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Supreme Court of India says Polygamy not integral part of Islam, now Govt may bring Muslim Code Bill.

Posted by hinduexistence on February 10, 2015

Supreme Court of India on Monday ruled that a Muslim’s fundamental right to profess Islam did not include practicing polygamy. So, Modi Govt. may bring law to enact ‘Muslim Code Bill’ as enacted ‘Hindu code Bill’ earlier by Congress for Hindus……

Polygamy not integral part of Islam: SC

polygamy_indiaAmit Choudhary | TNN | New Delhi | Feb 10, 2015::  Although their personal law permits men to have four wives, the Supreme Court on Monday ruled that a Muslim’s fundamental right to profess Islam did not include practicing polygamy.

“What was protected under Article 25 (right to practice and propagate any religion) was the religious faith and not a practice which may run counter to public order, health or morality. Polygamy was not integral part of religion and monogamy was a reform within the power of the State under Article 25,” said a bench of Justices T S Thakur and A K Goel.

The bench said that polygamy was not integral to religion and the practice of polygamy did not acquire sanction of religion simply because it was permitted.

It upheld the UP government’s decision to sack one of its employees on the ground of misconduct for opting for a second marriage during existence of the first marriage without its prior permission.

Referring to its earlier verdict, the bench said that Article 25 protects religious faith, not a practice. It noted that the court had upheld the views of the Bombay, Gujarat and Allahabad high courts in this regard.

The bench upheld conduct rules framed by UP Government Servant Conduct Rules, saying that it did not violate Article 25 of the Constitution.

In this case Khursheed Ahmad Khan, employed as irrigation supervisor, had married Anjum Begum during existence of first marriage with Sabina Begum. Sister of his first wife had filed a complaint before National Human Rights Commission which ordered a police probe in the case.

The police submitted its report before the commission saying that Khan had married a second time during the existence of the first marriage. On this basis, the state government had initiated proceedings and later removed him from service for failure to take prior permission for second marriage as was required under rule 29 of the conduct rules.

Khan had then approached the Allahabad high court and challenged his removal from service. The HC had dismissed his plea.

Courtesy: TOI.

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Madras High Court restricted ‘lathi’ (sticks) in Tamil Nadu route march of RSS.

Posted by hinduexistence on November 8, 2014

What a justice in practice! RSS is not allowed to carry lathi in route march in Tamil Nadu. 

Snatch the ‘lathis” (sticks) from the hands of RSS Swaymsevaks (volunteers)  and allow Muslim hooligans to carry Swords, Choppers etc. along with their favourite ISIS and Paki T-Shirts. Whether the Chief Justices of High Courts were sleeping at the time of Muharram! Why they didn’t intervene souo mato to stop the Islamic menace in the name of Muharram. 

07TVTVMRSS_GAE3HE4R_801516fUpananda Brahmachari | HENB | Chennai | 7 Nov 2014:: Just a couple of days later the observance of Muharram  (on 4th Nov ) with all lethal weapons, brandishing swords and wearing ISIS and Pakistani blazers in many places in country, the Indian system of Administration, Police and Judiciary had an explicit realisation to ban ‘lathi’ (sticks) in Tamil Nadu route march of RSS.

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangha (RSS) of Tamil Nadu  had planned to conduct a route march in every district of the state on November 9, 2014, in commemoration of  1000th anniversary of coronation of Chola King, Great Rajendra Chola. While permissions were sought to conduct route march in every district, Tamil Nadu Police denied the permission citing Section 41 A of Chennai City Police Act, 1888, read with Section 54(A) of the Tamilnadu District Police Act, 1859.  Aggrieved RSS representatives filed writ petitions under Article 226 of the Constitution of India, in Madras High Court against this ban on route marches by negating permissions.

The Case was heard by Justice V.Ramasubramanianon on 3rd November and 6th November, 2014 in a bundle of writ petitions bearing No.28677 to 28683 of 2014 arisen out 7 districts namely Chennai, Mannargudi, Tuticorin, Karur, Coimbatore and Kanyakumari.

