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Posted by hinduexistence on November 17, 2013

Myanmar Protest

Buddhist monks consecutively protest as OIC delegation moves in Myanmar.

Buddhist monks and other people protest against a visit to Myanmar by a high-level delegation from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). - Reuters pic, November 16, 2013.

Buddhist monks and other people protest against a visit to Myanmar by a high-level delegation from the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC). – Reuters pic, November 16, 2013.

Sittwe & Yangon | Agencies | November 16, 2013::  Myanmar Buddhist monks led rallies against the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation yesterday as delegates from the Muslim body toured western Rakhine state, where religious violence has torn communities asunder.

The delegation from the world’s top Islamic body is in the country to discuss the response to several bouts of anti-Muslim violence that have left some 250 people dead and tens of thousands homeless.

But the group is treated with deep suspicion by Buddhists in Rakhine, where communities are now almost completely segregated on religious grounds after last year’s unrest, with Muslims making up the vast majority of the 140,000 people displaced.

“No OIC in Rakhine land, respect our sovereignty,” one protesting monk told AFP as hundreds of demonstrators converged on the airport in the state capital Sittwe early Friday.

The delegation met local officials inside the airport yesterday before visiting remote areas by helicopter, an official told AFP.

Myanmar remains tense after eruptions of religious unrest across the country that have cast a shadow over much-lauded reforms and caused concerns among the international community.

The OIC group, which includes the organisation’s chief Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, met the Myanmar vice president in the capital Naypyidaw on Thursday, accompanied by the ambassadors from Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bangladesh and Malaysia.

They discussed the “peace and stability of Rakhine State and rehabilitation” in the region, according to the state-run New Light of Myanmar.

In Yangon on Friday rallies against the OIC were led by hundreds of maroon-clad Buddhist monks, a sight formerly associated with brutally-suppressed peaceful rallies for democracy in 2007 known as the Saffron Revolution.

Earlier, around 300 Buddhist monks marched through Yangon Tuesday on 12.11.2103 in protest at a looming visit by delegates from the world’s top Islamic body to Myanmar, which has been rattled by several bouts of anti-Muslim violence.“The OIC is discriminating in giving assistance here. We believe they help only Muslims,” said Rakhawuntha, a protesting monk.


A delegation from the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) will meet with Muslims and Buddhists during their stay later this week, according to a senior official.

Attacks against Muslims in Buddhist-majority Myanmar have overshadowed widely praised political reforms overseen by the former general since military rule ended in 2011.

A total of around 500 protesters, some wielding banners in reading “No OIC” and “OIC get out”, marched through the commercial capital Tuesday, accusing the Islamic bloc of wanting to internationalise the issue of religious violence.

One monk, called Pamaukkha, said the OIC was not welcome because they will deliver a biased assessment of Myanmar’s troubles.

“They will say as majority of Buddhists are abusing a minority group of Muslims,” he added.

“Then they will report on our internal affairs to the UK and the UN.”

Eye-witnesses to violence which flared in March in central Myanmar said people dressed in monks’ robes were involved in the unrest.

Radical monks have also led a campaign to shun shops owned by Muslims.

The OIC delegation will “meet with people working… in Rakhine State and groups working for religious harmony — from both communities,” president’s office spokesman Ye Htut said in a post on his Facebook page.

Courtesy: Myanmar Times | The Malaysian Insider | AP.

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Mosques in Buddhist Sacred place, Conversion of Tamil Hindus into Islam, Islamic Insurgency surfaced in Sri Lanka. Threat to Buddhist-Hindu Culture of Sri Lanka.

Posted by hinduexistence on October 17, 2012

United Buddhist-Hindu people in Sri Lanka must fight Islam to protect their existence from a clutch of Arab Expansionism.

Upsurging Islam in Sri Lanka: A Great threat to Buddhist-Hindu Culture of the island.

~Upananda Brahmachari. 

Even we don’t want to realize this simple moral: When you quarrel someone else gains. The quarrel between Tamil Hindus and Sinhala Buddhist in Sri Lank paved the way to a huge rise of Islam in Sri Lanka as a threat to a Buddhist-Hindu Culture of Sri Lanka.

Even tender children read the fables of that two cats dispute the sharing a cake, while a monkey comes to settle the matter and finally ate whole of the cake left nothing for those cats. But, the world leaders of the most revered and ancient two religions i.e. Hindu and Buddhism do not care for an unity of them to fight against those Islamic Monkeys now trying a debacle in some districts of Sri Lanka in a regular fashion.

In the month of April (2012) last there were some die hard agitations by Muslims in the suburbs of Dambulla,  Kurunegala  and in the month of May (2012) it was in Dehiwala over the disputes for renovations of Mosques, where Sri Lanka Govt. ordered to shift those impugned Mosques so erected upon sacred Buddhist places.  In the dispute over a Dambulla mosque government planed to relocate it.  It had not gone down well with Sri Lanka’s Muslims and the country’s main Muslim party in the Govt coalition, Sri Lankan Muslim Congress  protested a little bit, but the hard-liners as Sri Lankan Muslim League confronted with the Police and Administration with tooth and nail.

Rauff Hakeem, leader of the Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC) told reporters that he believed President Mahinda Rajapaksa was an experienced and mature leader and so there was no question of SLMC leaving the ruling coalition.

After an unusually packed Friday prayers (on 27th April, 202)in nearby mosques at the Colombo city, hundreds of mainly Muslim young men thronged the street protesting against the shifting of the  mosque at Dambulla because it’s allegedly built on land declared sacred by Buddhists. The police and the special combat force faced many difficulties to disperse the crazy people gathered in that Save Mosque congregation.

Such type  of Islamic shows of rowdyism are becoming common in Muslim concentrated areas of   Sri Lanka. The problem is related to the growth of Muslim population in Sri Lanka in recent times. Muslim percentage 0f 7.5% in 2001 census, has crossed the limit of 10% in 2011 as reports say. But, Muslims claim that they are 17% of the total population of Srilanka and they also demand apportioned participation and reservations in Govt Administration,  Police, Military and Finance.

Sri Lankan Muslims protest after Friday prayers outside a mosque in Colombo, Sri Lanka, Friday, April 27, 2012

A news published in Colombo Telegraph in recent, narrates that: “The vast majority of the Sri Lanka island’s Muslims are the descendants of Persian and Arab traders who settled on the island. Official estimates put the Muslim population of the country at around 7 percent, although Muslims believe their share of the population is much higher, perhaps as much as 17 percent of the total population. In Sri Lanka, such numbers are important because funding from the Ministry of Buddha Sasana and Religious Affairs is spent proportionally on each religion.”

