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*Hindu Rights to Survive with Dignity & Sovereignty *Join Hindu Freedom Movement to make Bharat Hindu Rashtra within 2025 *Jai Shri Ram *Jayatu Jayatu Hindu Rashtram *Editor: Upananda Brahmachari.

A New Hindu Age shapes through definite Hindu Freedom Movement promoting a Hindu-Jew unity.

Report & pictures of 3rd anniversary celebration of HINDU SAMHATI, at Subodh Mallick Square, Kolkata on 14th Feb, 2011 : Hindu Samhati’s Congregation Creates History

This is time to speak out, come out and strike out.

Join the war front of Hindutva cause in Eastern India. Come together at 3rd Anniversary of Hindu Samhati on 14th Feb. 2011 in Kolkata.

Upananda Brahmachari.

Vice-President, Hindu Samhati.

We are just in the time of countdown. Within a few hours we will reach Kolkata to make a grand success of our 3rd anniversary of our most beloved organization HINDU SAMHATI, we just care as our eyeball. On 14th Feb, 2011, we will be assembled on 1 pm. in Subodh Mallick Square (erstwhile Wellington Sq.), Kolkata, the capital city of West Bengal to make a grand success of that mass Hindu congregation aiming at  the concretization of a definite “New Hindu Age” through a forceful “Hindu Freedom Movement”.

Friends, the use of the term “New Hindu Age” is not a new one for its application so far as Prof. Ninian Smart described Swami Pranavanda ( a Vedantic Monk of profound Hindu Spirit and founder of Bharat Sevashram Sangha) as a Prophet of “New Hindu Age” or otherwise some historians made it clear that the extremism so far conglomerated first in Bengal, then Maharashtra, Punjab and other provinces of the then undivided India in the fold of Bhavani Mandir, Jugantar, Anushilan Samity, Mitra Mela, Hindu Mela etc. spreading its revolutionary spirit with a pure Hindu revelation against the British ruler within the distinction of a New Hindu Age. Hindu Samhati (HS) is another name of a weapon to ensure the Hindu honor and prestige in a real New Hindu Age.

But, the application of the term “Hindu Freedom Movement” may be unfamiliar to anybody so that the Hindus cannot think their social, religious, economic freedom in the sphere of an absurd Secularism in India only to bend high appeasement for  the Muslims and Christians at the cost of severe Hindu Persecution. Though Satantrya Veer Savarkar propagated the Hindu Swaraj in the line of Lokmanya Tilak, I want to declare myself as a restless warrior of this “Hindu Freedom Movement” in its first time proposition to stand clearly against the derogatory Hindu Code Bill, Pilgrimage Tax upon Hindus, Cow Slaughter in India, Govt. extrusions from Hindu Shrine (Devoswam) Boards, gross deletion of the cultivation of Sanskrit language and Indian Culture and heritage from the education system and an unbearable persecution and torture upon Hindus, especially in rural Bengal from the end of India Administration, Police, and Judiciary  only to please the anti Hindu force so active here now a days. These three pillars of Indian sovereignty (administration, police and judiciary) and the politicians, media persons, intelligentsia, human right activists, everybody  now came under either certain Islamic Jihadi force or the  Christian Evangelical Group started an ethnic war against the Hindus to demoralize them, to defeat them again.  So, Hindu Samhati has started this “Hindu Freedom Movement” just 3 years back with its foundation event in Bharat Sabha Hall (Indian Association Hall) on 14th February, 2008 in Kolkata. And this Hindu Freedom Movement is nothing but a balanced combination of “Hindu Awakening” with a resurgent “Hindu Revolution” with its Khastriya (Warrior) spirit. But, we are in another culminating point at the juncture of our 3rd anniversary when two prominent fighting forces the Jews and the Hindus will come in a common platform to join their hands against Jihad to ensure the Global Peace, Humanity and Integrity.   This is my view point in short.