After hearing, Hon’able Court observed that the orders passed by the state respondents are not in accordance with the mandate of Section 41A, as the section has no application to the holding of processions.  When arguments came up on how to differentiate the uniform of khaki trouser and white shirt worn by the Police personnel resembling the uniforms of  RSS volunteers, Hon’ble Judge observed that no member of police force today wear half trousers and the uniform of RSS was designed way back in 1920s and consequently set aside the argument on state respondents. Observing that the Act is only for regulating and not prohibiting, Justice Ramasubramanian allowed the writ petitions filed by RSS representatives, directing the respondents to grant permission to the petitioners to allow processions in the routes specified and to hold procession and public meetings in the places earmarked.

But, derogatory enough to the Sangha statute, the counsels on behalf of RSS had to ascertain “that the processionists will not carry lathis and will not  shout slogans inciting any violence or offending sentiments of anyone.” (!!!!!!)


Are you a Muslim in India? Carry all arms whatever do you want!!!

In the delivered order it is clearly said, “27. In the cases on hand, the learned counsel for the petitioners have stated that the processionists will not carry lathis and will not  shout slogans inciting any violence or offending sentiments of anyone. In any case, the right flowing under Article 19(1)(b) itself is restricted to assemble peaceably and without arms. Since the definition of the expression “arms” includes “lathis”, the processionists cannot carry lathis. The organisers are prepared to give the names and addresses of persons who will take responsibility for any untoward incident, if it happens. Therefore, after having permitted rallies, processions and public meetings for several organisations, it may not be possible to deny such permission to the petitioners.”

According to the source RSS will  take out route march on 9th Nov in Sangha uniform in seven districts of Tamil Nadu without any ‘Dand’ (Lathi – Stick) or sword anyway.

By the way, the Great Rajendra Chola, whose 1000th coronation commemoration is the material cause of the RSS route March in Tamil Nadu on 9th, was renowned for his avenging skill and great military power.

63723_595996980527165_5209401553939839744_n 10394081_592998744162861_3475007397656617946_n

Lol, in Indian system, Muslims can perform a very ‘secular’ Muharram with iron rods, swords, chains, blade, chopper, lathis and whatever they wish to carry for an observation in ‘ashura’ in ‘Muharram’  in the name of bloody mourning, even they can wear T-shirts of  ISIS or Pakistan. But, Hindus cannot and cannot be allowed carry a stick even with them.

Meanwhile, it was aired that the State Government intends to go on an appeal against the Court order.

See original Court order in this link:

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Discard all Muslim Reservations in Bharat. Hindusthan for Hindus, not for the propagators of Shariat or for the perpetrators of another Pakistan.

Posted by hinduexistence on October 15, 2012

No Reservation for Pro-separatist Muslims in India.

~ Upananda Brahmachari.

Under this heading: “More Muslim representation in police force, army and IB: AIMMM“, Sri  , of TNN has contributed an exploring news in Times of India (14-10-2012) about the conspiracy of Islamists in India for capturing India through administration, police, army and intelligence bureau etc. step by step. Though the report has been generated out of a Islamist-Akhilesh chemistry in the back-drop of Uttar Pradesh Islamization, but the report has been established its importance in the length and breadth  of this country, whether it is in West Bengal, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Assam or Jammu and Kashmir. Religious Reservation in a shape of clear Muslim Reservation in India is being nurtured another threat to divide India again on the basis of old ”Two Nation” theory.

In this chilling report, Ashsis told, “Expressing concern over spurt in communal violence in various parts of the country, the All India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat (AIMMM), the umbrella body of Indian Muslim organisations in the country, has demanded increase in Muslim representation in the police force and Intelligence Bureau (IB).

The Central Working Committee of the AIMMM, in a recent meeting, passed a resolution stating that it is alarmed at the spurt in communal riots in various parts of the country, especially in Uttar Pradesh after Samajwadi Party government came to power in the state. ‘It has been noted that the police force either remains passive during these instances of engineered murder, loot and arson or becomes an active participant opening fire at will at Muslims with the intent to kill as happened at Masuri town near Delhi.

We caution the state and central governments to be more careful in tackling acts of violence, pay adequate compensation to the victims of police fire and take quick legal action against the killers,’ the resolution stated. It also appealed to the Muslim masses to show no unnecessary and hasty violent reaction to inflammatory situations created on purpose by communal forces whose eyes are fixed on the general elections in 2014 for which communal polarization is required so that their political party may benefit.”

