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Hindu, Sikh, Jew & others took part in the 10th anniversary of 9/11 at New work.

Posted by hinduexistence on September 17, 2011

9/11 after a decade.

All are united against Gr. 0 mosque and Sharia law in civil society.

“They want to fly Islamic Flag in White House, they want to plant Islamic Flag at 10 Downing Street. Why they want to do that?…. Why these Musalmans want to destroy our Country (US)??” – Narain Kataria, President, Indian-American Intellectuals Forum.

Narain Kataria from New York (exclusive for Hindu Existence) ::

Tenth anniversary of 9/11 bomb attack on the World Trade Center  was  enthusiastically organized in New York by American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) led by Pamela Geller, and Stop Islamization  of  America (ISOA) led by Robert Spencer. 

Along with other dignitaries and priests, Professor M.G. Prasad who is well versed in Hindu scriptures and Bhupinder Singh Bhurji ji, Chairman and CEO of Namdhari Sikh Foundation represented Hindu and Sikh Americans at the rally. 


The dignitaries and the guest speakers unanimously resolute not to allow any erection of a symbol of Islam as a mosque at ground zero and put a ban on Sharia law in civil society which is the source of all causes of destruction, humiliation and annihilation for the human beings.

Three Indian American groups took part in the Rally viz. Indian American Intellectuals Forum, Hindu Human Rights Watch and Namdhari Sikh Foundation.

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Hindu Muslim relations, Israel-Palestine conflict: A bitter truth.

Posted by hinduexistence on May 23, 2011

Hindu Muslim relations, Israel-Palestine conflict

Dr. R. Singh

It is a fact that there are TWO nations in India. This was accepted and acknowledged by INDIA while conceding Pakistan without argument, without fight and even without a condition. There will be TWO distinctly separate and MUTUALLY HOSTILE nations in South Asia so long as Pakistan and B.desh exist on earth.

For India to accommodate the SECOND NATION in its own fabric despite Partition is a sign of weakness and denotes double surrender- of territory and principle. Delhi had to defend Secularism in Lahore or dump her BOGUS secularism for something better.

Since the Koran and Ideology of SECOND NATION has its origin in Saudi Arabia we should regard ISLAM as an intrusion and clearly as foreign onslaught.

We can go on shouting, “Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!” till eternity. That will not bring EAST Bengal back to “bereaved” West Bengal nor revive the “murdered” Akhand Bharat of the Father of Nation, MK Gandhi. Actually we badly insult the memory of Bapu Gandhi if we dump that aspiration and patriotism.

Secondly, every time the Muslim invaders marched or walked in and decimated the Hindus and went back with gold, silver and MAIDENS, the grieving, sulking and disheartened Hindus decided NOT to pursue them to recover the loot, or teach them a lesson.

At least ONCE (just once!) there had to be a ferocious COUNTER ATTACK with the CROSSING of frontiers and SACKING of Mecca or KABUL. It never happened.

There was NO Will or Energy left. Hindu MANHOOD had died for ever. In 1947 Hindu manhood was long DEAD. It still is.

The last attack on the Hindus (and Hindusthan) suddenly developed from WITHIN. Hence it must be regarded even more devastating. The “ball is in India’s court.”

We believe that the enemy will “COME” AGAIN under the intoxication of victory, the force of precedence and history, and impelled by the eternal FIRES of JEHAD that are enshrined in Koran as its integral part. A MUSLIM must remain pitched against a KAFIR, passively, actively or simply in mind while doing Namaz.

At present India has ACCEPTED that treacherous onslaught. She is reconciled to that historic defeat, the “rape” of LAHORE and the murder of Secularism. Like the grazing sheep or the roaming nomads territory means NOTHING to us. What Mohammed usurped or snatched, BELONGS TO HIM. We surpass in self-negation.

We are bringing up our children as the vanishing, perishing, Hindus on our ever shrinking territory. This is negative and downhill thinking. We are not living but existing in reconciled sulking negative mode. We are INVITING the next onslaught, even enslavement of the rest of India.