In our webpage Hindu-Samhati .Org, our president Tapan Ghosh rightly wrote in his editorial: Our Struggle — Third Year of Hindu Samhati, “It’s another 14th February and with it the foundation day of Hindu Samhati will be commemorated with grandeur yet again. Nevertheless, there is a difference this year. The coming 14th February marks the third year of the organization; an organization that has traveled a lot from its nascent stage and the journey has never been smooth apparently. It may sound strange to many these days but in fact, within four months of the official proclamation of Hindu Samhati, it was attacked by Islamic fundamentalists in Ganga Sagar. And as a result, 15 of its most committed workers along with Tapan Ghosh, founder of the organization, were put behind bars without reason.

But, we should gracefully remember at least three prominent successes in the last year for Hindu Samhati activists. 1) We drastically reacted with the Jihadist at Deganga and compelled them to bow down in front a strong Hindu fighting spirit and we sent a global message in every corner that a fight against a planned Jihad is possible even in the soil of Marxist Bengal now trying to shift in a Change (“Parivartan”) for Muslim-Mother, Muslim-Land, Muslim-Men (“Maa-Mati-Manus”). For this I had to stay behind the bar for successive 26 days with my Gen. Secretary, Chittaranjan Dey, Goutam Pal, State Committee Member, and four other Samhati members. The imprisonment was long, sometime rigorous, but the records of Hindu retaliation in Deganga has boost up the fighting spirit of Hindus beyond the border of this region. Side by side, the media friends of HS and my blog-site HinduExistence have successfully drawn the attention of the world viewers in this matter. Obviously, we should thankful to Dr. Richard Benkin and Kanchan Gupta who forcefully narrated the persecution upon Hindus of Deganga hitherto untold in the apathetical media.

2) We have completed our registration in this time span, both of our organization “Hindu Samhati” (Regi No. 76619 of 2010-11) and our mouth-piece in Bengali “Swadesh Samhati Sambad” (D.L. No. 140 dt. 25/08/2010). I am proud to remember that I had presented the Drat Memorandum for the registration of Hindu Samhati in the middle of 2009 in our Hindu Samhati special session at Puri. We have successfully increased our membership of Hindu Samhati, as well as 10000 copies of Swadesh Samhati Sambad are not sufficient to meet the demand of market, which we have to see seriously. And now we should rapidly construct our organizational set up as per the valid constitution of our organization.

3) But the third success is most important to me. That is the making of a new generation Hindu leadership in the local areas and the continuous fighting by the Samhati members in each and every possible area where they are in touch with the persecuted Hindu people. Yes, I can name Dinabandhu Ghorami of Canning, Ajit Adhikary of Bangaon or Pratap Hazra of Usthi or so on. These brave heart Hindu Youth Leaders have been symbolized as the savior of the persecuted Hindu locals. People know that they are not the tout of the police or the commission manipulator from the court affairs or not the money maker out of an organizational set-up.  These Hindu Community Leaders are the main strength of Hindu Samhati to march with the uncompromising Samhati members seen everywhere in the battle field of Bengal.

Last year my friend Bhupendra Bharati (Leicester, UK) contributed two articles in the pages of HinduExistence viz. 1) A sharp New Age Hindutva surfaced in India. and 2) Beginning of a New era for the Hindu Mass Movement in Eastern India . We should read those articles once again to measure our advancement so far we achieved. As Bhupendra is still un-well and unable to come to join us on 14th, I am to pray to my Lord for a speedy recovery of Bhupendra.