It goes further that: “During, the 30-year civil war between the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Elam and the central government, the island’s Muslims, though Tamil-speaking, sided with the government against the LTTE. This was in part a result of thousands of Muslims being ejected from Jaffna in the early 1990s. During the conflict, the Sinhalese Buddhist majority courted the island’s Muslims, and many Muslims rose to prominent bureaucratic positions, while a handful even served in the Sri Lankan armed forces. “

Upon such act of imprudence to prop up Islamist in Sri Lanka, the Muslim problem in the island has been grown up in such a height that may be fatal for checking a force of Quran loving fanatic people  over the Buddhist – Hindu culture in Sri Lanka including the Buddha Sasana in the State.

The Muslims of the island are now engaged into conversion activities by alluring poor Hindu-Tamil people in the island.

Imams of mosques in Ampaa’rai district are engaged in converting members of poor Tamil Saiva families to Islam with financial inducement. Poor Tamil families from Chiththa’ndi, Mu’rakkottaancheanai, Chanthive’li, Kiraan and Ko’rakkallimadu who go work in rice mills, textile shops and brick making centres owned by Muslim businessmen are being coerced with inducements from the business owners according to sources.

About seventy five Saiva families of Nainaakdu have been converted to Islam. A mosque has also been constructed at the village for the use of converted Hindu-Tamil people.

Not only that, Tamil girls who are employed in textile shops owned by Muslims along Kalmunai-Akkaraippaththu road are also allegedly being sexually abused and used for prostitution, according to a report published in TamilNet.

This nature of Muslims towards Non-Muslims has been propounded by the orthodox Islamic views through their practice of Quranic doctrines.

Police in Akkaraipaththu and Kalmunai have failed to take action against complaints made related to prostitution as the Police officers are also being allegedly bought over by financial inducements from the Muslim organizers of the prostitution rings, local sources said.

Today the Hindu-Tamils are being victimized by the Sri Lankan Muslims.  They are being converted into Islam by allurement. The Saiva -Tamil girls are victim of prostitution by an Islamic conspiracy. But, these also be a problem of Buddhist people in Sri Lanka. An upsurging Islam in Sri Lanka cannot be trusted anyway.

Sinhala-Buddhist people and Tamil-Hindu people in Sri Lanka must be united to fight against Islamic expansionism in this island. Lord Buddha, the principal embodiment of Bodhi, is highly esteemed by Hindu people as an incarnation of Bhagavan Vishnu. For thousand of years these two ancient Dharma-Dhamma-belief fulfilled the space of spirituality all the time. With this natural bond, they have to come close together to fight against a deadly Arab doctrine through eliminating  all superficial differences.

Through this page, we expect a great initiatives of all Respected Buddhist Acharyas including Dalai Lama and The Hindu Saints including Shankaracharyas to draw a active strategy to maintain peace and amity in Indian sub-continent without any interference of brutal Islamic Jihad so far.

We also advocate for restoration of Bamiyan Buddha Statutes immediately there. These world famous Buddhist sculptures were destroyed by Taliban Muslims in Afghanistan in March, 2001. These dangerous people will destroy all non-Muslim culture everywhere, if they get any chance. Islam is dangerous. we have to understand it and must fight Islam unitedly.

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Hindu and Buddhist consolidation have registered their grievance and anxiety in UN Protest Rally in NY.

Posted by hinduexistence on October 6, 2012


US Buddhist and Hindu Organisations have successfully organized Protest Rally over Ethnic cleansing in Bangladesh.

Base-reports and Pics received from Sitangshu Guha, NY, dated 06-10-2012 ::   Nearly 20 different Hindu-Buddhist-Rights Groups in USA have registered their strong protest over Islamic atrocities upon the Bangladeshi Minorities in front of United Nations Head Quarter in New York on 5th Oct. 2012. The BHBCUC (Bangladesh Hindu Buddhist Christian Unity Council -USA), NABC (North American Buddhist Community), Bangladesh Hindu Mandir New York, Sarbojanin Puja Udjapon Parishad – INC.,  Bangladesh Puja Samity – NY, American Jumma Council -NY and other rights group vehemently condemned the recent Islamic plunder in Ramu, Patia and Ukhiya Buddhist monasteries,  Hindu temples and over peace loving minority Hindu-Buddhist people in Cox’s Bazar and Chattagram areas in Bangladesh. In their long demonstration, the protesters all over USA gathered in the UN HQ to  demand the safety and security of the minorities of Bangladesh now under a severe persecution of  various Islamist factions as if getting a permission of the reluctant Bangladesh authorities.

Condemning a covered militarization, ethnic cleansing, treating minorities as a second class citizen, state support for Islamization of Bangladesh and humiliation on minority citizens of Bangladesh with all other related issues, the congregation demanded a strong law enforcement for the protection of minority Hindu-Buddhist-Christian-Others in Bangladesh.

The demonstration  also demanded a hard punishments to the perpetrators of Ramu-Patia-Ukhiya devastations.




 watch?v=z6oXa85BO3Q&feature=player_embedded watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=YPaZC2M0ZIU watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=BeOExvrsdzQ

[N.B. Post publication responsibility solely lies with the publisher of this News-post. Courtesy to all concerned].

ॐ HINDU NEWS ॐ dated 07-10-2012 is published now. Check it here.

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Maldives: Islamists Storm National Museum, Destroy Entire Collection of 12th Century Buddhist Statues…

Posted by hinduexistence on February 13, 2012

Bamyan styled Islamists effectively erased all evidence of its Buddhist past of pre-Islamic Maldives.

Trouble in paradise: Maldives and Islamic extremismes.

By Amal Jayasinghe (AFP) | 12 Feb 2012.

Nobody will be able to see this priceless Buddhist Sculpture anymore in Maldives.

MALE — At the Maldives’ National Museum, smashed Buddhist statues are testament to the rise of Islamic extremism and Taliban-style intolerance in a country famous as a laid-back holiday destination.

On Tuesday, as protesters backed by mutinous police toppled president Mohamed Nasheed, a handful of men stormed the Chinese-built museum and destroyed its display of priceless artefacts from the nation’s pre-Islamic era.

“They have effectively erased all evidence of our Buddhist past,” a senior museum official told AFP at the now shuttered building in the capital Male, asking not to be named out of fear for his own safety.

“We lost all our 12th century statues. They were made of coral stone and limestone. They are very brittle and there is no way we can restore them,” he explained.

“I wept when I heard that the entire display had gone. We are good Muslims and we treated these statues only as part of our heritage. It is not against Islam to display these exhibits,” he said.

Five people have since been arrested after they returned the following day to smash the CCTV cameras, he said.

The authorities have banned photography of the damage, conscious that vandalism of this kind which echoes the 2001 destruction of the Bamiyan Buddha statues in Afghanistan by the Taliban is damaging for the nation’s image.

The gates of the two-storeyed grey building, which opened in 2010, are padlocked and an unarmed guard keeps watch.

The Maldives, a collection of more than 1,100 coral-fringed islands surrounded by turquoise seas, is known as a “paradise” holiday destination that draws hundreds of thousands of travellers and honeymooners each year.

