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Strong Hindu Retaliation will curb the illegal Beef Party in JNU.

ॐ HINDU NEWS ॐ dated 11-09-2012 is published now.Check it here.

Preparing a illegal Beef Party in JNU. A Strong Hindu Retaliation will curb the anti-Hindu Conspiracy.

Seema Singh for Hindu Existence Media Forum.

New Delhi | 10-09-2012 :: In Jawaharlal Nehru University [JNU] in Delhi, the prestigious educational institution  of the country,  a ‘Beef Party’ is being  organised by some leftist students’ wings amidst the protest uproar from the many Vegetarian and anti-slaughter forums.  Apprehending a gruesome tension of a worsening environment, police and security agencies have been alerted.  The right wing Hindu organisations like Vishwa Hindu Parishad  (VHP) and Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad  (ABVP) have warned the organisers of such a condemnable ‘Beef Party’ for a  serious consequences. The organisers of same ‘Beef Party’ Osmania University in Hyderabad faced a stabbing of an Osmania student in protest rally some months back.  In that violence five students were injured and several vehicles were set on fire.

“The New Materialists” an organization set by the Left wing student unions, is preparing such a ‘Beef Party’ in a very clandestine manner to hit the Hindu sentiment. Before the ensuing elections of Student Presidium and Secretariat in JNU on next Saturday, the Left Wing Forums have resolved to vitiate the atmosphere during its election campaign through ‘Beef Eating’ propaganda as a ‘Right to Eat” and  to crack down the hold of ABVP in JNU. Though  the ‘Beef Party’ was scheduled on September 17,  on the birthday of Periyar EVR, but now, it is finally  set   on September 28  on the birthday of Shaheed  Bhagat Singh, for the coincided  Student elections in JNU.

Why the programme is fixed on the birthday of Shaheed Bhagat Singh? One of the key member of the organisers hinted that “secularism of Bhagat Singh is to be restored by such a programme, while such a revolutionary like Bhagat Singh has been hijacked by some fascist wing like Bhagat Singh Kranti Sena”.

Objectionable leaflets are being distributed in JNU campus  insulting the programmes of Janmashtami and Holi and portraying the ‘eating of beef’ as a symbol of independence of own appetite. The organisers have decided not  to cook the Beef in a single place making a big kitchen, but the  prospective beef eaters will cook it in their own hostel (community) kitchen and everybody will relish the dishes collectively in a gala arrangement of highlighted Beef Party.  DCP Chaya Sharma of Southern Delhi District Police said that the police are monitoring the case critically.

During a preparatory meeting in Kaveri hostel, JNU, one student of Centre for African Studies , named Anoop (who is doing his PhD), told the reporter, “the entrusted committee will decide the procurement of  such huge amount of beef  in the campus”. “Our only  aim is to hit BJP and  RSS as  they do Hindu Politics, considering  Cow Protection as a key issue”, Anoop says.  The Organisers hold that Delhi NCR Act -1994 is not maintainable in the JNU as this institution was created as an autonomous body under some special law enacted by the Central Govt.  The meeting for the ’ Beef Party’ was attended  by several JNU and DU professors.

JNU Vice Chancellor Prof. SK Sopori said that students have their freedom of expression. But it will not be allowed to hurt other’s sentiment at any cost. Beef is banned in Delhi.  Strong action will be taken against the students violating existing law and regulations.

The General Secretary of Vishwa Hindu Parishad, Delhi Unit,  Sri Satyendra Mohan warned  that ‘the participants of such evil’ Beef Party’ will not be allowed to stay in  this country. As Hindus consider Cow as ‘Mother Cow’ and Cow slaughter is strictly prohibited in Delhi, the offenders have to see a severe consequence’. He also cautioned that ‘the Beef Party members must think over their own flesh before eating Cow flesh……’

However, ABVP Delhi Unit Vice President and the student of JNU, Gayatri Dixit already communicated the strong protest on the issue to the Chancellor and said, ‘If this happened in the JNU, it will disturb the peace eventually’.

The situation in JNU over the ‘Beef Party’ is deteriorating in every moment and the Investigative agencies are finding some foreign hand and some subversive Ultra Leftists and fundamental Muslim organisations behind the visible spectrum.

Previously this issue was highlighted as “Beef-Pork Party” in university campuses, even in the Wall Street Journal, but it was discovered later that no Muslims were offered Pork while the Hindus are put in a demoralization conspiracy through beef eating.

[Input: SK Gupta, Jagran Samachar]

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JNU में गौ मांस पार्टीः विहिप, बीजेपी भड़की


9 comments on “Strong Hindu Retaliation will curb the illegal Beef Party in JNU.