Lastly I am overwhelmed to hear that the personalities like Dr. Richard Benkin  and Miriam Guttman-Jones will grace the 3rd anniversary congregation along with the prominent Hindu saints, leaders and activists. The Hindu saints, leaders and others will profusely give their blessings and other supports, but Mr. Benkin and Madam Jones are here to open a new page of history against Islamic Jihad. Yes, Benkin and Jones both are of Jewish roots. Dr. Benkin is an un-doubtful advocate against Jihad and well acclaimed columnist with international reputation. Miriam G Jones is a human rights activist and the Director of WOMAN POWER. She is also the councilor of Waverley Council in Australia. Both of them are attached with ForceField. This unity between Hindu and Jewish in a common platform against the barbaric and brutal Jihad, obviously marks the recognition of the good performance of Hindu Samhati, but it is a start of a new era of Hindu-Jewish unity and Indo-Israel friendship to ensure a bigger strength against Jihadi force. Hindus believe in SHANTI. Jews in Shalom. But we should not close our eyes when some brutality declares Jehad to finish  our age old culture, heritage and our people. Long Live Hindu Jews Solidarity. Long Live Indo-Israel Friendship. Long Live Force Field. Long Live Hindu Samhati. I urge every concern to join us on 14th February, at 1 pm at Subodh Mallick Square (Wellington Sq) positively. SHALOM. SHANTI OM.

7 comments on “A New Hindu Age shapes through definite Hindu Freedom Movement promoting a Hindu-Jew unity.

  1. Sourav
    February 14, 2011

    Jai Sree Ram.
    Hindus of West Bengal are Rising!!!


  2. zalayogendrasinh
    February 14, 2011

    hamare cm[NARENDRA MODI] ko iska president banao bad me dekho kya hota hai.


    February 14, 2011

    Upananda Brahmachari,
    Editor – Hindu Existence,
    Vice – President, Hindu Samhati.

    Revered Guruji,


    On the 3rd anniversary of Hindu Samhati, I sincerely wish that our organisation grow up from strength to strength and reach a stage one day where the Red Flag is replaced with Saffron flag.


    Ananthanarayanan Iyer.


  4. joy chhetry
    February 18, 2011

    Respected Editor,


    Dear Sir/ Madam,

    Namaskar !

    I would love to use Devnagari script, but my note-pad does not have that facility. I am a humble citizen and ex- fighter/ bomber pilot of the IAF. My mother was M.P. from North Bengal (Darjeeling) from 1951 to 64). She retired as Dy. Speaker of the House. She has imbibed strong sentiments of Hindutva in me. Now I am Hon. Secretary of Nibbana Apts, Pali Hill, Mumbai for last 12 years. From inception I have established a flag post at the premises and the tricolor flies every day. We celebrate 15th August and 26th Jan with gusto. This time I had requested Ms Nirmala Samant Pravavalkar, Ex Mayor and Chairman Women’s Cell, MHADA, a State Minister’s post. There were sports, cultural activities and free lunch for all.

    I requested her to announce that a temple be built as our building was targeted by Jihadis, including celebrities living in Pali Hill. It was frontline news prior to Republic Day. We had commandos patrol. I used private bouncers to safeguard our building. We have a Chairman who is a Christian, other members are Parsis, Jains. However, no Muslims. I had a spat with actor Emran Hasmi, who barged into our meeting and asked for NOC to buy the flat. I told him its not like buying vegetable. A 5 crore flat requires lots of paper-work, which annoyed him. He and his uncle Mr. Mahesh Bhat, a producer, lambasted me in a press conference. I was summoned by the Police Commissioner and the Minority Commission. However, with His grace I came out clean.

    I wish to visit Israel. My mom had great respect for them. Although Congress is for the Muslims and against Jews right from inception. Why are we cowards?

    Is it ingrained in our religion to be so and lick, tolerate the wrong-doings of the power that be. Even erecting a temple in our own compound will be a great problem, but I will forge ahead. Give me strength O Lord Shiva and Ma Sherowali !

    Jai Hind ! Jai Akhand Bharat !! Bharat Ma ki Jai !!!

    Joy Chhetry.


