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Protest of Bangladesh Hindu Mohajote on 24th June 2011 at Dacca to discard the Fresh Islamization of Constitution by Hassina Government.

Assertion of Islam in Bangladesh Constitution will encourage the Islamist for a complete ethnic cleansing in BD.

Upananda Brahmachari | New Delhi.

Let us join hands to crush a tyrannic hand.....

At last the Bangladesh Central Cabinet passed the 51 (fity one) points recommendations for the Bangladesh Constitutional Amendments keeping intact the “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim” and “Islam as the State Religion of the Republic of Bangladesh”. Now the face of a Sheikh Hassina Wazed is very clear as an ultimate Islamist rather than a Prime Minister of 10 crore (100 million) Hindu, Buddhist, Chakma, Christian Bangladesh minority citizens also or a secular descendant of father of Bangladesh Nation Bangabandhu Shiek Mujibur Rahman. One may now turn the pages of History where it is said Mujibur Rahman was also an Islamists in his early days and helped Shaheed Suhrawardy  to make a success of ‘Great Calcutta Killing of Hindus’ in 1946. May be, Hassina got any personal interest from her father Mujibur to be a virtual Muslim to uphold Islam above the State and to retain a camouflaging secular identity in general alike her father.  Pro active Sheikh Hassina’s recommendations for the assertion of Islam in Bangladesh Constitution will surely encourage the Islamist for a complete ethnic cleansing of  BD Hindus and other minorities in coming five years.

This dramatic turnaround of the Bangladesh Government from secularism to Islamism has enraged the indigenous population, who are demanding to be recognized in a proposed re- draft of the country’s constitution. The nation is poised to amend the constitution, which is likely to be tabled in the parliament on Thursday. The move has been vehemently protested by The Bangladesh government’s dramatic turnaround from secularism to Islamism has enraged the indigenous population, who are demanding to be recognized in a proposed re-draft of the country’s constitution. The nation is poised to amend the constitution, which is likely to be tabled in the parliament on Thursday. The move has been vehemently protested by independence war veterans, the pro-secularist lobby and social justice activists. Dissent is also being heard from within the ruling party and its pro-left alliance partners. The superior court, in a landmark judgment last July, asked the government to restore secularism in the spirit of the bloody war of independence of 1971.

Rightly the secular activists charge the government has deliberately adopted dilly-dally tactics while the charter changes are considered. Former guerrilla leader Jyotirindra Bodhipriya Larma a. k.a. Shantu Larma, chairman of the Chittagong Hill Tracts Regional Council, on Thursday rejected the proposed Islamization of the constitution and demanded constitutional recognition of the indigenous or Adivasi community, who have resided in the country for centuries. The guerrilla leader, who fought a bush war for two decades, demanded the government drop a proposal to keep a Koranic verse in the preamble of the constitution — “Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim (in the name of Allah, most gracious, most merciful)” and Islam as the state religion. “A state can’t have a religion,” said Larma, who signed the historic peace accord between guerillas and the government 13 years ago. The treaty recognizes the inhabitants of hill forest as indigenous communities, acknowledges its traditional governance system and established regional autonomy. However, the constitution does not acknowledge them as Adivasis. The matter of recognition of the indigenous people came to the fore recently following denial by a Bangladesh diplomat in the United Nations that there were no indigenous people in the country. The statement has been construed as another step by the government to further erode the already limited rights of indigenous people. Since Bangladesh gained independence four decades ago, the 35 ethnic groups that represent nearly 2 percent of the total 158 million majoritarian Sunni Muslims have demanded to be recognized as indigenous communities.

An angry Hassina went against the demands of Hindus and other minorities including Buddhists, Chakmas, Christians, aborigines and indigenous people, while two dignified members of her ministry, Mr. A.K. Khandakar, Minister of Planning and Mr. Abul Mal Abdul Muhitak, Minister of Finance vehemently opposed this detrimental move of the Govt. for tarnishing the real perspective of the Constitution so far adopted out of the sensation of the War of Freedom in 1971, i.e. “Ekattorer Muktijuddha”. An outburst Hassina told that “she had done all these to keep the sentiment of the people”. Again it is proved that a Muslim majority country is compelled only to uphold the sentiment of the Majority Muslim people and to the minority as animals to justify a Quran or the Islamic Shariat Law.