The report goes further: “The AIMMM, in another resolution, welcomed the effort of the central government to raise Muslim representation in the police force which has gone down to as low as 2% in some states. ‘Muslim representation should also be raised in the Army, IB and other security agencies to regain the lost confidence of the Muslim masses,’  it stated.”

Not only that, after demanding such communal propositions, the Islamic body in question out-rightly condemned the role of present police and intelligence services and reacted that: “IB and police officers responsible for fabricating cases and implicating innocents should be punished and compensation to the victims should be deducted from the salaries and pensions of such officers.”. According to this Islamic body demanding Islamization of Police, Intelligence and Army categorically said that,”Police chiefs were recently told during their annual conference that the biggest threat faced by the country comes from the so-called “Indian Mujahidin” which many in the Muslim community think is a fictitious organization propped up by the IB to harass Muslims. Eighteen youths have been arrested recently in Bangalore and other places in a totally false and fabricated case which is clear from the changing stories dished out by Bangalore police about these youths.” [One can read the original report of TOI here].

In West Bengal, Ms. Mamata Banerjee, the Chief Minister of West Bengal declared 10% separate Muslim OBC reservation within the stipulated OBC quota in her state. Declared sanction for 10000 Madrasas, Rs. 2500 to Imams and Rs. 1000 to Muazins respectively, bi-cycles for Muslim Girl students of Madrasa and many other facilities to her Muslim brothers and sisters ignoring the plight of Hindu poor people.

In Andhra Pradesh, Kerala and some other states Muslims are enjoying reservation facilities upon religious grounds, which are simply violating the attracted articles of Indian Constitution. In various  overt and covert processes the Shariat loving people are trying hard to divide the Indian Constitution upon Muslim and Non-Muslim basis under the proclamation of Reservation and Social Justice for Muslims in India with more than equal rights. Salman Khurshid, the secular face of Pro Islamist in the Central Cabinet Ministry of India is also trying a 5% general reservation in all the central offices, schemes and provisions. In other words, Muslims of India are now demanding more than equal rights over the majority Hindus by an distinctive instigation of Muslim sentiments to get rid off the Hindu supremacy or influence in India. The days of partition is coming back with its prominent preface as history repeats itself.

One can judge the developments of Muslim demands in India since the establishment of Muslim League in 1906 (30th Dec, 1906)  and down to the partition of India in 1947 through a bloody Direct Action against Hindus initiated by the same Muslim League in 16th August, 1946. The descendants of the same Muslim League are moving freely in India with full political and financial support to fulfil their unfinished programme of a Greater Pakistan in Indian Sub-continent. The India Muslim Majlis-e Mushawarat (AIMMM), Indian Union Muslim League (IUML), All India Democratic United Front (AIDUF), Popular Front of India (PFI), People’s Democratic Conference of India (PDCI), Peace Party, Qumi Ekta, Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI), Welfare Party of India (WPI) or such other political party or political alliance of Muslim fundamental political groups, all are the new incarnations of that Communal Muslim League who demanded and divided India upon Two Nation theory. Now, the new Muslim Leaguers in different names are heading towards another partition of India in a prolific anti-constitutional stance.  On the basis of communal strength the Indian Muslims are planning to change in basic principal of Indian Constitutions first and finally to adopt Shariat upon the Indian Constitution as a law of Allah. One should not  forget the Shah Bano case and the humiliation thereafter.

But the primary question is that on what authority Muslims can justify their illegal demands of reservation in India or any Muslim Leaguers or the like minded people can be permitted to stay in India. We have to discuss over this matter before entering into the next to nullify Muslim Reservation in India. [To be concluded].

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‘Innocence of Muslims’ sparks protest in Kolkata. Employees evacuated from Kolkata US Consulate office.

Posted by hinduexistence on September 28, 2012

Kolkata: Unity of Jihadis, Blocked Roads, Paralysed City. Largest gathering of Muslims so far against “Innocence of Muslims”. Photo Courtesy: Pratidin.

Muslims invaded Kolkata to protest over anti-Islam Film and marched towards in US Consulate Office to frighten all concerned .

