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Shastra Pujan at Dusshera :Modi’s worship of weapons during ‘Dusshera’ comes under attack


Christian Sonia Gandhi’s Congress and UPA want that Hindus should give up all the Weapons and Courage to be slave of  Christian & Muslims again. 

Ahmedabad: Chief Minister Narendra Modi may have relived an ancient Indian tradition during Dusshera but his worship of modern weapons like AK-47 and machine guns at his home during ‘Shastra Puja’ has come under attack from various groups in Gujarat.

Modi performed the ‘Shastra Puja’ at his home yesterday on the concluding day of Dusshera fetivities. Modern and sophisticated weapons of security personnel besides some swords were worshipped during the puja.

But a Modi aide said this is nothing unusual for the chief minister.

“Chief minister performs Shastra Puja every year and this year also he had performed the puja at his residence,” an official in the chief minister’s office said.

Utmost fan of Congress Chairperson, Mrs Sonia Gandhi (Sonia Maino, a Christian Preacher in India) and Party spokesperson Arjun Modhvadia said the ‘Shastra Puja’ by Modi was nothing but a publicity stunt and called it a violation of law.

“If it would not have been Modi and some other individual he would be in jail for violating law,” he added.

“This was just a publicity stunt of Modi and giving a photo opportunity for the press. Also it is against law as weapons have to be with its rightful owner and not to be displayed in public,” Modhvadia told agency.

But Such Idiot Modhvadia never objected Free Weapons in Muslim Processions, specially in Muharraum in the street, which caused communal riots in India many times. 

Jan Sangharsh Manch, convener Mukul Sinha who is working for the rights of riots victims, ridiculed Modi’s action and said, “In a democracy people have the right to be crazy.”
“It would be preferable if Modi could find a weapon to fight the swine flu rather than playing with sword which is not meant for him,” Sinha said.


Such Mukul Sinha and other agents of  ISI and anti national groups never pointed out the craze for Pan Islamisim in India or the intention of the some power to defuse the Hindu Strength by disarmament of Hindus and Deadly Arms in every Muslim House, Mosque and Madrasha  in order to make a Terrorist Hub in India for a total ethnic cleansing of  Hindus from India. What an Idea !!!

Yes, Hindus have every right to worship Weapons of all kinds and apply them to uproot any anti Indian, anti National, anti Hindu elements from India. This is rightly understood by Sri Narendra Modi. That should be the role model of every courageous Hindu. Bharat is not the land of some Non-sense, Adopted Gandhi Families. We have the tradition of   Chatrapati Sivaji, Maha Rana Pratap, Guru Teg Bahadur, Guru Govinda Singh, Kshudiram, Rajguru, Sukhdev, Rashbehari Bose, Bhagat Singh, Jatindranath, Binoy-Badal-Dinesh, Suryo Sen, Netaji Subhas and many others who tought the lesson to fight with arms. We can not ignore the way of Veer Savarkar.. “militarized the Hindudom.”

Sri Narendra Modi just honoured the tradition of India as Narendra Modi prays to gun down the terrorists in India.

Narendra Modi prays to guns

NDTV Correspondent, Tuesday September 29, 2009, Gandhinagar

 See Video

 For two hours, he sat, his head bowed in prayer. His deities at this ceremony: guns, AK series rifles, swords, axes. Even a primitive club or two.

Narendra Modi’s shastra puja threatens to launch him into a brand-new controversy.  Shastra puja is usually performed on the last day of Navratra, known as Vijay Dashami.  Modi’s took place at his official residence in Gandhinagar.  His security and senior police officers stood by, unarmed. Their guns were reportedly part of the puja.

Shastra puja is usually offered by those who traditionally carry weapons – soldiers, policemen,  Rajputs.  But Modi is a civilian and so some question whether it’s appropriate.  Those upset allegedly include senior National Security Guard personnel, who point out that at no point should their men be required to hand over their arms to anyone.

But these correspondents never be interested to discussed about  Narendra Modi’s Gujrat which is most secured state for the Muslims as per the opinion of the National Security Commission.
It is not possible for common Hindus in India to have Ak-47 like Narendra Modi. But they can keep some Trishul of Mahadeva, Danush-Van of Ramchandra, Khadga ( Spl. Chopper) of Maha Kali, Sword of  Rana Chandi and Shastras ( Shell Weapons like Bombs) included in the Dash Praharan of Maa Durga in their homes very easily. Hindus without Warrior Power can not survive any way. No Congress, No Communists, No BJP, No Bahujan or Samajvdi will  rescue Hindus in the time of  war with the anti Hindu elements. Hindus should take own responsibility to ensure their own security. And it can not be possible without ARMS and POWER.
Every Hindu should possess some ARMs as per their religious tradition. They must worship Weapons and ensure the Power to struggle for existence. Congratulations Sri Modi.


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