In other words, they are sleeping on the job. Don’t expect them to answer your call. They won’t compromise with their sleep.

    2. May be some one can rouse ( shake them from slumber, apathy, or depression ) them from their ” FREE ” on-the-job sleep !

    3. Quote:

    *Are they really leaders???*

    * *

    Comment: This compelling question will challenge every one.

    A related question is:

    Are our leaders really in-competent ?

    Answer: They may be incapable of doing some good thing, kut they are more than capable of doing some horrible things, to get what they want.

    Surinder Paul Attri

    On Tue, Nov 20, 2012 at 4:57 AM, Struggle for Hindu Existence wrote:

    > ** > hinduexistence posted: ” Tehatta Jagaddhatri > Puja Coordination Committee resolved to postpone all ‘Jagaddhtri Puja’ at > Tehatta Town. Upananda Brahmachari from Tehatta | 19th Nov. 2012 :: Tehatta > Jagaddhatri Puja Coordination Committee resolved to postpone all > ‘Jagaddhtr”


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