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Muslim ‘Community’ Offers Huge Reward for Kidnapping Hindu Girls to Marry in Rajasthan.

Shocking case of ‘love jihad’ in Jaipur is exposed to get reward of 25 lakh rupees on marriage with Hindu girl.

A Case registered in Jaisinghpura Khor police station, accused of three including Muslim father and son, kidnapping twice the Hindu minor girl, now threatening marriage if she becomes an adult….

Reward for Love JihadUpendra Bharti | HENB | Jaipur | July 18, 2022::  A case of love jihad has come to the fore in Jaipur, the capital of Rajasthan. The accused threatened the complainant and said that their society gives 25 lakh rupees for marrying a Hindu girl. There has been a case of threatening to cut the neck in Udaipur for not getting the marriage done.

After that a case has been registered in this regard at Jaisinghpura Khor police station.

Rajasthan Police said that investigation has been started in the matter. In the report filed with the police, the complainant said that his minor daughter used to go to school in the Chaksu area, then Salman’s sons Aslan and Kalu Khan used to harass her. The accused kidnapped the daughter a year ago. An FIR was filed then in Chaksu police station. Then the police searched out the daughter and handed over to her parents.

Later, the accused Muslim stalkers kidnapped the daughter again from Mansarovar police station area. The police searched for the daughter and since then the daughter was living with her parents.

On 7th July, Salman, Kalu Khan and Asalan threatened that on 15th July, your daughter would become an adult and we would take her away. If protested, like the Udaipur incident, the complainant and her husband will be cut off their necks as like as Hindu tailor Kanhaiya Lal was hacked to death by some Jihadi goons.

Will give divorce after marriage

The complainant told in the report that the accused Salman threatened that his co-religionist society will give 25 lakh rupees for marrying a Hindu girl. ‘After marriage, I will divorce your girl or I will kill her’, Salman threatened  to the parents of the Hindu girl.

Jaisinghpura Khor Police Officer Satpal Yadav said that the girl’s mother has filed a report. The mother has given information about kidnapping the girl twice before. An investigation is underway regarding the threat.

It is strange that the Muslims are a minority in Rajasthan which is ruled by the Congress party presently. But, these Mulism people in Rajasthan are always challenging the majority Hindus in a Jihadi turn to humiliate them.

Recently, Two Jihadi fanatic killed a Hindu tailor Kanhaiya Lal in Udaipur over the issue of supporting expelled BJP leader Nupur Sharma who commented something about prophet Muhammad in a TV debate.

Rajasthan is now turning as a Jihadi hub to attack and exploit Hindus dangerously in the state by various ways.

Read this news in Hindi: जयपुर में लव जिहाद का चौंकाने वाला मामला, हिन्दू लड़की से निकाह पर मिलते हैं 25 लाख रुपए

__With inputs from Rajasthan Patrika.

One comment on “Muslim ‘Community’ Offers Huge Reward for Kidnapping Hindu Girls to Marry in Rajasthan.

  1. Samarjit Prasad Ganesh
    July 19, 2022

    Hindus unite and destroy your enemies. Bring in the Sena and
    clean-up this mess in Hindustan. It seems the Government is
    allowing this happening by not acting and not changing the law.
    If the Government don’t defend Hindus, then Hindus have the duty
    to finish the enemies. This is the voice of Sri Hanuman Seva Sena.


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