In many ways the TERRITORIAL surrenders of 1947 surpassed all our previous degradation, humiliation and defeats on our own territory. Hence response is due. Retaliation is due. The natives need to demonstrate AT LEAST once that we are not “boxing sack” or “door mat” or a Mound of inert Mud, but do breathe as a nation, and can HIT back.

Of course, Gandhian mentality dictated, “Let them take away all, including your daughters. Let them slaughter you everywhere. Let them drive you out of your homes and lands. Commit suicide but don’t resist. Forget and forgive. Give them all till remorse strikes their conscience and they feel sorry and embrace you.”

Since generation after generation, century after century, the Muslims have shown to be PEOPLE OF VIOLENCE & BRUTALITY, they will not give up JIHAD against the Kafirs.

They cannot defy KORAN, the Word of God, to become secular or civilised. We shall be kidding ourselves for ever and in the end see Islamic flag over Delhi and our enslaved grandchildren paying Jezia tax.

Hence we believe that the Islamic dagger has to be met with our SWORD, their pistol has to be met with our gun. That is how the Hindus will ensure peace, NOT through reconciliation or appeasement.

That’s why AMERICA is respected. That’s why France has shown guts to ban Burka in public. Our India is still feeding the tiger hoping that it will become a goat.

India was “stunned” in 1947 in preparation for her halal. That is why we cannot afford to forget Partition but must RETALIATE.

Hindu Existence adds:

It is a fact that Israel has been formed about more than 60 years ago, crushing all the Islamic oppositions from Allah and all the Koran followers.  Hence it has become a reality; Muslims must accept this reality and find other places inside the Arab lands for Palestinians.  When the Arabs can invite so many workers from India, Pakistan and Bangladesh to their lands, they can surely accommodate a few lakh Palestinians.  It is agreeable that there are two Nations in India; Hindus and Muslims.  So, the logical course would be to declare India a Hindu country since Pakistan has been given to Muslims for a de facto Islamic State there accommodating Indian Muslims.  Of course, some Muslim majority areas of Kashmir could be given to Pakistan, after tagging the Hindu shrine and Hindu majority areas of Jammu and Kashmir into India. And the exchange of population was a must to mitigate the sustainable tensions between the two confronting Nation. As the situation discarded the hypothesis now let Indian Muslims live in India in the same way in which Hindus are living in the persecutions in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

The minority Hindus are barely declining in Pakistan (In Pakistan 16% Hindus in 1947 came down to less than 2% currently and In Bangladesh, i.e. erstwhile East Pakistan, 27% Hindus currently turned into a 8% minority there). In the contrast, the 5 crore Muslims in 1947 have been turned a voluptuous 16 crores now a days as a major threat to dismantle the family planning programme in India. Another 1.5 crores Bangladeshi migrants have been added to the subversive strength in India. Actually, Hindus do not know how to behave with the Muslims or to control fanatic Muslims so subversive to jeopardize Indian integrity. If it is so, all Hindu minorities in Bangladesh or Pakistan or everywhere in Muslim majority areas in India and abroad, would be safe and dignified. India and Hindus should learn the treatment of Palestine by the Israel and obviously the line of hard resistance like any Jews for the Muslims, in the present day context.

When we do talk about the deportation of illegal Bangladeshi migrants, we should simply kick them out. And Govt.  should announce incentives for such patriotic steps to detect and destroy  any foreign element in India so active to capture its demography, economy and prosperity. Jai Hind.

Courtesy : FHRS .

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A New Hindu Age shapes through definite Hindu Freedom Movement promoting a Hindu-Jew unity.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 13, 2011

Report & pictures of 3rd anniversary celebration of HINDU SAMHATI, at Subodh Mallick Square, Kolkata on 14th Feb, 2011 : Hindu Samhati’s Congregation Creates History

This is time to speak out, come out and strike out.

Join the war front of Hindutva cause in Eastern India. Come together at 3rd Anniversary of Hindu Samhati on 14th Feb. 2011 in Kolkata.