HE KOLKATA BUREAU | 28 Sept. 2012 :: Now, it has been proved that the Muslims of Bengal can invade Kolkata as per their wish and can capture Kolkata in a moment. On 27-09-2012, at least 50000  Muslims from southern districts of 24 Parganas, Howrah , Hoogly, Nadia, Mushidabad and East Medinipur marched towards the American Centre (American Consulate) at Kolkata to protest against an anti-Islam video/film and to demand that the US authorities apologise for it. While Mr Pathasarathi Ghosh, Joint Commissioner of Kolkata Police, ascertained 40-50 thousand gathering in this anti US congregation, the organizers claimed that at least 100000 devout Muslims participated in the largest protest ever in the recent time against the anti Islamic film, “Innocence of Muslims”.

The protestors, belonging to Muslim organisations, including All India Minorities Forum (AIMF),  All-Bengal Minorities Youth Federation, All Bengal Minority Council,  Furfura Sarrif Seva Foundation, Sunnatul Jamayet Committee, All India Milli Council, Jamiate Ulemaye Bangla, Furfura Sharif Minority Committee, West Bengal Madrasha Union and some 12-14 other fundamental Muslim groups, broke barricades, street decors and tried to approach the highly-fortified American Centre on Chowringee, but were stopped some distance away tactfully, police sources said. However, the huge gathering forced the Consulate authorities to evacuate all the employees of this American high office to avoid any untoward incidents.

The protest grid-locked traffic bumper-to-bumper on Chowringhee and C R avenue in central Kolkata and had a ripple effect elsewhere, including the south and the north in the Kolkata metropolis.

The protesters raised the slogans against the American, Israel and Indian authorities in a row for their blasphemous and Anti Islamic activities as alleged. They demanded immediate ban on the impugned anti Islamic film as well as prosecute the makers of the film which tampered the character of Prophet Mohammad. The protesters carried the placards demanding the ” DEATH OF BARACK OBAMA’ and “IMMEDIATE REMOVAL OF AMERICAN BASES FROM ISLAMIC COUNTRIES”.

The protesters coming from the urban Kolkata, Rajarhat, Mograhat, Bashirhat, Berachanpa areas frightened the common public and broke traffic rules in many places, when they were gathering to the congregation in matadors and other conveyance with bamboo sticks and iron rods etc. with them.

After protesting against the American Consulates in Chennai and Bangalore, the aggrieved Muslim protesters boomed in Kolkata for their rights to show the Islamic might over the infidels of Kolkata.

Unfortunately the present Bengal Rulers are leading in a way to submit them at the foot of Islamic elements, the whole scenario of Bengal is right to change completely for an Islamic state of affairs within 5 years more. One can take it as a prophecy, but it will be a reality if the Bengali Hindus do not resist.

Actually Kolkata witnessed a prospective Islamic terror what they have been watching on TV so far. No surprise, most  of the  vernacular channels and media houses in Bengal have blocked this terrific news to maintain their so called secular credential. A clear sign of submitting under Islamic regimen in Bengal are flashing  forth.

Sri Debashis Roy, Assistant Commissioner of Kolkata Police has been assaulted and moderately injured by the protester Islamists under a scuffle during the gathering. Some  other police personnel on duty were also hurt by the Muslim protesters and sent under treatment.

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Strong Hindu Retaliation will curb the illegal Beef Party in JNU.

Posted by hinduexistence on September 11, 2012

ॐ HINDU NEWS ॐ dated 11-09-2012 is published now.Check it here.

Preparing a illegal Beef Party in JNU. A Strong Hindu Retaliation will curb the anti-Hindu Conspiracy.

Seema Singh for Hindu Existence Media Forum.

New Delhi | 10-09-2012 :: In Jawaharlal Nehru University [JNU] in Delhi, the prestigious educational institution  of the country,  a ‘Beef Party’ is being  organised by some leftist students’ wings amidst the protest uproar from the many Vegetarian and anti-slaughter forums.  Apprehending a gruesome tension of a worsening environment, police and security agencies have been alerted.  The right wing Hindu organisations like Vishwa Hindu Parishad  (VHP) and Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad  (ABVP) have warned the organisers of such a condemnable ‘Beef Party’ for a  serious consequences. The organisers of same ‘Beef Party’ Osmania University in Hyderabad faced a stabbing of an Osmania student in protest rally some months back.  In that violence five students were injured and several vehicles were set on fire.