Visitors’ contact with the local population is deliberately kept at bay, however, with most foreigners simply transferring from the main international airport directly to their five-star resorts on outlying islands.

Few have any idea they are visiting a country of 330,000 Muslims with no religious freedom, where women can be flogged for extramarital sex and consuming alcohol is illegal for locals.

Islam is the official religion of the Maldives and open practice of any other religion is forbidden and liable to prosecution.

The religious origins of the Maldivian people are not clearly established, but it is believed that a Buddhist king converted to Islam in the 12th century.

Thereafter, the country practised a mostly liberal form of the religion, but more fundamentalist interpretations have spread with the arrival of money and ultra-conservative Salafist preachers from the Middle East.

In 2007, following a bombing that wounded a dozen foreign tourists, the former president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom banned head-to-toe coverings for women as a sign of his intent to battle conservative Islamic thinking.

At the museum, another official said that fundamentalists had threatened to attack the museum on previous occasions unless it withdrew the Buddhist display.

The country’s ultra-conservative Islamic group, the Adhaalath Party, condemned the attack, but said they remained opposed to Nasheed’s decision to accept three monuments from India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

“Our constitution does not allow idols and that is why we objected to the monuments,” General Secretary Mohamed Muizzu said, referring to the gifts to mark a South Asian summit held in November in the Maldives.

The monuments, which included one of pillar featuring Buddhist motifs, and which had been on display in the southernmost island of Addu, have all since been vandalised.

Islam is the only official religion of the Maldives and open practice of any other religion is strictly forbidden like other Islamic countries in the cresent world. The natural beauty of Maldives could not able to bring any change of the barbaric Islamic Mind.(AFP/File, Ishara S.Kodikara).

The Adhaalath party supports new president Mohamed Waheed, who Nasheed accuses of taking part in a coup, and is due to join the new government.

Waheed called the museum attack “totally unacceptable” and denied there was religious violence in his country.

Former foreign minister Ahmed Naseem disagreed.

He said extremists were thriving in the Maldives and that they were partly responsible for the toppling of Nasheed and the installation of Waheed. “What we had was a military coup backed by religious extremists,” he said.

“There is a strong influence of Islamic fundamentalists in the country and they will get stronger,” Naseem told AFP. “These groups are funded from abroad. “This threat is not only to us, but the rest of the world as well.”

The moderate Nasheed, who was educated in Sri Lanka and Britain, was consistently accused of being under the control of Jews and Christians by religious opposition parties now linked to the government

There were also demonstrations over proposals from the transport ministry to allow direct flights from Israel.

“We strongly condemn the anti-Semitic words and the other commentary recently,” US assistant secretary of state for South Asian affairs Robert Blake said during a visit to Male on Saturday.

“Under President Nasheed, the Maldives tried to improve relations with Israel and showed what a progressive country they were and we really commend them for that.”

Courtesy: AFP.

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Posted by hinduexistence on June 25, 2011

Protest of Bangladesh Hindu Mohajote on 24th June 2011 at Dacca to discard the Fresh Islamization of Constitution by Hassina Government.

Assertion of Islam in Bangladesh Constitution will encourage the Islamist for a complete ethnic cleansing in BD.

Upananda Brahmachari | New Delhi.

Let us join hands to crush a tyrannic hand.....

At last the Bangladesh Central Cabinet passed the 51 (fity one) points recommendations for the Bangladesh Constitutional Amendments keeping intact the “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim” and “Islam as the State Religion of the Republic of Bangladesh”. Now the face of a Sheikh Hassina Wazed is very clear as an ultimate Islamist rather than a Prime Minister of 10 crore (100 million) Hindu, Buddhist, Chakma, Christian Bangladesh minority citizens also or a secular descendant of father of Bangladesh Nation Bangabandhu Shiek Mujibur Rahman. One may now turn the pages of History where it is said Mujibur Rahman was also an Islamists in his early days and helped Shaheed Suhrawardy  to make a success of ‘Great Calcutta Killing of Hindus’ in 1946. May be, Hassina got any personal interest from her father Mujibur to be a virtual Muslim to uphold Islam above the State and to retain a camouflaging secular identity in general alike her father.  Pro active Sheikh Hassina’s recommendations for the assertion of Islam in Bangladesh Constitution will surely encourage the Islamist for a complete ethnic cleansing of  BD Hindus and other minorities in coming five years.

This dramatic turnaround of the Bangladesh Government from secularism to Islamism has enraged the indigenous population, who are demanding to be recognized in a proposed re- draft of the country’s constitution. The nation is poised to amend the constitution, which is likely to be tabled in the parliament on Thursday. The move has been vehemently protested by The Bangladesh government’s dramatic turnaround from secularism to Islamism has enraged the indigenous population, who are demanding to be recognized in a proposed re-draft of the country’s constitution. The nation is poised to amend the constitution, which is likely to be tabled in the parliament on Thursday. The move has been vehemently protested by independence war veterans, the pro-secularist lobby and social justice activists. Dissent is also being heard from within the ruling party and its pro-left alliance partners. The superior court, in a landmark judgment last July, asked the government to restore secularism in the spirit of the bloody war of independence of 1971.

Rightly the secular activists charge the government has deliberately adopted dilly-dally tactics while the charter changes are considered. Former guerrilla leader Jyotirindra Bodhipriya Larma a. k.a. Shantu Larma, chairman of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Regional Council, on Thursday rejected the proposed Islamization of the constitution and demanded constitutional recognition of the indigenous or Adivasi community, who have resided in the country for centuries. The guerrilla leader, who fought a bush war for two decades, demanded the government drop a proposal to keep a Koranic verse in the preamble of the constitution — “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim (in the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful)” and Islam as the state religion. “A state can’t have a religion,” said Larma, who signed the historic peace accord between guerillas and the government 13 years ago. The treaty recognizes the inhabitants of hill forest as indigenous communities, acknowledges its traditional governance system and established regional autonomy. However, the constitution does not acknowledge them as Adivasis. The matter of recognition of the indigenous people came to the fore recently following denial by a Bangladesh diplomat in the United Nations that there were no indigenous people in the country. The statement has been construed as another step by the government to further erode the already limited rights of indigenous people. Since Bangladesh gained independence four decades ago, the 35 ethnic groups that represent nearly 2 percent of the total 158 million majoritarian Sunni Muslims have demanded to be recognized as indigenous communities.

An angry Hassina went against the demands of Hindus and other minorities including Buddhists, Chakmas, Christians, aborigines and indigenous people, while two dignified members of her ministry, Mr. A.K. Khandakar, Minister of Planning and Mr. Abul Mal Abdul Muhitak, Minister of Finance vehemently opposed this detrimental move of the Govt. for tarnishing the real perspective of the Constitution so far adopted out of the sensation of the War of Freedom in 1971, i.e. “Ekattorer Muktijuddha”. An outburst Hassina told that “she had done all these to keep the sentiment of the people”. Again it is proved that a Muslim majority country is compelled only to uphold the sentiment of the Majority Muslim people and to the minority as animals to justify a Quran or the Islamic Shariat Law.