Upananda Brahmachari.

Vice-President, Hindu Samhati.

We are just in the time of countdown. Within a few hours we will reach Kolkata to make a grand success of our 3rd anniversary of our most beloved organization HINDU SAMHATI, we just care as our eyeball. On 14th Feb, 2011, we will be assembled on 1 pm. in Subodh Mallick Square (erstwhile Wellington Sq.), Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal to make a grand success of that mass Hindu congregation aiming at  the concretization of a definite “New Hindu Age” through a forceful “Hindu Freedom Movement”.

Friends, the use of the term “New Hindu Age” is not a new one for its application so far as Prof. Ninian Smart described Swami Pranavanda ( a Vedantic Monk of profound Hindu Spirit and founder of Bharat Sevashram Sangha) as a Prophet of “New Hindu Age” or otherwise some historians made it clear that the extremism so far conglomerated first in Bengal, then Maharashtra, Punjab and other provinces of the then undivided India in the fold of Bhavani Mandir, Jugantar, Anushilan Samity, Mitra Mela, Hindu Mela etc. spreading its revolutionary spirit with a pure Hindu revelation against the British ruler within the distinction of a New Hindu Age. Hindu Samhati (HS) is another name of a weapon to ensure the Hindu honor and prestige in a real New Hindu Age.

But, the application of the term “Hindu Freedom Movement” may be unfamiliar to anybody so that the Hindus cannot think their social, religious, economic freedom in the sphere of an absurd Secularism in India only to bend high appeasement for  the Muslims and Christians at the cost of severe Hindu Persecution. Though Satantrya Veer Savarkar propagated the Hindu Swaraj in the line of Lokmanya Tilak, I want to declare myself as a restless warrior of this “Hindu Freedom Movement” in its first time proposition to stand clearly against the derogatory Hindu Code Bill, Pilgrimage Tax upon Hindus, Cow Slaughter in India, Govt. extrusions from Hindu Shrine (Devoswam) Boards, gross deletion of the cultivation of Sanskrit language and Indian Culture and heritage from the education system and an unbearable persecution and torture upon Hindus, especially in rural Bengal from the end of India Administration, Police, and Judiciary  only to please the anti Hindu force so active here now a days. These three pillars of Indian sovereignty (administration, police and judiciary) and the politicians, media persons, intelligentsia, human right activists, everybody  now came under either certain Islamic Jihadi force or the  Christian Evangelical Group started an ethnic war against the Hindus to demoralize them, to defeat them again.  So, Hindu Samhati has started this “Hindu Freedom Movement” just 3 years back with its foundation event in Bharat Sabha Hall (Indian Association Hall) on 14th February, 2008 in Kolkata. And this Hindu Freedom Movement is nothing but a balanced combination of “Hindu Awakening” with a resurgent “Hindu Revolution” with its Khastriya (Warrior) spirit. But, we are in another culminating point at the juncture of our 3rd anniversary when two prominent fighting forces the Jews and the Hindus will come in a common platform to join their hands against Jihad to ensure the Global Peace, Humanity and Integrity.   This is my view point in short.

In our webpage Hindu-Samhati .Org, our president Tapan Ghosh rightly wrote in his editorial: Our Struggle — Third Year of Hindu Samhati, “It’s another 14th February and with it the foundation day of Hindu Samhati will be commemorated with grandeur yet again. Nevertheless, there is a difference this year. The coming 14th February marks the third year of the organization; an organization that has traveled a lot from its nascent stage and the journey has never been smooth apparently. It may sound strange to many these days but in fact, within four months of the official proclamation of Hindu Samhati, it was attacked by Islamic fundamentalists in Ganga Sagar. And as a result, 15 of its most committed workers along with Tapan Ghosh, founder of the organization, were put behind bars without reason.