As a protest the Bangladesh Hindu Buddha Christian Oikya Parisad (BHBCOP) and The Bangladesh Adivasi Forum (BAF) came to streets to convey the sentiments of the Bangladesh minorities for a strong favour for secularism in Bangladesh, not the Islamic rule to be enforced upon everybody. Many protest corners along with a big rally in Dacca on 24th June 2011 surfaced the agony of the BD minorities and BHBCOP and BAF declared further agitation against the anti minority steps be the present Govt. in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Hindu Mohajote (BDM) also organised  a protest rally on 24th June 2011 at Dacca streets to discard the Fresh Islamization of Constitution by Hassina Government. These forums also sought help and support of the intelligentsia of India and West Bengal, who generally tell for Secularism but keep mum for the destruction of secularism by the Muslims in front of their wide open eyes.

It is at least a good news for the ‘pro minority rights’ people in BD that some eminent educationists, columnists, rights activists, cultural personalities like Shariar Kabir (Ekattarer Ghatak Dalal Nirmool Committee), Mohammad Hamid, Kamal Lohani, Nasiruddin Yushuf (Sammlita Sanaskriti Jote) and others formed a “Bahattarer Sangbidhan Punaprotistha Jatiyo Committee” ( National Committee for Revival of 1972 constitution), through a very rapid convening a meeting at Mukti Yuddha Jadughar Milayotan (Museum of Freedom War Meeting Hall) on 21st June 2011. These non biased intellectuals are obviously protesting against the impacting Claws and Jaws of Islam to ensure an Ethnic cleansing of Bangladesh minorities very shockingly rather brutally.

Now Bangladesh Govt. is also trying to put a strong code upon the Hindu Marriage procedures to restrict their liberties so far enjoyed by the Hindu minorities in BD. The Hindu groups are also retaliating  with a strong agitation against the Pro Islamic activism and Hindu-Minority harassing mentality by the present Awami League Govt. in BD headed by Sheikh Hassina.

Input: Basudev Dhar, Dacca & Bangladeshi Hindu FB Community.


  1. Date: Sunday, June 26, 2011, 7:00 AM
    “Hindu Group Protest Government Interference”

    Dear Sanatan Brother and Sister

    In reference to the attached news clipping (Dated 24/06/2011).
    Please help us to spread out this news to all our community people as well as respective authorities.
    We need international support and Create Hindu unity to protect our (Bangladeshi Hindus) future generation.
    We must have to protest our country Government because this law is not favourable for us, If this law imposed then we lost our religious heredity, norms, values and culture.

    Please help us to create International attention as well as International support for establishing our community peoples fundamental human rights and freedom.

    Thanks & Regards,

    (Pinaki Das)
    Human Rights Activities
    Sonatan International Foundation (SIF)
    Dhaka, Bangladesh
    Phone: 088-02-8651080
    Mobile: 088-01911012249

    View :


  2. Russel
    June 28, 2011

    Bangladeshi Hindus Beg To The Prime Minister to Save their Temple from Islamic Jehadies

    Today Afghan mullahs are eager to tear “Rahman to pieces”, but how many of them had read the Afghan history? Till 10th century Afghanistan was a Hindu nation. It is Afghans, who fought hard against Muslim invaders and died in millions in the battlefield to save their land…. Do they know what the name of the mountain range Hindukush stands for? Hindukush means Hindu slaughter. This is the name given by the Muslim invaders to the mountain range, which were close to the battlefields. Many Afghan women and children during those days were forced to slavery after the brutal murder of the male members of their family.— Sujit Das


  3. Akhilesh
    November 20, 2011

    Hindu should united and should protect the real secularism in the view of Hindu Culture and Tradition of Warrior Spirit involving Vedantic Intellect and Wisdom.

    Jay Shri Ram.


    Sannergata at Mir, Norway.


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