“The New Materialists” an organization set by the Left wing student unions, is preparing such a ‘Beef Party’ in a very clandestine manner to hit the Hindu sentiment. Before the ensuing elections of Student Presidium and Secretariat in JNU on next Saturday, the Left Wing Forums have resolved to vitiate the atmosphere during its election campaign through ‘Beef Eating’ propaganda as a ‘Right to Eat” and  to crack down the hold of ABVP in JNU. Though  the ‘Beef Party’ was scheduled on September 17,  on the birthday of Periyar EVR, but now, it is finally  set   on September 28  on the birthday of Shaheed  Bhagat Singh, for the coincided  Student elections in JNU.

Why the programme is fixed on the birthday of Shaheed Bhagat Singh? One of the key member of the organisers hinted that “secularism of Bhagat Singh is to be restored by such a programme, while such a revolutionary like Bhagat Singh has been hijacked by some fascist wing like Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena”.

Objectionable leaflets are being distributed in JNU campus  insulting the programmes of Janmashtami and Holi and portraying the ‘eating of beef’ as a symbol of independence of own appetite. The organisers have decided not  to cook the Beef in a single place making a big kitchen, but the  prospective beef eaters will cook it in their own hostel (community) kitchen and everybody will relish the dishes collectively in a gala arrangement of highlighted Beef Party.  DCP Chaya Sharma of Southern Delhi District Police said that the police are monitoring the case critically.

During a preparatory meeting in Kaveri hostel, JNU, one student of Centre for African Studies , named Anoop (who is doing his PhD), told the reporter, “the entrusted committee will decide the procurement of  such huge amount of beef  in the campus”. “Our only  aim is to hit BJP and  RSS as  they do Hindu Politics, considering  Cow Protection as a key issue”, Anoop says.  The Organisers hold that Delhi NCR Act -1994 is not maintainable in the JNU as this institution was created as an autonomous body under some special law enacted by the Central Govt.  The meeting for the ’ Beef Party’ was attended  by several JNU and DU professors.

JNU Vice Chancellor Prof. SK Sopori said that students have their freedom of expression. But it will not be allowed to hurt other’s sentiment at any cost. Beef is banned in Delhi.  Strong action will be taken against the students violating existing law and regulations.

The General Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Delhi Unit,  Sri Satyendra Mohan warned  that ‘the participants of such evil’ Beef Party’ will not be allowed to stay in  this country. As Hindus consider Cow as ‘Mother Cow’ and Cow slaughter is strictly prohibited in Delhi, the offenders have to see a severe consequence’. He also cautioned that ‘the Beef Party members must think over their own flesh before eating Cow flesh……’

However, ABVP Delhi Unit Vice President and the student of JNU, Gayatri Dixit already communicated the strong protest on the issue to the Chancellor and said, ‘If this happened in the JNU, it will disturb the peace eventually’.

The situation in JNU over the ‘Beef Party’ is deteriorating in every moment and the Investigative agencies are finding some foreign hand and some subversive Ultra Leftists and fundamental Muslim organisations behind the visible spectrum.

Previously this issue was highlighted as “Beef-Pork Party” in university campuses, even in the Wall Street Journal, but it was discovered later that no Muslims were offered Pork while the Hindus are put in a demoralization conspiracy through beef eating.

[Input: SK Gupta, Jagran Samachar]

Related reading:  Tension prevails in JNU over proposed ‘Beef Party’ : Daily Bhaskar.

Beef festival plan splits JNU students : Deccan Herald.

BJP warns of “severe consequences” if beef is served in JNU : Yahoo News


JNU में गौ मांस पार्टीः विहिप, बीजेपी भड़की


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Hindus must be aware of disguised Islamist like Shahrukh Khan and allies….

Posted by hinduexistence on April 26, 2012


Shahrukh Khan: Admirer of Late Terrorist Osama Bin Laden, Fan of Fanatic Dr. Zakir Naik  and  A Model Love Jihadi. (HE ed.)