As a protest the Bangladesh Hindu Buddha Christian Oikya Parisad (BHBCOP) and The Bangladesh Adivasi Forum (BAF) came to streets to convey the sentiments of the Bangladesh minorities for a strong favour for secularism in Bangladesh, not the Islamic rule to be enforced upon everybody. Many protest corners along with a big rally in Dacca on 24th June 2011 surfaced the agony of the BD minorities and BHBCOP and BAF declared further agitation against the anti minority steps be the present Govt. in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Hindu Mohajote (BDM) also organised  a protest rally on 24th June 2011 at Dacca streets to discard the Fresh Islamization of Constitution by Hassina Government. These forums also sought help and support of the intelligentsia of India and West Bengal, who generally tell for Secularism but keep mum for the destruction of secularism by the Muslims in front of their wide open eyes.

It is at least a good news for the ‘pro minority rights’ people in BD that some eminent educationists, columnists, rights activists, cultural personalities like Shariar Kabir (Ekattarer Ghatak Dalal Nirmool Committee), Mohammad Hamid, Kamal Lohani, Nasiruddin Yushuf (Sammlita Sanaskriti Jote) and others formed a “Bahattarer Sangbidhan Punaprotistha Jatiyo Committee” ( National Committee for Revival of 1972 constitution), through a very rapid convening a meeting at Mukti Yuddha Jadughar Milayotan (Museum of Freedom War Meeting Hall) on 21st June 2011. These non biased intellectuals are obviously protesting against the impacting Claws and Jaws of Islam to ensure an Ethnic cleansing of Bangladesh minorities very shockingly rather brutally.

Now Bangladesh Govt. is also trying to put a strong code upon the Hindu Marriage procedures to restrict their liberties so far enjoyed by the Hindu minorities in BD. The Hindu groups are also retaliating  with a strong agitation against the Pro Islamic activism and Hindu-Minority harassing mentality by the present Awami League Govt. in BD headed by Sheikh Hassina.

Input: Basudev Dhar, Dacca & Bangladeshi Hindu FB Community.

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Islamists in Bangladesh vandalize and loot in Hindu Temples rampantly to establish a perfect Islam there.

Posted by hinduexistence on March 18, 2011

Continuous vandalisation and robbery of Hindu temples in Bangladesh

by Hindu Revolution blog.

Hindus form nine percent of Bangladesh’s population of 162 million.A series of attacks on Hindu temples of Bangladesh over recent times have made the hindus to think they are unsafe even under seculer government.

Though a big doldrums already came from the minority Hindus from the measures so far taken by the present so-called pro-minority Bangladesh Awami League  Govt. led by Sheikh Hasina through a shattered election promises to them, accumulated pressure from various sides upon the Hindu minorities now may return them in the fearful days under the BNP-Jamat combination for the last clot. (cited from article of Upananda Br.dt.11.01.11).

Though some minority forums like HRCBM (Human Rights Congress for Bangladesh Minorities), BDMW (Bangladesh Minority Watch), BHBCUC (Bangladesh Hindu Bauddha Christian Unity Council-USA) and others are trying hard to address  the constraints before Hindus as an existential threat and put their demands to the respective Govts, in Bangladesh time to time, the general scenario for the trailing Hindus go worse day by day. A recent report of the Bangladesh Bureau of Statistics (BBS) and National Institute of Population Research and Training (NIPRT) reveals that Hindu population has been decreased in Bangladesh region by 24% as it was 31% in 1901 and stands at a meager 9.3% in the latest census of Bangladesh.  The report pointed the salient causes of onslaught of minority Hindus due to post election violence in 2001 in recent caused a mass evacuation of Hindus from their homeland and compelled to leave the country under the tantamount pressure of ransom, infringing religious rights, destruction of their properties, encroaching lands, physical torture, arson, molestation, rape, abduction, even pressurised conversion and so on. In such strangulation the reproduction rates of Hindus in Bangladesh came down and the immigration rates are high.

Bangladeshi Hindu Temples are targeted by Islamists

From another source it is evident that some 100 destruction of temples and over 300 registered cases of abduction-molestation-rape of Hindu women and minor girls earmarked 2010 as hopeless situation also from the new vendors of secularism in Bangladesh.”(cited from article of Upananda Br.dt. 11.01.2011).

1.An ancient Hindu temple in a village near the Bangladesh capital was vandalised, the miscreants breaking six idols, police were quoted as saying on 2nd February,2010.
Some 30-35 people attacked the Sri Sri Rahshakali temple in Ashrafdi village in Naranaganj district on Friday night, a police official as saying.
They also damaged four adjacent houses and injured five people, it said.
Police officer Mohammed Yunus Ali said the temple was attacked following an altercation between a Hindu and three youths in the village. A case has been registered, the official said.
2.The temple containing the tomb of Baba Ramthakur situated in Chawmuhuni, Noakhali was vandalised on 29 August,2010. The terrorists looted the temple and caused damage to its infrastructure.
3.On 11 SEPTEMBER 2010, Miscreants at Gosaildanga in Chittagong rampaged a Hindu temple, the police say.
Eyewitnesses said some six youths led by one Mohammad Masud of the adjacent Muslim-dominated area stormed the temple in the port city around 10:45pm by breaking iron gate and wooden doors.

A CID officer carries out a thorough search at Dhakeshwari National Temple in the capital to collect evidence following a daring robbery of about 200 tolas of gold ornaments at the temple

They smashed several idols including those of Lord Narayana, Shivalinga and Ghaut, and utensils there.
Thousands of Hindus of the area took out a procession demanding arrest and punishment of those responsible.
Mihir Das, joint general secretary of Gosaildanga Shwashan Kalibari Temple Committee, told “Five to six drunken youths led by gangster Masud of the neighbouring area vandalised the temple.”
Bandar Police Station officer-in-charge Rejaul Karim and local ward councillor Jahangir Alam Chowdhury went to the scene hearing of the incident.

Donated by the devotees the ornaments were decorated with the image of goddess Kali while the money were kept in the boxes in front of the goddess,” said Nirmal Chatterjee and added, “We suspect, an organized gang is involved in the burglary.”

He alleged that earlier they had informed the government authorities several times about the insecurity of the temple, but nothing was done in this connection.

After the incident, a protest meeting was held in front of the temple in the morning when the temple committee also announced another protest meeting for today (Monday).
Mohanagar Sarobojanin Puja Committee President Biresh Chandra Saha filed a general diary (GD) with Chawkbazar police station in this connection.

Secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan Sarbajanin Puja Udjapon Committee Babul Devnath has expressed deep concern over the incident. He said, “A theft took place at Baradeswari Kali Temple on Dec 12 and another at Jaykali Temple on Dec 22. We demand proper investigations into all these incidents.”
Later The Detective Brach (DB) of police arrested eight persons in connection with thefts at the capital’s Dhakeswari and Kali temples. The detainees include alleged leader of the gang Garibullah alias Aslam, 24, Mohammad Monir, 25, Monir Hossain, 27, Mohammad Selim, 35, Shahid Jamal, 34, and Chandu, 30. The identities of the rest two could not be known immediately.
DB Inspector Ashraf Hossain, who conducted the drives, told that five of the arrestees Garibullah, Md Monir, Monir Hossain, Selim and Jamal were each placed on five days’ remand yesterday.
According to the DB inspector the five placed on remand were directly involved in the thefts while the other three in dealing and selling the gold ornaments.
He said, “Garibullah admitted that led by him the gang stole from Dhakeswari and Kali temples and other temples in and around the capital. However, most of the looted ornaments were sold in the black market.”
On information that a gang of thieves who were sent to Narayanganj jail allegedly for looting a temple in Munshiganj continued robbing temples after obtaining bail, DB officials headed for Narayanganj and found two of the gang members Garibullah and Md Monir still in jail. The officials brought the two to the DB headquarters for interrogation, said a DMP press release.

Hindu Existence File Photo

Based on the information gleaned from the two, DB police recovered some gold ornaments and other stolen items from Munshiganj and Narayanganj and arrested Monir Hossain at Raipur of Laxmipur district, said the press release.
4. Bharoteshwari Kali Mandir in Narail was robbed on December 1, 2010.
5. On 17 december 2010 robbers broke into Sabujbag Kali Temple and robbed belongings of half a million dollers from the temple.
6. On 22 december 2010 Joy Kali Temple of Dhaka had been robbed. the buglers took away possesions of .4 million taka from the temple.
7. On 8 January 2011 At least 200 tolas (bhori) of gold ornaments, six tolas of silver ornaments and Tk 4.5 lakh in cash were stolen from the  Dhakeshwari National Temple.
Worship at Dhakeswari National Temple was suspended for some period following the incident.

Nirnal Chatterjee, Joint Secretary of Mohanagar Sarbo Janin Puja Committee, told reporters the ‘Sebayet Ratan Chakraborti and Nitya Gopal Chakraborti left the temple at around 9:00pm on Saturday night after locking all rooms, including the main temple. But in the morning all locks were found missing.DB officials also recovered 11 broken locks of Dhakeswari Temple from the roof of a nearby workshop upon Garibullah’s information.Replying to a query, the DB inspector said, “The gang targeted temples as those are less secured and offer minimum risk.”

Nirnal Chatterjee, joint secretary of Mahanagar Sarbojanin Puja Committee, said they have heard about the arrest and the recovery.

He demanded fair investigation into the mysterious incidents of burglary at 23 temples across the country in the last two months.

‎”A significant portion of the temple land has been lost due to the Enemy Property Act and confiscation by the Bangladesh Government, and the current premises are considerably lower than the historic reach of the property.
The temple was the… victim of significant vandalism during the communal disturbances in Dhaka in 1990 and in 1992, when property worth several million Takas was destroyed.”
8. Paban temple of Purbachadkati, Jalakhati District was vandalised on 12 January,2011.
9. Kadamtola Kali Mandir in Sutrapur was robbed on 2 february 2011. It is situated in the oldest part of capital Dhaka.
Shusil Kumar Datta, secretary of Kadamtola Kali Mandir committee, said the theft took place Tuesday-Wednesday night.
The temple’s priests Manik Chakraborty and Archana Rani came to open the shrine at around 7.30 a.m. and found all the locks were broken and ornaments that adorn the idol and cash kept in the donation box had been stolen.
Nazrul Islam, a police official, said that 4.7 tolas of gold, 6 tolas of silver, 10 saris and Taka 7,000 ($100) in cash were stolen from the shrine.
Chakraborty said: “After several thefts occurred in different temples in the city we took special security care and bought new locks for the mandir. But despite taking all security measures, the burglars broke into the temple and took away the gold ornaments and cash.”
10. Four temples of Kishoregang Disrict were robeed in a duration of 2 weeks. These temples are Baba Lokhnath temple, Kali Temple and 2 rada Gabinda Temples.
11. On the day of Sarawati Puja,8th february 2011 muslim terrorists attacked and vandalised deities and infrastructure of Sri Sri sitla kali temple of Barisal.
12. On 10th February 2 temples (Kali and Shiva Temple) was vandalised in Voler Chowra village of Lalmonirhat District on the same night. The local hindus complaints a group of muslims vandalised and robbed these templs before.
13. On january 2011 in a duration of 5 days two temples have been vandalised in Narayangang, near capital Dhaka.
These are Narayan Temple and Kali Temple. The robbers toke away deities,gold and silver ornaments and cash takas.
14. On Mar 06,2011 Burglars stole valuables, including five statues and gold ornaments from Radha-Madhab Mandir (temple) near Gollamari Swashwan (cremation site) in the city of Khulna,southern Bangladesh.
Goureshwar Nimai Das Brahmacharee, divisional head of Eskon, a religious organization, said, temple`s caretaker (Sebayet) Suvo Gavinda found that someone broke the collapsible gate and door of the temple at about 4am.

When he entered the temple he saw that five statues of god and goddesses, two and half tolas of gold ornaments and an amount of cash Tk 90,000, donated by devotees were missing from the temple.
Later a bugler named Kabir Khalifa was arrested and the stolen deities were recovered.
The influential Daily Star pointed out in an editorial that there were no arrests so far. It said that there was no action beyond visits by ministers, senior officials and teh police and promises to book the guilty.
The editorial warned that if not curbed “this will be a spur for the communal forces in the country and outside to upset the peaceful co-existence of all religions in Bangladesh”.
It did not elaborate on who the “certain group” is behind the incidents that “has targeted the holy places of worship with despicable intent”.
The burglars broke into places of worship and stole gold and silver ornaments and cash. Dhakeswari national temple, Baredeswari Temple and Joykali Mandir in the capital have been the main targets. The fashion of crime seems to be cases of ’simple burglary’.”
Unfortunately, we have not known if any arrests have been made in connection with these thefts…Even if these are cases of simple burglary, the incidents leave a severe dent in the minds of worshippers who believe these acts desecrate holy places,” the newspaper said.

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Bangladesh Hindu Buddha Christian Oikya Parishad leaders call on Bangladesh PM to discuss over the minority problems in Bangladesh

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Click below for the Article :

The Impact of Nepalese Festival:’Dashain’ in the world

Bangladesh Hindu Buddha Christian Oikya Parishad leaders call on Bangladesh PM

DHAKA, Oct 24 ,2010 – A high delegation of Bangladesh Hindu Buddha Christian Oikya Parishad today called on Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the latter’s office here.

