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JNU Row: Massive ABVP rally barred from entering Jadavpur University campus, Section 144 imposed.

The Nationalist vs Anti Nationals

“WB CM may outwardly talk about Kabiguru Rabindranath, but she may possess her actual love for Afzal Guru!”~ Locket Chaterjee, BJP Leader.

Jadavpur University saw a severe opposition to anti-national leftist groups by a strong Hindu Nationalist forces in a combination of ABVP and BJYM.

Upananda Brahmachari | Kolkata | Feb 18, 2016:: The concept of perpetual inheritance of intellectualism and  absolute occupancy of radical leftist forces with their subversive syntax in various educational institutions and universities including JNU and JU have finally been identified by the true nationalist counterparts.

The Pro-Pakistanis; Pro-Afzal Guru, Gilani and Yakub Memon; the supporters of Azad Kashmir, the secessionists for Manipur and Nagaland; the public beef eaters; the masked Love Jihadis in the name of Kiss of Love, the slogan raisers of ‘Bharat ki Barbadi’ (destruction of India) are finally exposed as the culpable ‘fifth column’ against the State and challenged by the supporters of National unity, integrity, democracy and fraternity.

When the Jwaharlal Nehru University row inter alia  the conspiracy of ”demanding the freedom of Kashmir” and the “glorification of Afzal Guru as a martyr” reached another den of communists and the ultra leftist in Jadavpur University, it was hard to apprehend such a  repercussion of nationalist forces through a wave of condemnation and resistance from many quarters.

The rally of Radical, AISA, DSO, SFI etc. on Feb 16, in favour of arrested Kanhaiya raising slogans, ‘Chinke lenge Azadi’, ‘Kashmir ne mangi  Azadi’, ‘Manipur bhi bole Azadi’, ‘RSS se Azadi’, ‘Modi Sarkar se Azadi’, ‘Afzal bole Azadi’, ‘Gilani bole Azadi’ was curbed down by a BJP Rally on Feb 17, shouting slogans ‘Ghar ghar ghuskar marenge, jis ghar se Afzal niklega’.

In the afternoon of Feb 17, around 3 pm, ABVP took out a strong rally inside JU campus to counter the previous day’s rally by students where pro-Afzal Guru and Azad Kashmir slogans were raised. After their rally came to an end, they went on a rampage and started tearing ‘anti-national’ and ‘pro Afzal’ posters. When the leftist agents of Jadavpur University students’ union tried to stop them, they fell into an untoward scuffle.

View: ABVP Protest March, Tears Posters of ‘Anti-national Slogans’

However, a major section of students distanced themselves from the other students who raised pro-Afzal slogans, terming them as ‘fringe elements’ and not the students of the university.

Students’ union Forum of Art Students leader Sounak Mukherjee told PTI that the majority view of the students was not reflected in the posters. “We are against it,” he said.

“These are some fringe elements. I met the students union leaders in the morning and they told me that they disassociate themselves with all anti-national slogans,” Vice Chancellor Suranjan Das told PTI.

But, these above were not a sign of an end of people’s agitation against the ‘traitors’ and ‘subversives’ in the campus in JU after all.

The ABVP , Kolkata Unit and BJYM, South Kolkata unit jointly marched towards Jadavpur University from Golpark on Feb 18 again around 12 noon which was stopped at Jadavpur Police Station not far from Jadavpur University.


The BJP leaders like Rupa Ganguly, Locket Chatterjee, Joyprokash Majumder, Chandra Bose were also seen in that rally and sat on the road as a protest as the police barricaded the rally at 1 pm.

At that time the DSO, AISA and RADICAL students also made a human chain at JU Gate no. 4 with the guidance of some JU professor, lecturers to stop the Nationalist ABVP-BJYM Rally into JU campus.