  5. rajveer chavda
    February 18, 2011

    Upananda Maharaj

    pranam guruji

    aap is sangthan ko pure bharat bhar me age laye ye jehadiatank se pura world pareshan hai ek na ek din hume pure bharat bhar me muslim aatnak ke samane hathiyar uthane hai

    apka comment or commentary dono mene Hindu Existence par dekha hai jisse ye pata chalta hai ke aap ek hindudharma ke parti vafadar insan hai aur aap gujarat se hai mai bhi gujaratse hu agar aap hindu dharama ke support me kisi bhi tarha ke karya kar kar rahe haito me apke shath hu

    jay hind
    jay shree ram
    jay shree krishna



  6. yogeshsaxena
    March 6, 2011

    Laws in Bharat are called AunShasan Parva (Anu =self, Shasan = control, Parva = demonstration, act of)
    Laws in fact, are “acceptable public conduct with free will” and “act of Self Control” (anushasan Parva)
    Indian Penal Code should called Indian Prayashchitta Code. Penal action or monetary fees are a sort of commercial price of destroying a society legally.
    For every laws of nature, there is a DEVTA or founder of laws that govern this universe. Laws of nature must be understood and humanity cannot make laws ultra virus the natural laws. Governments are in anyway not competent to make any laws. Laws are public (not legal, not private) and can apply in our own homes, at any day. Gandhi did not wait for British to change Laws and he broke many of laws, even legally (called “Lawful disobedience”). The term “legal” means, procedure of third party justice or Panch-Tantra moral tales of two cats fighting for share of a bread, and finally found a monkey judge who for noble cause of justice, ate all bread so that both cats can go equally satisfied. Governments (called RAKCHHAS in Sanskrit) have a limited role for Third Party Justice and Security (Raksha) and can make laws only for conflict resolution, and eventually have it for creating conflict, and to have their job of resolving it for their incomes and right of control.

    Look at 5 laws, if you have a family, husband is working for profits (act 2), wife is cooking food and taking care of children and home affairs without any measurement and profit; but wife is a barometer of respectable livelihood (act 1), financial planning is between wife and husband called Money Act (act 3) and guiding principles comes in Act 4 and orientation for responsibility of nature and elders and children is Act 5. So, all five acts apply to every home, city and country.
    Every Sri Krishna Bhakt is always of superior intellect and never confronts with an undeserving enemy. Sri Krishna says, “never fight with the one you can live without”. For example, fight with your wife, son, and every deserving enemy to whom you certainly cannot leave. Every fight is worth where ( Sri Krishna talks of) the VI+JAY (special victory) takes place, and not just victory or JAY of one on another. This means, the war or fight should end in a situation where none is the looser. For example, if you fight with wife, your wife and you, at the end of war, have a much better understanding about the object of conflict. Both of you become more loving for each other, for the ability and common intent. Sri Krishna is called RANN CHHOD because He certainly cannot not fight with whom He things unfit, and one can be just left out. Bush is equated with Bin laden just because of the inappropriate choice of enemy.
    Therefore, you should develop an idea of laws that people can apply in home, in community, in city, in country in same way. Laws should not need governments. Muslim and Christian are any way not religion, nor is Hindu. These are different subjects like physics, history and chemistry. Anyone can read any and all. Krishna is not a Hindu or Islam, nor is Newton a British, and Einstein, a jew. You should also remember that Krishna Bhakt needs to be very careful and any of his desire becomes a job for Sri Krishna. Sri Krishna has to then work for him. He, therefore should not desire anything without very proper thoughts.
    Our way should be futuristic, and more simple and effective. As servant of Sri Krishna, you should be always Vajpayee, and make a way of living with enlightenment. Muslims are paying the price of history of Mugal rulers, and so, they are more conservative and of closed mind. We all can make contribution to humanity, and devise laws for ourselves, and it becomes national laws, by default.
    I was inspired by your commitments by use of scientific (shaashastrokt) laws for the nation; Ravi by social and political reforms in existing framework, and similarly, Bibek ji trying to create similar thing at small scale. I try to follow laws at a level of individual. Whatever be the scale and effectiveness, this approach can help all to regain respect of our tradition and our values for a Jagat Guru Bharat.
    There should be two economics one, for free of cost livelihood and human development objectives and two, non-livelihood pursuit account for profit/ finance/ ownership. Both of these are complimentary. In addition, principles of Economics are supported by understanding the idea of money, individuals’ responsibility of conduct and guardianship of Nature.
    Act 1: Self-Less Work and Respectable Livelihood Act
    Livelihood act should provide four state/ home guarantees to all Indian/family citizen given that they are not on a conduct probation. All state/home guarantee is financed from total income /taxation. These are a) national security b) eduction c) food d) employment
    As per this guarantee, farmers, soldiers (includes police), teachers and doctors that have non profit, non ownership status, and work for human development objectives, get salaries Rs 20 K per month per individual.
    Any one who is a non owner and ready to work self-lessly cannot remain unemployed or poor, and certainly has a place in agriculture, security or defense, and teaching and health care. They would be inter-changeable in these non-profit fixed income sector. Against this, all people can get food for personal consumption, free education and free heath care. The food does not include meat and other non vegetarian food and alcohol etc.