 Narain Kataria from New York.
ShahRukh Khan (SRK)  is not only a controversial but also a suspicious character.  Many people in India believe that SRK is well connected with fishy characters and underworld dons.  He has a soft corner, respect and regard for the most dangerous terrorists.  In addition to that he is distantly related to present ISI chief and is endowed with Pakistani mentality.
Many people may not be aware of the fact that SRK is a supporter of  world’s most dangerous terrorist late Osama Bin Laden.  SRK was deeply saddened at the death of Osama Bin Laden.  He is an anti-American guy.  Shahrukh had described Osama’s death by America’s a “heinous act”!
SRK has great reverence for fanatic Islamic preacher Dr. Zakir Naik who has been banned from entering U.K. for glorifying terrorism.  SRK watches his videos with great zeal and devotion.
Even though almost all the terrorist acts were conducted by radical Islamists all over the world in the name of Allah, this fellow came out with a grossly misleading nonsensical twaddle that “terrorists has no religion”!  Readers also should note that SRK and his ilk have never condemned Islamic terrorists who murdered 3000 New York, 200 in Mumbai, 200 in Madrid, 200 in Bali, Indonesia; and 350 in Beslan in Russia.
He is a very good friend of Bollywood Producer Karim Morani whose name recently surfaced in the charge sheet filed by CBI in 2G spectrum scam and was subsequently arrested by the Police.
People in India are in a state of shock after the Times of India reported the new that ISI chief Lt. Gen. Zahir-ul-Islam has tenuous links with SRK.  A Pakistani defense analyst Ikram Sehgal told PTI that Zahir-ul-Islam’s father who was a brigadier in the Pakistan Army and Shah Nawaz Khan, who happened to be a major general in the INA led by Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose, was his uncle. SRK is said to have feeble  relationship with ISI chief through his late mother Lateef Fatima who was the adopted daughter of Shah Nawaz Khan.
It is very easy to hoodwink Hindus.  But it seems that American government knows it very well this guy is playing Al Taqiyya with them.  (Al Taqiyya is a part of Islamic doctrine of deception which enjoins on all the Muslims to blatantly lie and cheat non-Muslims in furtherance of Islam.)
SRK is a die hard Islamist.  In Feb, 2010, SRK demonstrated Pakistani mentality when he openly supported inclusion of Pakistani cricketers in IPL.  He backed out only when his house was attacked and he was asked to leave for Pakistan.
Moreover, the name “Khan” itself  is enough to infuriate and raise one’s hackles, taking into account the memories of 9/11 in which radical Islamists crashed their planes into the World Trade Center!
The USA government must be maintaining a dossier on SRK. They may have some secret information about SRK which they may not like to disclose.  SRK will be detained every time at least for two hours whenever he comes to USA no matter what the Government of India does.
Indian Americans also believe that Government of India’s over reaction in this matter was utterly unwarranted, foolish, immature and uncalled for.
Narain Kataria,
Writer can be reached at &
(718) 478-5735
April 19, 2012


April 27, 2012

Titu Shadowson |Asansol News | April 27, 2012; Asansol:

My Baluch friends were extremely crazy about the self-styled King of the Bollywood. Oh! I need the permission from the Aaj Tak news-channel whether I can use the word self-styled or not, who know they will adore me with most expensive slangs about mother and sister for that. But I can say he is the media-brand king no doubt. And he wants to copyright all the synonyms for king. He has started claiming himself to be Badshah and believe what, his boot-lickers in the media has started projecting himself as the face of India. You will never find any media person projecting the first lady or the greatest scientist, or greatest economist of the nation as its face, but you will find that actor being projected as the face of India. This is the real face of the immature Indian media………

But the truth is none, not even the quizmasters of the foreign nations have any hint, who the hell is Shah Rukh Khan! If you think I am exaggerating in my opinion, you will probably revise your opinion by the end of the article……….

Shah Rukh Khan can be said to be an ISI agent.

How many types of Intelligence Agents are there on earth? Is it always that a man having M-16 is an intelligence agent? No, the functions of the intelligence agencies contain disinformation protocols too. Just like the Pakistani ISI disinformation agent Professor Ghulam Navi Fai was arrested in USA for mind-washing Americans into Pakistani propaganda into Kashmir issue. Just like that if SRK is doing the same disinformation stuffs through his films, he is a perfectly deserving candidate to be called an ISI agent………

SRK is against Ramdev Baba’s Anti Corruption Movement.

Also SRK is against Ramdev Baba’s anti black money campaign. Why? So that his black money doesn’t gets exposed? He reportedly has a villa in Dubai and when income tax officers raided him, he said he was gifted that villa. However the man he named who gifted him denied any such gift. Then who gifted? How he earned such black money? Dubai is safe haven for jihadists and underworld and the ISI. Why everything about Khan is so fishy?……..

Read the Full article here in Asansolnews….


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