  1. S R Wakankar
    September 11, 2012

    This is all political.Even Babar in his will, had advised Humayun to respect cow in India as it has special religious/sentimental importance in our country and culture. To tag it with Brahminism or Hinduism or high casteism is not correct. All people have respect for the cow.
    This is provocative dirty politics. All over world, beef is used as food-particularly in the Western world, but they don’t celebrate it with the sole purpose of hurting Hindu sentiments.
    Govt should intervene here and stop these people from doing this as it is totally politically motivated.
    Ours is the land of Ahimsa, of Buddha and Mahavir, of Gandhi. This is totally wrong and most objectionable.
    One is free to eat what he likes or want to, but to do some thing with declared intention of offending and hurting other people is not good. Who bars them from eating what they want to eat? This is already being done my many people, but they have not ever done this way. They are doing what they want, these people can also follow them. But to hurt others is not proper.


  2. b K Chowla
    September 11, 2012

    Unless,we,Hindus raise our voice at the right forum,not much is going to change.
    Similar,act had taken place in Hyderabad too,sometime back


  3. sahil
    September 11, 2012

    this is very wrong way that your website is pulling Muslims in everything. there is no Muslim in this organizing party. only Hindus are there. I am part of JNU and know who are the people going to celebrate this plz inquire very well before writing or saying anything. I know this Jagran person who came to campus several days back.I think till they don’t bring Muslim name in every thing news are no longer interesting. plz stop this tendency here.


    • Sandhya Sahani
      September 11, 2012

      Sahil, unfortunately I am also a JNU 1998 batch. But, your tendencies and mentality, to bear all the defamation of Hindu things so reluctantly and to retaliate over any contradiction about Islamic domain, are very much condemnable.
      I don’t know you personally, but you must support the Huriyat Campaign in JNU and other things like Myanmar immigrants in Delhi or the attackers on Indian Parliament connected with JNU.
      May be you are a silent Jihadi, who never find any Islamic connection with recent Mumbai or Bangalore violence as an aftermath of Kokrajhar Riots…..
      You people are more dangerous than the blogger of Hindu Existence.
      I don’t support most of Hindu existence contents but not even you…..


  4. Shikha shukla
    September 11, 2012

    In my view Hindus are considered weaker than any other caste in india. If it is not so then why everybody choose our sentiments to hurt. Actually Hindus are soft object. Each and evrytime v are targeted in the name of secularism.why? V dnt hurt anybody’s sentiments bt one should understand if u rub sombody in a wrong way,he/she is bound to react.come on Real Hindus codemn ‘PEACEFULLY’ this vulgar BEEF FESTIVAL. And in future Dnt give vote to those parties who evr hurt our Hindutva. I m requesting to administration this beaf meat festival must be nip in the bud..


  5. ashwini
    September 12, 2012

    By 42nd ammenment,”secular”&”socialist” were not included,but crammed in preamble of constitution by pseudo-hinduPMIndirakhangandhi,wife of ferozkhan s/o Nawabkhan ! “Secularism” is derived not from india,it was derived from christian&islamists&communists,who are practicing “taquiya”(hidden&preparations for final war) in bad times! India is not good for aliens ,because hindus have majority here.secularim is weapon to islamists&christians&communists,because all these have concept to devide humanity into two class,belivers-nonbelivers of sects! Quran has declared”cow” is “quafir” that must be slayed&followers are islamist/christians/communists/secularists! They do all ,which are against hindus!It is like declaring war against hindus,but hindus have a lots of traitors!Any islamists/christians can not become friends of non-beliver,because quran prevents by sura:ayats-8:72&2:221&2:19&5:72&2:111&9:5&8:39&47:4&8:55&2:254& total book! They expecting secularism means searching traitors from hindus.proof 711ad to now!


  6. vampier
    September 13, 2012

    If they want freedom to eat cow n pig slaughter, then i m ready to eat those devil after slaughter.i have also rights to choose my dinner menu. by the i m totally vegiterian, but if this nonsense event organise then i will surely change my menu.n upload all video on youtube,so everone can see the level of retalition.


  7. Satyen
    September 14, 2012

    That day is not far when these so called ‘Materialist’ will become cannibals and arrange a human flesh dinner in the name of freedon of eating as it’s a personal choice! All Hindus must stand up because no one else is going to be with you.


  8. tuhin
    July 28, 2013

    Are we in the end time. Is that is all left to be done in an University. Cow and Saints stands for Sattva Gun culture. Only by cultivating sattva gun culture can he ever comes close to actual knowledge, divine love and self realization which culminates in seeing the inner light. Demons never appreciate this culture because they are tamo guni. The result of tamo guni is Spiritual Darkness, which results in ignorance, lust, confusion, fear and destruction.


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