The delegation members apprised the Prime Minister of various problems of minorities of Bangladesh being faced by the parishad, said Prime Minister’s Press Secretary Abul Kalam Azad after the meeting.

During the meeting with the leaders of BHBCUC, Sheikh Hasina gave them a patient hearing and assured them to look into the matters. The current situation of implementing the secular constitution in Islamic Bangladesh and the violative Ememy Property Act under revision were also included in the agenda of discussions, as repoted by some News Agencies without giving more details.

President of the Parishad Maj. Gen. (Retd) C R Dutta, Bir Uttam, led the delegation which was comprised of its General Secretary Rana Das Gupta, leaders of the parisad Adv Subrata Chowdhury, Shiril Sikder, Nirmal Chatterjee, Babul Devnath and Barrister Biplab Barua.

Among others, Secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Molla Waheeduzzaman and Prime Minister’s Press Secretary Abul Kalam Azad were present.

Later, another delegation of Bangladesh Buddha Christi Pracher Sangha, led by its President Sudhananda Mohathero, called on Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at her office.

During the meeting, they invited the Prime Minister to attend the Lord Buddha statue installation ceremony at Kamalapur Buddha Bihar in the capital on February 23 next.

Sheikh Hasina accepted the invitation to attend the function. Mentioned that Thailand is sending the statue of the Lord Buddha to the Buddhist community in Bangladesh.

General Secretary of the organization Dr Pranab Barua, among others, were in the delegation.

Secretary to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) Molla Waheeduzzaman, Prime Minister’s Press Secretary Abul Kalam Azad and PM’s Private Secretary Nazrul Islam Khan were present.

Source : BSS and Agencies.

See also :

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hindu MPs signed memo to Prime minister Sheikh Hasina to amend vested property return act

Source: Asian Tribune

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‘Hindus most discriminated in Pak, Bangladesh’ by the State Islamic authority

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‘Hindus most discriminated in Pak, Bangladesh’

- Ed Royce, Republican Congress Man, US

Report : Aziz Haniffa in Washington, DC for Rediff  News dt. September 15, 2010

An American Congressman has slammed the alleged ethnic cleansing of Hindus in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Bhutan and said that Hindus have been discriminated much more than any other ethnic group in these countries.

Speaking at the Capitol Hill reception hosted by the Hindu American Foundation, California Republican Ed Royce said he had nothing but “feelings of humility and empathy for a people who have been subjected to — despite the tolerance of their own religion and despite the way in which Hindus have treated and accepted others — more discrimination than just about any other ethnic group.”

The influential lawmaker, who was presented with HAF’s Friend of the Community Award for his campaign against discrimination and human rights violations of Hindus in Bangladesh, said that “as someone who has been to Bangladesh, Pakistan, to Central Asia, to South Asia and talked with many of the victims,” he deplored the kind of human rights abuse they had undergone in these countries.

“There are two million Hindu Americans here in the United States, and many of them have shared their own stories with their neighbours and us in the United States,” he said, and noted, “So we have some inkling of what they went through.”

Royce said one could just fathom the level of ethnic cleansing that had taken place in Pakistan when one considers “the fact that Pakistan was once 25 per cent Hindu.”

“To think about the loss of life that has occurred and to think about the ethnic cleansing that still goes on,” he said was a tragedy of enormous proportions, and added, “To think about the use of intimidation against Hindu women used and still used in those societies where there is a small minority yet of Hindus in Pakistan.”

Royce said the same kind of blatant human rights against Hindus were occurring in Bangladesh and Bhutan and spoke of his familiarity “of what the Bangladeshi Hindu population has been through.”

“It cries out for the international community to step in,” he said. “I can share with you that I’ve made many trips to India [ Images ], but I’ve also in these trips gone to Bangladesh and Pakistan and raised these human rights issues with those governments because it is unacceptable — it’s absolutely unacceptable — the inhumane, intolerant way in which Hindus are treated when they are a minority in these countries in South Asia.”

Royce lauded the HAF to “trying to galvanise here in the United States, not only the rights of Hindus here in the United States, but also equally importantly, the safety, the security of Hindus throughout South Asia in the face of the kind of intolerance that we see being advanced through Islamist extremism.”

“And, my fervent hope is that we can learn from the lesson of what has befallen other victims and begin to take the action necessary to cut off the support for the Deobandi schools, for the madrassas, which are turning out the next generation of those who are going to teach hate.”

Royce said it was also imperative that “we’ve all got to pressure the government of Pakistan to put an end to those textbooks which teach the concept that hatred should be visited upon the Hindu minority or spread the message that only one religion should be practiced in that country.”

“And, it’s also my hope going forward that we can further our humanitarian efforts to assist those victims of the type of ethnic cleansing that is going on today,” he said.

Courtesy :

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49 Million Hindus Missing From Bangladesh Census due to Islamic atrocities :: Vanishing Hindu and other India root minorities from Indian subcontinent.

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Indian Subcontinent’s Vanishing Hindu and Other Minorities :Empire’s Last Casualty

~ by Upananda Brahmachari

Dr. Sachi Ghosh Dastidar’s book  Empire’s Last Casualty: Indian Subcontinent’s Vanishing Hindu and Other Minorities a study of effects of religious communalism on a pluralistic, tolerant, multi-religious society. It focuses on the loss of indigenous, Hindu population from die land of their ancestors; and on changes brought about since a multi-religious progressive region of Colonial British India was partitioned in 1947, and its effects on Hindu and nun-Muslim (Buddhist and Christian) minorities, on pluralism and on indigenous cultures.


After Britain’s Muslim-Hindu partition of Bengal Province Past Bengal became Muslim-majority East Pakistan, a part of Islamic Republic of Pakistan, unleashing regular, merciless anti-Hindu pogroms by intolerant Islamists. West Bengal remained in India, with Muslim minority and ever-growing massive Bengali Hindu refugee who turned towards left extremism.


Following a 1971 war of independence against West Pakistan, Bangladesh gained independence, creating the second largest Muslim-majority nation. That war was concurrently anti-Hindu anti-Bengali genocide by Islamic Republic’s army and its Bengali and Urdu speaking Islamist allies.


The book documents the decade-wise “missing” Hindus from Bangladesh Census: over 49 million; larger than 163 of 189 nations listed in World Bank’s April 2003 World Development indicators database-and over 3.1 million (larger than 75 of 189 nations) Hindus lost their lives through the process of Islamization.


Documenting three million-plus lost lives have been painful and difficult; especially when Hindus cremate their dead. Additionally rivers of the world’s largest delta washed away signs of mass murder leaving no clue. All attempts have been made to justify the data presented in the book, hardly-known to the world and rarely discussed in Bengal itself.