    Act 2: Business,Profit and Ownership Act
    Non livelihood account includes industrial production, non-livelihood food (liquor, meat, hotel food etc..), services (transport, communication, media. These are paid activity, and people can own private property.
    Ownership of assets and passive sources of income is also taxable, and state is obligated to make it up by federal insurance of ownership rights. For example, a farmer is entitled to a fixed salary but for a business man, who owns a system of his/her own, and has private agreements, he pays a certain tax. Tax ensures productive use of natural livelihood resources and bring a mindset of disincentive for private and out of law living, and bring them to working for an objective but without ownership and measurement. These taxes pay for livelihood accounts.
    Balance sheet of State Finances is made, every year so that tax from profitable activity and cost of livelihood guarantee are equal.

    Act 3: Money and Measurement Act
    All individuals should use income and expenditure account in a Internet based national common wealth fund, and such information should be not hidden so that each person can see how other person got rich and why is he/she poor.
    Money is like football, a useless object without the players that play it, using an open system; and profit is measurement of the goals achieved and measured in terms of money. If secrecy and privacy is maintained in money, it is deception. Money is owned by none
    Money is a public property and is a medium of exchange just like football in players; and therefore every one need to know every movement of money in profit account and non-profit account.

    Act 4: Individual Conduct Act
    This act is for individuals responsibility of conduct so that every individual whose livelihood is guaranteed by the state is aware of, and should not be negligent of the duties and is not forced for dishonesty or criminal conduct.
    This act also requires married once in life and penalty of loss of livelihood guarantee for infidelity
    This act also requires maxi um 2 child norm and penalty of loss of livelihood guarantee if pregnancy exceeded more than two
    This act requires public sanitation standards which also includes broadcasting of distasteful and obscene material in media

    Act 5: Guardians of Nature Act
    Children, Student, Senior citizen, family women, rivers, mountain are national face. and all must provide security and respect for their welfare. Family (home cooking, nursing a child) and developmental humanity and protecting natural resources are most important than any livelihood and Industry businesses.
    They are therefore called Guardian of Nature and receive a donations and act for societal duties viz, river, forest, and environmental protection, and act as public registrars for data collection on society and its values.


  7. Chanchal Majumdar
    May 6, 2012

    The uncertainties that prevailed in minds of refugees from east and west Pakistan, NOT TAKEN CARE ENOUGH, the arrogance took over through the refugees and it spread into others living and dealing with them!
    A psychological maltreatment by the then govt who never cared appropriately and created such situations for them that slowly revels grew and later we find the wraths against the govt is expressed in many ways ,including formation of anti national activities,antisocial activities, AND THE GOVT OPERATED IN BRITISH STYLE FROM DISTANCE SITTING INSIDE OFFICES ,NOT HEALING THE WOUNDS
    Like Markandeya Katju we all say that we are fools to send these CHEATERS to rule again and again?


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