The Nationalist protesters and the ABVP-BJYM members and supporters broke the police barricade in one point of time and came just before the human chain of the leftists and radicals. It was a huge tension all around but police imposed sec. 144 to prohibit further public gathering and managed the situation anyway averting direct clash between two confronting groups. Interestingly, some people holding Congress flags were also seen in the area of ABVP-BJYM demonstration for a while.

BJP leader Locket Chatterjee told the media persons, “We are not supporting the anti-national elements in the educational campus, those speaking for the liberation of Kashmir or glorifying Afzal Guru are clearly anti-national. Govt must punish them”.

Chatterjee criticized  Mamata Banerjee severely for her silence on the JNU-JU issue and taunted her, “WB CM may outwardly talk about Kabiguru Rabindranath, but she may possess her actual love for Afzal Guru!”

View: Left, Right Wing Students Clash at JU Over JNU Row.

‪#‎JadavpurUniversityToday‬ ‪#‎TheNationalistsVsAntiNationals‬ ‪#‎JaiHind‬

In a reply to the question, ‘Why BJP leaders are in ABVP rally?’, Sayantan Basu a state BJP functionary told HENB, “Many of us like me was in ABVP in our student life. We can’t take the whole responsibility of ABVP at present  in one hand on the other hand we can’t end our relationship with that nationalist student forum. ABVP gave a call for a national cause and we joined it. There is no abnormality in it at all. The cause of action is greater than branding an event whether it is BJP or ABVP. The nationalist forces in Bengal are uniting to unmask all evil forces in society and politics and getting ready to save Bengal from the hands of anti-national forces”.

The WB ABVP is planning for harder resistance to the pro-Afzal,  pro-Pakistan, pro-Azad-Kashmir students in the various Universities in Bengal and they have already prepared writ to take the matter into the court of justice.

Today, Krishanu Mitra, the Media Cell In-charge of WB BJP filed a Public Interest Litigation in Hon’ble Calcutta High Court (3115 of 2016) in the matter of JU row.

Mitra told HENB, “We can change the anti-national mindset of the students belonging different wings through dialogue. But, the teachers who are initiating these students in anti-national and militant concepts from the behind are more dangerous. Police must identify them to take proper action. We put the whole matter of pro-Afzal, Pro-Azadi in Kashmir and allied subversive matters before the Calcutta High Court and demanded a NIA probe on it”.

Read this news in Hindi: कोलकता में राष्ट्र विरोधी वामपंथी समूहों के विरोध में विराट प्रदर्शन !

__input from Agencies. __Courtesy to India TV for Video clippings.  __Hindi Translation and Circulation Sri Harihar Sharma (Krantidoot).

2 comments on “JNU Row: Massive ABVP rally barred from entering Jadavpur University campus, Section 144 imposed.

  1. Arindam
    February 18, 2016

    We have to identify, investigate and eradicate the anti-national cliques inside the universities – both among students and among the staff.

    This is a matter for the intelligence services as well as the police.

    Furthermore, we need to deal with the liberal-Marxist ideology that panders to Sunni fanaticism and every other ideological, moral, and social perversion that it can find. We are dealing with an organized, subversive force, supported and possibly controlled from outside – whose sole purpose is undermining the nationalist government in the short term, and undermining the country in the long run.

    They want to unleash a ‘Colour Revolution’ in India: it’s time to show them that our colour is saffron.


  2. Trishool
    February 18, 2016

    I watched news on all Indian channels, now they are all supporting JNU and their goons, ( except one, Times Now ), I do not see any other Indian TV channel, that shows, support or voice of patriots of Bharat. INDIAN PRESS MEDIA IS SOLD TO CONGRESS GOONS, TRAITORS,  ANTI-INDIA  ELEMENTS / PARTIES. We are nursing too many poisonous snakes, vultures, on the blessed soil of Bharat, in the name and game of lame democracy. !  They have propagated HARAM-KHOR, anti-India, Arundhati, who is more popular in Pakistan, than in India. I think, She isHARAM-KHOR traitor of Bharat, she should be sent to Pakistan, where she belongs.  God bless Bharat.  Tr.    


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