A further studies in Dr. Sabyasachi Ghosh-Dastidar’s present book reveals the truth about the vanishing Hindus from the Indian subcontinent in the connotation of prevailing perspective in the following ways.


Genocide and persecution


Only a few centuries ago, Hindu religion and culture used to reverberate from Afghanistan to Indonesia. Indian sub-continent including the present day India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, Afghanistan and even Zabol in Iran was Hindu land, and had no Muslim presence till Muhammad bin Qasim’s Arab army attacked Sindh in 711. After repeated invasions, Hindus lost the present day Afghanistan to Muslims in 987. And the areas now known as Pakistan and Bangladesh were lost to Muslims in 1947.

Pakistan comprised of two segments: East Pakistan and West Pakistan. In 1971, East Pakistan became Bangladesh, a separate country. Both Pakistan and Bangladesh have been declared as Islamic republics.

Hindus have always been threatened and discriminated against in Pakistan and Bangladesh on religious grounds. Though in 1947, Hindus accounted for 24 per cent of the present day Pakistan’s population, now the numbers less than two per cent. Situation is equally grave in Bangladesh where Hindus numbered 31 per cent in 1947, but now number nine per cent. Most of the Hindus / Sikhs have either been driven out, or have been killed or forcibly converted in Pakistan and Bangladesh. However, in India, the present percentage of Muslim population is much higher than that was in 1947.

Pakistan and Bangladesh have never explained what they have done to their Hindu population.

Hindus suffer constant threats to their lives, security and property in Pak-Bangla lands. Many Hindu temples have been desecrated and destroyed in Pakistan and Bangladesh. There are regular reports of illegal encroachments on Hindu temples and lands, looting of Hindu property, discrimination, persecution, molestation and abduction of Hindu girls both in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

During 1970 and 1971, Hindus in East Pakistan (present Bangladesh) underwent massive massacres by the Pakistani army and its collaborators. Over two million Hindus are reported to have been killed in East Pakistan during 1970 and 1971 leading to Indo-Pak war in 1971. Besides, countless Hindu women were dishonoured and kidnapped during this period.

As per Dr. Sabyasachi Ghosh-Dastidar’s book, Empire’s last casualty: Indian subcontinent’s vanishing Hindu and other minorities, over three million Hindus have been killed in the process of Islamisation in the area now known as Bangladesh (formerly East Pakistan) since India was Partitioned in 1947. This loss of three million lives remain suppressed from the world.

Even now, Hindus are facing genocide, terror, persecution, dishonour and atrocities in Bangladesh every day. And there is selective killing of Hindu judges, professionals, teachers, lawyers and civil servants in Bangladesh to smash Hindu resistance.

Human rights organisations like Amnesty International are silent spectators of this blatant ethnic cleansing of millions of Hindus.

Forcible conversions and marriages


The alarming trend of Muslims kidnapping young Hindu girls and forcibly marrying them to Muslims is tormenting Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Though Pak-Bangla media may occasionally report such atrocities, main stream media in India remains silent in this regard. To illustrate the dismal situation, just one such example is given here. It was reported in Pakistan’s premier English daily ‘The Dawn’ dated November 3, 2005 that 19 Hindu girls mostly from Punjab Colony, Karachi were missing from their homes. Relatives of these girls believed that they had been kidnapped and were being forced to change their religion, the press release added.

Columnist Irfan Husain’s write up entitled “Conversion Losses” published in The Dawn dated December 3, 2005 relates the tragedy of Hindu parents in Karachi whose three young daughters Reena, Usha and Rima of marriageable age vanished in October, 2005. In a few days, the shocked parents received a courier package containing three identical affidavits from their daughters stating that they had converted to Islam and, therefore, could not live with their Hindu parents. And father of the girls just wailed, “We just sit and stare at each other. For us, life is over.”

And this hopeless situation can be the fate of any Hindu parent in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Kidnappings and killings


Even during the last few months, thousands of Hindus have been forced to flee Pakistan, and take shelter in India.

Increasing incidents of kidnappings, robberies and forcible conversion have rattled Hindu community in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Those unable to pay the ransom are just killed. Hindu film maker Satish Anand’s kidnapping in Karachi and recent release after payment of a huge ransom is just one of such countless examples.

In April, 2009 Sikhs in Karzai in Pakistan were targeted to pay fifty million rupees as Jazia, the tax levied on non-Muslims. As the victims could not pay the said Jazia, their houses were looted and destroyed.

Discrimination and dispossession


Discrimination against Hindus is a fact of life as also a fact of law in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

As per Constitution of Pakistan, only a Muslim can be the President or Prime Minister of Pakistan. As per Bangladeshi Constitution too, only a Muslim can be the head of the state.

The Vested Property Act was passed in 1965 as “Enemy Property Act” in Pakistan. This law legitimised confiscation of Hindu property. After emergence of Bangladesh in 1971, this Act was renamed as the Vested Property Act in Bangladesh, and the state was made the owner of the Hindus’ property. This Act has legitimised the forfeiture of millions of acres of ancestral Hindu lands. And Hindu lands and properties are being taken over by the government (under the Vested Property Act) to be distributed among Muslims.

Way out


In 1950, Prime Ministers of India and Pakistan signed an agreement called the Nehru Liaqat Pact under which both the governments undertook to protect life, liberty, religion and safety of the minorities in each other’s country.

But the government in India is doing nothing in the ongoing genocide and deprivation of Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh.

It is the Indian government’s legal and moral duty to ensure that as per the Nehru-Liaqat Pact of 1950, and as per the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Pakistan and Bangladesh treat their minorities in a human manner. India must also ask Bangladesh to repeal the Vested Properties Act, and restore the lands and properties of Hindus to Hindus.

The United Nations Commission on Human Rights must also be approached to redeem the situation. Denial of human rights to Hindus violates UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, 1948.

In Pakistan and Bangladesh, Hindus have only the right to suffer and right to silence. Shockingly, the tragedy of Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh remains untold by Indian main stream media.

India’s callous inaction regarding the pathetic plight of Pak-Bangla Hindus is disgusting. Killing of Hindus in Pakistan, in Bangladesh or even in India is not taken seriously by main stream media, by government or by various political parties or by human rights industry in India.

Is it because for some sections in India, only the terrorists, anti-nationals and Pak-Bangla infiltrators are entitled to fundamental and human rights?

Will India ever act to save Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh ?

This is an unfinished story to finish the Hindu race by Islamist Jihasdists in Pakistan and Bangladesh. The Hindu-Buddhist race in the Indian sub-continent is decaying after facing the barbaric onslaught of Islam.

Publisher: Firma KLM Publishers, Kolkata (Calcutta), India
Price: $ 29 (Please call 609-448-7225 to procure a copy, or Muktadhara Booksellers of New York at 718-565-7258; or check Internet.)