But, we should gracefully remember at least three prominent successes in the last year for Hindu Samhati activists. 1) We drastically reacted with the Jihadist at Deganga and compelled them to bow down in front a strong Hindu fighting spirit and we sent a global message in every corner that a fight against a planned Jihad is possible even in the soil of Marxist Bengal now trying to shift in a Change (“Parivartan”) for Muslim-Mother, Muslim-Land, Muslim-Men (“Maa-Mati-Manus”). For this I had to stay behind the bar for successive 26 days with my Gen. Secretary, Chittaranjan Dey, Goutam Pal, State Committee Member, and four other Samhati members. The imprisonment was long, sometime rigorous, but the records of Hindu retaliation in Deganga has boost up the fighting spirit of Hindus beyond the border of this region. Side by side, the media friends of HS and my blog-site HinduExistence have successfully drawn the attention of the world viewers in this matter. Obviously, we should thankful to Dr. Richard Benkin and Kanchan Gupta who forcefully narrated the persecution upon Hindus of Deganga hitherto untold in the apathetical media.

2) We have completed our registration in this time span, both of our organization “Hindu Samhati” (Regi No. 76619 of 2010-11) and our mouth-piece in Bengali “Swadesh Samhati Sambad” (D.L. No. 140 dt. 25/08/2010). I am proud to remember that I had presented the Drat Memorandum for the registration of Hindu Samhati in the middle of 2009 in our Hindu Samhati special session at Puri. We have successfully increased our membership of Hindu Samhati, as well as 10000 copies of Swadesh Samhati Sambad are not sufficient to meet the demand of market, which we have to see seriously. And now we should rapidly construct our organizational set up as per the valid constitution of our organization.

3) But the third success is most important to me. That is the making of a new generation Hindu leadership in the local areas and the continuous fighting by the Samhati members in each and every possible area where they are in touch with the persecuted Hindu people. Yes, I can name Dinabandhu Ghorami of Canning, Ajit Adhikary of Bangaon or Pratap Hazra of Usthi or so on. These brave heart Hindu Youth Leaders have been symbolized as the savior of the persecuted Hindu locals. People know that they are not the tout of the police or the commission manipulator from the court affairs or not the money maker out of an organizational set-up.  These Hindu Community Leaders are the main strength of Hindu Samhati to march with the uncompromising Samhati members seen everywhere in the battle field of Bengal.

Last year my friend Bhupendra Bharati (Leicester, UK) contributed two articles in the pages of HinduExistence viz. 1) A sharp New Age Hindutva surfaced in India. and 2) Beginning of a New era for the Hindu Mass Movement in Eastern India . We should read those articles once again to measure our advancement so far we achieved. As Bhupendra is still un-well and unable to come to join us on 14th, I am to pray to my Lord for a speedy recovery of Bhupendra.

Lastly I am overwhelmed to hear that the personalities like Dr. Richard Benkin  and Miriam Guttman-Jones will grace the 3rd anniversary congregation along with the prominent Hindu saints, leaders and activists. The Hindu saints, leaders and others will profusely give their blessings and other supports, but Mr. Benkin and Madam Jones are here to open a new page of history against Islamic Jihad. Yes, Benkin and Jones both are of Jewish roots. Dr. Benkin is an un-doubtful advocate against Jihad and well acclaimed columnist with international reputation. Miriam G Jones is a human rights activist and the Director of WOMAN POWER. She is also the councilor of Waverley Council in Australia. Both of them are attached with ForceField. This unity between Hindu and Jewish in a common platform against the barbaric and brutal Jihad, obviously marks the recognition of the good performance of Hindu Samhati, but it is a start of a new era of Hindu-Jewish unity and Indo-Israel friendship to ensure a bigger strength against Jihadi force. Hindus believe in SHANTI. Jews in Shalom. But we should not close our eyes when some brutality declares Jehad to finish  our age old culture, heritage and our people. Long Live Hindu Jews Solidarity. Long Live Indo-Israel Friendship. Long Live Force Field. Long Live Hindu Samhati. I urge every concern to join us on 14th February, at 1 pm at Subodh Mallick Square (Wellington Sq) positively. SHALOM. SHANTI OM.

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