Input : [ ISBN: 81-7102-151- 4 ] and Helpless Hindus of Pakistan and Bangladesh

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Sri Lanka to give India Maha Bodhi tree sapling

Posted by hinduexistence on May 1, 2010


Pic.1 –  The Bodhi Tree at the Sri Mahabodhi Temple. Propagated from the Sri Maha Bodhi, which in turn is propagated from the original Bodhi Tree at this location at Bodh Gaya, Bihar.

Pic.2 – The Sacred Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka.

Patna is to plant Maha Bodhi sapling in India

Colombo, Apr 27 (Hindu Existence News Bureau) :  This year Holy Buddha (Purnima) Jayanthi falls on 27th May, Thursday. To commemorate 2,600 years of Buddha Jayanti, Sri Lanka will present India a sapling of the Maha Bodhi tree under which Gautama Buddha is believed to have attained enlightenment.

The tree will be planted in the new Buddha Udyanaya being created in Patna to commemorate 2,600 years of Sambuddha Jayanti. An Indian government backed 10-member delegation has arrived in the Buddhist city of Anuradhapura in north central

Sri Lanka in connection with Sambuddha Jayanti. The delegation is expected to brief the Sri Lankan government about Sambuddha Jayanti celebrations to be held in India for a whole year, the state run Daily News reported on Tuesday.

Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi is a sacred fig tree in Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka, which is said to trace its roots to the historical Bodhi tree. Planted in 249 BC, it is reportedly the oldest living human-planted tree in the world with a known planting date.

The Jaya Sri Maha Bodhi is a sacred fig tree at Anuradhapura town and is said to be a sapling of the historical Bodhi tree. It is the oldest recorded tree in the world.

According to a statement by the government, a 10-member Indian delegation is currently at Anuradhapura to receive the sapling. It will be planted in the new Buddha Udyana being created in Patna to commemorate 2,600 years of the Sambuddha Jayanthi.

The delegation is expected to brief the Sri Lankan government on the Sambuddha Jayanthi celebrations to be held there for a whole year.

Meanwhile, Indian High Commissioner to Sri Lanka Ashok K. Kantha paid a courtesy call on the newly appointed Prime Minister, D.M. Jayaratne.

“The High Commissioner noted the close and friendly relations between India and Sri Lanka,” the Indian mission said in a statement.

The Bodhi tree at the Mahabodhi Temple is called the Sri Maha Bodhi. According to Buddhist texts the Buddha, after his Enlightenment, spent a whole week in front of the tree, standing with unblinking eyes, gazing at it with gratitude. A shrine was later erected on the spot where he stood, and was called the Animisalocana cetiya. The Sri Maha Bodhi in Sri Lanka was planted in 249 BC, making it the oldest verified specimen of any angiosperm. In this year (the twelfth year of King Asoka‘s reign) the right branch of the Bodhi tree was brought by Sanghamittā to Anurādhapura and placed by Devānāmpiyatissa in the Mahāmeghavana. The Buddha, on his death bed, had resolved five things, one being that the branch which should be taken to Ceylon should detach itself. From Gayā, the branch was taken to Pātaliputta, thence to Tāmalittī, where it was placed in a ship and taken to Jambukola, across the sea; finally it arrived at Anuradhapura, staying on the way at Tivakka. Those who assisted the king at the ceremony of the planting of the Tree were the nobles of Kājaragāma and of Candanagāma and of Tivakka. The page on Ashoka says his reign was from 273 BC-232 BC.

The Sacred Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi in Anuradhapura is reckoned as the oldest surviving historical tree in the world. It was brought to Sri Lanka by the Theri Sangamitta, daughter of Emperor Asoka and was planted in the Mahameghavana Park in Anuradhapura in 249 BC by King Devanampiyatissa. It is said to be the southern branch of the Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi at Buddha Gaya in India under which Lord Buddha attained Enlightenment.

The Mahavamsa or the Great Chronicle of the Sinhalese provides an elaborate account of the establishment of the Jaya Siri Maha Bodhi in the island. Bodhi means wisdom that understands the four Noble Truths. Thus the tree which assisted Lord Buddha to achieve wisdom or enlightenment is called Bodhi.

As per Jaydeva Dasavatar Sthoratham Lord Buddha is the 9th incarnation of Lord Vishnu according to Hindu Mythology.

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Malay Muslims deny Thailand’s Buddhist majority. 6 Buddhists gunned down in South Thailand by Islamic insurgents for Pan-Islamic Jihad. 2000 Buddhists killed in last six years in Thailand.

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Thai Police carries the dead of Buddhist people gunned down by Muslim Jihadis on 1st Apri, 2010.

Thai police officers inspect the bodies of six Buddhists shot dead by suspected separatist militants in the restive southern province of Narathiwat. Ten police officers were also wounded by a roadside bomb in the latest attacks in Thailand’s restive south, police say.

Pic.^ (AFP/Madaree Tohlala)

Six killed in Thailand’s insurgency-plagued south

See original in :

(Reuters) – Suspected Islamic insurgents shot dead six Buddhist villagers in Thailand’s restive south Thursday, police said, the latest attack in the troubled region bordering Malaysia.

The villagers in Narathiwat province were believed to have been ambushed, said police Colonel Sanit Suwanno. Two bodies were found in a pick-up truck and four were discovered in a hilly forest nearby, he added.

Ten policemen and soldiers were also wounded when a roadside bomb exploded as they were traveling to the scene of the shootings, police said.

More than 3,900 people have been killed in six years of unrest as ethnic Malay Muslims fight for autonomy from ……Pic.^ A Buddhist Monk in a protest in Bangkok Thailand’s Buddhist majority in the region just a few hours by car from some of Thailand’s best-known tourist beaches.

Local Muslims largely oppose the presence of tens of thousands of police, soldiers and state-armed Buddhist guards in rubber-rich region, which was part of a Malay Muslim sultanate until annexed by Thailand a century ago.

About 80 percent of Thailand’s three southern provinces of Pattani, Yala and Narathiwat are Muslim.

The violence has ranged from drive-by shootings to bombings and beheadings. It often targets Buddhists and Muslims associated with the Thai state, such as police, Pic.^Army-Police deployments to check insurgency soldiers, government officials and teachers.

<<In a changed situation of Islamic expansion in Thailand, the Thai Muslim boys prefer wearing white robes to pray at  Islamic schools to learn the Islamic solidarity as seen here  in the village of Lam Mai, in the troubled Yala province in southern Thailand, March 31, 2010. Hundreds of Muslim boys from Thailand southern provinces but also some from other Asian countries live and learn the Koran at  schools built for them in the predominantly Muslim deep south of the country to ensure the Dar-ul-Islam in Thailand, replacing the Buddhist State in Thailand. [Pic. REUTERS/Damir Sagolj]

(Reporting by Surapan Boonthanom. Writing by Jason Szep)|| Courtesy : Reuters & AFP.

Posted by Upananda brahmachari.

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